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NEWS Summer 2003

Baltek Corp.’s Test Results Disputed




June 06, 2003 It has come to our attention that Baltek Corp. of New Jersey has been circulating test results performed by its own in house laboratory indicating that Nida-Core Corp.’s hugely successful Balsalite brand is inferior to their offerings in certain tests. We can only assume these deceptive practices are used due to rapidly losing market share and our continued ability to offer a similar quality product at a substantial discount. We are proud to acknowledge that after a year on the market our Balsalite End Grain Balsa has been a huge success, offering premium packaging to our customers to limit moisture absorption as well as separating coated balsa sheets by thin plastic to avoid sticking. Needless to say we were concerned about the negative test results and to ensure our customers receive only the best quality product from Nida-Core Corp., we duly hired respected independent laboratory Structural Composites, of Melbourne, Florida to perform INDEPENDENT tests on our Balsalite product. Full 8 page test report is available for anyone interested by e-mailing, but in short summary Balsalite from Nida-Core Corp., performed almost identically to competing brands, as expected, in all tests it was subjected to.

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Affordable price, economical to ship (in compressed form) Can be engineered to suit your application, wide range of densities and cell size, ranging from less than 1 up to 3 lbs per cubic foot Low moisture absorption available Able to integrate into existing vehicle parts design and manufacturing process Can be engineered to meet FMVSS 302 flammability requirements Can be designed to meet specific impact requirements from virtually any thermoplastic film or nonwoven material in variable cell size and thicknesses in unlimited length. Foam-filled available with polyurethane, polyisocyanurate or phenolic foams. Ideal for large volume automotive applications (headliners, ventilated seats etc.)

Nida-Core FC (for Flexible Core) is a flexible extra resilient continuous honeycomb product, able to be configured and engineered to suit the end user’s requirements. Nida-Core FC can be made from virtually any thermoplastic material – from polypropylene, polyethylene, polycarbonate to many others in nonwoven or film form. The FC is manufactured, using a patented 3D stacking system by means of thermal bonding, up to 100mm thick and up to 1250 mm in width, and as long as necessary. Thermal bonding means there are no glues or other additives in the process, making the product 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. Applications.

Structural Composites, Inc. 7705 Technology Drive, W. Melbourne, FL 32904-1576 Telephone 321-951-9464 FAX 321-728-9071

In general, applications for this product fall into at least one or more of the following areas: structural, separation, fluid transport and energy absorption. It is possible for an application to require or use all of these functional areas while some may require only one. Since the nature of the nonwoven is drastically altered, i.e., it is in a third dimension, its intellectual property potential is also drastically altered as well, and many new defensible areas become available from the same starting material.

Jack Lugus Northeast Sales Manager, Nida-Core Corp.

Our Distributors

Jack lends its 12 years of experience in various positions in composites industry to cover the territories of Virginia, W-Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Mass, Delaware, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Vermont. Jack’s former responsibilities included SE Sales Manager for Westwind Composites and Fiberglass Coatings of Florida and General Manager for Tecno Composites, manufacturer of marine parts and materials. Jack’s current responsibilities include providing technical assistance and guidance to the Northeastern customer base and designing marketing and advertising literature and materials for Nida-Core Corp.

O.P Fiberglass has been serving the fiberglass composites needs of Atlantic Canadians for over 10 years. As a family owned business, O.P Fiberglass strives to provide its customers with a level of service and customer support that is above any other in the industry. At O.P Fiberglass they pride themselves on being a small organization, yet they are large enough to promote some of the most recent cutting edge products and techniques in the industry. Thanks to strong relationships with their material suppliers there are no limits to the resources that they can offer. O.P Fiberglass is a commercial and retail distributor of fiberglass reinforced plastics. They currently provide over-night service to the Provinces of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. Service to Quebec and Maine will be effective early in 2003. O.P Fiberglass can also service other areas of Canada and the US through direct shipments.

Our employees

As recently as Summer 2003 a new distribution center was opened in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Led by industry veteran Mr.Guy Robertson, that location will surely become a favorite with local fabricators. They can be reached at: 220 Bayview Drive Unit 11 & 12 Barrie, ONT L4N 4Y8 Canada Tel:705-721-4199

June 2003. Mr. David Herald of Saginaw Valley State University sent us these interesting photos along with this note recently. We find the use of Nida-Core H8PP in this application most fascinating.

Det Norske Veritas Approval

DNV ed rov App

“I just wanted to stay in touch with you and show you how we have used your core material in our race car. Attached are a couple of photos. The first one shows the seat back and cockpit floor. The second shows the cockpit floor and seat back bonded into the frame section. The last picture shows the front portion of the frame with all the Nida-core and carbon fiber bonded in, and just painted. All in all we have had excellent results with your core material and the ease of bonding carbon fiber to it. The panels have increased our torsional rigidity by approx 85-90% over the bare spaceframe and only added 13lbs to the weight of the car. I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to use the Nida-core. Thank you again and I will keep in touch with you on the progress of the car.” David P. Herald Composites Cardinal Formula Racing Saginaw Valley State University

Our Customers

As an added service to our customers in need of regulatory compliance Nida-Core H8PP has been approved by DNV (Det Norske Veritas) for worldwide use in marine construction for decks and superstructure. Since 1864 Det Norske Veritas has been on the forefront of worldwide shipbuilding regulatory agencies. Certificates are also available for Balsalite End Grain Balsa Core and Matline laminate Bulker. Other agency’s approvals are pending in the very near future. Nida-Core is proud to announce its NEW line of panels of 18oz WR with or w/o white gelcoat class A finish as well as 36oz, 1808 and 1208 panels on Nida-Core H8PP or rigid Balsalite panels. Call for your free samples today!


541 NW Interpark Place Port St.Lucie FL 34986 USA



This section is provided to anybody in composites industry as a means to buy, sell, or trade equipment and materials. Please contact editor-in-chief of this newsletter Jack Lugus at to place your ads for quarterly publication. Space is limited so reserve your space now!

• Balsalite 5/8" S2S Coated, scrimmed and scored balsa core, 2 boxes only at $1.33 sq.ft. Call 571 332 9903 to order. • Composites One in Texas has 20 panels 30mm Nida-Core H8PP with Luan skins. Best Offer.

• BINKS pressure pot for 5 gal pails, new condition, separate catalyst pressurized container. Best offer over $1000. Cost new $3800. Call 571 332 9903 • Nida-Core H8PP 5mm48”X84” sheets, 100 only at this price $0.79 per sq.ft. Call 772 343 7300 for further details. • TecnoCore 12# density 3” thickness core foam-filled honeycomb, ideal for stringers, transoms,10 sheets only at $200 per sheet (48"X96") Call 571 332 9903 for further details.

Visit us Oct 1-3 at Composites 2003 at Anaheim, California, USA. To learn more visit:


Structural Composites, Inc. 7705 Technology Drive, W. Melbourne, FL 32904-1576 Telephone 321-951-9464 FAX 321-728-9071 The FC is manufactur...

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