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Saving Land WINTER 2017/2018


Vol. 21, Issue 3


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Blue Ridge Land Conservancy Promoting the conservation of western Virginia’s natural resources- farms, forests, waterways, and rural landscapes BOARD OF TRUSTEES William M. Hackworth, President Diana K. Christopulos, President-Elect Ruth T. Dickerson, Treasurer

A Look Back a Greetings Land Savers! In this copy of Saving Land, you’ll find the Blue Ridge Land Conservancy’s annual report for its 2016-2017 business year. We were busier than ever and we can’t wait to share what we’ve been up to!

M. Rupert Cutler, Secretary Dominic M. Basile Thomas M. Dunkenberger, Jr Broaddus C. Fitzpatrick Joshua C. Gibson William Hunley Lowell F. Inhorn, MD Anne M. Jennings George A. Kegley Betty H. Lesko Stuart Lynde Timothy J. Rowe, Sr Isabel R. Thornton Fiona M. Tower

ADVISORY COUNCIL Lucy R. Ellett Liza T. Field Talfourd H. Kemper Robert B. Lambeth, Jr.

STAFF David C. Perry, Executive Director Meagan R. Cupka, Assistant Director Tina L. Badger, Office Manager Erica Reed, Outdoor Educator 722 First Street SW, Suite L Roanoke, VA 24016 540-985-0000 COVER PHOTO:

“Purgatory Mountain” by Meagan Cupka

• As calendar year 2017 draws to a close, the Blue Ridge Land Conservancy had protected over 18,000 acres thanks to YOUR support. Your dollars and time meant we were able to get out to Bedford and Pittsylvania counties to protect three separate farms. And we aren’t finished! There are still projects underway which we’ll complete by the end of the year. • We had our second annual Floyd River Revel, our second annual Roanoke City and County River Days, and our SIXTH annual Botetourt Bay Days. Thanks to grants and private donors, we were able to get over 600 students outside and interacting with their environment and thinking how they can make it better.

k at 2017… • Summer 2017 kicked off with the third Outdoor Adventure Series. We had some of our best adventures yet! Thanks for joining us this summer to hike Cahas Mountain, explore Carvins Cove at night, and more! We hope to see you all again next year.

• And finally, we were proud to award the 2017 A. Victor Thomas Environmental Stewardship Award to Dr. Bill Gordge and the Wednesday Crew as well as award the Land Saver Award to Mrs. Whitney Feldmann. All of these folks have been dedicated to improving and protecting the wild and beautiful places in your area for years and will continue to do so. There’s so much that we haven’t included in this list, but it’s suffice to say we couldn’t have done it all without volunteers, our dedicated board of trustees, and you. Your support directly helps us, whether it’s keeping the lights on while we work on saving land, getting staff out to trainings or education field trips, or helping our Stewardship Fund grow so there is money in the bank to make sure these special places are protected forever. Thank you for making us a part of your community, please enjoy our 2016-2017 annual report, and we wish everyone very happy holidays.

William M. Hackworth President

David C. Perry Executive Director Winter 2017–2018




Watt Foster, a Lynchburg businessman, works to protect hi Mr. Watt Foster and BRLC Executive Director David Perry at the farm on Krantz’s Corner Road



Winter 2017–2018

Over 200 acres are now permanently protected on Mr. Foster’s farm


ct his land’s future By Alex Hoen


here is a place where Krantz’s Corner Rd. meets US 460 that is home to cattle, natural springs, and a piece of the Little Otter River. Eastern tiger swallowtails with their vibrant yellow wings laced with black and blue, swarm to the thistle flowers that can be spotted from the wooden fence. The rolling farmland extends from here for 226 acres, past where the eye can see, into the trees in the distance. This little corner of the world belongs to Watt Foster, and a year ago he protected it forever with the Blue Ridge Land Conservancy. Watt Foster, Jr. is the president and CEO of Foster Fuels, Inc., a family-owned and operated business that has been established since 1921. He is also a director on the board of the Bank of James, as well as a member of the Staunton River chapter of the Masonic Lodge, and the owner of Phelps Creek Angus Farm, a 300 head cow/calf operation. The property along Krantz’s Corner is just a chunk of the 8,000 acres of farm and timberland that Foster owns. Foster has owned the property for five years, and it remains in almost the same condition as when he first bought it at an auction. Preserving land in its natural form is an important part of why Foster owns much of the land that he does, particularly in terms of its agricultural use. When asked about his land ethic, Foster said, “Treat [the land] the way

you want yourself to be treated. I see a lot of development going on and I know it needs to happen, but I’m not all for it.” Given that his farm in Bedford County is highly developable due to its proximity to town and US 460, Foster’s agreement with the Blue Ridge Land Conservancy will ensure that this land remains rural and beautiful. It will also stay workable for his cattle operation, and the water quality will be improved by keeping the cattle out of the creeks and rivers along Foster’s land. This is not the first conservation easement that Foster has completed, as he has been doing this for many years now with his different properties, and he calls the conservation agreements “a vehicle for keeping the farms beautiful.” Foster is also involved with the Virginia Outdoors Foundation and the United States Department of Agriculture, and he and his family are all members of Thomas Road Baptist Church—to which they have recently given a gift of 500 acres in Bedford County to the church to have a children’s camp. His favorite parts of working on the property are “just getting out there, making the hay, feeding cows, and working with the land.” He says that conservation agreements are his way of trying to preserve history, and hopes that the land in the future can remain as it was when he first acquired it. Winter 2017–2018



You Can Save The Places You Love. As 2017 comes to a close, your support of the Blue Ridge Land Conservancy means that the farms, forests, and mountains you love will still be here for years to come. You can give today by visiting or sending your gift in the enclosed envelope.

Your gift helps… Connect Children to Nature

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By putting together outdoor field trips for fourth grade students in five cities and counties, we’re providing hands-on interaction between children and their environment. Your support means we can continue these programs, and continue to bridge the gap between our youngest generations and the outside world.

Saving Farms Staff works year-round with local farmers who wish to protect their farms from development. As the population grows, pressure to sell land to developers also increases. By working with the Blue Ridge Land Conservancy, these landowners can rest easy knowing their land will remain rural and beautiful- forever.

Bring Families Together Outdoors Thanks to your support, we completed the third year of our exciting Outdoor Adventures Series! These adventures bring the public and our supporters outside to enjoy many of the places you’ve protected over the years. With hikes, nature walks, and bat-boxes, there’s always something for you to enjoy.

Give Online Today! Make an online donation today at

Annual Report Fiscal Year 2016-2017

Giving List

The following individuals, families, companies, and foundations donated to the Blue Ridge Land Conservancy between the dates of July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017. As always, our deepest thanks go to all of these supporters who make saving land possible.

Blue Ridge Mountains

($10,000 and up)

William M. Claytor Family Memorial Fund of Foundation for Roanoke Valley Mr. and Mrs. James L. Woltz In-kind

McAfee’s Knob

($5,000 - $9,999)

Beirne Carter Foundation In Honor Of Talfourd H. Kemper

Deschutes Street Pub

Sharp Top

($2,500 - $4,999)

Member One Federal Credit Union Conservation Celebration Sponsor

Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated Conservation Celebration Sponsor

Foti, Flynn Lowen & Co. In-kind

Elbert H., Evelyn J. and Karen H. Waldron Charitable Foundation, Inc. McLaughlin and Moran, Inc Conservation Celebration Sponsor

Miller, Long & Associates, Inc. Conservation Celebration Sponsor

The Morris Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Bobby and Emily Mountcastle

Carvins Cove

($1,000 - $2,499)

Mr. & Mrs. William M. Hackworth Conservation Celebration Sponsor

Alphagraphics Conservation Celebration Sponsor

BNC Bank Conservation Celebration Sponsor

Bill and Diane Elliot Fund of Foundation for Roanoke Valley Brown, Edwards and Company, LLP Conservation Celebration Sponsor

Catawba Capital Management, Inc. Conservation Celebration Sponsor

Mr. & Mrs. Steven M. Claytor Corrugated Container Corporation Conservation Celebration Sponsor

County of Roanoke Dr. M. Rupert Cutler Mr. Thomas Dunkenberger Jr. Dunkenberger, Waskey, Nash Group at Morgan Stanley

Conservation Celebration Sponsor & Outdoor Adventures Sponsor

Dr. Linda E. Durham Ph.D. Mr. & Mrs. Frank Ellett Forest Rest Natural Cemetery Conservation Celebration Sponsor

Mr. & Mrs. Spencer Frantz Glenn, Feldmann, Darby & Goodlatte Conservation Celebration Sponsor

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Jennings Jr. Mr. & Mrs. George A. Kegley Mr. & Mrs. Edward G. Kohinke Sr. Ms. Kathleen C. Koomen Kroger Lanford Brothers Co. Conservation Celebration Sponsor

Bud LaRoche and Janet Scheid Mrs. Anna L. Lawson Mr. William J. Lemon Ms. Anne Page Long Long Hollow, LLC Conservation Celebration Sponsor

Myers and Woods Appraisal Group, Inc. Conservation Celebration Sponsor

Orvis Conservation Celebration Sponsor

Mr. & Mrs. Bittle W. Porterfield, III Conservation Celebration Sponsor

Steel Dynamics Roanoke Bar Division

Conservation Celebration Sponsor

Western Virginia Environmental and Social Trust Foundation

Buffalo Mountain ($500 - $999)

Norfolk Southern Foundation Matching Gifts Fund

Mr. Paul L. Angermeier & Mrs. Elizabeth Stinson Appalachian Power Co. Conservation Celebration Sponsor

Blue Ridge Beverage Co., Inc. Conservation Celebration Sponsor

Mr. & Mrs. C. Whitney Brown Jr. Brugh’s Mill, LLC/Brugh’s Mill Country Store Conservation Celebration Sponsor

Cherry Bekaert Conservation Celebration Sponsor

Dr. Diana K. Christopulos Coots, Cross, Lavinder & Quinn Conservation Celebration Sponsor

Mr. & Mrs. Murray K. Coulter, Jr. Winter 2017–2018



Annual Report Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Giving List

Buffalo Mountain ($500 - $999)

Dixon, Hubard, Feinour & Brown, Inc Conservation Celebration Sponsor

Mr. & Mrs. Mark E. Feldmann Mrs. Marianne Gandee GE Foundation Matching gifts

Mr. and Mrs. David Higginbotham Dr. Lowell F. Inhorn Mr. & Mrs. Talfourd H. Kemper Mr. Frank M. Lacy Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Ludwig Magic City Motor Corporation Conservation Celebration Sponsor

Mrs. Betty G. Norris In Honor Of David Hurt

Roanoke Animal Hospital Conservation Celebration Sponsor

Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op Conservation Celebration Sponsor

Roanoke Outside Foundation Roanoke Valley Bird Club Mr. Paul D. Ross Jr. Jean A. Smith Ms. Betty Gill Ware Mr. Bill Wellborn & Mrs. Nan Mahone

John’s Creek Mountain ($250 - $499)

Mr. & Mrs. Michael K. Quinn Charles C. and Marilyn Barnes Ms. Elizabeth H. Belcher Brandon Oaks Conservation Celebration Sponsor

Mr. & Mrs. Charles and Vanessa Brunner III In Honor Of Bill Hackworth

Mr. & Mrs. Guy W. Buford Building Specialists, Inc Conservation Celebration Sponsor 8


Winter 2017–2018

Mr. & Mrs. Steve and Debbie B. Cates Mr. Daniel S. Chitwood Ms. Ruth T. Dickerson Mr. & Mrs. John and Hoye Duckworth Mr. & Mrs. Gary R. Duerk In Honor Of M. Rupert Cutler and Mr. David Hurt

Mr. G. Franklin Flippin Mr. W. Heywood Fralin Mr. & Mrs. Ray L. Garland Dr. & Mrs. William N. Gordge Elizabeth T. Greer In Memory Of Owen Schultz

Mr. & Mrs. James F. Johnson La De Da Inc Mr. & Mrs. James B. Lee Martin’s German Service Outdoor Adventures Sponsor

Dr. & Mrs John R. Merten Mr. Michael T. Morrissett Mr. & Mrs. Walter and Therry Neilsen-Steinhardt In Honor Of John and Linda Pharis

Dr. & Mrs. W. T. Norris Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Harry G. Norris Ms. Elizabeth Adair Obenshain Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Pitner In Honor Of Dr. Bill Gordge

Mr. Robert N Richert Mr. & Mrs. David M. Savitz Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. Smith Soil Works, Inc. Dr. & Mrs. Daniel S. Temeles The McClain Family Charitable Fund of Foundation of Roanoke Valley Mr. & Mrs. John and Linda Thornton Mr. & Mrs. Lucas and Isabel Thornton Walkabout Outfitters Outdoor Adventures Sponsor

Jean and Dick Wertz

Dr. & Mrs. John R. Wood In Honor Of Adam and Hillary Wood

Mr. & Mrs. Edward D. Yost

Cahas Mountain ($100 - $249)

Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Adkins Ananda Farm LLC Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Ayling Mr. & Mrs. D. Stan Barnhill Dr. & Mrs A. Sidney Barritt III Mr. Robert Barrow Mr. Larry R. Bechtel Ms. Laura E. Benjamin Mr. & Mrs. Thompson Berdeen Emma Berry Mr. & Mrs. Phillip S. Boggs Mr. & Mrs. Christopher and Betsy Bohannon Mrs. Blanche Brower Ms. Rebecca Burruss In Honor Of Betty Field

Ms. Sarah King Capps The Honorable and Mrs. Glen E. Conrad Mr. Thomas J. Crawford Mr. & Mrs. James L. Crowgey DALMP LLC Mr. & Mrs. H. Lawrence Davidson Ms. Lynn M. Davis Ms. Carole D Denney Charlotte D. Dietz DVM Muriel Dillmann Smith Mr. John R. DuBose Dr. & Mrs. F. Joseph Duckwall In Honor Of Frank and Lucy Ellett

Ms. Jeanne M. Duddy Mr. Gregory W. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert and Joanna Finton Richard Normand and Elaine Fleck Mr. & Mrs. James A. Ford Mr. & Mrs. D. Norris Ford Mr. & Mrs. J. Randolph Garrett III Mr. & Mrs. David R. Goode

Annual Report Fiscal Year 2016-2017

Giving List

Sarah Goodman Ms. Cynthia Gray In Honor Of M. Rupert Cutler Dr. & Mrs J. Bruce Hagadorn Dr. & Mrs. A.B. Hammond III

In Honor Of Dr. & Mrs. Martin Hammond and Mr. & Mrs. Albin B. Hammond, II

Mr. F. Staley Hester Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Fred and Mary Buford Hitz Mr. Roger B. Holnback Mr. & Mrs. James E. and Carol C. Howell Mr. James Huizenga and Mrs. Susan Koch Mr. & Mrs. William J. Hunley Mr. David S. Hunt and Ellen Aiken Mr. & Mrs. David A. Hurt Mr. & Mrs. W. Arnold Hurt Mr. & Mrs. Bruce and Elaine Ingram Ms. Pamela Jennings Dr. David C. Jones Jones & Deshon Orthodontics Outdoor Adventures Sponsor

Ms. Mary L. Kegley Dr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Keller Mr. & Mrs. Timothy A. Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Kelly Pamela Kessinger Mr. & Mrs. Reif and Susan Kessler Mr. Nelson Lafon Dr. & Mrs. Edmund M. Lesko Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Logan III Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Lynn In Honor Of Anne Jennings

Mr. & Mrs. Brooke Mallory Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Martin Dan Crawford and Mary Bishop Mr. David N. Maxson Mr. David B. Miller Mrs. Elizabeth H. Muse Mr. & Mrs. J. Lee Osborne Mr. & Mrs. James G. Overholser Mrs. Linda Pharis

Mr. Philip Ribbens Dr. & Mrs. John W Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Donald D. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Ryan ShopSource Inc. Ms. Charlotte M. Sieber Mr. Paul K. Simms Ms. Cynthia Simonds Mr. Thomas W. Skelly Mr. Jeffrey Smith Mr. and Mrs. Edward Smith In Honor Of Broaddus Fitzpatrick

Spencer, Hager & Mosdell, PC Conservation Celebration Sponsor

Charlotte B. Talmadge Mr. & Mrs. D. Kyle Umberger III Tamara Vance Mr. & Mrs. Loren H. Walker Will Waller In Honor Of Mary Harold

Dr. & Mrs Jackson R Webster Mr. John P. Whittle Mrs. Esta Wilson Mr. Ryland A. Winston Jr. Mr. Barry E. Wirt Mr. Randall Woodford

Brush Mountain ($50 - $99)

Mr. & Mrs. David C. Perry Mr. & Mrs. Charles Adams Ms. Karen Adams In Memory Of Ed McGrath

Dr. Karen Mays Asbury DVM Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Ballas Mr. Dominic Basile Mr. & Mrs. W. Chan Bolling Ms. Nancy A. Bourne Ms. Catherine J. Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence M. Covington Mr. & Mrs. Mark Currie Mr. & Mrs. David R. Dougherty Mr. & Mrs. R. Thomas Edwards

Mr. & Mrs. Roger W. Ehrich Exxonmobil Foundation Matching gifts fund

Mrs. Nancy J. Felch Dr. & Mrs. Mark E. Feldmann Jr. Liza T. Field Mr. & Mrs. Broaddus C. Fitzpatrick Ms. Maxine Fraade Mr. & Mrs. Robert Allen Garland Giant Step Design LLC Elizabeth Gilbert Ms. Ellen W. Glover Mr. & Mrs. Kossen Gregory Mr. Sanford Gurian Mr. Nicholas Hallman Rev. C. Nelson Harris Mr. John Heil Mr. & Mrs. Henry W. Herzog Jr. Mr. Michael R. Hicks Rev. & Mrs. Paul R. Hinlicky Mr. Dan Hogan Mr. & Mrs. Brian K. and Martha Hooker Mr. & Mrs. W. Robert Horton In Honor Of Wyatt Zachary O’Brien

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Hundley Jr & Faye Adamson Hundley Mr. & Mrs. R. Devereaux Jarratt Mr. Richard H. Jones Mr. Scott Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Kemnitz Morgan King In Honor Of Ann Fisher

Edgar Kyle Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Peter Lemmer Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. LeNoir Jr. Ms. Sandy Light In Honor Of Frank and Lucy Ellett

Mr. & Mrs. Richard and Lisa L. Lovegrove Mr. Brett F. Magenbauer Don Mankie Winter 2017–2018



Annual Report Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Giving List

Debra Melican Dr. & Mrs J. Milton Miller Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Miller Mr. Robert H. Minor Ms. Laura Mitchell Dr. & Mrs. Chimer D. Moore Jr. David Naff and Sally Naff Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. O’Dell Sarah Orrick Mr. & Mrs. William C. Pavord Pepsico Mr. & Mrs. William F. Reidenbach Roanoke Valley Garden Club Mr. Clarkson Runyon Gary Skaggs and Margie Sanders Mrs. Mary Lou Shaffer Ann Harrity Shawver CPA, PLLC Mr. Philip O. Sheridan Michael E Slayton Ms. Jennifer Sosnowski Mr. & Mrs. Wayne G. Strickland Sugar Loaf Garden Club Mr. & Mrs. Eric and Robin Thomas In Memory Of A. Victor Thomas

Ms. Paula P. Thompson Mr. Paul R. Thomson Jr. Ms. Vicki Lynn Tuke Ms. Fayetta Pittman Weaver In Honor Of Whitney and Mark Feldmann

Dr. & Mrs. Jesse A. Webster Mrs. Betty K. Weddle Mr. & Mrs. Don Witt Adam & Hillary Wood

Mill Mountain ($25 - $49)

Mr. & Mrs. David L. Foster Ms. Shonna L. Allen Mr. and Mrs. Bane Atkinson Jr. Mrs. Lee P. Baker Dr. & Mrs. Vincent T. Basile 10


Winter 2017–2018

Dr. & Reverend Michael and Susan L. Bentley Ms. Gretchen Boise Mr. John Briggs Mr. & Mrs. Dan & Linda W. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Garland E. Calhoun III Mr. & Mrs. Jerry W. Cheadle Ms. Beth A. Christopoulos Ms. Eleanor M. Clark Mr. Samuel Edmond Coffey Ms. Kaki Comer Caryl Connolly Ms. Lucy Cook Kent Davis Jr. Ann M. Davis Mr. Luke D. Dubois Mrs. Pat P. Ebbett Gloria Elliott Mr. & Mrs. William & Elizabeth Fink Mrs. Helen C. Fitzpatrick In Honor Of Broaddus Fitzpatrick

Virginia and Tupper Garden Ms. Anne Marshall Gillespie Mr. James R. Gray Ms. Carolyn Haase Mr. & Mrs. Andrew C. Hannapel Mr. James A. Hare Jr. Ms. Linda Harrison Mr. & Mrs. James D. Harshfield Ms. Nancy Henderson Mr. Carl Hill Jr. Jane P. Inancsi Mrs. Geneva K. Jenkins Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Jett In Honor Of Ned & Janet Yost

Mr. Pegram Johnson III Ms. Myra-Delia D. Kagey Mr. Daniel E. Karnes Alice M. Karras Mr. & Mrs. David L. Lemon Mr. Robert E. Lockhart Mr. James T. Lucas Jr. Mr. Ken Lyons Mr. Gene Marrano Ms. Sarah J. Martin Chuck & Martha McClaugherty

Mr. Daniel B. Miles Mr. William J. Modica Mr. & Mrs. Ric and Nancy Moss Mr. & Mrs. R. E. Mullen Jr. Ms. Vivian Chang Norkus Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Osterhoudt In Honor Of Sandy Light

Ms. Emily Painter Crystal Pait Mr. & Mrs. Doug and Annette Parsons Ms. Rebecca S. Perdue Ms. Martha Pinard Ms. Sharon Probst Ms. Deborah Pruden In Honor Of Daniel Pruden

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Rohrback Mr. Bruce A. Sellars Mr. & Mrs. Gregory W. Shelton Ms. Gloria Simmons Mrs. Kathleen Simpkins Mr. & Mrs. Lewis and Terry T. Smith Ms. Ann Stobbelaar Mr. Frederick D. Swartzendruber Linda R VanLuik Mr. D. Cabell Vest and Bree E. Brostko Ms. Virginia K. West Mr. Jimmy Whitney Mr. Mark J. Wilson Mr. Harry W. Woolridge Mr. Jan David Wright


Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund Community Foundation of the New River Valley Kiwanis Club of Roanoke Land Trust Alliance Excellence Grant Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Grant Fund Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Grant Fund

Annual Report Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Financial Summary


Contributions 33%

INCOME AMOUNT Contributions $88,737 Conservation Celebration $45,336 Stewardship fund $46,440 Outdoor Adventures $1,785 Misc $3,311 Conservation Outreach $10,103 Grants $15,297 Land Preservation Credit $6,030 Investment Earnings $31,972 In-Kind Contributions $23,000 Total Income:


Expenses EXPENSES AMOUNT Management $36,879 Land Conservation $44,776 Development $45,237 Community Outreach $19,873 Landowner Outreach $51,506 Conservation Celebration $17,044 Outdoor Adventure series $1,722 Misc & Taxes $2,556 Investment fees $3,749 Grants & Education $11,944 Total Expenses: $235,287

In-Kind Contributions 8% Investment Earnings 12% Land Preservation Credit 2% Grants 6% Conservation Outreach 4% Misc. 1% Outdoor Adventures 1%

Conservation Celebration 17%

Stewardship Fund 17%

Investment Fees 2% Misc. & Property Taxes 1% Management 16% Outdoor Adventures 1% Grants & Education 5% Conservation Celebration 7%

Landowner Outreach 22%

Land Conservation 19% Development 19%

Community Outreach 8%

Winter 2017–2018



The Blue Ridge Land Conservancy is accredited by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission, a mark of distinction in land conservation. BRLC is also a proud member of the Land Trust Alliance and the Virginia Conservation Network.

722 First Street, SW, Suite L Roanoke, Virginia 24016-4120 Phone/Fax 540-985-0000 Member of:

We Save Land. Six family properties and 600 acres protected forever in the past year.

Blue Ridge Land Conservancy Annual Report 2016-2017  
Blue Ridge Land Conservancy Annual Report 2016-2017