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Hannah Newell

Steps Down 1/5, 2011, found pencil drawing on graph paper with added printed text, 420 x 297mm, one of series of 5.

Hannah Newell’s spatial practice deals with ideas surrounding site, place and non-place. In her work she investigates and contrasts our relationship with public and private space. At the core of these ideas is an investigation into the nature of being an ‘I’, amongst all that is other. Steps Down is the first in a series of 5. Working with found plans and drawing on her recent experience of returning to her family home after a year abroad, this piece explores the nature of home and personal space. She is continually inspired by ‘The Poetics of Space’ by Gaston Bachelard and the parts of our minds that contemplate whilst squatting in well-known corners.

Afternoon Tea  

WW Gallery at the 54th Venice Biennale 30 May – 12 June 2011 The Quaffers Pavilion, Campo San Polo, Venice, Italy.