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Jan.2004 Nida-Core Corp announces the installation of a brand new scoring machine that will enhance the userfriendliness of it’s H8PP scored product. The precision of the new equipment allows the core to be scored all the way to the barrierfilm, scrimcloth. The drapability of the new scored material is second to none in both directions and will make Nida-Core Honeycombs and our RIGID-ELASTIC TECHNOLOGY suitable for more areas within a composites structure, than previously afforded. Unique to Nida-Core Corp is the availability to provide scored material in sizes up to 48X96, without risk of damaging the scored sheets (unlike foams). The larger size will aid in reducing cost of handling by the lamination departments. Call your area sales representative for free sample of the material or e-mail to

Feb, 2004 Nida-Bond is a specially formulated, polyester based core bedding compound developed by Nida-Core Corporation for hand lay-up and vacuum bagging core installation. Use of premium resins results in high tensile and flexural strength. Its high adhesive strength provides an excellent bond between the core and the laminate. Its is suitable for most coring applications and is compatible with our Foamline, BalsaLite and Nida-Core, TecnoCore, PVC and SAN foam core materials. Characteristics include :lightweight, non-sagging, and long working time for coverage of large areas. Features: Gel Properties: Semi-flexible for exceptional crack resistance Sample mass is 100g initiated with1.5% DDM-9 Low exotherm MEKP @77 F Gel Time: 38 - 45 min Interval: 28 - 36 min Total: 66 - 81 min Peak Exotherm: 240 - 270 Âş F Low stryrene content Uncured stability: 4 to 5 months (depending on storage)

New Nida-Core H8PP Scored Structural Honeycomb

New Product

Pumpable or trowelable. Competitively priced. 1 Gallon free samples are available for qualified users.

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Timothy A. Johnson Business Development Manager, Nida-Core Corp.

Tim Johnson joins Nida-Core as Business Development Manager. Tim will be responsible for Automotive, Transportation, and Wind Power application development, as well as product development of Structural Core Materials for Closed Molding processes. Previously as VP of Business Development for Zoltek Carbon Fibers, Tim has been responsible for automated production development of carbon fiber composite structural components for automotive applications, which included demonstration of multi-axial products suited for deep-draw pre-forming and high pressure molding, as well as product development for wind-blades and civil engineering applications. As Director of Technology for Brunswick Technologies during a five year period of annual growth exceeding 30%, Tim was responsible for process technology development of multi-axial machines for super-weight non-crimp reinforcement fabrics, as well as product development and client engineering support. In other positions, Tim has also worked in Plant Process Engineering, Textile Machine Design, and Materials Research and Development. He has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics from the University of Pennsylvania. Tim presently resides in Clayton, Missouri with his wife Pat and two kids.

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Founded in 1924 as a small eastern Kentucky refinery, Ashland Inc. has grown into a worldwide, multi-industry company. With sales and operating revenues of $6.7 billion in fiscal 2002, Ashland ranks among the nation’s top 500 companies based on revenues. Ashland Specialty Chemical Company, a division of Ashland Inc.(NYSE:ASH), is a leading, worldwide supplier of specialty chemicals serving industries including adhesives, automotive, composites, metal casting, merchant marine, paint, paper, plastics, watercraft and water treatment. As a successor to Plastics Maritimes Ltd., FRP Supply (a div of Ashland) in beautiful Bedford , Nova Scotia, Canada is led by Mr. Shawn O’Brian and Mr. Brian Bower. They can be reached directly at 902-835-0177. Special thanks go out to Mr.Robert Jarry of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, who’s commitment to customer service excellence and expert knowledge of the technical aspects of the industry have earned him many friends in the industry. Robert can be reached directly at 514-891-8121. All Nida-Core, Balsalite and Matline products are available from stock throughout Eastern Canada from Frp Supply (Ashland) Canada.

Patrick Haworth of Montreal, Canada, a 2003 hydroplane class champion found it necessary to use Nida-Core H8PP Structural Honeycomb in the hull (including bottom), deck, bulkheads, stringers for a good reason; few other core materials would be able to withstand the stresses resulting from racing the 5’ offshore waves at more than 100 miles per hour. None would give the crew a piece of mind.

Jan 2004 Nida-Core Corp has aquired a Motionmaster 3-axis router to complement our existing numerically controlled routers. The new router will speed up the production of our custom-cut core kits . A brand new labelling system for individual cut kit pieces is in the works that will further enhance the customers ability to handle the kits. Nida-Core kits speed up the lamination departments, cut material costs and reduce employee training while maintaining tight control over wasted material. From hydroplane race boats to NHRA Funny cars, Nida-Core H8PP is utilized for its low weight, resilient nature of its honeycomb technology and unparallelled toughness it provides to the sandwich constructed composites. Call our experienced staff today to find out how Nida-Core RIGID -ELASTIC TECHNOLOGY can benefit your composite parts or structures.

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Check out our NEW, much improved website at An enhanced product application guide, how to work with Nida-Core and Nida-Core Panels section, mechanical properties section, comparison guide to alternative materials, soon to be available customer order tracking; all part of the effort to enable the customer to save valuable time and bring essentail information just a few mouse-clicks away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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Composites One in Texas has 20 panels 30mm Nida-Core H8PP with Luan skins. Best Offer.

A full off-spec / discounted core list available upon request.


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12 Balsalite chemical sloped bottom kits, 12' diameter, slope 4"-1", 10 available at 50% off regular price $900 EA

Nida-Core H8PP 5mm 48"X84" sheets, 100 only at this price $0.74 per sq.ft Call 772 343 7300 for further details.

Nida-Core H8PP 7mm 48"X84" sheets, 100 only at this price $0.79 per sq.ft Call 772 343 7300 for further details.

Nida-Core H8PP 45 mm 48"X84" in our Montreal, QC Warehouse 50 sheets at $2.65 sq.ft USD Call 571 332 9903

Nida-Core sales staff at CFA Atlanta 2002

Visit us Feb 25-26 at IBEX NE 2004 Rockland , Maine, USA. To learn more visit:


Low stryrene content Uncured stability: 4 to 5 months (depending on storage) Characteristics include :lightweight, non-sagging, and long wo...