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Punctuality is…  The quality or habit of adhering to an appointed time  In other words, promptness

Punctuality is…  Punctuality is key to good time management.

 Being punctual, shows respect and consideration for others.  School value: CARE

Punctuality is‌  Punctuality also shows you have self-discipline and organizational ability.

Punctuality is important…  As it means reaching school on time  Reporting time: AM session: 7.20am PM session: 12.20pm  Will not miss any lessons

New Procedure  Starting from Term 2, Week 1, pupils who are late will report at the security guard post.  Required to fill in a latecomer’s form issued by the security guard on duty.  Repeated latecomers will have their parents called and attend counseling sessions.

Helpful tips…    

Have an early night Seek help in waking up Leave home early Complete tasks quickly

CIRA : Punctuality  
CIRA : Punctuality  

All about punctuality.