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Week 2 Journal Yicheng Alensten Wu 584927

Experiment 1 - Connection and Function From Week1’s working experience, the core concept from the sheep was to connecting shattered piece into a group and make the group functional. Therefore, in this experiment, my aim is to find other ways of connecting objects

1. Tissue, its connecting way is

two pieces of tissue wind each other, thus forming a spiral figure and this creates friction at the junction part. This allows tissue to become secure and firm.

2. 3. 3. The charger simply plugs 2. 3D dinasour, This example is


similar to the little sheep. However, its connecting way is instert cards into cards. The joints on the little sheep are all perpendicular, but in contrast, on this dinasour joints becomes angled and in turn increases firmness

into each other. But the material is noticeble. It is ferrus which allows the flow of electricity. Therefore it has the transmission function

5. bottle lid and bottle, 4. 4. pen lid and pen, the

connecting way is hook and clip. This creates obstruction when try to pull them off.

the connecting way is hook and twist. Internal suface of the lid is corresponding to the surface of the bottle. This creates obstruction and pressure. Its function is sealing.


6. 6. This is the most intersting

example, wo thin exercise books. its connecting way is flat pages lay on each other. This creates a magnificent force of friction thus make the two object unseperateble.

Summary: from this short observation, I have discovered several connection ideas, such as inserting, twisting, winding, clipping which rely on friction, gravitiy and obstruction.

1st Sketch Design - the Cloak

source: EXPO 2010 Shanghai China, Rihan. CC, H.K Rihan INT’L culture spread limited

The first idea was base on the concept of cloak. Cloak gives a mystery feeling as it wrap the person up. It also creates a physical distance away from other objects or people. The appearence of the cloak looks something like the above picture which is the Expo axis in China, 2010. From my initial sketch, the cloak was designed from mouth to feet. Then it has been adjusted to from mouth to wraist because my wraist is very ticklish and it is core the part that needs this second skin to protect. Still considering wether the hands should come out or not.

2nd Sketch Design - the Vegetation blanket This idea was based on the tissue winding experiment previously. Basically the concet of this one is ratten grows from the body and creates a spider web shape barrier that protects the body from external distractions. This idea could be challenging in order to deliver a profile and section system

3rd Sketch Design - the Magnetic Field This idea is very abstractive, from the reading ‘personal spaces‘, the space can be tangilble but it can also become intangible. This Magnetic field idea is visualising the invisible space around our body. From the sketch, try to visualise ways of attraction and repulsion.

Week2 Reflection There are many things needs to be considered at this stage, for example the using material, the object size, the location of the object.

Reading Time In this week’s reading, chapter 3 is titled as ‘spatial invasion‘. It suddenly suggests the idea of self protection into my thoughts. Self protection as you don’t want to be invaded by someone. The reading also suggests that personal space can be visble or can be audible, also can be intangible. There was a philosophical quote, it is said, “invisible boundries is to walking until somebody complains”. It seems confortness and relief are the major points when describing personal space. The reading has also listed many interesting observations that I have never noticed before, for example, a driver can make another exceeding nervous by tailgating. Finish reading, what i get most out of it, is that personal space is feeling atteched and how to respond to this feeling intrusions .


Virtual Environments Week2

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