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Talk to us about replacing or adding oil/water separation to your parts cleaning or coating operations. Filtration with our oil and water separation equipment increases the effectiveness of your plant operation and wastewater treatment system.

WWE is Ready for the Future! Water and Wastewater Equipment Company has been providing efficient, cost-effective and compliant solutions to water and wastewater treatment applications for over 30 years. From small batch systems to continuous-flow systems treating 500,000 gallons per day, we serve customers in mining, manufacturing and municipal wastewater treatment.

The ion exchange process percolates water through bead-like spherical resin materials (ion-exchange resins). Ions in the water are exchanged for other ions fixed to the beads. The two most common ionexchange methods are softening and deionization. Softening is used primarily as a pretreatment method to reduce water hardness prior to reverse osmosis (RO) processing. The softeners contain beads that exchange two sodium ions for every calcium or magnesium ion removed from the “softened” water.

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Wastewater Treatment Filter Press - Design and Build Filter Press Specific to Your Needs  

We have instrumentation and control panels that come with motor starters, fuses, relays and transformers. It includes lights, switches for p...