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Photo courtesy Northrop Grumman. Nida-Core Corp. enjoys great success with its new core designed for RTM, infusion and other closed or vacuum assisted processes. Composed of a layer of PU, phenolic or flexible polyethylene/ polypropylene foam covered with a reinforcing fibre layer on each side, the three elements are linked together by glass fibre bridging strands which go through them obliquely, forming triangulations in the mechanical sense. The reinforcing materials are woven or non-woven glass, carbon or aramide fibre fabrics, or additional reinforcements which are available in the marketplace.

Nida-Core is proud to announce the opening of its new, larger distribution centre at St. Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada. The expansion will help us better support our canadian customers and distributors. Along with our partners we can also offer CNC cutting services, plug machining and advanced engineering services for the composites industry. The distribution centre is fully stocked with our Nida-Core Structural honeycomb, Balsalite, Matline, Nida-Bond and panel products.

Structiso and Structiform cores allow for rapid infusion of resin without the use of resin transfer media at a very affordable cost. Designed for infusion, RTM and closed matched die molding, this new product is set to revolutionize the closed molding process.

New Product

French sailing catamaran hull and bulkheads constructed using Structiso closed molding core.

Diego Durrell

Our Distributor

West Coast Sales Manager

Diego Durrell has joined us as Sales Manager for the West Coast. He will be based out of Sacramento, CA. Before joining Nida-Core, Diego has worked for 3 years for Hesco Engineering, in Sacramento, California.

Diego was specifically targeting new growth markets in the California automotive, industrial and local government sectors in addition to managing existing client base in the California aerospace sector, utilizing a basic knowledge of filament winding, RTM, autoclave and other automated fabrication processes and materials found in advanced composite engineering. Before Hesco, Diego worked outside the composites world as a senior account executive at Informix Corporation in Menlo Park, California, and outside sales Rep for Epko Industries, in Sacramento, Ca, responsible for creating, developing sales in the Northern California Architectural & Design Industry. In 1995, Diego founded Lexmark Consulting in Sacramento, Ca, specializing in advanced telephone prospecting skills, i.e. identify, qualify, secure prospects as leads and contacts, interpersonal communication skills, contract negotiation and closing skills.

Univar Canada Ltd. ( is the largest chemical distributor in Canada employing 700 people. With twenty locations, from Vancouver, BC. to St. John’s, NF., the company distributes chemical products and related services to major end-use markets such as food and pharmaceuticals, chemical compounding, chemical manufacturing, crop protection, mining, forest products, oil and gas production and refining, water and waste water treatment, personal care products, coatings, inks and adhesives, metal finishing, rubber and plastics, and others. Univar offers special services to complement specific customers’ requirements. This includes just-in-time (JIT) deliveries, standard and custom packaging, warehousing, bulk storage, logistical support, trans-loading and blending. Special thanks go out Mr. Jean Verville (418-952-0742) of Quebec and Mr. Ron Barth (416-985-8435) of Ontario for their outstanding job in promoting Nida-Core Corp.’s products and services. Univar offers prompt deliveries of composites materials across Canada. They can be reached at 2700 J.B.Deschamps Lachine, PQ H8T 1E1 Canada 514-631-9451.

Diego is also fluent in German. Welcome Diego!

Our employees

New, improved and revised packaging with thicker cardboard ensures your product will arrive undamaged.

Patrick Haworth, of Montreal, Canada sent us these great pictures of his new boat, constructed with Nida-Core H8PP Structural Honeycomb and advanced aramid reinforced composite bi-axial layup.

Sailing catamaran under construction using Structiso triangulated closed molding core materials.

During the Memorial Day weekend, US Eastern Divisional season opener in Decatur, Illinois, in front of 40 000 spectators, Patrick brought home the first place, which earned him double points and guaranteed spot at US Nationals finals at Hampton, Virginia in August. Patrick is no stranger on the podium; he is the current 2003 class champion with multiple wins to his credit. GO Patrick! Nida-Core staff at Boat show in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2004. Check out our NEW, much improved website at An enhanced product application guide, how to work with Nida-Core and Nida-Core Panels section, mechanical properties section, comparison guide to alternative materials, soon to be available customer order tracking; all part of the effort to enable the customer to save valuable time and bring essential information just a few mouse-clicks away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Additionally, order our new 92 page Rigid-Elastic Technology Handbook, free to qualified respondents. Order on line or call your area representative or distributor.


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Tecnocore 3” blocks of 7 lb / ft3 density foam-filled honeycomb, 10 only at $200 EA. Size varies 48”X72” and bigger.

A full off-spec/discounted core list available upon request.


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12 Balsalite chemical sloped bottom kits, 12’ diameter, slope 4”-1”, 10 available at 50% off regular price $900 EA.

Nida-Core H8PP 5mm 48”X84” sheets, 100 only at this price $0.74 per sq.ft. Call 772 343 7300 for further details.

Nida-Core H8PP 45 mm 48”X84” in our Montreal, QC Warehouse 50 sheets at $2.65 sq.ft USD. Call 571 332 9903.

Nida-Core representatives at JEC Paris 2004. Left to right: Tim Johnson, Alan Harper (President of Plastech), Fred Romier and Damien Jacquinet.

Visit us Oct 25-27, 2004 at IBEX 2004 Miami Beach, Florida, USA. To learn more visit:


Along with our partners we can also offer CNC cutting services, plug machining and advanced engineering services for the composites industry...