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Head teacher: David Simington

Assessor Area

Whole School


In an emergency: how to vacate the building.


January 2010

Description of Hazard: FIRE IN THE BUILDING or an incident that requires evacuation. Consequence of Hazard: Minor injury


Over three-day absence

Major injury

Disability or Death

Persons at Risk: Pupils Staff Teachers and support staff

IN AN EMERGENCY: CHILDREN If you see something, hear something or smell something DANGEROUS -

TELL A TEACHER IF YOU HEAR THE HORN 1. Walk calmly through the nearest door. 2. Walk across the playground and line up in silence, in register order, near the wall. 3. Be ready to do the register and listen to instructions. If you see something, hear something or smell something DANGEROUS 1. Find the horn (one in every room) and sound it immediately. 2. Check immediate surroundings and guide children from premises. 3. If Safe, fetch registers from the office and inform staff of emergency. (Office staff will automatically bring out the registers if they hear the horn) 4. Register children and identify if anybody is missing. 5. Report absence to Fire Marshall (head teacher or senior teacher).

Management action taken and implementation date(s): • NOTICES ON DISPLAY ALL AROUND THE SCHOOL • PRACTICES HELD TWICE A TERM Signature of Manager

Name of Manager

David Simington Head teacher


1st January 2010

Health and Safety – Risk Assessments