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Shore Regional High School

November 2013 William J. Valenti  Educational Media  Specialist 

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The Information Geek

Valenti’s Information Bulletin Essentials

Lifehacker University Whether it is science, finance, math, humanities, law or anything else, if there’s a course you wish you took in college you’re not out of luck, Lifehacker University has rounded up every great source on online education.


Fakebook allows students and teachers to create imaginary profile pages for study purposes. Use Fakebook to chart the plot of a book, the development of a character a series of historical events and so on.

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EDUCANON-Create, Assign and Track Flipped Lesson Progress Educanon is a free service. To create lessons start by identifying a topic and objective by searching YouTube and Vimeo within the Educanon site. Once you’ve found a suitable video you can build multiple choice questions throughout the timeline of your chosen video. You can create as many lessons as you like.

“ When all else fails, pray for a fire drill.” ~Author Unknown


Child Study Team  Summarize This  is a free tool that summarizes the main points of long articles that you find on the web.  To use Summarize This  you just copy and paste into the “summarize box” and click summarize.  A summary of the text then appears  above the original text that you copied.  ~From Free Technology for Teachers   

English The Pit and the Pendulum Rap  ~ From Free Technology for Teachers  10 Figures of Speech Illustrated by Monty Python: Paradiastole, Epanorthosis, Syncatabasis & More ~From Open Culture The Online Emily Dickinson Archive Makes Thousands of the Poet’s Manuscripts Freely Available ~ From Open Culture Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg & Margaret Mead Explain the Meaning of “Beat” in Rare 1950s Audio Clips ~ From Open Culture

Free Audio: Bryan Cranston,Breaking Bad Star, Reads First Chapter of The Things They Carried ~ From Open Culture

Poems about Teaching and Teachers Poems about Teaching and Teachers is a Poetry Foundation resource or grades 9-12 that includes poems and essays written by veteran teachers on teaching poetry.... ~ From NEA 10 Free Things

Faculty   A Short Guide to Using Google Books for Research  ~ From Free Technology for Teachers 

Download Vintage Film Posters in High-Res: From The Philadelphia Story to Attack of the Crab Monsters ~ From Open Culture Great Source for Lesson Plans for All Subjects from NEA just put in the specifics (ex. Romeo and Juliet or gene mutation) and lesson plans will come up ~from NEA

Science Create Virtual Chemical Reactions on Your iPad or Android Tablet nd Industry, Chicago. This free iPad app allows students to virtually create chemical reactions. To create the reactions students simply drag elements from the periodic table to the “reaction area.” The app features suggested reactions to help students get started. In all there are nearly 300 chemical reactions supported on the app. The app includes pictures and videos related to the reactions that students can virtually create on goREACT. ~ From Free Technology for Teachers 5 Fun Physics Games for Students ~ From Free Technology for Teachers

The Science of American Football ~ From Free Technology for Teachers

Social Studies  The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History  This website houses historical essays, multimedia, and lesson plans as well as more than 60,000 historical documents...  A Crash Course On The Cold War S History. Episode 37 covers one of my favorite topics to teach, the Cold War. In thirteen minutes the video covers the origins of the Cold War, how the Cold War contributed to US involvement in Korea and Vietnam, and the Red Scare. Green concludes the video with a statement about how the Cold War shaped our thinking about the meaning of freedom. The statement is short and so could be the start of a good classroom conversation or the beginning of an essay assignment in which students explore how the Cold War influenced how we think about about freedom.

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