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You can have sex longer tonight! Simple tips to have longer sex. (Click here for your complete Premature Ejaculation cure) Here are my top tips how you can have sex longer tonight. Read on for my tried and tested techniques to last longer in bed tonight! The problem of premature ejaculation affects over two thirds of males today. The problem of not being able to have sex last long enough can be a little more complex than it first appears. The premature ejaculation problem may be brought about by numerous factors that accumulate and contribute over a number of years. Much as we would all like to believe it is true there simply is no quick fix for premature ejaculation although there are many things we can do to help ourselves, and ensure that you can have sex longer today! So you want to have sex longer tonight? Well here’s the techniques I suggest that can be used right away and will ensure you last a lot longer than you did last night! My tips are as follows; A) Be self disciplined and when you feel yourself getting close to the point of no return you must be able to control yourself and stop. B) Use different methods to please your partner. This way you can have time out whilst not penalising her. C) Change your position often. If you find one less stimulating for you, use it more often. D) Don't neglect oral and foreplay methods during sex. E) Try circular thrusting motion. It places less emphasis on the tip of the penis and so makes you last longer.

F) Ensure you last much longer by popping to the toilet and masturbating first. G) When you are close to the point of no return take several deep breaths to suppress the urge. By implementing some or all of the techniques above you should be able to last longer tonight than you did last night. However, if you really want to have sex longer though you need to invest time and learn about the problem in a little more depth. So for more of the tips to have sex longer and free advice please visit because nothing will change unless you take action today.

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