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WVP Kenya Sikiliza

APRIL 2009

Recent Events and Activities •

WVP Kenya Gains National NGO Status

WVP is now an officially registered NGO in

Kenya. Previously, WVP had been a registered

An additional 195 scholars have been enrolled on WVP Kenya’s Scholarship Programme WVP Kenya’s partner CBOs are running successful businesses for the benefit of their orphans and vulnerable children WVP Kenya held a 3 day Sports Tournament for over 300 children during Easter

charity in the UK and a Community-Based Organisation in Kenya.

Mihani Widows and Orphans Group

The new status afforded WVP Kenya means that we are now able to operate outside of our immediate location in Bondo district.

Scholarship Programme Expanded by 195 Scholars

WVP Kenya’s Partner CBOs’ Empowered to Further Support OVCs

The start of the school year in January saw an additional 195 scholars enrolled on WVP Kenya’s Scholarship Programme, which began in 2007, bringing the total number of scholars on the programme to 275.

Since the start of this year, several local community-based organisations (CBOs), working in partnership with WVP, have begun generating profits from projects designed to support the orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) from their communities.

All of these children, both new scholars and old, would not be able to attend school without sponsorship and will be the first members of their families to achieve a complete education. Through the programme, WVP hopes to empower a new generation of Bondo’s children to build a brighter future and to take advantage of the many new options and opportunities that will be open to them on completion of their education.

Luo society has a long tradition of taking communal responsibility for their OVCs. However, HIV/AIDS has taking its toll on the communities and resources are being stretched beyond their capacity. Looking to strengthen traditional and existing coping strategies, WVP is working in partnership with several local CBOs to implement and manage projects to support OVCs from each community through Community-Based Cash Transfers.

We have already taken advantage of this opportunity by expanding our work into Kisumu, Kenya’s third largest city, located 60 kilometres east of Bondo town.

Staff Development Two staff additions have been made to WVP in 2009:

Ben Radley has joined WVP Kenya as our Programme Support Officer. He previously worked for the Methodist Relief and Development Fund, and has an MSc in

All selected scholars are drawn from communities where WVP enjoys long-built relationships with community members and local CBOs. From this year’s intake, 30% of the selected scholars are total orphans, having lost both parents, and 56% are partial orphans, having lost one parent. Three special needs students have also been selected this year; two are deaf and one is autistic. Through the programme they will be sent to specialist schools which will be able to give them the knowledge they need to create a better future for themselves. The guardians of this year’s scholars have also benefited from income-generating activities (IGAs), each one tailored to the individual guardian’s needs and capabilities. The businesses being followed range from tailoring to running a barber shop, and from breeding small livestock to selling second-hand clothes. We hope that these IGAs will empower families with the ability to increase their income and lift themselves out of extreme poverty.

Development Studies from the London School of Economics.

Hellen Oyiera has joined as a Project Officer operating in Kiusmu to work with street children.

Whilst the six CBOs involved in the programme are at different stages of the process, which includes: mobilisation, training, and a project proposal, three of them are managing their projects and generating profits. Mihani group (see photo above) are making money from hiring out oxen and plough sets to the local community. They have spent the profits from this on uniforms, books and bags for their children. Bidii group have been making money from hiring out a marquee and chairs for local events. They have used this to pay school fees and medical costs for their children, buy school uniforms and materials for them, and provide them with creative outlets by purchasing crayons and drawing paper.

Project Updates The Sports Programme has been extremely active over the last few months. As well as the Easter Sports Tournament (see below), a health and education programme was implemented between Bondo Township and Nyakasumbi, Bondo town’s local primary schools. This programme organised a combination of weekly sports fixtures between the schools and a health talk for the duration of the first term. We have also provided Nyakasumbi with metal goalposts to replace the school’s wooden poles which required seasonal changing at much cost to the school. WVP has recently begun a Street Child Programme in Kisumu. Operating in East Kisumu, WVP has engaged with street children to organise sports and health activities. We hope to increase the capacity and scope of our work in Kisumu over the coming year.

Hellen has over seven years experience, having previously worked with and for street children in Nakuru.

Scholars at Raliew Secondary School

Having completed phase one of WVP’s Young Carers Programme, phase two is currently being embarked upon. This phase will mobilise fifty young carers (those assuming a level of responsibility for another person that would usually be taken by an adult) spread across five communities to empower them with the means and control to circumvent some of their needs, and a peer network to provide them with psychosocial support and strength.

wvp kenya is a registered charity (1119300), cbo (bon/s.h./4266) and ngo (218/051/2009/0154)

News from WVP UK

“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire, the power to unite people that little else has” – Nelson Mandela

Isla Mackay to be elected as trustee. At a WVP trustees meeting at the start of May, Isla Mackay is set to be voted in as a trustee of WVP Kenya. Isla worked with WVP in Kenya until March this year and helped us roll out the scholarship programme to 285 young people in Western Kenya, as well as making our communications with donors more efficient. She is now set to take on the role of Director of Donor Relations in the

Easter Sports Events

New Medical Centre Constructed in Mihani

Over the Easter weekend, WVP organised and facilitated a three-day sports tournament, providing kits, balls and trophies, and bringing together 11 communities, 16 teams and 327 boys and girls to compete in football, netball and volleyball.

A collaborative effort between WVP and Mihani community has seen the construction of a community health centre in Aila, North Sakwa.

UK and help WVP expand and empower more young people by exploring new funding avenues for the NGO..

National News The World Bank recently

The start of the tournament was slightly delayed, as heavy rains held back play on the first morning of competition. Yet when the clouds cleared and the sun shone through, a local DJ started up the Benga music, and the host team, Bondo Township FC, took to the field alongside Kayogo to kick-off events with a junior football match.

Prior to the construction of the centre, the nearest health centre to Aila was 10 kilometres away in Gobei. The majority of the 4,000 inhabitants of Aila could not afford the costs of travelling to the nearest health centre, nor did they have the funds to construct the centre themselves. The lack of a health centre in the area was leaving those falling ill to be left untreated, in some cases leading to their death.

approved US$50 million for Kenya to scale up social protection for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs). This is the first time in Africa that the Bank has offered direct support to OVCs

Over on the netball court, King Lions and Ndira Youth played the first match, with King Lions enjoying a dominant 24-8 win, setting the tone for the remainder of the competition, which they continued to dominate. Migono and Lela opened up the volleyball contest, with Migono, debuting at the WVP tournament, running out the victors 3 sets to 1.

through the scaling-up of a cash transfer programme.

Approximately one in seven orphans in Africa

Since the construction of the centre, a further Ksh800,000 (US$10,000) has been awarded by the Community Development Fund for its expansion. This will see the centre incorporate four treatment rooms and three dispensing rooms, including a pharmacy and a Maternal and Child Health Unit. Once completed, the centre will be staffed by health professionals provided by the Ministry of Health and Community Health Workers from the local area.

Three days and forty matches later, the tournament champions had emerged. Lela dominated in the football, winning both the senior boys and girls tournaments, with the junior title going to Migono. Ndira Youth won the boys volleyball tournament, and King Lions took both the girls volleyball and netball championships.

are Kenyan, with the country home to an estimated 2.4 million OVCs under the age of 18 in need of care and support.

Whilst facilitated by WVP, the tournament wouldn’t have been possible without the cooperation and enthusiasm of the communities involved. A big thank you to Bondo Township Primary School for hosting the event, to all team coaches for generously volunteering themselves to officiate the matches, and to all those who helped with the preparation and serving of the food – no mean feat considering the numbers involved!

In response to this need, the programme aims to reach 70,000 households this year, scaling-up to

And of course, a huge thank you to all the children involved for making the tournament the resounding success that it was. We look forward to the return competition in August – see you all there!

M ihani Comm unity Hea lth Ce ntre

100,000 by 2012. The programme is a collaborative effort involving the Government, the World Bank, DFID and UNICEF. Collectively, donors have committed over US$100 million for the programme.

Support the work of WVP Kenya Online: Cheque: Cheques should be made payable to WVP Kenya and posted to WVP Kenya, c/o Simon Chignell, 24 Sumner Street SE1 9JA London UK Money Transfer: account name: world voices positive, sort code 560013, acc. 22897445, NatWest Aldwych | po box 148 bondo town, kenya | 24 sumner street se1 9ja London uk

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Sikiliza Newsletter April '09  

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