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Acceptable ICT Use Policy For Staff and Pupils and for approval by Parents The computer system and other ICT equipment is owned by Wetheringsett VCPSchool and is made available to pupils to further their education and to staff to enhance their professional activities including teaching, research, administration and management. Wetheringsett VCP School's ICT Use Policy has been drawn up to protect all parties – the pupils, the staff and Wetheringsett VCP School. Wetheringsett VCP School reserves the right to examine or delete any files that may be held on its computer system & to monitor e-mail and any internet sites visited by users.

WHAT YOU SHOULD DO: Pupils & Parents / Carers Read the policy below. Pupils and their parents or carers should sign this contract and return it to the school. Parents/Carers should refer to the school website for a copy of the policy. A copy of the contract will be glued in the school planner. Staff: Read the policy below. You must then work within this policy and must support it at all times.

THE ICT USE POLICY • All Internet activity should be appropriate to staff professional activity or the • • • • • • •

• •

pupils’ education. Access should only be made via the authorised account and password, which should not be made available to any other person. Activity that threatens the integrity of the School ICT systems, or activity that attacks or corrupts other systems, is forbidden. Users are responsible for all e-mail sent/received and retained and for contacts made that may result in e-mail being received. As e-mail can be forwarded or inadvertently sent to the wrong person, the same acceptable levels of language and content should be applied as for letters or other media. Use for personal financial gain, gambling, political purposes or advertising is forbidden. Copyright of materials must be respected at all times. Posting anonymous messages and forwarding chain letters is strictly forbidden. Use of the network to access inappropriate materials such as pornographic, racist or offensive material is forbidden. Having material of a pornographic [sexual or violent], racist or which is seen as offensive by Wetheringsett VCP School, in a Wetheringsett VCPSchool email folder or sending or receiving such material may lead to temporary or permanent exclusion from the school system. Parents and carers will ensure they have explained this statement to their children and will make every effort to ensure pupils send no offensive material to Wetheringsett VCP School via emai. All users will at all times respect the privacy of other users’ work/account areas.

• Wetheringsett VCP School will ensure that all possible steps are taken to protect •

users from accessing offensive sites. Wetheringsett VCP School will ensure that the security of users’ personal data, where held, will be secure and Wetheringsett VCP School will operate within the Data Protection Act

Important: Any student who damages the IT equipment will have their account removed from the School system. They will not be allowed to use IT in School for a specified period agreed with parents. The School will also seek to recover costs of any damage to replace or repair damaged equipment.

Staff member signed: Parent Signed: Pupil Signed:

Date Date Date

WVCP Acceptable Use of ICT Policy  

Our policy for the safe and acceptable use of ICT equipment for pupils, parents and staff.

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