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Winter 2007 Nida-Core Structural Honeycomb, NidaCore Panels, Foamline, Balsalite and NidaFoam can be supplied in CNC precut Kits. Nida-Core’s kit department uses state– of–the–art manufacturing technology to provide the most accurate, best fitting core kits for your application. Nida-Core kits reduce labor costs, reduce inventory space, eliminate waste and speed up production. All kits are manufactured in-house to your specifications, packaged in sequential order and numbered for ease of installation

One of several CNC multihead mills at Nida-Core Technology Center, manufacturing Balsalite floorboard kits for General Motors Corvette program.

and include an easy to understand schematic for reduced employee training costs. Kits ensure product consistency and quality and save you money. Nida-Core Corp. uses state of the art equipment to digitize customer’s core kits at customers location or our facility. Our Coordinate Measuring Machine capability assures 0.0017” accuracy in all measurements. CMM can also be utilized to reverse engineer CNC cut kits and compare the measurements to original drawings to ensure highest quality.

Nida-Core Balsalite kits machined for automotive floor application for GM Corvette program.

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Pedro Calzada PINTO Sales Manager of Mexico Revchem Plastics was founded in 1975 with the mission of supplying raw materials, process equipment, production supplies and technical support to the composite and cast polymer industries of Southern California. In our pursuit of value added distribution, our sister company, Dura Technologies, Inc. was founded to provide rapid turn-around of custom tinted polyester gel coats and coatings. Although Revchem Plastics' primary customer base is located in Southern California, they have supplied customers throughout North America, Europe, South America and the Far East with everything from their own formulated coatings to turn key factories. One aspect of business that they are extremely proud of is individualized customer service. Revchem’s ideals are based upon honesty, integrity, and fairness. Revchem believes that in order for there to be a successful relationship between supplier and customer, a win-win partnership must be formed. They have a poster prominently displayed in their office that states: "If We Don't Take Care Of The Customer, Somebody Else Will." Find out more at

Mexico is becoming a large composites market, and increasing composite manufacturing from existing local companies, as well as subsidiaries of US companies, justify Nida-Core Corporation’s increased involvement and investments in this market. Pedro joins our international team lead by Frederic Romier, Nida-Core Corp’s International Sales Manager, with thirty years of experience in many areas including sales, engineering, design, manufacturing, R&D, machinery, processes, and projects in the composites industry in the Mexican Territory. He has been a speaker at many technical conferences for private and government industries. Earlier on, Pedro worked in Mexico for LAPSA and QUIMICA HOOKER S.A. in the corrosion market segment with specific FRP equipment applications, and promoted the use of fire retardant polyester resins in that market and in the transportation and construction industries. Pedro founded Plastirefuerzos , S.A. (raw materials distribution for FRP market) and Rejiplásticos y Anticorrosivos S.A. de C.V. ( fabrication of grating molded FRP panels). He was also a partner at Equipos Fibroplásticos Industriales S.A. de C.V. (company which manufactured corrosion equipment in FRP). Honorary Founding Member of (ANIPLAR)- Asociación Nacional de la Industria del Plástico Reforzado ) Reinforced Plastics National Association Industry, he served also as Vice-president of the Sociedad Quimica de Mexico (Reinforced Plastics Division). He also was a consultant and Technical Adviser for several industries in the development and diffusion of the numerous advantages of the composites products. Pedro is based out of Mexico , D.F.

Check out our NEW, much improved website at An enhanced product application guide, how to work with Nida-Core and Nida-Core Panels section, mechanical properties section, comparison guide to alternative materials, online ordering, soon to be available customer order tracking ; all part of the effort to enable the customer to save valuable time and bring essential information just a few mouse-clicks away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. page 2

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VM is the result of a consolidation of the resources and the capabilities of Vectorworks and Composite Structures Inc. to research, design, tool, and produce leading state-of-the-art marine vessels for Military, Commercial, Sport, and Recreational use. VM provides its services to Government Agencies, Commercial Entities, and other Marine Manufacturers. VM is not in the business of producing boats to the end use retail customer. The design, tooling, prototyping and mass production of smaller composite parts are also an expertise. The VM facility is located on the Inter-Coastal Waterway in Titusville, Florida. Plans for a fourth 30,000 sf high bay manufacturing building, office building, and parking lot are currently in progress. VM manufacturing, like its design and development processes, utilizes the licensed technology of others as well as its own proprietary systems to provide its customers with the quality and rate of production that they specify. VM has a wide range of capabilities from the simplest open mold spray up to high volume closed molding systems. VM also specializes in vacuum infusion, RTM, and other closed mold processes. The system selected depends on the vessel structure and laminate design as well as the desired rate of production or annual volume. VM works with a number of different resin systems, including urethanes in open, closed and rotational molds; foams, including sprayed, poured and pressure injected as well as the conventional thermo set resins associated with the composites industry. VM utilizes such reinforcement systems as may be necessitated by the laminate design including E and S glass, carbon, metals, Kevlar, certain pre-pregs and special fabric hybrids and core materials VM has one of the largest and certainly the best five axis machining centers with 25,000+ cu. ft. of milling envelope available for machining plugs and limited production molds for the composites industry. It uses its proprietary mold assembly and production processes to produce superior plugs and molds at very competitive prices.

Nida-Core H8PP 38 mm used in manufacture of this 120’ one piece composite mega-yacht mold. Nida-Core H8PP dissipates heat better than Balsa or foams, resulting in lower mold service temperatures that contribute to longer lasting dimensional and cosmetic stability.

VM further employs the top machining, lofting and finishing supervisors and technicians to complete the team and produce the highest quality full production molds. VM pioneered the development of the limited production tool (LPT) process for prototype and smaller production runs that do not anticipate large annual sales volumes. LPT enables VM to accelerate the production of the first part from the mold in that VM proceeds directly from the CAD 3 dimensional design to a fully machined mold ready for final finish. Hand lofting and intermediate plugs are completely eliminated. This saves their customers substantial calendar time and cost over a full production tool until such is deemed necessary for a particular vessel. Find out more at

OBVIO Partners new “green “car concept to be launched fall 2007 in California) Gilmar Lima – General Director – MVC/ MARCOPOLO Paul Sills - Executive Engineer - Lotus Engineering Damien Jacquinet – President - NIDA-CORE Corp. during RTM seminar held by PPE (Poles de Plasturgie de l'Est), in Saint-Avold, France

Pipeco, of Malaysia received an award for Innovation in Building Technology for the use of NidaFusion STO in the construction of closed molded water tanks .

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LAST ONE! 1 Balsalite chemical sloped bottom kit, 12’ diameter, slope 4”-1”, 1 available at 50% off regular price $900 EA Nida-Core H8PP 45 mm 48X84 in our Barrie, ONT Warehouse 50 sheets at $2.65 sq.ft USD Call 647 200 2900 Nida-Core H8PP 20mm+18oz WR panels 36”X144” can be cut in half, $50 discount per panel. Jefferson Yachts has Nida-Core H8PP 13mm+luan (10 sheets) and 20 mm+luan panels (16 sheets) Call Rick Thompson at 812-2828111 for special pricing information and to arrange delivery. A full off-spec/discounted core list available upon request. Nida-Core HC 20 mm 85 sheets, green colored scrim cloth 60X84 50% off regular price. Nida-Core HC 13 mm 430 sheets 50% off regular price. Both 13 and 20 mm have slight delamination markings that are marked on each sheet.

FOR SALE or TRADE - clean room (1990) for composites, electronics, pharmaceutical industries. Port St.Lucie FL location, size 26X92, 9’6” ceiling height. Used for magnetic card stripe manufacture in the past. Price: $30,000 or best offer, (represents fraction of original replacement cost) 480VAC 3Ph 600A Honeywell controls, Trane AC, 40HP Blower. page 4

541 NW Interpark Place Port St. Lucie FL 34986


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