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October 2013 William J. Valenti Educational Media Specialist

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Help celebrate the Young Adult Library Services Association’s Teen Read Week which encourages area teens to read for the fun of it. This fall the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) encourages teens to Seek the Unknown during Teen Read Week. A celebration of reading for fun, this year’s theme can be used to highlight a variety of genres in your collection—science fiction, mysteries, nonfiction, and more! Use this poster to promote the importance of pleasure reading in all its forms (books, magazines, newspapers, e-books, audiobooks, blogs) and to increase awareness of the great resources libraries have to offer teens and their families.

Please take some time this month and share with your students what you are currently reading and why reading is so important in your life.

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A blog that connects to educational and cultural media (podcasts, videos, online courses). “We can teach from our experience, but we cannot teach experience.” ~Sasha Azevedo ~ From Free Technology for

Teachers TRY THIS GREAT RESOURCE ReadWriteThink: Home-

At ReadWriteThink, our mission is to provide educators, parents, and afterschool professionals with access to the highest quality practices in reading and language arts instruction by offering the very best in free materials. Lessons can be adapted to suit most curriculum areas.

page presents 58 student interactive for grades K-12 that develop skills in organizing and summarizing, inquiry and analysis, writing poetry, writing and publishing prose, and learning about language. ~ from NEA 10 Free Things



390 Free Online Art History Books The Metropolitan Museum of Art hosts free online art history texts. Today, I revisited that collection and discovered that it has expanded to 390 volumes. All of the books can be read online or downloaded as PDFs (warning, some of them are massive files). You can search through the catalog of books by thematic category, format, and publication type. And, of course, you can search through the books by title, author, and keyword. Applications for Education The Metropolitan Museum of Art's collection of art history bookscould be a great resource for art teachers and their students. Students who are researching artists and or art movements could consult the collection to find reference materials. ~ From Free Technology for Teachers Artsedge is the Kennedy Center’s educational media arm providing arts and cross-curricular materials for K-12 students and educators ~ from NEA 10 Free Things

Faculty   Try Word Hippo for Definitions, Antonyms, Translations, and More Word Hippo is a nice little tool that students can use to find definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and translations for words. The service also provides students with verb conjugation assistance, pronunciation assistance, and assistance with prefixes and suffixes. In total Word Hippo offers more than a dozen tools for students. ~ From Free Technology for Teachers

Explore 5,400 New Artifacts In the Google Cultural Institute

The Google Cultural Institute is one of my favorite sites for students in history, geography, and art courses. The online exhibitions in the Google Cultural Institute feature images, videos, audio, and text about significant historical and cultural people, places, and events. Some of the exhibitions like the Eiffel Tower Exhibition incorporate the use of Google Maps Street View imagery too. Last week Google announced the addition of 5,400 new artifacts to the Cultural Institute. There is a strong emphasis on art and fashion in the new content added to the Cultural Institute. Some of the new content includes quilts from the Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg, kimonos from Japan, children's art from Norway, and interior tours of art museums in China.

College 101 With early action and early decision applications due in November (a.k.a. next month), we get why you’re stressed. College is a Big Freaking Deal and you want to put your best foot forward. Thankfully, we’ve revamped our College 101 guide to help take you from high scholar to history-maker in just a few easy steps. Struggling with your Common App essay? Our updated Essay Lab gives you prompts and writing exercises specially designed for the 2013-2014 Common App essays. Essay Lab not enough? Check out our list of personal essay examples to get the creative juices flowing. Not even sure where to start? Figure out where you are and get the satisfaction of checking off your to -dos from our handy checklist by grade level. ~ From Schmoop

Home Economics  Map Your Recipe Shows Students Where Their Food Really Comes From Map Your Recipe is a neat use of Google Maps that I recently learned about through Larry Ferlazzo's excellent blog. Map Your Recipe allows you to enter a recipe and find out where the vegetables in that recipe were first domesticated. According to the creator of the site the purpose of doing this is to show how few truly local ingredients go into many of our favorite meals. You can try Map Your Recipe with one of the sample recipes or you can enter a recipe of your own.

Math   Motivate” Maths Enrichment for Schools  provides opportunities for students in grades k‐12 to discover how math relates to life and other subjects.  ~ from NEA 10 Free Things   

Physical Education  LIFEDOJO LifeDojo is a wonderful resource/curriculum for Phys Ed/Health teachers and anyone else interested in leading a healthy lifestyle. This is all done through engaging interactive videos (ie, Atomic Learning). Best of all teachers can track and assess students progress as they complete lessons and quizzes.

~From Technology Tidbits   

Science Slow Motion Chemistry

The Periodic Table of Videos is produced by The University of Nottingham. The table features a video demonstration of the characteristics of each element in the table. Each element in the Periodic Table displayed on the home page is linked to a video. The Periodic Table of Videos YouTube channel and found a playlist titled Slow Motion Chemistry. Slow Motion Chemistry contains ten videos that capture chemical reactions in slow motion. Some of the things that students can see in the Slow Motion Chemistry videos are a hydrogen explosions, muskets firing, and copper sulfate interacting with ammonia. ~ From Free Technology for Teachers

Science Take - Short Science Videos from The New York Times

Thanks to Peter Vogel I recently learned about Science Take from The New York Times. Science Take is a

new series of videos short (60-90 seconds) videos that quickly explain the unique aspects of various animals including dolphins, jaguars, and sharks. Science Take is part of the larger collection of science videos hosted on thescience page on the The New York Times. ~ From Free Technology for Teachers

JST Virtual Science Center - Excellent Online Science Lessons

The Japanese Science and Technology Center offers nine outstanding science lessons. The list of lessons and activities covers topics in physics, biology, psychology, geography, and space science. The general format of each virtual lesson is to present a manageable chunk of information followed by activities in which students try to use that information ~ From Free Technology for Teachers Biology Teaching and Learning Resources A companion web site for D.G. Mackean’s biology textbooks- supports the basic concepts and principles in high school biology ~ NEA 10 Free Things Understanding Science Http:// Was developed for k-higher education teachers professors and students and provides a look at science, its principles and methods ~ from NEA 10 Free Things

Social Studies  Bridging World History is a set of multimedia materials for 26 thematic world history units presented in a loose chronological order. Each units includes a 30-minute video, an online text chapter, activies and more. ~ from NEA 10 Free Things


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