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Why Stopping Premature Ejaculation is So Important (Click here for your complete Premature Ejaculation cure) Stopping premature ejaculation is a major issue for all men who have this problem. Although it is a very common problem, it is still hard for many afflicted with it to talk about it with either a doctor or their partner. This not only causes mental stress for the one who ejaculates too early, but it can actually cause relationships to end. Although it is best to be open with your partner, stopping premature ejaculation is another way to solve the problem without having to talk about it. This can be done and there are actually many simple ways to last longer in bed and nobody will ever be the wiser that there was ever a problem. Eating right is one of the sure-fire ways of stopping premature ejaculation. Not only will that problem be solved, though. Eating a nutritious and balance diet will leave you overall in better health. Eating the right foods is logical, since everyone knows that the food groups, as well as vitamins and minerals are necessary. However, for those stopping premature ejaculation there should be a focus on cholesterol lowering foods. This means eating a lot of oatmeal, whole grains, nuts, fish and blueberries. Stopping premature ejaculation can also be achieved by using condoms if that is possible or if you are willing to do so. Another trick is to try the squeezing method. This is done by squeezing around the penis right below the head in order to put pressure on the urethra located on the underside of the erection. During sex also try positions that aren’t as stimulating, since this will prolong the phases of arousal before ejaculation takes place. Various other ways of stopping premature ejaculation would include doing Kegel exercises, masturbating before sexual intercourse and focusing on anything but early ejaculation. All of these are easy to do and are effective, which means there is no reason not to try any of them if you are really serious about stopping premature ejaculation.

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Stopping Premature Ejaculation Today