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Monday, April 2,1973

Supreme Court Lets Stand Decision Blocking Pipeline

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% Plrd New York (AP) - GenDyn WV»— 123%-4% 3 Monday's closing GenElec 62 /4—1% P&G 94V2-6'/z New York Stock GenFood 2474>— Vz PSCol 191/1- 1/8 Closing Board of Trade Table 1.57 %n. Oats No 2 extra heavy Exchange selected GenMills 60 PugSPL 30%— % CHICAGO (APJ-Monday: white 95n. Soybeans No 1 GenMot 72 Vs— V» Pulmn prices: High Low Close yellow 5.55 Vzn. 51%+ Vs U/AfiHIMflTnW I\D\ TU~ — ^^ • Close Chg GPutUt 20%- >A RCA WHEAT 26%- i/« No 2 yellow corn Friday sold Admiral l2Vz— »/4 GnTelEl 27%- % RepStl Mineral Leasing Act, Congress 2.29 2.24 2.28'/i at 1.57. 28 Vz— i/4 May GenTire 23%+ V» AlcanAl 26%— V» "allowed pipeline companies to 2.18% 2.11% 2.18 Reylnd 46%+ % Jul AlldCh 34 - V2 GaPacif 32%— % ReyMet 14%+ i/i Sep use a certain amount of land to 2.16% 2.11 2.16% SEATTLE (AP) - Cash 57%- % RoylD AlldSt 26 Vz- % Gillett construct their pipelines. These 2.16% 2.10% 2.16% Wheat: Soft White 238N, White •42%- 1/2 Dec troversial trans-Alaska oil pipe- ments drain due to „ „, Goodrh 24%— % AllsCh 9 companies have now come into 2.15% 2.13 2.15% Club 238N, Hard Winter 238N Sfwy line. 36%- % Mar import oil from foreign buyers, court accompanied by the execAlcoa 52 + l% Goodyr 26 — V2 STJoM 26%% Yellow Corn, Bulk No. 2 69 00 The high court refused with- had asked not only for high utive agency authorized to adCHICAGO (AP)—Wheat No 2 24%— v» StRegP AmHess 34»/2-f h Grace 391/2- 1/4 out comment or dissent an court review but requested an minister the statute, and have soft red 2.32Vm; No 2 hard red bid 70.50 asked, Barley, bulk ABrnds 40V2- % GtWnUnit 6V»— % SCMCp urgent government plea to extraordinarily speedy resolu- said, 'This is not enough land, 2.19'/m. Corn No 2 yellow No. 2 71 bid, 71 asked ABC 24 + Vz GnGiant 24%— % ScottP 131/4+ Mi Puget Sound car receiptsoverturn the lower court. Thus, tion by the high court. Greyhd 15 + V» Sears AmCan 31% give us more.' 1001/2—1 Wheat 256, Oats 15, Barley 1 The pipeline has stirred the justices left the future of GulfOil 25%+ V A Cyan 27 - % 8 ShellOi "We have no more power to 471/4— 1/2 the pipeline from Alaska's storms of controversy over its grant their request, of course, HeclaM 17Vs+ V4 SoCalE AmElP 25% 24%— % PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) potential impact on the environ- than we have the power to inNorth Slope up to Congress. HewPac 82 —2% SouCo AMtlClx 33%— Vs 18%— 3/8 Portland Grain Exchange close 7 ment. The government, the State of HollySu 13% AmMot 8 /s crease congressional appropria- Sunset Mon. 6:22. SouPac 36%— % Monday. Alaska, and a consortium of oil The Wilderness Society and tions to needy recipients," the Homstk 36Vi+ % Sunrise Tues. 5:32. DENVER (AP) - Hogs ASmelt 21 %— V4 SouRy 381/2— % Wheat No 1 bulk bid to arrive TEMPERATURES other environmentalist circuit court said. companies had urged the court four Monday 350. Barrows and gilts, market AmStnd 107/8+ Vs Honywl 112%—1% SpryR 421/2-1 delivered coast (1-30 or Max. Temp. Sun. 57. IdaPw 29% to overturn a decision issued in groups began the litigation that $2-3 lower; U.S. 1-2 200-230 Ibs AmT&T 50JVz— Vs The government had argued Min. Temp. Mon. 37. SOCal 82%— 1% 30-60 days): (1-30) 2.42 (30February by the U.S. Circuit blocked construction of the 789- that none of that was neces- Temp. 11:30 a.m. 52. 36.00; 1-3, 200-240 Ibs 3475 60) 2.38, SoftWhite AmpexCp 5 /4 + VB IdealBas 13%— V4 SOInd 86Vzl White (1-30) 2 43 mile pipeline. In a counter sary. Highest Temp, this date. SI in 1944. IllCent 22Vz— % Court of Appeals here. 35.75: 2-4 240-260 Ibs 34.00-35.00. (30-60) 2.38. PNW Dark Anconda 21V4— % Stauf 431/4— % Hard Lowest, 24 in 1935. The circuit court said the brief, they urged the high court 428 —3Vz StrlDg ArmcoSt 21%— % IBM Sows strong to $1 higher; 1-3 Winter Ordinary (1-30) 2.41 In its petition for a hearing, 35 PRECIPITATION IntHar 33 V — % government could not issue per- to uphold the circuit judges and the government urged that the AtlRich 74 -4 290-360 Ibs 29.00-32.00. 4 Last 24 hours to 10 a.m. 0. StuWor Montana Dark Northern Spring IntNickl 33 — % Swift mits for construction of the leave the issue of right-of-way secretary of the interior be em- Precip. total since first of month 0. AtlasCp 2V4 26 % Ordinary (1-30) 2.42,14 per cent Normal for month to date .12. pipeline on U.S.-owned land be- width to Congress where sev- powered to issue temporary IntPap 37V — Vz Avon 132V 2 —IVz 4 Tektnx 38 — i% OMAHA, Neb. (AP)(USDA)(1-30) 2.43, 15 per cent (1-30) Total Precip. since Jan. 1 3.60 Nor42 Vz- % Teldn cause the right-of-way needed eral bills have already been in- permits for construction and mal 5.12. BeatFd 25%—1% IT&T 16 y Livestock quotations Monday 2.48. Montana Dark Hard 8 Jewel 43V + V exceeds the 54-foot width troduced. BeechA 17%— V4 Since March 1.90. Normal 1.71 8 8 Tenco maintenance for wider rights of 251/4— 1/2 Hogs: 6,000; barrows and Winter Ordinary (1-30) 2.44. Any Since Sept. 1 8.35. Normal 11.00. allowed by the federal Mineral In its decision, the circuit way. BellHow 35V2-1V4 JonLau 20%— Vs Texaco 381/4— 5/ gilts 200-270 Ib 1.00-3.00 lower origin Dark Northern Spring No. days this date with Precip. since Bendix 8 (1court had said the issue was a Leasing Act of 1920. 15%+ Vi TxGlf 38V2+ y4 KaisAl The pipeline would require 188638. 30) 2.44. 270-300 Ib 50-1.00 lower around-' 22%— 1/4 simple one. By enacting the 146-foot widths. 19%—1 Kenict 27%— VB Texlnst 156V2-6 Relative humidity, 11 a.m. 40 per cent. Boeing 300 head 1-2 195-225 Ib 3675Barley bid arrive market BoisCas 9V8+ Vs Kraft 4?y8 The environmentalists had Textn 241/2+ V4 37.00-1-3 190 240 Ib 36.00-36.50; 2delivered coast (1-30 or 30-60 EVAPORATION REPORTS BristMy 64 — % Kresge 39 VB— % Thiokol called this assertion "simply 3 uneven weights 35.50-36.00-1-3 days): No. 2, 45 Ibs Western (1Whitman Mission .14. Normal .28. LMcNL 5>/4 BritPet 13%+ V4 untrue." In their counter brief, Total since April 1.28. Normal .28. Timkn 38%— % 240-265 Ib 35.50-36.10; 2-3 260-280 30) 70.50. BuddCo 137/8— Vs Litton 10%+ Vs TodShp 191/4 Hermiston .16. Total since April 1 M. they argued that rights-of-way Ib 34.50-35.50; few small lots Coarse grain wholesale, Pendleton Experiment Station .13. Burllnd 33V4— % Lckhd IVz— y4 TnsWAir 37%— 1% 35.50-36.00; 2-4 280-320 Ib 33.50- prompt in excess of 54 feet would be Total delivery, bulk ton, fob since March 1 4.27. BurlNor 44V2 LonSG 35%— »/8 Trnsm permanently necessary for ac14%— % 34.50; some near 280 Ib 34 75 track Portland: Corn, No. 2 LVOCp 5V2— VB TriCon Burghs 230%—5 V4 cess and maintenance. Pacific Northwest 29%— i/g Sows 375-500 Ib weak to LOO yellow Eastern 71.00-71.50 24 hours to 4 a.m. Monday Chrysler 33 V.— % Macke* 10 Unsettled in all this was the TRW 25% + 1 lower; weights over 650 Ib Oats, No. 2, 38 Ibs Western High Low Pr. CitiesS 47%- Vs Macy 34V4 + V* TwnCen question of environmental im- Bellingham SVz— % scarce last Friday, but around 71.50. Barley, No. 2, 45 Ibs 49 32 CocaC 138Vz—1V4 Magnvx 16V2— % UAL pact. The circuit court ex- Boise 53 36 1.00 higher; 375-600 Ib 31.50- Western 71.50-72.00. 23V4 + % BONN (AP) - Chancellor worry Brandt and his associ- pressly refused to settle the is- •Hoquiam 53 37 ColPal 957Vs— % Marath 35V2+ 33.50. UMC 141/41/1 Car receipts: Wheat 72; 53 31 .01 ColOgas Willy Brandt is challenging a ates in the party leadership. It sue of whether the secretary of Olympia 28 /s Marcor 21 Vz— V. UnCbd 421/4-1 % Barley 26; Flour 20; Corn 158 29 faction of militant young social- was their adoption of an anti- the Interior had prepared a Omak ComSolv 14%% MrtnM 18- Vs UnElec 17 + i/s CHICAGO (AP) — Live beef Oats 1; Feed 18. Portland 56 37 08 ists to quit the Social Demo- American, Marxist-leaning plat- statement on environmental im- Seattle Comsat 54V2+ V4 McDD 52 35 37 - V4 UnOCal 37%- i/i cattle futures on the Chicago cratic party, and a showdown form at a congress last month pact that met the standards of Spokane 51 27 .01 ConEds 24V4+ V4 Merck 92 Vz—3% UP Mercantile Exchange: Walla 55 37 may come at the party con- that caused Brandt to threaten the National Environmental Walla ConFds 37 Vz— 78 MMM 83Vz—1 UniRyl 13- i/s High Low Close Close Wenatchee 60 38 vention next week. ContAir 12%— % MinPL to resign as party chairman if Policy Act. 20- % UnitAir 35%- % Apr 45.15 44.10 44.80 44.75 Yakima 60 33 With relations between the any such resolutions were ContCan 26%+ 7Vs Mobil Alaska Since the right-of-way ques69 Vz— % UnitBds 8%+ i/s Jun 44.10 43.20 43.82 44.83 39 32 United States and West Germa- pushed through the Hannover tion would have to be settled by Anchorage ContOil 35¥4—1 /8 Mnsto 53%— Vs UnitCp 9 + % Aug 43.80 42.90 43.35 44.00 Fairbanks 44 26 ny a major issue, Brandt con- convention. CntrlDat 45%— Vs MntDU 35%- % UnMM Congress, the appeals court Juneau 19%— y4 Oct 43.00 42.27 42.95 43.20 39 35 .06 Cowles 7V4 tinues to take a tough line 23 The Young Socialists and oth- reasoned, the environmental inMonPw 34 USGyp Dec 42.90 41.67 42.70 b42.67 against the young radicals a er left-wing Socialists are criti- formation contained in the CrwnZel 24 — % MtFul 79 Vz— Vi USInd HI/I- % Feb 43.20 a41.95 43.00 b42.95 By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS 28 V2— % MtStT fortnight after threatening to cal of Brandt's efforts to statement would be out of date. 20Vi- Vi USStl High LOW Pr. CrtisWrt 32 %-l Apr 43.05 41.75 42.80 b42.75 Albany 51 42 1.48 Dartlnd resign if the convention opening transform the former workers' 35%—1% NCR 29%— Vs UnivOil 16%— y8 Albuquerque 60 36 The Port of Columbia, April 10 in Hannover adopts party into a moderate party Deere 44V 4 + Vs NatDst 14%— Vi UnivCpg 9%- i/i Amarillo 60 42 .01 resolutions put forward by the with appeal to a broader range Columbia County port district, DelMnte 18V — % NatGyp 15%+ % Varian 2 Asheville .72 48 14% militants. Friday received a check for of voters. Atlanta 72 44 Disney 94 + Vz Natlnd 3Vz WarLb 102%— 3% Appeal Filed; Birmingham 72 40 $11,621 as final payment for the In an interview released by DowCh 103 V8—1% NatStl 38%— Vs WAL 107/s— % Bismarck 56 29 Turner Bay Marina project. his party Sunday Brandt told Dreslnd 40%+ Vt NagMP 16 + Vs WnBnc 32 % Boston 46 44 2.16 Suit Dismissed Gov. Dan Evans said the the magazine Der Spiegel Sea-First Extends duPont 169 —1V NWAL 27 Vz 2 Brownsville 85 67 291/2— 3/8 WU money came from the "whoever follows the program Buffalo 59 40 .50 EastAir 147Vz NWBnc WstgEl One teacher's appeal has been 37%% Charleston 72 55 .22 EasKod 138 /s—2Vs of the Communists should go." Drive-in Hours OlinCp 16%+ Vs Weyrhs 53%+ % filed and another teacher's suit Interagency Committee for Charlotte 76 45 Last week 30 members of the 35 V4— Vz Omark 9 WhitMot 12% Chicago 52 43 .27 Eaton dismissed in Walla Walla Outdoor Recreation. Total cost of the Snake River ultra-leftist Stamkap group ElPsNG 16V + Vs Cincinnati 63 45 .08 Extended drive-in banking OutMar 34%+ V4 Wlwth 22%- % County Superior Court. 7 2 A $158,400 damage claim trial Cleveland 73 46 10 EvanPd development is $154,955 with quit the Frankfurt branch of hours at the Walla Walla begins 16 /s— Vs Owenlll 36V.+ Vs Xerox B a r b a r a M c F a r l i n h a s 149%-2% today in Walla Walla Denver 56 35 .06 .the Social Democrats, charging branch, Seattle-First National County Superior 94V4— Vs PacGE 27% Zenith 41%- % initiated an appeal involving $116,216 paid w i t h IAC Detroit 66 44 .01 ' Exxon Court. that the parry's youth wing, the Bank, have been adopted, Louis 44%—3% PacPL 24% + Duluth 42 32 .08 FairchC contract non-renewal against administered funds from the McKillip has brought Fort Worth 70 45 Young- Socialists,, were not Fireston 21%— V4 PacTT — Keiler, vice president and theGerald Columbia School District No marine recreation land act and action against the Union Green Bay 41 39 .19 FMCCp referendum 18, recreation bond 18V — % pushing hard enough for the manager, said Friday PnAmAir 10 Vs— V 4 400. 4 47 35 Pacific Railroad and Rickie Helena issue approved by voters in FdFair 8V + Vs eventual "dictatorship of the* The hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Magnaghi. PanEP 36V + Vz 4 Houston 82 56 Also listed as defendants are 4 1968. proletariat." 63 Vs— V4 Pasco Indianapolis 60 43 .08 FordM 12%— Vs Mondays through Thursdays, the district's board of directors The suit stems from an Jacksonville 83 55 1.54 FrMcKs Stamkap is an acronym for and 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Fridays. The project agreement was 16V4— Vs PenCen 2%— Vs —• Robert Petersen, Warren alleged accident on Dec. 5,1969, Kansas City i 46 40 for development of a 37-acre "State Monopolist Capitalism," FreepM 22%— % PenDix IVz— V* The hours are being extended in which McKillip was injured. Little Rock Hamlin, Maxine Blanc and 66 44 site adjacent to the lake behind and 21 of the defectors an- f o r Fruehf 28V — V Penney 89 Vs—2% 2 4 added customer Angeles 65 54 Lynn Homer — and school A $58,000 damage claim trial Los Lower Monumental Dam on the nounced they would join the convenience, Keiler said. Louisville 66 48 .16 GACCp 4Vs— Vs Pepsi 82V — % superintendent Roger Ranta. 2 been removed from the Marquette 38 M .63 GamSko Communist party. 29% The bank has two drive-in has PhlMor 130%—2% The suit states the board had Snake River to provide boating Memphis 61 44 docket because it was settled — The Young Socialists are units with entry off Alder Gannett 42V8— Vs PhlPet Sales 10,660,000 45%+ >/4 Miami 83 75 insufficient cause not to renew facilities. Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Fry vs. Milwaukee themselves far enough left to. Street. 46 37 10 the contract of Ms. McFarlin, a Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Kenney, Mpls.-St. Paul RIVER FLOW 41 34 .20 Spanish instructor. Columbia County Farm Bureau New Orleans Mill Creek 48 cfs. 76 49 It seeks damages to be ' 51 48 .34 and Southwest Steel Rolling New York Walla Walla at Touchet 3.9. Oklahoma City 65 48 established at a trial, a court Mills. Umatilla at Pendleton 5.0; at Omaha 42 39 .02 hearing and an employment Gibbon 2.9. It stemmed from an injury Orlando 83 60 .49 I » Obituary Notices | contract for the 1973-74 school 61 53 64 allegedly suffered by Kenney Philadelphia Grande Ronde at La Grande NEW YORK (AP) - The tal Oil, the Big Board's most- year. Phoenix 76 50 while he was using a fence post 2.2; at Troy 3.9. stock market still had a sour active issue, was down 1% to SCHMIDT — April 1. 1973 at Dayton Pittsburgh 72 • 49 .43 Judge Albert Bradford 7 driver. nursing home Thyge Schmidt of 708 S. Portland. Me 48 38 1.64 taste in its mouth today regard- 35 /8. It fell almost 6 points Fri- dismissed the suit brought by • Ventilation outlook: Poor Second. Dayton, aged 89 years. Survivors Rapid City 51 35 .01 ing President Nixon's anti-in- day after an investment houses Richard L. Shropshire against to fair conditions Tuesday. include a brother, Harist Schmidt of Richmond 79 52 32 flation speech last week. lowered its earnings forecast Clinton. Mich, and several nieces and St. Louis 54 43 .01 Walla Walla School District 140. • Frost w a r n i n g : The Dow Jones average of 30 for the company. nephews. Born Oct. 20. 1883 in Salt Lake 41 35 .35 Edward S. Hurd Two Tofcen The judge ruled Shropshire Temperatures ranging from 28 Bmdeballe. Denmark. Member of San Diego 64 51 industrials closed at 936.18, off failed to properly appeal the Dayton Lodge No. 26. F&AM and the San Francisco 56 51 the colder parts of the valley Edward S. Hurd, 79, Route 2. 14.83 points. Other issues affected by the district's refusal to place him in in Dayton Congregational Church. Tampa 82 63 .40 To Hospitals to 36. died Ted Bukowski, technical Supreme Court ruling included a higher pay scale bracket. Washington 67 53 .47 GROSECLOSE GARDEN CHAPEL. Milton-Freewater, Larry Krivoshein. Funeral Director. Saturday in a Milton-Freewater analyst with E.F. Hutton & Co., Atlantic Richfield, down 4 to A hip fracture and a fall (Paid notice) nursing home. attributed the decline to the 74; Standard Oil of Ohio, off 5'/z POWERFUl HUNGER CLEARS accounted for two runs reported He was born Oct. 15, 1893 in by the Walla Walla City-County HURD — March 31. 1973 at Miltondashed hopes of investors re- to 97%; Alaska Interstate, Freewater nursing home Edward S. Hallock, Minn. garding the President's speech down 3V8 to 29%. 11 Area Students Ambulance Service. -Kurd of Route 2. Milton-Freewater. aged Married to Minnie Lindstrom Thursday night. 79 years. Survivors include his wife. Sam Nelson, 104 S. Palouse, On CWSC Roll Minnie, at the home: two brothers. Aug. 13, 1927 at Spokane, they and George Sherwood, 169 N. They had hoped he would James of Milton-Freewater and Morgan lived in Spokane for several NEW YORK (AP) - Dow take strong action and the Wilbur, were taken to hospitals of Pendleton and several nieces and years before moving to Oregon Nine students from Walla "market ran up in anticipa- Jones closing stock averages: for treatment, crewmen said. nephews. Born Oct. 15, 1893 in Hallock Walla and two from Waitsburg City. They lived near Weston for 30Indust. 936.18 off 14.83 tion," Bukowski said. But when Minn. MUNSELLE-RHODES Nelson, suffering from a have been named to the winter FUNERAL HOME in Milton-Freewater eight years, in Lpwden for eight possible fractured hip, was 197.96 off 244 the President limited his moves 20 Trans. quarter honor roll at Central in charge of the arrangements. (Paid years and in Milton-Freewater 15 Utils. 107.97 up 0.03 to the imposition of meat price transported to Walla Walla notice) for the past 13 years. 297.39 off 3.71 Washington State College. ceilings the market experienced 65 Stocks General, they said. Ellensburg. BOYD — April 1. 1973 at a local Survivors include his wife, a letdown, he added. hospital Dr. Alfred Boyd of 1834 N.W. Sherwood, who fell while Three of the students, Oil stocks plunged precipiElliot. Roseburg. Ore..' aged 61 years. Minnie, at the home; two jacking up a car, went to One man was treated for an tously NEW YORK (AP) — New Stephen Smith, Mary Beth Born Sept. 15. 1911 in Canada. brothers. James, Milton-Freein the wake of the SuArrangements have been entrusted to the water, and Morgan, Pendleton; Veterans Hospital, according to abdominal stab wound and preme Court refusal to review York Stock Exchange closing Lewis and Connie Raugusl. had attendants. care of the COLONIAL FUNERAL another taken into custody by a lower court's ban on the index Market off 48 cents 4.0 grades. HOME. Bill Watson. Funeral Director. and several nieces and nephewsThe service also reported five city police after an altercation The rest. Bonnie Baker, Dale Index 58.89 off 0.69 Funeral services will be at (Paid notice) in an alley near Fourth and trans-Alaska pipeline. Continen- Industrial 64.67 off 0.63 Lowell, John Moore, Wayne 10:30 a.m. tomorrow at the medical transfers. Alder Friday night. Utility 38.60 off 0.16 Bushnell, Sandra Martin, and Munselle-Rhodes ChapelPolice said Raymond Junior NfVER AGAIN HIM ilck toWnf Funeral Notices Finance 71.71 off 0.58 Joy Witherow of Walla Walla Interment will follow at the wh«n ywir MM •wrftvwt Bowen, 38, was treated at St. and Mary Olona and Susan Milton-Freewater Cemetery. Commissioner, SCHMIDT — Funeral services for the Mary Hospital for a stab wound, Webber of Waitsburg. had TOILAFLEX* late Thyge Schmidt of 708 S. Second. apparently inflicted with a grades above 3.25. Dayton.' Wash, will be at 2 p.m. Toll* CP Council Meet pocket knife. The injury was not Wednesday. April 4. 1973 at the Dayton Dr. Boyd Congregational Church with the Rev. OSP Detains County Commissioner Allen serious and he was released Jnlike ordinary plunfen, TbiUflei Gordon Tritchler officiating. Ritualistic after treatment, officers said. doci not permit compre**ed sir or Dr. Alfred Boyd. 61. of Struthers has been delegated to graveside services will be conducted by One More WSU Gary Faye is being held by meuy water to tpUth back or escape. the Dayton Lodge No. 26. F&AM. with Roseburg, Ore., died at a local represent the Walla Walla Runaways With Tbitaflex the full prenure plow* police for investigation in interment to follow in Ihe Dayton City hospital yesterday when he was C o u n t y . B o a r d of throufh the cloi(in( mat* and An axe was used to vandalize Cemetery. Mr. Schmidt will lie in state in MILTON-FREEWATER - Honor Student connection with the incident. »wi«h« it down. the Dayton Congregational Church stricken suddenly while visiting Commissioners at a meeting of one of three vehicles stolen in Two juvenile runaways from Both men are from Walla John Paiettx College Place, SUCTION-ftIM STOW SPLASH SACK Wednesday, April 4. from 10 a.m. until in College Place. .the College Place City Council Walla Walla, city police said Rainier, Ore., were picked up earned CCMTCHS ITSELF. CANT SKID AMHlNO the funeral hour. GROSECLOSE 4.0 grades at Washington Born Sept. 15,1911 in Canada, tonight to discuss animal Walla but no address was listed. Saturday. by Oregon state police when State University last semester, TAPEWED TAIL GIVES Alft.TI&MT fit GARDEN CHAPEL. Larry Krivoshein. he was a dentist practicing in control measures. Funeral Director. <Paid notice! Officers said a car owned by stopped for an equipment but was left off the list of honor Pendleton before moving to Struthers will outline Clarence S. Horstman. 722 violation. »2*» AT HAftDWAM STOW HURD — Funeral services for the late roll students. proposals being studied by the Edward S. Hurd of Route 2. Milton- Roseburg. Crestview PI., was badly The two were lodged Dr. Boyd will be forwarded to commissioners, including a Frcewater will be at 30:30 a.m. Tuesday. vandalized. overnight in Umatilla County April 3. 1973. MunsclJe-Rhodes Funeral Roseburg for funeral services proposed boundary around the Playing children found the juvenile detention facilities in Home Chapel in Milton-Freewater with Cellege'Place-Walla Walla area at the grain elevator on the county jail in Pendleton. Use Rev. Mark Gnstafson of United and interment. A 15-year-old girl was turned car from which calls would go to Church of Chri$5. Ingle Chapel. Langdon Road. The vehicle was stored at over to Walla Walla Police after officiating. Interment MiJton-Freewater the sheriffs department for The auto was taken from Milton-Freewater City Hall, Cemetery. MUNSELLE-RHODES was discovered to be Horstman's home, police said. state Edward Graham relaying to the City of Walla she police said. FUNERAL HOME m Milton-Freewater. W a l l a a n i m a l control intoxicated at school, officers A dump truck owned by in charge of Uie arrangements. 'Paid Edward Graham, 56, Route 3, department concerning reported Friday. notice i Elmer D. Rada, Burbank Milton-Freewater, died at his nuisance animals. Pioneer Jr. High School per- Heights, was found abandoned PREAS — Funeral senices for Uie 3atc Mrs. George 'iMargorilci Preas of 920 home this morning. He was Struthers will . also gain sonnel told officers two bottles on Harvey Shaw Road, Ah-arado Terrace will b e a t 2 p.m. born March 18,1917. Watch For The information from the College of liquor were found in the girl's according to officers. Tuesday. Apnl 3 at PIG>~EER U>TTED He is survived by his sister, Place council to bring back to locker. Experienced hearing aid wearers know A car belonging to Steven METHODIST CHURCH. Interment After it was learned the Gambone, 9 N. Spokane, was Pacific Warehouse that understanding voices in noisy places Mountain View Cemetery. Pallbearers Thelma Zarichansky, North the board of c o u n t y will be- Verne Preas. John Levens. Versailles. Pa. student was intoxicated, she located in a ditch" three miles can be their biggest problem . . . commissioners. Elmer Mcissner. Ed Spwleder. Edgar was referred to police, who Sale... Wed. 4th east of Walla Walla on Route 12. Thornton and Kenneth Harlwig. MOW...The new "DirectionEar MARK , obtained a .04 breathalyzer COLONIAL FUNERAL HOME. Bill L. 100," with exclusive Linear Array Dephaser reading. Watson. Foneral Director. <Paid notice) Microphone, makes possible greatly improved The girl was cited to juvenile speech understanding, reduced background noise, for consuming and n-jujurw-frrtrr liB-ll.lll'IM> DAYTON - Thyge Schmidt, Inmate Files Suit court unique directional cattily! • Cords-of-Thonks possessing alcohol under age. 89, 708 S. Second, died in a Against State KAILHOAt She was taken to juvenile jmammmm— Dayton n u r s i n g h o m e WE DESIRE TO EXPRESS TO OUR detention. IEAR WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAI STEAMSHIP A partially amputated hand fand Jnends oar heartfelt thante for their yesterday. He was born in many expressions of sympathy. The Denmark, Oct. 20.1883. C O U P O N rat* has been cited as the cause of a (with 'MINZflfH'XIJ* beautiful floral tribute* were e<.pena]lv Schmidt was a retired book$250,000 damage claim against Hprnrk Rtinrrl appreciated. ***iuv uuufU keeper and a member of the thestate. THE FAMILIES OF Dayton Congregational Church MAURICE C TEEL Penitentiary inmate Roy M^GtS Tonidht EXCLUSIVELY AT and the Dayton Lodge No. 26, Wilson has filed the action in friercr:» ' OHignJ I MflM F.&A.M. Sol The Royd Ccrfcbean Walla Walla County Superior The executive board of the 1 • Udft Mttct Survivors include a brother, Court. 7 OATS — 3 ISLANDS Mittt* Walla Walla County Democratic Hanst of Clinton, Mich, and The suit states Wilson was a Central Committee will meet at BLUE MOUNTAIN \ City several nieces and nephews. worker in the prison's industrial DeLuca's Restaurant at 8 LODGE NO. 33 Funeral services will be held Stated Meeting plant Nov. 21, 1972, when he o'clock tonight. Monday, Apnl 2.1S73 14 DAYS — 9 ISLANDS I Wednesday at the Dayton Con- received the injury on a metal The committee will discuss a 7.30p.m gregational Church with embosser machine. school for precinct comI Work in M M. Degree interment in the Dayton City Ron McAdams. Walla Walla, mitteemen in the Tri-Cities and 589,.*1024'" Refreshments Cemetery. ED ARBUCKLE. W M. is Wilson's attorney. 3O South CotvHI* St. a Democratic social committee. JA 9-2693 REGIONAL KBPOKTS High Low IV. City-County Airport .... 55 34 Whitman Mission 58 29 Meat-hum 35 22 Snow depth 2 inches Hermiston 60 34 Pcnd. Br. Exp. Stn 53 25 Pcnd. Airport 55 32 Lewiston 56 30 Enterprise 42 33 T Ml. Fanny 24 16 T Snow depth 84 inches Baker 48 29 Union 47 31 Ukiah 42 18 Bates 45 18 Snow depth trace Ice Harbor Dam 60 35 Lower Monumental . . . . 62 36 Little Goose Dam 60 39 Lower Granite Dam . . . . M M McNary Dam 58 36 Hanford 63 31

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