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Filter Presses – Waste water Equipment History: Filter Presses are also called as “Frame- and Plate Filters." Today specialized filter press is manufactured accurately which is called as “Membrane (Diaphragm)” or “Recessed Chamber “Filter Press. Definition: The primary use is as of the “batch pressure filter, fixed volume”. The filter press designed by Water and Wastewater Equipment Company holds huge volume of solids. Every batch refers to discharge the “filter cake-sludge” collected after every cycle, before another cycle starts. Feed pump creates the “pressure” for fast separation process. 2 principle components of Filter Press are: •

Filter Pack


The Filter Press designed by Water and Wastewater Equipment Company is sophisticated enough to perform swift operations. Initially the slurry is put in the press chamber under pressure. Every chamber is filled with slurry due to which the liquid passes down the cloth in the drain area.

Water and Wastewater Equipment Company offer the Filter Press in 5 standard sizes. The gasket presses have flexible side bars which inexpensively and easily increase the press capacity for optimum production. This filter press is the fastest in the market among others with the fully loaded hydraulic closure which prevents the air from entering the system.

Key pointers: 1. No pitting on the sleeve or the piston 2. No corrosion 3. Quality seals with robust air-over-fluid closure

4. Maintenance free 5. Thick and porous quality Filter cloth for “separation”

WWE “advantage” The Company provides High-end quality Filter Press which can even be tailor-made to your needs as per industry requirement. You can choose from the following options • Manual closure • Sem-automatic closure • Fully automatic closure • Pump controls • Air blow manifolds • Plate shifters • Air blow manifolds & • Self-cake dumping carts WWE believes in extensive wastewater treatment. The Company even offers to repair the existing Filter Press with exclusive range of accessories like: Gasket Material Cleaning Spatulas Filter Cloths Replacement Plates Wastewater Equipment    

Treating wastewater is a commendable decision but buying bulky equipment may not be suitable for small scale industries. Water and Wastewater Equipment Company provides all wastewater equipment at low cost and superior quality. This equipment plays crucial role in handling wastewater by: 1. Removing potential disease prone contaminants through the filtering system 2. Efficiency in industrial production with water recycling 3. Use of clean water in food and medical industries 4. Removal of toxic/inorganic compounds 5. Protecting environment, wildlife 6. Reducing the industrial operating costs 7. Improved flexibility to treat characteristics of waste water 8. Discharges sludge carefully

Benefits with WWE products WWE offers technology driven waste water equipment to serve the industry specific needs. The company offers Filter Press, Clarifiers- Stainless steel & Carbon, pumps, mixers, sand fillers, storage tanks, sludge dryers/cones and more. The products have no moving parts which ensure the stability and less floor space. Wastewater equipment is simple to use due to which people use it regularly.  Repairing and re-conditioning existing product into new  No corrosion  Hard wearing & durable  Meets nonstandard industrial requirements  Effortless process by consuming less time  Cost effective functionality- less labor, chemicals & energy cost You can rely on the products and after service care of WWE which offers satisfying experience for small and large scale industries. 32100 Solon Road - Suite 101 • Solon, Ohio 44139 • Phone: (440) 542-0972 • Fax: (440) 542-1386 • Email: To know more information visit -

Water Recycling Systems - Filter presses | Clarifiers  

Water Recycling Systems are used to recycle millions of gallons of water daily. If your needs are to reduce costs, improve the quality of yo...

Water Recycling Systems - Filter presses | Clarifiers  

Water Recycling Systems are used to recycle millions of gallons of water daily. If your needs are to reduce costs, improve the quality of yo...