Find Out The Immigration Consultant Is Fake

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How To Find Out The Immigration Consultant Is Fake

When people decide to migrate and settle in abroad, they need to take many decisions for it. From arranging the financial support to convince the family; you just can’t complete the list as things keep adding. The most important factor on the list should be the arrangements for the visa. As the immigration process itself is so complicated that we barely think to do it by ourselves and land up in the Best Immigration Consultants In Delhi. However, this search for the best does not always pay its required due and things like immigration scam happen. While selecting the service, we always want to get it from the Best Immigration Consultants In Delhi but scam and frauds are so commonplace incident that people scared to ask for the service.

There are so many ways by which you can check the authenticity of the immigration consultancy. Here are some tips that will definitely help you.

· Registration Number: The immigration department of every country has a separate registration number. The Best Immigration Consultants In Delhi for Canada, cannot proceed with the visa of Australia if he does not have MARA registration. The first thing, you have to check the registration number of the agent. You can verify the number from the official website of that particular country’s immigration. It will give you the basic idea about the company. · Experience: Check for how long they are in this business. It will be better not to go with a too new company. You can check the registration of the company and the year they have started the operation. · Customer Base: For reference, you can ask the customer base of the company. You can see how many successful cases they have handled until now. You can contact the users from there to get assurance about their service. · Website: The website is a great way to check the authenticity of the company. The Best Immigration Consultants In Delhi must have a well-maintained website from where you can get all the required information. You can check the testimonial part as well. · Online Review: Check the name of the company on search engine and social media. The victims often post their experience on the internet, especially in the forums. While searching by the name of the company, you can access the reviews. · Transaction: Ask the agent whether they will provide a receipt for each transaction they will make. The genuine company always provides an instant receipt.

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