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RICHARD STEARNS President, World Vision U.S. Prior to becoming the president of World Vision U.S. in 1998, Rich Stearns had a corporate career that spanned a variety of industries, including serving as CEO for Parker Brothers Games and Lenox. He holds a bachelor’s degree in neurobiology from Cornell University and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Driven by a passion to raise awareness for poverty and justice issues, Rich is a prolific writer and speaker who has appeared on CNN, Fox, ABC, and PBS; written for The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, and other media outlets; and authored four books, including the award-winning The Hole in Our Gospel and Unfinished. Rich and his wife, ReneÊ, live in Washington state and have five children.


A message from the president It seems that in today’s business environment, the one thing we can count on is

With your help, we have seen exciting accomplishments in 2013. More than

uncertainty. Even as the U.S. economy gradually regains its footing, instability

4 million children supported by World Vision’s sponsorship program now have

in the global markets leaves much unknown. It takes wisdom to know what to

the opportunity to live a full, healthy life. Nearly a million entrepreneurs in

plan for and how to respond.

developing countries received loans to launch or grow their businesses last year,

Yet a billion impoverished people around the world face even greater uncertainty and much more severe consequences any time the global economy takes a hit—a reality that more and more corporations and their constituents are eager to respond to.

improving the lives of 2.8 million children. And we distributed more than 89,000 metric tons of food supplies to help nourish children and families,

Millions of children and families don’t know where their next meal will come from

and provided access to clean water to

or if their next drink of water will make them sick. Those fleeing conflict in Syria

people around the world—including

and a number of other places around the world wonder where they will sleep

more than 800,000 in 10 African countries.

tonight or whether anyone will welcome them in. For many in poverty, they’ve never known anything else.

We are bringing hope to children around the world, families affected by emergencies like Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines and political conflict in Syria, and

In the midst of these uncertainties, I am proud that both our business partners and

communities seeking to create real, sustainable change. For many, their lives are no

our friends who suffer from poverty can count on World Vision. In an unpredictable

longer threatened by uncertainty. They have found a helping hand they can count on.

world, World Vision’s global and sustainable approach to solving the puzzle of poverty really works.

Thank you for making a difference, and for partnering with World Vision.

World Vision partners with hundreds of corporations to help them achieve their goals for social responsibility. Our unique benefit is our full solution to poverty and injustice. This includes tangibles like clean water and nutritious food, essentials like HIV education and life-skills training, and opportunities for economic development. As we work alongside families and communities, our aim is to help them experience

Richard Stearns President, World Vision U.S.

life to the full.




Your support helped impact the lives of millions of people in 2013

2.8 million children

benefited from microloans

MICROFINANCE World Vision disbursed 1,177,745 microloans totaling over $757 million, benefiting children by creating or sustaining more than 1.2 million jobs in 36 countries.†

2.1million people

in the U.S.

received assistance

U.S. PROGRAMS World Vision provided basic necessities like clothing and shoes, personal care products, building materials, and educational supplies and programs for children and adults in the U.S.

845,000 people in Africa received access to safe water

CLEAN WATER World Vision’s combined water, sanitation, and hygiene efforts—including the drilling of more than 1,200 new wells—opened up access to clean water for hundreds of thousands of people in 10 African countries.

11million survivors

of 88 humanitarian emergencies were

4.3 million received support


sponsored children

EMERGENCY AID World Vision assisted millions of disaster survivors, refugees, and internally displaced people following humanitarian emergencies around the world, including in the U.S.†

CHILD SPONSORSHIP World Vision helped provide access to life-changing essentials like food, clean water, healthcare, and education for children registered in child sponsorship programs worldwide.† †

 Achievements made possible with the support of all World Vision donors around the world. Achievements not marked with this symbol were made possible with the support of World Vision donors in the U.S.


2013 Corporate Partnership Highlights


45 companies supported

138 teambuilding events creating

supply kits

EMPLOYEE AND COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT KIT BUILD EVENTS World Vision’s hands-on philanthropic teambuilding program continued to grow in popularity. Employees at 45 companies, including Weyerhaeuser and Intel, built tens of thousands of supply kits to help people in need.



World Vision

received American and

U.S.-based companies

partnered with World Vision

WORLD VISION U.S. CORPORATE PARTNERS In 2013, 393 American and U.S.-based multinational companies offered financial support, product donations, and the power of their people, their customers, and their brands to support World Vision’s work.


more than

$195 million

in gift-in-kind donations

REVENUE FROM GIFT-IN-KIND DONATIONS In fiscal year 2013, gift-in-kind donations to World Vision neared $200 million in booked value, and the tangible benefit to our programs was significantly greater.

117 companies


more than

$11 .5 to support million

relief, development, and advocacy work

FINANCIAL SUPPORT World Vision’s work around the world was furthered by significant financial donations from over a hundred companies, including cash grants, cause-marketing proceeds, workplace giving, and matching gifts.

24,000 pallets of goods


40 countries

PALLETS OF DONATED PRODUCT Thanks to the generosity of 215 companies, World Vision shipped over 24,000 pallets of donated top-quality items, including medicine, educational materials, personal care supplies, clothing and shoes, building materials, and more to domestic and international programs around the world.

Unless otherwise noted, results and data included in this report reflect World Vision U.S. activity in fiscal year 2013 (October 1, 2012 through September 30, 2013).



World Vision is profoundly grateful for each one of our corporate partners Here are just a few of the significant impacts made possible by our strategic collaborations.


Helping children achieve their dreams Microsoft has been a strong World Vision partner for nearly 30 years—providing software donations to support the construction of technology infrastructure after global disasters, and making significant contributions to World Vision from their employee-driven Corporate Matching Grant Program ($1.6 million in 2013 alone). In the last two years, Microsoft and World Vision have taken the partnership to a new level to build a shared-value program in Africa. Along with Intel and British Council, Microsoft partnered with World Vision in 2012 to launch the Spark a Child’s Digital Future initiative: an innovative new project that provides access to technology in rural African classrooms. Thanks to software and Windows MultiPoint Server technology provided by Microsoft— along with hardware and training to help teachers use computer labs to achieve their academic goals—schools that once lacked basic supplies like chalk and paper are empowering students

WORLD VISION PARTNER SINCE 1986 MISSION MATCH Passion for Education Community and Global Outreach

Youth Entrepreneurship Social Responsibility

HOW THEY ENGAGE Product Donations Technical Expertise

Employee Giving

to learn effectively and build skills that will qualify them for job opportunities in the future. Through the Spark program, Microsoft is merging its technology expertise with World Vision’s global reach and ongoing presence in communities to help children reach their full potential. And as those communities gain digital skills—boosting education outcomes and local economies—Microsoft will be well-poised to have an improved presence in emerging markets. Currently, the Spark program is operational in 28 schools in Kenya and Tanzania. Microsoft and World Vision are working toward a long-term goal to scale the program for up

“There’s no question that working with the world’s largest NGO—the credibility that World Vision brings, as well as its reach and history of working in underdeveloped communities—brings a great advantage to us. When you bring the power of World Vision together with the power of Microsoft, we can do great things.” —James Bernard, Global Director, Strategic Partnerships, Microsoft in Education

to 1,000 schools in Africa over a multi-year period, transforming lives for generations to come. 9

Equipping caregivers at home and around the world For Midmark, the tagline “because we care” is about more than their commitment to delivering excellence in the healthcare industry; it goes back to the vision of Midmark’s founder to be a leader in caring for the community. Now, Midmark’s expansion as a global corporation has enlarged the scale of that vision, and their strong partnership with World Vision enables them to care for communities locally and around the world. Midmark’s collaboration with World Vision started in 2005 when they began donating high-quality, easy-to-use medical equipment to clinics in remote areas of developing countries. They also pioneered a unique trade-in program, offering discounts to their customers for used equipment that they then donate to rural health programs around the world. Then in 2011, Midmark engaged their line managers in a teambuilding event through World Vision, assembling kits of medical supplies for community HIV and AIDS caregivers in Africa. The event

WORLD VISION PARTNER SINCE 2005 MISSION MATCH Community and Global Outreach Improving Health

Teambuilding Employee Engagement

was so successful that the managers created a “Day of Caring,” giving Midmark employees at multiple sites the opportunity to participate in building kits.


Over the past two years, Midmark has invested in World Vision’s work in the U.S. as well.

Product Donations Kit Build Events

Seeing the critical need in the Appalachia region where World Vision is helping to improve access to healthcare, Midmark donated state-of-the-art medical and dental equipment, allowing doctors to see more patients and serve those with limited mobility. In 2013, Midmark’s donations to World Vision programs quadrupled to include hundreds of exam tables and $200,000 worth of urgently needed healthcare supplies. Now, Midmark and World Vision are laying the groundwork to expand donations to other underserved U.S. communities, while continuing their partnership to deliver improved healthcare all over the world. 10

“We believe that all people deserve accessible, quality healthcare, and we are committed to doing our part to make this happen. … World Vision allows us to live our mission in a way that is aligned with our values.” —Dr. Anne Eiting Klamar, President and CEO of Midmark

Saving lives through clean water Procter & Gamble, the world’s largest producer of consumer goods, is committed to bringing health and hope to communities by providing the most basic human need—clean drinking water. A strongly aligned partnership with World Vision has helped position P&G to deliver on that commitment and help save lives around the world. What began in 2007 as a small-scale project in rural Malawi has developed into a dynamic, strategic partnership. P&G and World Vision have worked together to deliver access to clean


water in 34 countries through P&G water purification packets—a low-cost, easy-to-implement technology that cleanses water of life-threatening contaminants. And in 2013, P&G and World Vision committed to their largest joint effort to date, bringing 180 million liters of clean water to seven countries in West Africa. One of P&G’s leading partners in its Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program, World Vision

MISSION MATCH Safe Drinking Water Social Responsibility Raising Awareness

Culture of Giving Back Improving Health

uses P&G packets as an immediate solution to the critical need for clean water as it scales up long-term water solutions, providing water to people living in conflict zones, disaster areas, and communities where sustainable water interventions are not yet available. As the program has accelerated, so has public awareness. In 2013, Chelsea Clinton visited P&G and World Vision’s clean water projects in Myanmar and Rwanda to celebrate the 6 billionth

HOW THEY ENGAGE Financial Support Disaster Response

Product Innovation Services-in-Kind Operational Support

liter of water provided since P&G launched the program. President Bill Clinton joined Chelsea in Rwanda, and their support has generated widespread international news coverage, raising awareness of the need for clean water. The P&G and World Vision partnership has now surpassed the 1 billion liter mark, benefiting over 6.5 million people. Both organizations look forward to moving well past these milestones

“Let me say how grateful I am to both P&G, one of the greatest companies in the world in terms of its responsibilities to society … and to World Vision, one of the great treasures of NGOs. … The fact that they’re doing this together means a lot to me.” —President Bill Clinton

in the years to come. 11

Empowering women to thrive Walmart and the Walmart Foundation’s partnership with World Vision began in 2005 after the Indian Ocean tsunami claimed hundreds of thousands of lives across South Asia. When Walmart associates raised $5,000 to donate to World Vision relief efforts, the Walmart Foundation chose to add its support by multiplying their gift with a $500,000 grant. Following several more grants and product donations, in 2013 the Walmart Foundation selected World Vision to participate in its Women in Factories (WIF) program, which is part of the company’s global Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative (WEEI). The WIF program seeks to train both male and female factory workers in Central America as part of the company’s commitment to promote flourishing work environments for factory workers around the world. Together, World Vision and the Walmart Foundation are providing training for 9,100 men and 21,900 women in factories in Honduras and El Salvador, helping them build skills in personal finance, nutrition, and speaking and negotiating in the workplace. The result has been newfound confidence as women in particular learn they have a voice at work and at home, leading to greater productivity, career readiness, and the ability to contribute even more to their families and communities. Through the WIF program, World Vision has been able to apply its expertise in empowering women, adding value in professional environments. As women thrive in all areas of life, their success translates to the marketplace, ensuring a stronger, more productive workforce for the entire manufacturing sector. 12

WORLD VISION PARTNER SINCE 2005 MISSION MATCH Women’s Empowerment Social Responsibility

HOW THEY ENGAGE Financial Support Product Donations

Raising Awareness


Excerpts From 2013 Press Releases

Seattle (February 20, 2013)

New York (June 7, 2013)

To further advance its commitment to revitalize and rebuild healthy, active and

As part of long-term rebuilding efforts in the hurricane-ravaged Eastern Seaboard

successful schools in rural and semi-urban India, Coca-Cola India and World Vision

and Louisiana, World Vision is assisting families and communities hit by [the] past

kicked off the second phase of the Support My School initiative by dedicating the

year’s devastating hurricanes Sandy and Isaac, supported by more than $130,000

first completed school of its flagship campaign in January. Teams from Coca-Cola

in building materials donated by Weyerhaeuser. … Donations of desperately needed

[and] World Vision and community leaders from Chennai, India, gathered to

building materials from partner corporations are critical as disaster areas move

dedicate the first World Vision community school, where students now have access

from first response into longer-term rebuilding phases. Weyerhaeuser donated three

to basic amenities such as water, sanitation and playing fields.

truckloads of lumber and eight truckloads of OSB [oriented strand board] for flooring and roofing this spring.

Clarksburg (June 20, 2013)

New York (July 25, 2013)

World Vision and Midmark Corporation deliver the most critically needed, updated

In support of P&G’s Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Commitment to Action

equipment to Health Access, Inc. in Clarksburg [West Virginia], where teams have

“Save One Life Every Hour,” Flash Flood for Good announces a new social media

been preparing to receive and install the new equipment. Health Access … sees

initiative that will launch at the CGI Annual Meeting in New York City on

thousands of community residents who would otherwise have little to no access

September 24 and run in concurrence with the meeting. … Funds raised will

to healthcare. Health clinics in these communities struggle to keep the doors open

provide clean drinking water to those who need it most through the P&G

to serve a population where 80% of patients are classified as ‘working poor’ making

Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program. P&G will work with implementing

too much income to qualify for Medicare/Medicaid programs and not enough

partner World Vision in Myanmar, Rwanda and Ethiopia to share life-saving

income to cover basic necessities, let alone healthcare costs.

clean drinking water. 13


Stories in the News in 2013 Chelsea Clinton’s visits to P&G and World Vision’s programs in Myanmar and Rwanda resulted in international news coverage on CNN, CBS News, Fox News, BBC News, ABC News, The Huffington Post, The Christian Post, The Associated Press, and more than 200 additional outlets.

Bill, Chelsea Clinton return to Africa for foundation work CNN (August 5, 2013) Weyerhaeuser contributes to World Vision’s rebuilding efforts K+BB Digital Edition (June 24, 2013) “At Weyerhaeuser, we are proud to contribute building materials that we manufacture and distribute to those in need,” said Larry Burrows, senior vice president, wood products. “This is one of many shining examples of our employees seeing a need and connecting with the communities where we live and work. We are

Tyson Foods and World Vision partner to fight hunger in Tanzania

delighted to deepen our relationship

The Wall Street Journal (Springdale, Arkansas—September 25, 2013)

with World Vision, an organization

Tyson Foods, Inc. (NYSE:TSN) and World Vision announced today a new

logistics capabilities to get our wood

partnership to bring vital assistance to small family farmers in northern Tanzania through a new initiative called the Tyson Foods FellowsTM program. The collaboration will integrate Tyson Foods’ technical knowledge about chicken production with World Vision’s Secure the Future Tanzania initiative to help smallholder farmers build more resilient livelihoods.

with the credibility, footprint and products to local community partners supporting the rebuilding.”


2013 Social Media Highlights

World Vision USA


World Vision USA

World Vision



3,882 Subscribers


World Vision on Facebook

World Vision on Twitter

Post featuring Flash Flood For Good and Procter & Gamble

WVUS Press Center @WorldVisionNews Thank you @billclinton @ChelseaClinton @ClintonFdn for visiting @WorldVision @ProcterGamble water work!

Post featuring World Vision’s Bring It for Kids! partnership with Six Flags

Verizon Foundation @verizongiving Love it! @Verizon @VerizonWireless employees pack @worldvisionnews promise packs for children in Philippines.

Kelly Morisseau @Kitchen_Sync 8 years without a kitchen. Now under transformation thanks to @kbis2013 @worldvisionnews 515 1



Donation brings warmth and hope The landscape around the region of Librazhd, Albania, is rugged, and most residents live in villages scattered throughout the surrounding hills. Work is hard in this rural area. The weather is cold and harsh during the winter, and relentlessly hot in the summer months as families toil in the fields to make ends meet. Those daily struggles are engraved on the faces of children and adults alike—burned by the sun and chapped by the cold. But those faces lit up the day a special World Vision donation from corporate partner Tommy Hilfiger arrived. The villagers’ curiosity was clear as the truck pulled up, filled with boxes of warm clothing in different colors and sizes, perfect for the cold weather in Librazhd. Some people had left their homes at sunrise to be on time for the delivery, and were tired from hours of walking. Many wore tattered and torn clothing. But there was an air of celebration as items were handed out—a few people didn’t even wait to get home to try on their new clothes. That day, families in Librazhd received more than a gift of high-quality clothing. They also got the clear message that people they have never met care about their struggles and concerns. “It is [such a] special gesture when someone donates for those who need help, and everything we received was brand-new,” says Fatbardha, one mother in the community. “Thank you for helping us in this way.” Throughout the world, countless families live in impoverished communities where parents struggle to provide basic necessities for their children. World Vision is grateful for the continued support of our generous corporate partners like Tommy Hilfiger. Your donations are making a difference in hundreds of thousands of lives.

This generous donation, one of many from corporate partner Tommy Hilfiger through World Vision’s gifts-in-kind program, benefited over 1,000 children and their families in the Librazhd Area Development Program in southeast Albania. 17

Endorsements “We choose World Vision because they’re effective, they’re efficient, they’re trustworthy, and they operate all around the world … and it’s always been successful.” —Scott Welch, Global Corporate Relations Manager, Columbia Sportswear

“Through our partnership, the Intel team was able to assist in bringing the latest education technologies directly to the children World Vision serves. While we brought our technical skills, we never would have been successful without the local knowledge and support of the World Vision team.” —Courtney Harrison, Intel Sales Account Manager

“At Weyerhaeuser our commitment to the well-being of our communities is rooted deeply in our culture. We appreciate and value our partnership with World Vision and the common goal we strive for together in building stronger, healthier communities. Who we are and what we value as a company and corporate citizen is clearly demonstrated in our partnership as we mobilize the talents and skills of our employee volunteers and resources during our company-wide annual Operation Diaper Drive. We can trust that World Vision will use our resources—product donations and financial support—to their fullest potential and help improve the lives of families right here in our own communities. And this certainly lends to our shareholder value.” —Anne Leyva, Program Manager, Community Investment, Weyerhaeuser Giving Fund 18

» net assets (in millions)

2013 FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS » r evenue sources (in millions)

2011 2012 2013

private cash contributions $556 $567 $599 public grants (food and cash) 199 175 179 gifts-in-kind 291 259 196 other income, net 12 18 8 total revenue


»o  perating expenses (in millions) total program services fundraising management & general



2011 2012 2013 $927 $902 $805 102 107 114 50 53 52

total operating expenses

$1,079 $1,062 $971

» revenue sources

» operating expenses

61% private cash contributions 20% gifts-in-kind 18% public grants 1% other income, net

$63 unrestricted $58 temporarily restricted $8 permanently restricted

total net assets: $129

83% programs 12% fundraising 5% management & general

World Vision’s objective for financial liquidity and reserves is to operate in a prudent range of stability, while recognizing $8 the imperative of distributing maximum funds to mission as $58 quickly as possible. World Vision U.S. remains financially strong, with sufficient liquid assets to discharge ongoing program commitments and other obligations. Most of $63 our short-term investments are held in liquid marketable securities. Our investment strategy for long-term assets (primarily pensions, donor advised funds, and endowments) would generally be considered a conservative one.

» revenue and overhead trends (in millions) Revenue from private cash donations, the most important measure of World Vision’s financial health, grew 6% in 2013 to $599 million. Importantly, donations to World Vision’s core child sponsorship program increased 5%, while major gifts from individual donors grew by more than 20%. $1200

$1,224 $1,041















Total revenue

$800 $600 $200


1% 20%





61% 83%

In 2013, 83 percent of World Vision’s total operating expenses were used for programs that benefit children, families, and communities in need.

» overhead rate (percent of total revenue)


international programs $745 domestic programs (U.S.) 55 public awareness and education 5

(fundraising, management, and general)

Fundraising, management, and general expenses (sometimes called overhead) rose 4% in 2013. Our overhead rate (overhead expenses as a percent of total revenue) increased from 15.7% to 17.0%. The increase is attributable to higher fundraising costs to acquire new child sponsors, including the cost to develop several innovative new channels that we expect will boost the growth of sponsorship revenue in future years.

» program services (in millions) total program services: $805

Total overhead

10% 0%

11.4% 2009









View our Consolidated Financial Statements online at


For more information, please contact your World Vision representative. World Vision Corporate Engagement P.O. Box 9716 34834 Weyerhaeuser Way S. Federal Way, WA 98063-9716

1.866.850.HOPE (4673)

2013 WORLD VISION U.S. OFFICERS Rich Stearns :: President Larry Probus :: Chief Financial Officer and Sr. Vice President, Strategic Solutions Joan Mussa :: Sr. Vice President, Mobilization Julie Regnier :: Sr. Vice President, Human Resources Chris Glynn :: Sr. Vice President, Transformational Engagement Kent Hill :: Sr. Vice President, International Programs

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2013 WV Corporate Partnerships Year in Review  
2013 WV Corporate Partnerships Year in Review