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GOT EBOOKS ???-MONOMOUTH COUNTY LIBRARY DOES!!!! Trend setter, technology hounds, Ellen Minze and Carolyn Egan check out eBooks using their library cards and so can you. Ellen has a Kindle and Carolyn has a Nook and both are able to choose eBooks right online.

Go to :

and then and look on the right hand side under the heading eBooks and Audio books. Click on “Library on the Go” ** EDUCATION BLOGS TO READ 1. NJ Spotlight 2. Edutopia www.edutopia.rog/blogs 3. Education Week Blogs

index.html 4. Lilly’s Blackboard 5. Diane Ravitch’s Blog

GET FREE BOOKS FOR YOUR KINDLE OR OTHER EREADER 1. Open Library 2. Project Gutenberg 3. Free EBook Collection on Amazon 4. Many Books 5. Internet Archive 6. Google EBook Store 7. Feed Books domain

GLOSSI Glossi is a free service for creating digital magazines. It can include: images, videos, audio files, and links to external sources of information. Pages created have page-turning effects. Try Glossi as a Web 2.0 presentation alternative.


Ray Bradbury Offers 12 Essential Writing Tips and Explains Why Literature Saves Civilization

In this post, we revisit two moments when Bradbury offered his personal thoughts on the art and purpose of writing — something he contemplated during the 74 years that separated his first story from the last. ~ From Open Culture Rare 1959 Audio: Flannery O’Connor Reads ‘A Good Man is Hard to Find’: In April of 1959–five years before her death at the age of 39 from lupus–Flannery O’Connor ventured away from her secluded family farm in Milledgeville, Georgia, to give a reading at Vanderbilt University. She read one of her most famous and unsettling stories, “A Good Man is Hard to Find.” The audio is one of two known recordings of the author reading that story. ~ From Open Culture

Exploring Satire with The Simpsons This lesson uses an example from popular culture, The Simpsons, as a means to explore the literary technique of satire and to analyze a satirical work. ~ From Thinkfinity

A Crash Course on The Catcher in the Rye ~ From Free Technology for Teachers

Faculty Wikipedia Remembers 2012 ( I can’t believe I am including this!)

Quickly Add Speech Bubbles and Effects to Images is a simple service that anyone can use to add speech bubbles and some basic Instagramlike effects to your pictures. To use the service just upload a picture and choose a speech bubble. Drag your speech bubble into place then type your text. ~ From Free Technology for Teachers

Create Jeopardy Games on eQuizShow

eQuizShow is a free tool developed by a junior year high school student in New York City, Henry Wilson. Henry designed eQuizShow to be a tool that teachers can use to create Jeopardy-style games online. Unlike similar tools you do not have to download or upload any PowerPoint files to use eQuizShow. On eQuizShow you can build and display your quiz completely online. To build your quiz just enter a title, an administrative password, and your question categories. eQuizShow will then generate a grid on which you can enter questions and answers. If you

don't have time to build a quiz or you just need some inspiration, browse the eQuizShow gallery. ~ From Free Technology for Teachers

A Quick Way to Search for Grants for Your School

Grant Wrangler is a free service that lists grant opportunities for teachers, school administrators, and students. Grant Wrangler also lists some contest opportunities. You can search Grant Wrangler by content area, grade level, and application deadline. ~ From Free Technology for Teachers

Home Economics Eat Different Encourages Healthy Habits

Eat Different is a service that aims to help people change their eating habits. The basic premise of the site is to provide a place for users to track their eating habits and receive reminders about their new diet and exercise habits. ~ From Free Technology for Teachers brings you the best user-rated recipes that will inspire your next dinner, dessert, or midnight snack. WonderHowTo Food Videos Epicurious Videos Tasty Kitchen

Chew or Die Encourages Kids to Try Healthy Foods

Chew or Die is a free iPad, iPhone, and Android app that encourages people to try new healthy foods. The free app contains a series of healthy food challenges. The challenges include things like removing bread and potato-based starches with rice, trying a new vegetable, removing meat from your diet for a week, and sneaking more fiber into your diet. When you try a challenge take a picture of the food that you try and upload it to Chew or Die to challenge your friends to match your healthy choice. ~ From Free Technology for Teachers


Trout Pond Using Algebra and Discrete Mathematics to Investigate Population Changes ~ From Thinkfinity Paying for Your Wheels The Algebra of Gas Consumption ~ From Thinkfinity Rates and Taxes Determining the Amount of Tax a Family Will Pay Based on a Certain Income ~ From Thinkfinity

Physical Education Code Fred - A Game for Learning About Circulation and Respiration

Playing Code Fred could be a fun way for students to review a lesson they have learned about circulation and respiration. The game doesn't last long if it's played correctly, perhaps fifteen minutes at the longest, so don't plan on using the game for a full lesson. ~ From Free Technology for Teachers Fitness Files This site, which addresses fitness in a concise, fun, interactive format is perfect for those studying the most effective ways to become and remain physically fit. The Files are chock full of information on selecting a health club, using home gym equipment, preventing and treating injuries, acquiring healthful eating habits, and more for middle and high school students. The well designed Fitness Fundamentals section is especially helpful, providing accurate information on target heart rates, exercises for strength and flexibility, and a fitness quiz.

Fitness Jumpsite Covering nearly every aspect of physical fitness, Fitness Jumpsite is a wonderful resource for those interested in a serious fitness study. The site provides information in areas such as weight management, fitness equipment, and nutrition and includes such useful interactive features as a fitness forum and an activity calorie calculator. This fully searchable site is an invaluable teaching tool.

Science Green's crash course in Ecology

Social Studies

British Actors Read Poignant Poetry from World War I

Brown v. Board of Education: A Landmark in American Justice Lesson In this classroom activity, students will examine both the integrationist and segregationist arguments from Brown v. Board of Education through role play and begin to explore the impact of the Supreme Court's decision through a primary source plot.. ~ From Thinkfinity

Brown v. Board of Education: Achieving Equality Lesson In this classroom activity, students will analyze political cartoons and letters to the editor in order to identify and analyze the range of reactions to the Brown v. Board Supreme Court decision ~ From Thinkfinity

Brown v. Board of Education: An Organized Legal Campaign Lesson In this classroom activity, students will create posters that will help them identify the role of Howard University as an African American cultural center, the emergence of black lawyers as civil rights leaders, the importance of the NAACP ~ From Thinkfinity

Brown v. Board of Education: Five Communities Change a Nation Lesson In this classroom activity, students will research to gather information in order to create a radio broadcast about the five court cases that made up Brown v. Board of Education, and tell the stories of the African Americans from different walks ~ From Thinkfinity

Brown v. Board of Education: Segregated America Lesson In this classroom activity, students will identify and discuss the condition and aspirations of free African Americans in the years following the Civil War, identify the social factors that led to the rise of Jim Crow segregation and evaluate the .. ~ From Thinkfinity

Brown v. Board of Education: Separate and Unequal Education Lesson In this classroom activity, students will identify the purpose and goals of education in American society and explain why African Americans chose to challenge segregated education in their quest for equality. ~ From Thinkfinity

Changing Gender Roles on the World War II Home Front Kick-off a research project on gender roles on the World War II home front with two brief video clips and a selection of primary sources. Once students have analyzed the photographs and wartime advertisements, begin a research project on women ~ From Thinkfinity

Cuban Missile Crisis In this lesson plan students will examine primary sources to determine the level of threat caused by the buildup of Soviet nuclear missiles and weapons sites in Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis and will analyze President Kennedy’s respon... ~ From Thinkfinity

Exile: Cuba and the United States In this lesson plan, students will research the events of the Cuban revolution and their effect on U.S.-Cuban relations and U.S. foreign policy by utilizing Celia Cruz's personal experience. They will then prepare a story about the revolution as i... ~ From Thinkfinity

From Segregation to Sit-ins: The Greensboro Woolworth Lunch Counter This teacher's resource challenges students to think about the Greensboro Woolworth's lunch counter and it's importance to the Civil Rights movement. It includes a preliminary activity intended to introduce student... ~ From Thinkfinity

In Defense of Liberty: The Magna Carta in the American Revolution In this lesson, students will carefully examine an authentic Massachusetts thirty-shilling note (1775) from the Museum's collection and hypothesize the meaning of its visual elements. Students will use primary and secondary sources ~ From Thinkfinity

Montgomery Bus Boycott Comic Artifact Exploration Students can guide themselves to a deeper understanding of the Montgomery bus boycott with this 2-page activity sheet. The sheet includes description and analysis questions to use alongside the digitized version of a comic book about the nonviolen.. ~ From Thnikfinity

Movement and Migration: The Gold Nugget That Launched the Gold Rush

This teacher's resource challenges students to think about the gold nugget that began the California gold rush as a valuable resource for understanding westward expansion and the idea of Manifest Destiny. ~ From Thinkfinity

POWs In this lesson plan, students analyze news sources from the Vietnam War era to describe how POWs and their families were represented in the media, then write letters from the perspective of the relative of a POW that describes the concerns of POW ... ~ From Thinkfinity

The Soldier’s Experience: Vietnam versus World War I Analyze museum artifacts and first-person accounts of World War I and the Vietnam War, then take on the role of soldiers and a news team to present a newscast about the experience of fighting in these two wars. This lesson plan (which includes bac... ~ From Thinkfinity

Working with the Short-Handled Hoe: Organizing Farmworkers after World War II This teacher's resource challenges students to think about the short-handled hoe and its connection to agriculture and the organizing of Latino farm workers after World War II. ~ From Thinkfinity

World Language French to/from English Dictionary: Bilingual dictionary for translating French to English and English to French and provides easy to understand definitions. Bonjour de France: Online interactive magazine for all levels of French learners to help practice the language through interactive exercises. French Assistant: User-friendly site for students learning French with tons of lesson plans, audio files, tests, and vocabulary and grammar resources. The Paris Pages: French students can learn about the city, its people, and its culture in both the English and French version of the site. WordProf: Interactive French lessons, interactive scenes, and vocabulary tests with over nine thousand basic vocabulary words to learn Free Italian Language Learning Resources: List of grammar, reading, and vocabulary learning resources for beginners and advanced Italian learners. One World Italiano Complete learning course for students of all levels, including grammar, vocabulary, and Italian culture. Spanish Grammar Exercises: Interactive Spanish grammar exercises to help students learn verb usage, conjunctions, prepositions, and more. Language and Culture: Students can learn about the Spanish culture while conquering a large collection of educational activities.

The Vibe January 2013 Teacher Edition  

library, newsletter

The Vibe January 2013 Teacher Edition  

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