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Plot 170, 6th Street, Industrial Area, Kampala


+256 393 239 480 +256 777 183 369

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P.O Box 29589, Kampala

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www.wwaterworks.com info@wwaterworks.com

Business Scope:

WATER ENGINEERING 1. Planning and site preparation 2. Installation 3. Maintenance


W.Water works is a registered limited water engineering company based in Uganda that deals in procurement, installation, maintenance of all solar water pumping servives and products. We are also a solutions provider for all water engineering products and services such as water treatment and purification, water systems planning and design, consultation, training, construction management, operations, assistance, water storage and distribution, general plumbing & maintenance, bore hole electrical pumps, among other services W.Water works begun only as a solar pump company in 2015. Despite the small start, the company was able to take on its very first opportunity for the solar water pump installation that begun with a contract with a water construction company in kabale where the team installed 4 solar pumps. However over the years, we have undertaken many challenging projects and accumulated skills, know-how and experiences in design planning and supply, installation, maintenance, water pumps, solar pumps, water purification and borehole services. Today W.Water Works takes on the role of main contractor for small , medium and large size projects and also performs project management services to coordinate specialist trades for agricultural and industrial/commercial projects. Our main objective is to provide our clients with a great and confident experience when we are chosen to execute their projects as our emphasis is on clear communication and thorough follow up procedures ensure that client's objectives are a priority in the planning and execution of our processes.


Our Goal We are committed to providing excellent customer satisfaction.

Mission Statement We are committed to providing our services without compromise.

Vision Statement To be the leading company in the water industry in Uganda and the East African region.

Our Achievements Notwithstanding the infancy of our company, the standards and principles we maintain have quickly earned us a reputation as one of the most trusted and most used water engineering companies in Uganda.


We offer a range of services to municipalities, industrial/ commercial, and institutional clients (NGO, hospitals, and schools). The full range of water engineering services includes planning, designing, and construction of facilities that meet complex clean water requirements and rehabilitate aging infrastructure through innovative solutions.

Water s ource and supply

PV Modules

Source identification and mapping Source development studies Water quality studies

= Inverter


Control and command unit Water collection point

Safe yield analysis Well rehabilitation Water Filtration Ongoing maintenance programmes Commercial plant maintenance Engineering maintenance After hours service available Water storage Distribution systems Hydraulic analysis Pumping and booster sections Transmission and booster stations Water quality monitoring Storage facilities


Electric motor and pump






= Inverter


Control and command unit

Power got from the sun through solar panels stored for use in the inverter is used to run the motor in the water pump that is tapped into an under ground water source. The pump transfers water to a storage tank all ready to be used as desired.

Electric motor and pump

Easy-to-install, high performing, pre-sized kit. Constructed from special steel to ensure long life in all conditions of use, the pump body, motor and control electronics can be removed separately for replacement or servicing purposes. with MPPT regulator for tracking the maximum power point of the photovoltaic modules and external interface board with display shows the machine’s current status. The Water Pump kit is equipped with engine floating in the water for the prevention of pollution of the aquifer.



A well established livestock farm in Mbarara has climbed the ladders of success but water crisis for the livestock has become one of its major threats, farm owners tried every known solutions in the country but all in vain. Finally farm administration approached W Water Works and it applied the right energy solutions therefore today farm owners have got a peace of mind; water is no more a night mare as it used to be before. When you plan for water storage, water management, water solution there is none other than W Water in Uganda who can successfully meet your needs and give you full service. W Water your partner in crisis. It is all about giving the best products and advise to the clients for their benefits. The process of deciding to use solar water pump can be overwhelming, the design, location, technology, these are just few of the many factors to be considered and managed when deciding to go for solar water pump. But with W Water we handle everything; develop, design , construct, with proven experience and branded equipments from Italy and other parts of Europe. The company provides the best service in Uganda in water engineering. W Water your friend in crisis.

W Water without any boundaries or discrimination, small or big projects such as farm house, hospital, community, university, companies, NGOs, schools and churches ; undertake the work with passionate spirit and with motto “ your peace of mind is our credit” accomplish the job on time with best quality at affordable price in water solution such as installation of solar water pumping system, maintenance, water treatment and purification, borehole rehabilitation and more………. 9

USING THE SUN TO PUMP WATER With a big number of people in Uganda lacking access to an all year round supply of water for their agricultural under takings or safe and clean drinking water bringing about quite a number of mishappenings such as low crop yield, low monetary returns, disease and over expenditure on treatment and fuels as well as enviromental degredation while obtaining fuels (charcoal and fire wood) to boil and make their water safe for drinking, W.Water Works a water engineering company is now providing easy and sustainable solutions to these problems. 10

AGRICULTURE By using all in one solar powered water pumps (NASTEC 4HS ALL IN ONE SUBMERSIBLLE SOLAR PUMP), farmers and communities are provided with a sure shot steady water supply. not only that but also a steady power supply to run their pumps hence enabling them continue production all year round as there is enough water for irrigation and feeding animals even in the dry season.

WATER FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION By using an easy to use water purification system composed of solar water pumpS and purifier, clean water safe for human consumption is readily available at any collective water points such as schools, hospitals, churches and other communal gathering places.

BENEFITS With proven success worldwide, this product provides the following benefits;


Reduced expenditure on purchase and transportation of irrigation water, also on medical care and fuel for boiling water.


Better crop and animal product yield because of all round access to water for irrigation and drinking


Wide coverage to clean water because it’s cheap to install, mantain and is easy to use.


Better performance in schools because of better health.


Environmental conservation is achieved due to reduction on the reliance on petrollium fuels which are very bad pollutants.


Increased productivity due to better health and more time allocation.


Improved health standards as many water bourne diseases are generally prevented with easy access to clean water. 11

Village 4 Zone 1, Nastec pump 4HS 05/08 MP, 3 kW, 45meter DTH, 2170 Watts solar power, 10m^3/h delivery

Village 3 Zone 4, Nastec pump VSP 17-10 5,5kW, 75 meter DTH, 9920Watts solar power, 18m^3/h delivery


Rhino Camp in Omogo, Pump: VSP 46-24 37kw, delivery: 45M3/Hr, Solar panels: 58KW, TDH: 209Mt


Obomoli village, pump VSP 60-6 11kW, 28m^3/h delivery, 9300watts solar panel, 45meters DTH

Ofoa 1 village pump 4HS 05/06 MP, 6m^3/h deliver, 4000watts


Solar submersible pump Nastec mp 04/05 installation project: TDH 48 mtr, delivery water: 3 m3/h, solar panels: 1525watts, Location: Gulu (Oluba Village)

Surface pumping system from L.Kyoga For priceless farming



Plot 170, 6th Street, Industrial Are, Kampala +256 777 183 369 +256 393 239 480 info@wwaterworks.com www.wwaterworks.com