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Key Club 13500 Camino Del Sur, San Diego, California, 92129

September 2013 Volume 4 Issue 7

Official Newsletter of Westview Key Club Division 37 South, Region 2, CNH

Westview Key Club Hey Key Clubbers! It’s hard to believe that it’s already the end of first quarter! Let’s keep the momentum going as we move into second quarter! It was great to see those of you who went to RTC, and I’d like to see even more members at our upcoming Fall Rally at SIX FLAGS MAGIC MOUNTAIN Saturday November 9th. Remember that presales must be submitted at by October 17th to get the discounted ticket price. On the service event side… It’s Fall Festival season! We’ve got a bunch of elementary school festivals coming up, which will transition nicely into the November holiday season. In addition, I invite you to Trick or Treat for UNICEF this Halloween (more info about that with our next meeting). Remember that we don’t have a meeting this week dude to Club Rush on Wednesday and Thursday… hope to see you guys out there and at our upcoming service events. Your President, Michael Zhang

In this Issue: Past Events Updates/Hours Letter from the Editor

Future Events: Fally Rally – 11/9

recent events

LaJolla Rough Water Swim

The La Jolla Swim has been an annual San Diego tradition for over 80 years. Starting out as a small event with just dozens of swimmers, the swim has grown to include 2000 swimmers per event. Needless to say, volunteers are needed to help regulate such a large event. Key Clubbers arrived at 8 in the morning, and were directed either topside, or down to the cove. Those topside helped with registration and other administrative tasks. Those down at the cove coordinators of the event in setting up a finish line with wooden stakes and preparing a water station. As the events began, volunteers greeted the exhausted swimmers as they came out of the water, cutting off their competitor wristband and unfastening the tracking chip around the ankle. The tide continually grew higher over the day, so many unsuspecting volunteers were splashed with cool ocean water. The Rough Water swim is a great local tradition to help out at! -Michael Zhang

September DCM What is a DCM? It stands for Divisional Council Meeting, and functions as a monthly event for clubs to come together at a division, allowing them to share monthly reports and get updated on divisional news. The September DCM was the first DCM for many new members. In addition it was a join DCM with the very spirited D21 Hippos. After a short time for the members from both divisions to mingle, each division separated into groups to conduct the DCM. Afterwards, the two groups joined together once against to make posters for the upcoming Regional Training Conference at CCA. -Michael Zhang

recent events

BMMS Fall Festival

At the BMMS Fall Festival, volunteers gathered in the different booths to help raise money for BMMS! Different booths included Cookie Decorating, Slime Making, Scream Lab, and numerous other games and activities. While volunteers were at their stations, the kids were also able to watch different groups such as band and choir perform while eating food from food trucks. Volunteers initiated all the excitement of the ids with different prizes or treats for them. Until the very end of the day, volunteers helped with all the different and ended their long day by cleaning up and closing the Fall Festival. -Diandra Almasco

September DCM After the usual formalities (introductions and pledge), each school gave an update on what their club did over the past month. Once the club reports were done, Alyssa talked about old news and upcoming events such as RTC. After the meeting ended, we started to create posters for use at RTC. Members from division 37S and 21 split up into small groups to make posters using various colors of spray paint. We were encouraged to make posters which followed the superhero theme of RTC. Once everyone was done with their posters, we were left with many amazing posters to display at RTC. -Shaoxiong Liu

hours and updates

Bubble Run At the Bubble Run, volunteers were first split into three groups, one group at the water station, registration, and another at a bubble station. The volunteers at the bubble station wwere responsible with making the bubble mix to ensure that bubles were coming out of the machine at all times. This job consisted of someone puring and measuring the mix, one person stirring, and one person filling the container with water. At the water station, volunteers were given the task of filling and organizing cups of water to hand out to the runners passing by. Finally, the volunteers at the registration tables had to take printouts of registration info from the runners and then hand the runners a bib for the race. As the day progressed some volunteers at the registration tables were moved to the other stations as registration for the race slowed down.

Sophomore Hours

Junior Hours

Senior Hours

Freshman Hours

Emily Lin: 28

Angela Zhang: 15.5

Alicia Xu: 5

Winifred C. : 9

Natasha K: 20.5

Eric Chen: 15.5

Sasha Howes: 5

Breanna Tang: 4.5

Henry Kwan: 20

Kathy Tran: 15

Andrew Quach: 3

Shibangi P: 3

Michelle Tong: 7.5

Angela Wang: 13.5

Updates: Be sure to participate in as many events!

recent events letter and contact info

Hey Key Clubbers!

Contact information Club Email:

Now that SATs are over, try to

President: Michael Zhang

participate in as many events

possible! There are many events at


elementary schools, and I highly recommend all volunteers to help out. Our Fall Rally is coming up, and I encourage all of you to have a fun day filled with spirit at Six Flags! I hope all of you succeed on your finals and participate in more events!

Vice President: Iris Lang 858-344-8493 Secretary: Lily Vo 858-848-4427 Treasurer: Shaoxiong Liu

Your Bulletin Editor,

Alec Chen

714-414-5937 Bulletin Editor: Alec Chen 858-216-6599

September Bulletin  

September updates from Westview Key Club

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