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Curriculm Vitae Gateway at the EAST Urban Design Guidelines of Tung Chung East New Town A Lookout Point at Wanchai Gap Park Harmoniser-Mastering the Art of Balance@WKCD Pavilion Competition

Cyberport Park Revitalization Project Kowloon City Open Space Planning Proposal Redesign Kowloon Tong Campus Outdoor Area

Curriculm Vitae EDUCATION & QUALIFICATION 2016-2018

THEi Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Honours)


Lingnan University Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Visual Studies


Community College of City University Associate of Arts in Publication Design


Market Lab@Aldrich Bay Market by Social LAB Interview with the residence in Shau Kei Wan, to collect and analysis the data for the operation of the market in future


The LIBoratory Project in MaD Asia Interview with the citizen in Sham Shui Po and provide some solutions for the public library design & management policy in future


Student Helper, Lingnan University Service Learning Programme Participated the Children Shadow Puppet Drama and Performance Programme with primary school students in Tin Shui Wai


Art Director, Lingnan University Students' Union Press Bureau - Designed publication of “Lingnan Folk” and “Campus Glow” - Photographed current events - Write article related to architecture and urban planning


Volunteer of Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Organised and participated the local tour for primary school students


MTR West Island Line Community Art Project Created an photo collage to display in the Sai Ying Pun Station

WORK EXPERIENCE Aug 2015- Mar 2016 GURU Online

Project Copywriter

Write persuasive copy, design and produce attractive graphics works for various clients facebook page. Possess good time management skills, ability to multi-task and prioritise work. July 2012- Dec 2013 Wan Li Book Co Photographer

Photographed tourist spots in Hong Kong Organized database for stock photos

COMPUTER SKILLS Proficient in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Sketchup, AutoCAD, Lumion

LANGUAGE SKILLS Spoken Languages: Native Cantonese, proficient in English, elementary Putonghua Written Languages: Proficient in English and Chinese

HOBBIES AND INTERESTS Taking photos, use drone, drawing, writing, reading books, travel, watching movie.



Gateway at the EAST The open space located at the east part of the waterfront side. It surrounded by residential area, sports complex and Tertiary Institutes and other school uses. So it can provide pleasant environment to the surrounded area and become a focal point for the nearby community. The area divided into 3 parts. The first area is an avenue linkage to the town centre, there have shops along the both side of the avenue. The open space will provide green environment and water feature, so it can make the user have pleasant walking environment. Meanwhile it reserved space for the food hawker to setup their stalls. The second area is a big open space that provide plaza, common space & gallery and a greenery area. It widely uses water feature to make visually looks attractive. The third area is waterfront area. The curve wave of waterfront edge represents the new town have energetic and respect with natural. The main entrance is big open plaza and provide drop off area, so it is easily for the user draw the direction to the harbourfront. The sea fountain become the focal point of the waterfront and some of the area sea edge use naturalistic foreshore design and allow people to seat. They can walk close to water and achieve “water friendly� culture.

Aims: Provide high quality public open space to the public with different experience. Meanwhile provide good linkage to different places inside the community Characteristics: Water based design with bridge network Types: Open space design







Avenue with water feature



3 5


Lawn Area



Exhibition & Common Space

8 5

Central Corridor

0 10 20



Water Basin and seating area


Drop off area Overall site master plan Scale: A3@1:500



Waterfront seating


Design concept

Exhibition & Common space Water basin seating area

Conceptual Master layout plan Play Plaza

Site Programming


Circulation diagram

Bridge network diagram

Zone A Avenue

Planting Aims & Strategy

Seating area near adjustment lot

Overview of the avenue

Hardscape Elements

Section of the avenue

Paving detail plan

Shurb planting plan

Construction detail section of the seating


Zone B Waterfront Plaza

Planting Aims & Strategy

Cafe seating inside the park


Hardscape Elements

Section plan of drop off area and waterfront plaza

Zone C Park Plaza

Planting Aims & Strategy

Construction detail of water basin

Section plan of park plaza



Urban Design Guidelines of Tung Chung East New Town



Viewpoints A

The proposed Tung Chung New Town Extension (TCNTE) plan is not only provide sufficient housing for different group of people, it also focus in Sustainable Design principle, through the environmental, social and economic to provide pleasant, human-oriented planning and building design to the community.

Viewpoints B

For the environmental, it will promote walkable city, setup Shared space, wider pedestrian path to allow people to have better walking experience. The cycling network not only linkage to different important infrastructures and landmarks, it also connects to Tai Ho Wan and Siu Ho Wan, allow more people to discover the historical and environment value of Lantau Island. Eco-coastline will be apply along more than 60% are of the coast, so it can provide food for birds and mammals. The infrastructure and the building design will also apply Sustainable practice.


Viewpoints A

Viewpoints B

Aims: Promote walkable city, large amount of high quality, human-oriented public open space allow public to enjoy. Meanwhile through the infrastruture and some public policy to fulfill society needs. Characteristics: Livable Community Types: Urban Planning Concept


For the social, the whole planning will provide large amount of high quality public open space allow public to enjoy. Meanwhile, it promote programs and policies to support the area have good placemaking that allow the people increase their sense of belonging of the community.

To provide a human-oriented environment, the street and the surrounding area will provide benches and a green buffer zone, so the people can take a rest easily. The planning also consider Barrier free travel issue. Meanwhile, the planning will provide Civic Centre, Market Complex (including Food Hawker Centre) and different types of community and recreational facilities. So it can fulfill society needs.

Different street types design


Building design to make permeability and legibility

Central Green Plaza

Section of the Train Station Plaza and the bridge to country park

For the economic, the planning provide large amount of job opportunities inside the community. The commercial centre close to the MTR station and Tuen Mun - Chek Lap Kok Link, so it can become one of the iconic business district in North West New Territories. Startup culture became known for several things over the years, the commercial centre will provide startup office and collaborative workspaces.

Indoor Plaza





A Lookout Point at Wanchai Gap Park

Wanchai Gap Park is a good lookout point to view South District of Hong Kong Island and linkage with country park. The current site have a playground, a snack shop and one pavilion. However, the design is bit old fashion. It also lack of pavilion when the people buy the food and drinks, so it is not convenience during hot and humid weather condition, since it is too shine during afternoon period. To resolve the problem, it can use the open area to build a pavilion with lookout point. The concept of the pavilion is try to connect with nature. Since it is located near to the country park, so it is suitable to use wood, steel and concrete as the materials. These materials can represent stylish and comfortable feeling to the park users, especially for the timber, it provide warm feeling. Meanwhile, the colour of wood is match with the trees. Besides, Water is the important elements in the nature. So the pavilion also provide a small fountain. So the sound of the water can allow the people have a comfortable and relaxation of mind and body.

Aims: Provide a lookout point at Wanchai Gap Park and improve surrounded enviornment Characteristics: Modern style pavilion design Types: Shade structure design


Shadow can give a strong power to give form to architecture. So the design also widely to have some space allow the sunlight come to the pavilion, so it can create impression space for the park users.

Concept sketches



20m Site boundary

Site map

Section of the pavilion

Working model

Fountain and concrete wall

Seating area inside pavilion



Harmoniser-Mastering the Art of Balance@WKCD Pavilion Competition Harmony is not only about coherence in the visual sense, but also about a state of mind in which we acquire peace and feel comfortable with the space around us. Overlooking the historical Victoria Harbour and the vast green space at the West Kowloon Cultural District, Harmoniser balances permanence and impermanence, the old and the new. It is a pavilion that provides a free and comfortable space for individuals to unwind and gather. The structure of Harmoniser resembles a shrine, suggesting that visitors are able to cleanse their souls and gain a peace of mind while resting there. The highlight of the pavilion is the connection with nature. The incorporation of bamboo, a fast-growing and modest plant regarded in the Chinese culture, suggests that Harmoniser will help to nurture a new life in the future. The openings at the four sides of the pavilion allows air, sunlight and people to circulate in the space, filling it with energy and hope. The lush garden as well as the table surrounding it in the middle of the pavilion offers a place for a little getaway for urban dwellers. They can embrace the beautiful scenery around Harmoniser and enjoy a sip of coffee.

Aims: The pavilion will be built on a waterfront location in the Nursery Park at West Kowloon that offers stunning harbour and sunset views and a spectacular location for small events and activities Characteristics: Connection with nature Types: Shade structure Design, Competition


The entire pavilion spans across 420m2, including 75m2 of seating area, 72m2 of garden and 273m2 of circulation area. With the use of simple and minimal materials, this setting creates a spacious environment that supports different kinds of activities. The estimated cost of Harmoniser is around 2.3 million, inclusive of materials and labour cost. The construction is expected to take 6 to 8 weeks. It is hoped that after Harmoniser has finished its mission, its successor can rise and shine, delivering new experiences to visitors of the West Kowloon Cultural District.

Concept sketches

Dimension of the pavilion

Section of the pavilion



Cyberport Park Revitalization Project Cyberport is a creative digital community with over 800 community members completed in 2004, including grade-A office buildings, restaurants, a 5-star hotel and a shopping arcade. The park main users group mainly are Bel-Air residents, some of them are dog owner and domestic helper. Some people like to do sport activities inside the park, such as running. During weekend, there have more local tourist come to this park to have picnic, play with dogs and enjoy the sunset view of the harbour. Although the park have 600,000 square ft. However, most of the space in the park are looks empty with poor maintenance, most of the programming only focus in the central area, so it is a good chance to have revitalization project. To make the park widely to use and looks more attractive for the people and the community.

Aims: Redesign the park and provide more facilities to fullfill different user needs Characteristics: Traditional landscape design with different programming Types: Park Design


The concept of the design is focus in traditional garden. It is because the park near to Bel-Air. Where is one of the most luxury property in Hong Kong. The property sales promotion and the common area, such as the clubhouse also use European style villa concept. Meanwhile, the park also use this style design for short period of time. So it is a good chance to recover the park that match with the high class residential and allow general public can enjoy that atmosphere.

The Cyberport Arcade

Residence Bel-Air

Cyberport Four

Main Activities Area

Facilities in abadoned condition

Too many empty space Lawn with few trees

Site analysis




Meanwhile, the design also satisfy different age of people needs. For the children, they desire to have bigger playing area. So the new design not just have a big playground, it also provide different sensory experience. For example, the maze can encourage their direction feeling, the play fountain area provide cool experience and fun during hot weather. For teenager and elderly people, since there is lack of facilties for them in the clubhouse. So the park provide different sport facilities to them, such as Skateboard Park, Basketball Court and fitness facilities. Besides, the new design also added 3 washrooms, drinking fountain and a restaurant/cafe complex. Besides, the new design have improvement for the visual perspective. The main entrance have been redesign and change to a big open plaza, so it is easily for the visitors to draw the direction to the harbourfront. On the other hand, most of the area inside the park are flat land and looks boring. So the new design also have re-grading works. The visually can looks more attractive.

Design Concept


Possible access to Bel-Air The Arcade Entrance

Main Entrance

Overall site concept plan

Liquidambar formosana

Sapium sebiferum

Taxodium distichum

Araucaria heterophylla

Salix babylonica

Larix gmelinii

Larix gmelinii

Relocate tree


Araucaria heterophylla


Zephyranthes candida

Tagetes lemmonii

Hemerocallis Fulva

Zoysia japonica

Pentas lanceolata

Melaleuca bracteata "Revolution Gold"

Variegated Mantaly

Dendrocalamopsis oldhami

Existing tree

Ficus microcarpa ‘Golden Leaf’

Duranta repens ‘Variegata’

Loropetalum chinense f. rubrum

Planting Strategy & Site level

Paving materials

Paving materials Stone/Tiles Mosaic


Rubber softfall

Site Furniture

Site Furniture

Dog Garden To balance different user needs and ensure safety, the park set up a dog garden with fence. Besides, it also provide different experience for the dog to play, such as small pool, interactive fountain and play facilities.

Section of the park main corridor


Water Feature & Boardwalk The water feature is a stepped waterfall that have 4 levels, it provide active and comfortable sound effect to the park users and make them feel comfortable. The Boardwalk setup along in the waterfront, have 5m wide.

Sand Playground The sand playground provide different kinds of facilities allow children to play. The sand area face to the boardwalk and provide bench benches, which provide relax atmosphere to the park users.



Kowloon City Open Space Planning Proposal Kowloon City is a community that have many old buildings without enough open space. The existing clinic, Student health centre & Municipal Services Building cannot fulfill today needs. So the proposal not just provide sufficient open space for pedestrian to walk & stay, it is important to redesign the Municipal Services Building, to provide more facilities that satisfly for the community and enhance living standard. Municipal Services Building have 9 storeys, it provides a large plaza at the north and south. To increase the greenery and provide rich sensory experience. The building provide outdoor terrace and roof garden allow people to enjoy the view of the city. Meanwhile, there have a carpark in basement. So it allows more space for pedestrian to walk & stay in nearby area.

Aims: Create open space and new Municipal Services Building inside old community Characteristics: New Green corridor in Nga Tsin Wai Road Types: Urban Planning






New proposal of Kowloon City





SECTION A-A Scale 1:500

Municipal Services Building master plan and section



Redesign Kowloon Tong Campus Outdoor Area The current THEi Kowloon Tong campus site is bit empty and not attractive to the student since the design is old fashion, many seat area don't have people to seat. Besides, the floor surface have different levels, so it is not safety for the people to walk if they are not feel concentrated. The planting also looks boring and ugly. After the redesign, the open space looks more complicated and provide stylish feeling. The new planting area mainly planting Bamboo, which is looks attractive since it is perfectly match with wood. On the other hand, the existing steps changed to a lawn area. It also plants several kinds of shrubs and flowers with Arching form, so the visually looks more attractive to the people. Besides, the plan also planted a tree in the wooden deck platform, so it can provide natural shelter and comfortable feeling to the users. The new seating area divided into 2 area and use timber as materials. The aims is to allow urban environment can connect with nature. Meanwhile, it can provide warm and comfortable atmosphere. The first one is located near to the planting area and another one is using wood platform deck to provide seats area.

Aims: Redesign the open area in THEi Kowloon Tong Campus Characteristics: Modern style design with wood texture Types: Redesign open space


To provide more friendly design to the users, one of the seating area provide table, so it can convenience for the students to eat, drink or study at outside.

Planting design not attractive

CONNECT TO NATURE Floor surface have different levels not safety for the people to walk No people want to seat

Concept idea

Current site situlation

A NEW PAVING STRATEGY Materials for the project



New seating area section

Concept sketches






Overall site plan



New shade structure provide seats and table, which New shade structure section plan allow people to eat, drink and study.


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Wong Wing Landscape Design Portfolio  

Wong Wing Landscape Design Portfolio  

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