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Disability Income Insurance: What Every Veterinarian Needs to Know


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New AVMA Partnership Supports Recruitment and Retention of Public and Corporate Veterinarians

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March 2014

Update on Wisconsin Administrative Rules Jordan Lamb, DeWitt Ross & Stevens, S.C.

VE 7 – Patient Records Revisions are Nearly Final

This fall, the Veterinary Examining Board (VEB) adopted several updates to Wis. Admin. Code s. VE 7 to provide clarity with regard to patient recordkeeping requirements. The WVMA worked closely with the Board to address two member-concerns with the original draft of the rule. First, the original rule required veterinarians to keep records of “medically – pertinent communications with the client” as a part of the patient records. This requirement was vague and undefined and, given the very specific list of information in the rest of the rule, the Board agreed and ultimately removed that requirement. Jordan Lamb In addition, the original revision to this rule required veterinarians to keep a patient’s “vaccination history.” As this may be difficult depending on whether the veterinarian has treated the patient since birth, the final rule was amended to instead require a record of “vaccinations administered.”

The updated rule now provides that veterinarians must keep the following records: Small Animal

• Date • Client name • Patient identification • History • Physical examination findings • Treatment – medical, surgical Food and Fiber

• Drugs prescribed, dispensed or administered, including strength or concentration, route of administration, dosing schedule, number dispensed and number of refills allowed • Provisional diagnosis • Final diagnosis • Consultation, if any

• Date amounts of drugs administered • Client name and method of administration • Type of call • Drugs dispensed including • Treatment and drugs dosing schedule and number used including dispensed

• Clinical laboratory reports • Radiographic reports • Necropsy findings • Identification of the veterinarian providing the care • Complaint • Present illness • Vaccination administered

• Meat or milk withholding • Individual diagnosis • Clinical laboratory reports • Identification of the veterinarian providing the care >>> Continued on page 6



Strategic Planning for Your Life – Please Take Action Chris Booth, DVM

The need and importance of strategic planning is something we talk about all of the time in our professional lives. If our businesses or organizations are going to be successful, it is important to have goals and objectives that we are trying to achieve and then to develop a plan of how to get there. During the next few months, the Executive Board of the Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association (WVMA) will be undergoing an important strategic planning process to help shape the future of our association. We will be reviewing programs, services and our legislative agenda to determine the best ways to provide value and shape the future for our member veterinarians.

for me. At 39 years old, I no longer feel invincible in life. When you see your wife, four young children, several family members and friends in tears because they’re afraid of losing you, many things in life change. All of the sudden you begin to reflect on life and start to recognize some of the important things you’ve failed to focus on. A few of my personal shortcomings include spreading my time too thin with work and volunteer activities, failure to eat healthy, lack of exercise and not focusing on the little things for my family. I’ve come to realize that I have been blessed to have the opportunity to seek better balance in my own life.

So my challenge to each of you this month is to spend some significant time “strategic planning” ways you can improve your personal well-being. You need to take into consideration areas such as your physical health, mental health, relationship health, spiritual health and family needs. I guarantee this will not be an Unfortunately, many of us have neglected another critically important aspect of life when we are planning – our personal lives. easy process and is going to require changes and sacrifice in your life starting today. Most veterinarians spend long hours trying to meet the needs of others at the expense of their own well-being. We do it because it’s Please join me on the pathway to improve your personal wellpart of who we are and why we chose to follow this career pathway. being. Here are some words of encouragement that help me on this journey. During recent weeks I have developed a whole new appreciation My veterinary practice and many others around the state will also be undergoing a similar process. We are constantly seeking ways to improve services, maximize the abilities of our staff and meet the needs of our animal patients and their owners.

and perspective for taking care of my personal life in addition to planning for professional goals. On January 4th I experienced a mild heart attack that has served as a real eye opening experience

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” – Reinhold Niebuhr (The Serenity Prayer). n

2014 WVMA EXECUTIVE BOARD President Chris Booth, DVM President-Elect Jane Clark, DVM Past President K.C. Brooks, DVM, DABVP District 1 Peter Gaveras, DVM District 2 Zachary Janssen, DVM District 3 Ann Sosalla, DVM District 4 James Ziegler, DVM

2 March


Judith Batker, DVM



District 6

Alan Holter, DVM

District 7

Kimberly Kratt, DVM

Treasurer Thomas H. Howard, DVM AVMA Delegate Ann Sherwood Zieser, DVM Dean, UW-SVM Mark Markel, DVM, PhD State Veterinarian Paul McGraw, DVM WVDL Director Tom McKenna, DVM, PhD Student Rep. Will Mustas

Executive Director Kim Brown Pokorny Executive Assistant  Torrie Kennedy Marketing and Development Manager Sarah Young Communications and Project Specialist Bailey Quam

District 5

District 8 Michael Wolf, DVM District 9

Gary Johnson, DVM

Student Rep.

Matt Slentz



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Kim Brown Pokorny

A heart-felt thank you to the 2013 Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Foundation (WVMF) donors! Your donation is seed money that will enable us to get the foundation off to a strong start. These “seeds” will allow the foundation to support long-term activities for the veterinary medical community and those we serve. Activities which will lead to increased understanding of animal health and care through outreach activities, better preparation for local animal emergencies and increased training opportunities for the veterinary community, to name a few. Thank you for planting seeds for a better tomorrow! It is now our responsibility to cultivate and nourish those seeds. 2013 Donors:

John Bruner, Jane Clark, Carolyn Deegan, Bernard Easterday, Kris Eggleston, Lee & Carol Elger, Pete Gaveras, Tom Gilligan, Dan Griffiths, Maranda Haluska, Jeff Hamann, Alan Holter, Zach Janssen, Torrie Kennedy, Robert Klostermann, Doug & Kim Kratt, CH Laridaen, Morris Link, Alfred Loehrl, Mark Markel, William Meyer, Arthur Moats, WE Norris, Sara Crawford, Tom McKenna, Dan Oberschlake, Debbie Padilla, Raymond Pahle, Dean Petersen, Raymond Petersen, Susan Quam, Amy Robinson, Larry Smith, Russel Smith, Kevin Voss, James Will, Mike Wolf, Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association, Jim Ziegler, Wisconsin Veterinary Practice Managers Association, Ann Zieser, Robert Zukowski, Chris Booth, Dick Binish, Ann Sosalla and Kim Brown Pokorny. If you are interested in contributing to the WVMF, a charitable organization, contact the WVMA office. WVMF Vision – Helping Animals Through People

December 15

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AVMA Admits Veterinary Acupuncture Academy into House of Delegates At their January 11th meeting, American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) House of Delegates (HOD) voted to admit the American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture (AAVA) into the HOD as a constituent allied veterinary organization. The AVMA-HOD is comprised of AVMA members from 70 state, territorial and allied veterinary medical groups. Association policies that affect the practice of veterinary medicine are set by HOD delegates and alternative delegates from each organization. “I am pleased to welcome the AAVA and its members into the AVMA House of Delegates,” says Dr. Clark K. Fobian, president of the AVMA. “Admitting the AAVA into the house will foster greater communication between this organization’s membership and the rest of the veterinary community.” “The AAVA represents a growing practice area among veterinarians and represents a general population of practitioners that cross

state lines and species and practice types. We are comprised of educators, AVMA-recognized specialties, and small animal, equine, farm animal, avian, and pocket pet practitioners,” says Dr. Ken Ninomiya, president of the AAVA. “Our contribution to the AVMA House of Delegates will benefit AVMA by voicing a wide spectrum of practitioners’ views.” The AAVA has over 900 members, and its mission statement is: “To improve animal health care by the advancement of veterinary acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and Traditional Asian Medicine through education, research and leadership.” Veterinary acupuncture is a relatively young but fast growing practice area of veterinary medicine. Veterinarians in the United States began adopting veterinary acupuncture in the 1970s. Since the mid-1990s, however, acupuncture training programs have experienced increased enrollments every year, according to the AAVA. n

Disability Income Insurance: What Every Veterinarian Needs to Know David R Dorley

When you teach the owners of your patients’ the basics of preventive medicine – good nutrition, hygiene and the importance of appropriate vaccinations and preventive medications - you’re helping them avoid future problems for their animals. But have you prepared as well for your own future – in particular, your financial future? What if, for example, you suddenly become disabled – through an accident, an injury, or an illness – and are unable to work? Are you fully prepared for such a scenario? Unfortunately, no matter how young or careful you are, it can happen to you. According to the U.S. Social Security Administration’s February 2013 Fact Sheet, 64 percent of wage earners believe they have a 2 percent or less chance of being disabled for the month or more during their working career. However, the fact sheet shows the actual odds for a worker (entering the workforce today) are about 25 percent. Furthermore, it may not be prudent to rely solely on a group policy your practice may have purchased. While group disability policies are often relatively inexpensive and easy to administer, it can also fall short just when you need it most – leaving you in for some unpleasant surprises when it’s too late to correct the situation.

4 March


Want to be better prepared? Consider the following:

Learning to speak the lingo

The right individual disability income policy can help you keep your household going, even if you suffer a long-term disability. But before you go shopping for a disability income insurance (DI) policy, you need to know what features to look for and the language the insurance industry uses to describe them. The following terms are part of the language describing high-quality policies, and are what you should look for to get coverage you can count on: • Non-Cancellable: To avoid the possibility of losing your coverage just when you need it most, choose a policy that’s noncancellable and guaranteed renewable to age 65, with premiums also guaranteed until age 65. With group or association group coverage, you run the risk of being dropped and left unprotected at a time in your life when, due to your age or to a change in your medical condition, it would be very difficult to qualify for coverage from another provider. • Conditionally Renewable for Life: Although premiums may increase after age 65, your policy should be guaranteed >>> Continued on page 13

SAVE THE DATE Saturday, April 5, 2014 – 12:00 PM - 7:30 PM TH


Radisson Milwaukee North Shore




l Ad ospita and

, Tec




ption Rece



 Earn up to 5.5 CE credits provided by MVMA  Lunch and dinner included  Seating is limited – RSVP by March 21 Keynote Presentation: Life and Leadership Lessons from the North Pole

Polar explorer John Huston and his expedition partner are the first Americans to reach the North Pole unsupported. His presentation will be about his journey, but his message is about how you can reach your goals. John has worked extensively with sled dogs throughout his career and he will also talk in detail about his inspiring and hilarious canine teammates.

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Update on Wisconsin Administrative Rules >>> Continued from page 1 Equine

• Date • Client name • Patient identification • History • Physical examination findings • Treatment – medical, surgical

• Treatment and drugs used including amount of drugs administered and method of administration • Drugs dispensed including dosing schedule and number dispensed • Diagnosis

• Clinical laboratory reports • Radiographic reports • Necropsy findings • Identification of the veterinarian providing the care

This revised rule is currently before the Legislature’s Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules. Pending no additional action by the Committee, the rule revision is likely to become final by the end of February 2014. ATCP 55 – Revision to Drug Residue in Meat and Meat Food Products Proposed

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) has issued a “Scope Statement” indicating that will revise Wis. Admin. Code s. ATCP 55. The revisions intend to specify the required corrective actions by state-licensed meat establishments before they accept livestock from providers who have been listed on the USDA Residue Repeat Violators List. According to the Scope Statement, “The department proposes consulting with industry to determine whether to implement mandatory educationbased corrective action, involving the livestock producer and his/her veterinarian, to be enforced the first time a producer is determined to be a repeat residue violator. The department also proposes consideration of more stringent corrective actions, which would be determined after consultation with industry, to be enforced following violations that occur after the initial corrective action is completed.” The WVMA is actively working with DATCP on the development of this rule. The Association has developed an award-winning “HACCP for Proper Drug Use,” that is designed to help ensure that food safety and appropriate medication is used on dairy farms. A draft of the revised rule has been developed by DATCP staff. The draft will be reviewed by the DATCP Board and likely authorized for a public hearing early in 2014. The WVMA continues to participate in this rule development process and will provide updates as the rule progresses. n

6 March


WVMA Member Spotlight

Dr. Chris Duemler

Dr. Chris Duemler graduated from the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine in 1977. His interest in dairy practice landed him in Brodhead, Wis. where he has been a member of the Brodhead Veterinary Medical Center veterinary staff for the past 37 years. Since joining the WVMA in 1977, Dr. Duemler believes there are many benefits to being a member including networking and continued growth. “The veterinary medical field is constantly evolving, what I learned 37 years ago is not applicable now,” he says. Dr. Duemler’s specialty is working with small ruminants, specifically goats. “Goats are very efficient dairy animals,” he says. “As a veterinarian, I can monitor issues and make changes that effect production.” When not in the field, Dr. Duemler can be found traveling across the country sharing his knowledge with numerous organizations, such as the Wisconsin, Illinois, and Florida Dairy Goat Associations and the Wisconsin Focus on Goats Conference. By attending and speaking at different events, Dr. Duemler is learning dairy goat producers across the country and world face the same challenges.

Dr. Duemler has seen first-hand the positive effects veterinarians can have across the globe. For the past ten years, he has had the privilege of training veterinary agents in Haiti. “By training them to use the available medications, I can help them improve their animals while also helping people to support their families and earn an income,” he says. Originally, Dr. Duemler traveled to Haiti with the Farmer-to-Farmer Program, sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture. Since his initial trip, he has traveled back to teach at the CAPROFORS School in Mirecbalais, Haiti. “It has been exciting to watch their growth and development,” says Dr. Duemler. “I have been fortunate enough to be able to teach several groups through their three-year curriculum to graduation.” Volunteering is very important to Dr. Duemler. He believes all veterinarians should find a way to volunteer and give back in ways that interests them. “In Haiti, I have gained the satisfaction of helping someone less fortunate to improve their life,” he says. “In the U.S., volunteering helps people to learn about how to care for their goats and other animals.” n

Scott Ford DVM, DABVP-Avian Practice limited to avian medicine & surgery: parrots, raptors, poultry, waterfowl and ratites • • • • •

Primary Care Referrals for endoscopy and microsurgery Phone consultations In house avian CE for your staff Facility inspection & consultation

N48 W14850 Lisbon Road Menomonee Falls, WI 53051


Notes from the State Veterinarian Dr. Paul McGraw, Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection

Animal Disease Traceability: Breed registration numbers and tattoos are no longer approved as official ID for interstate movement of cattle. Although some states still list breed registration numbers and tattoos as official ID on their websites, Wisconsin does not have any agreements with other states approving these forms of ID. Therefore, it is a violation of federal regulations to move cattle interstate without a metal National Uniform Eartagging System (NUES) tag, 15 digit 840 tag or other approved federal eartag. For more information, contact Dr. Gretchen May at 608-224-4352 or email at Dog Sellers: Animal Health dog seller staff have been working with Clark county officials regarding dog seller Tammy Kautzer, whose license was denied for failing to meet minimum standards. Kautzer pled no contest to operating as a dog seller without a license. She was allowed to keep 6 dogs as pets, and was ordered to find homes for the remaining dogs on her premises. If you are aware of entities selling 25 or more dogs from more than 3 litters, please notify the Division of Animal Health. For more information, contact Dr. Yvonne Bellay at 608-224-4888 or email at Dr. Paul McGraw

CWD Positive: For the first time in five years, a white-tailed deer on a hunting preserve in Marathon County has tested positive for chronic wasting disease (CWD). The animal was a 5-year-old male and was one of about 370 deer in the 351-acre preserve. The deer was killed on November 4, 2013 and samples were collected on November 7. The sample originally tested positive at a regional laboratory and required a confirmatory test at the National Veterinary Services Laboratory (NVSL). The DATCP Animal Health Division has quarantined all potentially exposed deer. For more information, contact Dr. Richard Bourie at 608-224-4886 or email at

Save the Date! 2014 Annual Convention October 9-12 Alliant Energy Center Madison, WI

More information to come!

8 March


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TPSG is pleased to have brokered this transaction for the Seller, and wishes to announce: Dr. Jaime Gorr (Ross Univ. Class of 2003) purchased the:

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Dr. Jeff Hinueber and Dr. Mary Atwell Congratulations to all!

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“Cardiac drugs: What’s the consensus?” Presented by Dr. Rosie Henik

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Thursday, March 27th, 2014

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New AVMA Partnership Supports Recruitment and Retention of Public and Corporate Veterinarians Answering a call for veterinarians to fill a critical need in public service and corporate practice, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) recently signed a formal memorandum of understanding (MOU) that aims to better promote careers in these sectors. Working with the National Association of Federal Veterinarians (NAFV) and the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine’s Center for Public and Corporate Veterinary Medicine, the partnership seeks to educate Congress and human resource managers within the federal government of a wide variety of job opportunities that veterinarians are qualified to fill and to boost career-building programs that seek to recruit, train and retain the next generation workforce. The partnership comes in response to several studies that have outlined potential workforce gaps where veterinarians will be needed to provide key expertise on issues such as public health, food systems, biomedical research, diagnostic laboratory investigation, pathology, epidemiology, ecosystem health and food animal practice. “We have long recognized veterinarians as the medical doctors who treat our pets when they are sick, but what many do not realize is that veterinarians emerge from graduate school with the training and skills that are needed to tackle a wide range of complex issues related to public health, biological science, the environment, and agriculture,” said Dr. Ron DeHaven, AVMA’s chief executive and executive vice president. “As the world better understands and appreciates the interconnectedness between animal, public and environmental health, it is important that we continue recruiting veterinarians with the technical expertise and scientific know-how to fill a critical need in public and corporate practice. Together with the National Association of Federal Veterinarians and the VirginiaMaryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, we bring a unique understanding of the current and future workforce needs and are positioned to establish a framework that will help us to balance the needs of society with an ample supply of veterinarians.”

“Federal veterinarians in more than 29 practice areas use their skills and expertise to serve many governmental agencies, focusing on the prevention of animal diseases, protection of food safety, and preparation for and response to zoonotic disease outbreaks and other catastrophic events,” said Dr. Michael Gilsdorf, NAFV’s executive vice president. “A recent assessment of the federal veterinary workforce identified several workforce gaps where the leadership, technical skills, and the training and expertise of veterinarians could fulfill future agency mission requirements. Through this new partnership between AVMA and the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, we will work to better communicate the additional ways in which veterinarians can contribute to government efforts and society as a whole.” “The Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine is very well positioned to partner with the AVMA and NAFV to prepare veterinary students and veterinarians for career opportunities beyond private clinical practice,” said Dr. Cyril Clarke, dean of the veterinary college. “The location of our Center for Public and Corporate Veterinary Medicine on the University of Maryland campus places it in close proximity to a wealth of federal, not-for-profit and other organizations in the Washington, D.C.-area that are working nationally and internationally to advance animal and public health. It is also important that we work together to develop deeper relationships between the profession and organizations involved in food and fiber production, biomedical research and product development.” Given that many graduating veterinarians are unaware of the job opportunities available to them outside of the traditional veterinary clinic setting, the MOU first aims to boost visibility of the careers that can be found in public and corporate practice through a broad education campaign. The second, longer-range goal, is for the three partners to increase the demand for federally employed veterinarians and to create better training programs that will assist veterinary professionals who seek careers in public or corporate practice. n


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Disability Income Insurance: What Every Veterinarian Needs to Know >>> Continued from page 4 renewable for life, as long as you are gainfully employed-full time, at least ten months each year. • The core of any disability income policy is its definition of “total disability” which outlines what constitutes being “totally disabled” and therefore eligible for benefits. This definition is in every carrier’s policy; however, it does not always mean the same thing. For example, some policies pay benefits if you are unable to perform the duties of your own occupation, even if you are able to work successfully in another occupation, while others pay only if you cannot work at all. • Residual Disability Coverage: Through a rider, a good individual DI plan can provide you with protection against the income loss you may suffer as a result of partial (residual) disability – even if you have never suffered a period of total disability. This kind of residual coverage is not available with most group plans. • A Choice of Riders: Riders offer optional additional coverage such as annual Future Increase Options, Automatic Benefit Enhancements and Cost of Living Adjustments, or “COLA.”

Protecting your practice, as well as yourself

As a professional, you must also protect the source of your income: the practice you’ve worked so hard to establish and grow. Special policies, available from the same DI providers who offer high-quality individual coverage, offer your practice protection while you recover from a disability. To help meet the expenses of running the office while you are disabled, consider a separate type of disability coverage known as Overhead Expense or OE. Benefits reimburse your practice for expenses such as rent for your office, electricity, heat, telephone and utilities, as well as interest on business debts and lease payments on furniture and equipment. Overhead Expense insurance, specifically designed for professionals, pays some additional costs not included in regular business overhead expense policies – including the salaries and employer-paid benefits of non-owner employees who are not members of your profession. In a practice such as yours, for example, salaries for the receptionist and nurse would be covered, but not the salary of your veterinarian partner or employee. However, high-quality professional overhead policies will cover at least part of the

salary of a professional temporary replacement for you, such as a veterinarian retained to fill in during your total disability. In addition…

Veterinarians who are partners in a group practice will also want to consider a policy known as a Disability Buy-Out or DBO. In much the same way that life insurance benefits can be set aside to fund a buy-out by the remaining partner (or partners) if one partner dies, DBO is designed to fund the healthy partners’ purchase of the disabled partner’s share of the business. With the proper agreement in place before disability occurs, potential hard feelings and the conflicts of interest that result from a partner’s disability can be avoided. Furthermore, in combination with the disabled partner’s individual Disability Income coverage and OE, a DBO policy can allow the business to continue to generate an income for the healthy partner(s) – while the disabled partner is supported by the benefits from his or her individual DI policy, and any continuing share of the business expenses is reimbursed by the OE policy. The fact is, as part of your overall planning, you owe it to yourself to look into protection for the one thing that makes all the other planning possible: your ability to earn an income. n

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Let’s start with what is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. And the phrase improve your SEO strategy encompasses the actions taken to ensure your website can be found in a search engine’s results page (SERP) when searching for words or phrases relevant to the content on your website. What does Social SEO mean?

Social SEO refers to the idea that social media links and interaction play a considerable part in a website’s search rankings. It sounds complicated (and, in reality it is) but basically SEO is all about optimizing content—whether it’s on your website or on a social media platform—in order to appear higher in search rankings.

Here are six uncomplicated Social SEO tips you can easily start implementing today: 1. Optimize your social media profiles

The key to an SEO friendly social media profile is to be descriptive as possible. Always fill out the ‘About’ or ‘Information’ sections of any social media platform. Use words or phrases that describe your business and are also terms individuals would use to search for your business. For example, to optimize your Facebook Page for local searches, it is very important to include your address, city, state, and zip. Always include links from your social channels back to your business’s website (and links from your website to your social channels). Insider Tip: The “Category” field is often over looked on Facebook Pages but is important for Facebook mobile searches. Check to make sure your business is listed as the correct category while editing your basic information. 2. Optimize your social media content/updates

To optimize your social content, always include some of the relevant search keywords you determined for your business in your Facebook updates, tweets, pin descriptions, etc. It’s important to remember to share content from your website or blog socially to give it an SEO boost too. Sharing new content on Twitter is especially important because it helps Google index it faster (indexing means Google adds this URL to their database). Insider Tip: Use your business’s name in your social posts. This helps Google associate the keywords you use to describe your business with your business’s name. 3. Build links by making your content shareable

A key factor in SEO is link building. Simply put, this means having good website to website relationships through links. When you have more quality sites linking to your website (inbound) and you are linking to other quality websites (outbound) the more authoritative Google determines your website to be. More authority equals a higher SERP rank. Likes, comments, +1s, repins, retweets, etc., all play into the weight given to your links. If you create content people want to share, you can create more inbound links. “Content” doesn’t always have to be as elaborate as a blog post or whitepaper, content can also refer to tweets or Facebook posts as well. By posting engaging social content, you’re improving your SEO value. To review: Quality content equals more shares equals more links equals better SEO value. Simple right? Insider Tip: A more advanced way to increase shares is to add social share buttons to individual pieces of content on your website or blog.

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4. Use Pinterest

An easy way to create shareable content is by using Pinterest. Pinterest is great for link building and improving your keyword strategy. Google indexes pages from websites with heavy traffic faster and higher in a SERP. You can increase your content’s visibility in SERPs by adding keywords within the title of a Pinterest board, the board’s description, and you even have up to 500 characters to describe an individual pin so you’ll want to include keywords there as well. Additionally, you can customize the pin’s link and point people back to your website or blog—further increasing the opportunity for your content to rank higher in a SERP. From an SEO perspective, Pinterest allows you to do a few things that other networks don’t, so take advantage of it. Insider Tip: Google prefers high-resolution images, so use high-quality images on Pinterest whenever possible. 5. Sign up for Google+ and spend 10-minutes a day on it

No one loves Google+ more than Google. Sign up for a Google+ Business Page and complete as many fields as you can in the “About” section using keywords that describe your business. Google also allows you to add several customized links within your profile, you can use this as an opportunity to link back to your website, blog, and additional social channels. By spending ten minutes a day sharing your content to your Google+ page, you’ll be more likely to appear within Google’s SERP. There are more reasons you should care about Google+ if you’re a Solution Provider. 6. Create a Google+ Local listing

According to Google, 97 percent of consumers search for local businesses online. In order to perform well in local search results it’s critical that you optimize your Google+ Local listing (formally known as Google Places). A Local Google+ page is different from a Google+ Business Page because it allows customers to easily connect with that business’s physical location. Update the details about your business—address, phone number, hours, etc.—and you’re good to go! Insider Tip: Be sure to keep your information up-to-date on Google+ Local and Facebook—it helps! Here are some common mistakes to avoid:

• • • •

Not making your business’s social media sites public Creating a Facebook Profile instead of a Facebook Page Not customizing your Facebook URL Not using your business’s name as your Facebook Page name or Twitter name • Uploading images to your social channels with file names such as: Photo1 or IMG1287—images with meaningful file names can help you rank better • Duplicating another website’s content. Your time and resources are limited as a small business owner but Google doesn’t like this • If something appears to be a fast and easy way to improve your SEO it’s probably a black hat tactic (that means it’s bad), Google frowns on these unethical techniques and penalizes those who implement them

Keep this in mind regarding Social SEO

Improving your SEO takes time and SERP changes don’t happen overnight. Always be as descriptive as you can and keep your info up to date. Ultimately, as a small business owner you shouldn’t obsess over SEO. Instead, focus on providing a WOW! experience for your customers and your business will benefit through natural word-of-mouth. n



The WVMA has made changes to the classified ad fee structure beginning with new ads submitted for the May 2011 issue. All classified ads including veterinary relief ads will be published at the following rate: Members: First 30 words, $10. Every additional word after 30 is $1.50 per word. Non-members: First 30 words, $50. Every additional word is $1.50 per word. Ads will run 2 consecutive months, and then be removed, unless the WVMA is notified you would like to continue your ad for another 2 month run. You will be invoiced at the end of the first month during a 2 month period. Ads are placed online at the beginning of the month they are featured in the newsletter. Immediate placement of ads is an additional $25 fee. Additional $10 fee for blind box ads.

SMALL ANIMAL Emergency Veterinarian needed for our fully equipped, 10,000 sq. ft. emergency/critical care and specialty hospital in Milwaukee. We have Critical Care specialists, a boarded surgeon, board certified internal medicine specialist, board certified dentist, behaviorist, rehabilitation therapy and an excellent technical and support staff that provides the highest quality care to our patients, pet owners, and referring vets. The ideal candidate will be emergency trained, possess strong communication skills, and enjoy working in a stimulating and challenging environment. We offer an excellent salary and benefits package. Email your resume to Marla Lichtenberger, marlavet@ or call (414) 543-7387 for more information. Bark River Animal Hospital is seeking a PT veterinarian. Dousman is in western Waukesha County

16 March


5 miles south of I-94 in beautiful lake country area. Our clinic is equipped with the full Idexx vet lab, a surgical laser and quality equipment to allow you to practice progressive medicine and surgery at a well-staffed clinic with a friendly team atmosphere. Schedule consists of 3 weekdays 8-5 and 2 Saturdays a month from 8-12. A competitive salary and benefits package is included, the right candidate is looking to be a long-term associate. Please e-mail resume to or call (262) 965-4888 for more info. Associate veterinarian wanted for a well-established, 3-4 doctor, progressive, AAHA accredited SA practice in central Wisconsin. Our clinic offers in-house labs, digital dental x-rays, surgical and therapy lasers. Experience preferred but new graduates are encouraged to apply. Offering competitive salary/ benefits package. No after-hours emergency. Contact Dr. Krause. Phone (715) 869-3785, fax (715) 4212006, or email SA multi-doctor practice in southeastern WI is looking for a PT/FT associate veterinarian. Competitive salary and benefits. No after hour emergency care. Experience is preferred, but not required. Visit our website at harrispethospitalsc. com. To apply, email resume to Dr. Keen at PT position available in our long established, 4 doctor practice. We are located in the small friendly, south central Wisconsin town of Delavan. Flexible work schedules, a generous benefit package. No after hours or on call. Year around recreational opportunities and close to Milwaukee and Chicago. Call Sonya at Delavan Animal Clinic, (262) 728-3303. 4 DVM 100% SA clinic, committed to the highest level of medicine and client satisfaction, seeks a FT veterinarian for long term starting by May, if possible. Located in pleasant suburbs at the Racine/ Kenosha border. Very pleasant working atmosphere. Good clientele. Computerized and ample equipment, e.g. in house lab, pulse oximetry, EKG, doppler blood

pressure, piped gas etc. No on-call. Work 3 or 4 days mid-week from 8–5 or 9–6 and every third Saturday until 1pm. Appointment lengths determined by each individual veterinarian. Must be surgically competent. Specialization encouraged. Experienced and capable vets are available for mentoring. Salary is production based. Expect to earn approximately 70-110k, depending on work load, if FT. $900-1,200 annual CE/ dues allowance, at least 3 weeks annual vacation/ sick leave, pension, medical insurance reimbursement, group dental insurance, PLIT, DEA license and license to practice provided. Complete clinical freedom. Not a high volume/high pressure/high stress clinic, we just charge properly for what we do, and believe that associates that practice high quality medicine should be well compensated deserve a good quality of life and should be supported in their clinical advancement. Please contact Dr. Warren Allfrey, warrenallfrey@yahoo. com for more information. FT SA vet needed for well-staffed and equipped clinic in Milwaukee suburb. Must have 2 years experience, be strong in medicine, surgery and dentistry. Must be a team player that treats patients, clients and staff with compassion and dedication. Competitive benefits package. Email resume to Tuckaway Animal Hospital is seeking an associate veterinarian for a growing practice in southeastern Wisconsin in the suburb of Greenfield, WI. We are seeking a veterinarian who has strong medical and surgical skills, is excellent with communication and customer service, strives to work in a team atmosphere, and above all, provide our patients with the care they need. We offer a competitive compensation package and mentoring opportunities. Interested applicants should apply to Laura at, please send your cover letter and CV as .doc or .docx files, or copy these materials into the email. We look forward to hearing from you. New graduates are encouraged to apply.* Wolf Merrick Animal Hospital is seeking a dedicated, enthusiastic professional to join our highly qualified

team as a FT or PT associate Veterinarian. Our AAHA certified practice is a well-established, full-service, SA veterinary hospital that focuses on “Standards of Care” and comprehensive medical, surgical and dental care. To join our dynamic and compassionate team our ideal candidate will have strong proven communication skills, is very team orientated with at least 2 years of experience in general medicine and surgery. The Associate Veterinarian will have high quality equipment at their fingertips. Generous salary and benefits package included. Please visit us on the web at To apply, email your resume to* Immediate opportunity for an experienced veterinarian in a multi DVM AAHA hospital in central Wisconsin. Family friendly community, excellent schools, and regional medical center. Visit us at www. Send resume or email to* FT SA associate needed for high quality practice in Northern Wisconsin. Candidate would need to be willing to travel between two locations about 30 miles apart and be on a rotating on call schedule between 3 doctors. Both clinics have Idexx labs, digital xray and, Dentalaire machines. Other diagnostics include ultrasound, digital endoscope, tonovet, and therapy laser. We are a fun loving, compassionate clinic with the best support staff. Competitive compensation depending on experience. Please contact Alison at* We are well established small town practice with a strong clientele base and a friendly, knowledgeable staff. We are seeking a PT/FT, friendly, compassionate associate who can and will be a TEAM player. The schedule would consist of a minimum of 3 to 4 days per week as well as fill in when needed for vacations. No after hour, emergency, weekend or holiday hours. Send resume to* WVRC is a growing multi-location emergency and referral practice in southeastern Wisconsin. We have an opening for a FT veterinarian in the emergency

department at our Racine or Grafton locations. A PT or split-location position with our Waukesha hospital is also possible. Our hospitals are well equipped and staffed with exceptional coworkers, including a broad range of specialists, experienced technicians, and client-focused support staff. We believe in a team approach to patient care, an enjoyable work environment and a schedule conducive to life outside of work. Qualified applicants will have a background in emergency medicine, internship training or equivalent practice experience, strong organizational skills, good leadership qualities, and an ability to work well within a team. Visit us at or contact Dr. Kari Severson at* Central Wisconsin Animal Emergency Center ( is looking for a FT emergency veterinarian to join our team. We are open evenings, weekends and holidays and are supported by specialists at an affiliated 24-hour referral center. We are fully equipped for state-of-theart emergency and critical care services with

equipment that includes a complete diagnostic laboratory, ultrasound, multiple perimeter anesthesia monitors, Doppler, pulse oximetry and additional critical care monitors. Our support staff is amazing. They are skilled and dedicated. Their passion for our patients and for the profession is reflected in their strong work ethic and positive attitudes. We function comfortably in our spacious 4,000 sq ft facility. Central Wisconsin is a beautiful place to live and work, particularly if you like friendly people and the great outdoors and dislike traffic and a high cost of living. Check out the following websites for more information about the area:, www. Compensation based on percentage with a guaranteed base and excellent benefits. We strongly support skill advancement, continuing education and career growth. Contact Alyce D’Amato at or (920) 882-4301.* Sheboygan Animal Clinic SC seeks an energetic FT SA Veterinarian Associate. We are located in East Central

Orthopedic, Soft Tissue, Oncologic & Neurologic Surgery

David Edinger DVM, DACVS

608 845.0002


Wisconsin along the Lake Michigan shore. Please email resume to or fax (920) 4583390. Address inquiries to (920) 458-8244.* SA veterinary clinic looking for veterinarian to add to growing practice in northwestern Wisconsin. Located in a popular vacation area with many recreational activities. Email your resume to* SA hospital in West Central Wisconsin is seeking FT or PT motivated SA veterinarian. Experienced and new graduates welcome. Candidate must possess excellent communication skills, positive attitude, solid medical, surgical and dental skills. Visit our website at www. To apply, email resume to or mail to Eau Claire Animal Hospital, 2504 Mall Drive, Eau Claire, WI 54701.*

LARGE ANIMAL Key responsibilities include: collection and transfer of bovine in vivo embryos, perform ultrasound guided transvaginal ovum pickup procedures for IVF embryo production, review and design superovulation and synchronization protocols for donors and recipients, evaluate pregnancy status and fetal gender using ultrasonography, and assist embryologists in lab activities. The ideal candidate will have a DVM, full current accreditation with the USDA-APHIS, licensure in necessary states or the ability to acquire a license, AETA certification, a passion for bovine reproduction, and a strong sense for connecting with clients. The position does require the ability to travel and may include some overnight stays with seasonal spikes. Please email: MA clinic seeking experienced FT/PT LA, dairy emphasis veterinarian to join our team. Needs strong palpation skills and great attitude. Fully equipped truck provided. Please send resume to FT LA practitioner wanted to join our 4 person practice in the driftless region of west central Wisconsin. The practice emphasizes on dairy, with some beef and equine work mixed in. Interest in ultrasound and production medicine is desirable. On-call time is split equally between all veterinarians. Enjoy small town

18 March


living, with the conveniences of LaCrosse only 30 miles away. Send resume to the Cashton Veterinary Clinic, 406 South St., Cashton WI 54619, or to, or call (608) 654-5284. ABS Global, Inc., a global producer and marketer of bovine genetics and related products, is currently seeking a Staff Veterinarian for our DeForest, Wisconsin facility. The Staff Veterinarian is relied on for clinical and surgical care and disease surveillance of bulls. Will assist in the documentation and qualification of germplasm from bulls for domestic international sales. Work cohesively with Product Development, Production, Farm & Maintenance and Research in integration of Animal Health programs into the company business plan. Will act as a resource to technical service and sales representatives and herd owners regarding cattle health and reproduction. Qualified candidates will have a DVM or equivalent degree and be licensed in Wisconsin. Additionally, will have a minimum of 1 year experience in a food animal practice with 3 – 4 years preferred. If interested send your resume and cover letter to* FT LA veterinarian wanted. Experience would be a bonus, however new graduates are encouraged to apply. All equipment is provided, truck, Easi-Scan III, laptop, etc. Benefit package to compensate with experience. Sauk County WI, a beautiful area located in SW WI where the glaciers stopped and the rolling hills begin. Multiple state parks and recreation areas in the immediate surrounding area. Email: Phone: (608) 798-2697.*

MIXED ANIMAL Associate position in a 5 doctor MA practice in scenic Chippewa Falls. LA is primarily dairy production. Companion animal includes in-house blood machines, digital x-ray, gas anesthesia, dental x-ray and excellent experienced support staff. Competitive salary, health insurance, mobile unit, profit sharing, 401K, dues and licenses. Email resume:

RELIEF SA relief vet available. Personable with 20+ years experience. Call Dr. Katrina Geitner (262) 349-3466 or 1989 UW-VMTH grad available for SA relief work 1-2 days a week and some Saturdays. E-mail me at Compassionate and reliable SA veterinarian available for relief services (630) 915-0156 or drroseniznik@ Communicative, productive SA veterinarian available for relief work in western WI, surrounding areas. Licensed in MN/WI. Experienced in surgery, medicine, dentistry, staff management. Outstanding customer service, client-building skills. Victori Ribeiro, MS, DVM, (651) 503-0482; Experienced SA veterinarian available for relief work, 15 years relief experience, WI licensed and accredited. Please call/email Mark Clemons, DVM (262) 862-1121, Caring and compassionate relief veterinarian available. 25+ years of AAHA experience. Competent medical and soft tissue surgery skills. Emphasis on quality and integrity. Paul Danhaus, DVM. (715) 5718091 or Providing you with reliable veterinary relief service has been my business for the past 13 years. I’m proficient with medicine cases, soft tissue surgeries and have great client communication skills. Leave message Dr. Barb Matula, (608) 269-3357, email: Quality Customer friendly SA relief services available covering SE WI. Over 20 years experience in both SA and emergency medical care. Dr. Pete Gaveras, (414) 795-7100, Dependable, 20+ years experience. Med/Surg serving Northern/Central Wisconsin. Contact Rich Piwoni, at (715) 627-0957, SA relief Veterinarian for central Wisconsin. Experienced. Versatile. Call Dr. Gary, (715) 652-2065 home, (715) 305-7014 cell. Email:

SA relief vet since 1995. Thorough, reliable, easy going. Will travel to Green Bay, Kenosha, Janesville, Wisconsin Dells and areas in between. Julie Lakin DVM, (920) 269-7264. AAHA veterinarian with 20+ years experience available for relief work in NW WI. Excellent diagnostic, surgical, and communication skills, Contact: David Wiltrout, DVM, (715) 462-9475, or email: Experienced SA clinician available for work in central and western Wisconsin. Excellent communication skills; enjoy working with clients and staff. Nancy Leverance, D.V.M. Email: or call (608) 617-9408 or (608) 429-9408. Experienced SA relief veterinarian available. Versatile. Great with staff, clients and pets. Willing to travel. Dr. Lori Zimmerman, (608) 592-7779 or 20+ years experience, skilled in surgery, diagnostics and client communication. South-central and Southeast WI. Let me care for your clients and your hospital. Erika Gibbs, DVM, Quality relief care since 1992. Special interests include surgery and dermatology. Personable, reliable service. Please call Robert Patyk, DVM, at (262) 5672832. Or email: Reliable and personable relief veterinarian with SA experience. Willing to travel up to 50 miles outside of the Madison area. Call (608) 335-9521 or email* SA and equine relief work. 21 year’s experience. Proficient in SA soft tissue surgery and equine ultrasound and power floating. Will travel. Call Sabine Hartmann, DVM (715) 267-7443 or


candidates will be considered. Please e-mail resume to

14PFS04, c/o WVMA, 2801 Crossroads Dr., St. 1200, Madison, WI 53718.

SA single vet practice in Sherwood WI seeking PT or FT experienced support staff. Must be able to take thorough histories, prep rooms, discuss common diseases/procedures, perform safe restraint and monitor surgical patients. Ability to perform dental cleanings a plus. Position also includes receptionist duties. Send resume to

Price Reduction- MA practice grossing $840K in far northern WI. Digital radiology, digital dental, surgical and therapy lasers. Large state of the art building. Practice and RE only $800K. Would sell only the SA practice if desired. Contact Dr. Kurt Liljeberg of Total Practice Solutions Group, (800) 380-6872, or kurt@

Oconomowoc Animal Hospital is seeking an experienced Veterinary Technician to fill a FT leadership position. Certification is preferred but all candidates will be considered. Please e-mail resume to Dr. Lauridsen at*

For Sale - boarding kennel, large morten building, TKennel runs, daycare, boarding, grooming salon. Like new west of Madison. Contact for more information.

PT Office Manager needed in Waupun. Veterinary clinic experience required, office manager experience desired. Duties include supervision and training of employees, protocol development, implementation and quality control, social media and inventory management. Email:* FT Veterinary Technician wanted at Castlerock Veterinary Hospital in Marshfield, WI (central WI). We are a SA, full service veterinary hospital that needs an enthusiastic technician to add to our caring team. Contact: Dr. Virginia Thorne or Dr. Adam Kubica at (715) 389-1011. Email:*

PRACTICE FOR SALE When buying or selling a veterinary practice, count on the experience of Total Practice Solutions Group. See our display ad this issue. Contact Dr. Kurt Liljeberg of Total Practice Solutions Group for a free consultation, (800) 380-6872, or


Established, solo, MA practice (80%SA). Fully equipped clinic, 4.38 acres, lovely 3BR/2.5BA custom home & 2-car garage. Gross $340,000. Owner retiring. Seasoned staff; loyal clients. Beautiful area known for outdoor recreation. Bike-Ski-Kayak. Work where you play! $550,000. Respond to Blind Box 14PFS02, c/o WVMA, 2801 Crossroads Dr., Ste. 1200, Madison, WI 53718.

MA practice seeking an experienced VT to fill a FT/PT primarily SA position. Certification preferred but all

Long established SA practice for sale, Madison, WI. Practice and Real Estate. Please respond to Blind Box:

Board-certified internist offers mobile SA medicine consultations, ultrasound, and endoscopy in your practice in SE WI. Please call Anne Mattson, DVM, DACVIM, (262) 241-3987.

NEW- Wausau area gross over $850K. Hospital is very well equipped with an excellent staff. Practice and real estate only $835,000. Includes $30,000 of inventory and supplies. Contact Dr. Kurt Liljeberg of Total Practice Solutions Group, (800) 380-6872, or 100% SA practice and RE for sale. Gross $360K. Within 30 minutes of Green Bay in friendly small town. Approx. 2200 sq ft clinic on 2 acres. Digital xray, digital dental xray, class 4 therapy laser, laser surgery, extensive drug/supply inventory. Turn key. Current owner willing to assist transition as employee if desired. 1-1.5 DVM clinic. Price $375K. Email:* Western WI. Solo, (presently all SA) practice in rural area. Looking for veterinarian(s) to take over practice. Quickly or gradual transition. Small investment. Great potential. Blind Box 14PFS01, c/o WVMA, 2801 Crossroads Dr. Ste. 1200, Madison, WI 53718.* NEW- Fox River Valley Area. SA practice with great equipment and real estate. Gross $900,000. Contact Dr. Kurt Liljeberg of Total Practice Solutions Group, (800) 380-6872, or* SOLD! SA practice for sale in Wausau area. Revenue $975,000/year. Contact Total Practice Solutions Group, Dr. Kurt Liljeberg, (800) 380-6872, or kurt@tpsgsales. com.*


Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association 2801 Crossroads Dr., Ste. 1200 Madison, WI 53718

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