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Too many shadows, whispering voices Faces on posters, too many choices If, when, why, what? How much...have you got? Have you got it, do you get it, if so how often? Which cover do you choose...hard or a soft option? 驶How much始 do you need your books bound? East End boys in a West End town.

Contents Hello and welcome to WUWO edition 4. This month WUWO have been busy working on our new website take a peek, sign up and become involved. Our new Comedy pages have launched in this very edition. We feel that comedy is an important part of life, so having that feeling, we have decided to promote good, fun and dirty comedy. Please see the new website for extended stories and video clips. WUWO are here to provide quality content that speaks up against boredom so we hope you like edition 4.

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What’s Up

WUWO gives you the lowdown on What’s up and What’s on. Snippets of news and cool things to check out...

Circus Space Kalyn ‘Lj’ Marles is a 21 year old London born circus artist. He will be soon flying over to perform his debut at the Union Theatre on Broadway in New York City. Have you ever had a bad accident whilst high flying?
 I’ve a fair few minor sprains and twisted ankles and I’ve fallen from doing handstands or somersaults on other people, but luckily nothing too serious.

 Do you swallow fire? Or is that very old school?
 No I don’t, it’s a bit more traditional and is now something you might see in Cabaret shows or night club events (if they can get away with the health and safety assessments), and it has the danger factor that people like to see on a night out.

 What’s the most extreme performance you have been involved in?
 I don’t know about the most extreme, but the most exciting was taking part in a festival in France along with 3 of my classmates performing a 20 minute show that we created. We had the opportunity to perform with some of the other circus schools from around the world. Or performing a two-minute straps solo in the O2 arena! 

 What are people’s reactions when you tell them you’re involved in circus performing?
 People always relate circus to the very traditional aspects like high wire, trapeze, clowns and animals or Cirque Du Soleil and I then I have to explain that circus has moved forward and it’s now becoming more mainstream. When I first told my friends they

For more of the same

laughed and told me to get a real job, but years later and I tell them how much I get to travel and the places I perform their opinions change, now they always ask when my next performance is so that they can come and see me.

 Tell us a little about Circus Space?

 Circus Space began in 1989 in a disused warehouse in Islington. They moved to a converted power station in Hoxton in 1994 and have grown into one of the most prolific circus schools in Europe. As part of the Conservatoire for Dance and Drama alongside institutions such as RADA, Lamda and Bristol Old Vic Theatre School there are on average 60 students on the degree programme at any one time training to become professional circus artists. Circus Space also run recreational classes for adults and young people and experience days where members of the public can try out trapeze, acrobatics and tightwire walking. Circus is one of the fastest growing participatory arts in the country. The profile of circus in performance has increased enormously in the past decade with companies like Cirque du Soleil and Seven Fingers attracting new audiences to the extraordinary skills of contemporary circus artists.



Marilyn Monroe

Americans in Peckham

New exhibition to feature original dresses alongside unique images of Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe on display in London for the first time ever. “Marilyn” opens at the Getty Images Gallery, 9 March – 23 May 2012

John Leguizamo to be New Del Boy! With recent news that the classic English sitcom Only Fools and Horses has been chosen by American network ABC to be re-made for an American audience, it has now been announced American actor John Leguizamo has landed the role of Del Boy for the pilot.

Marilyn will include imagery from Monroe’s early years as an aspiring actress through to her rise to international stardom. Accompanying the photographs will be original film costumes and dresses from the legendary collection of David Gainsborough Roberts, owner of one of the largest collections of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia in the world.

Even Sir David Jason expressed doubt as to whether an American version of the show would work, saying: “They can do brilliant comedy [in America] but I don’t see that they can bring off Fools and Horses.

Competition One of London’s most exciting festivals is back on Hyde Park this July and WUWO have teamed up with Wireless to offer Two tickets for the biggest Festival fans. Simply go to our websites competition page to enter | |



Clash of the titans

Why is it that relationship rows and conjugal clashes are so endlessly fascinating?

Mary-Clare O’Connor

He’s doing it again. That ‘thing.’ You have no idea but it winds you up like nothing else until you explode into ‘Will. You. Stop, doing. That.’ ‘What?’ he asks you confusedly. ‘BREATHING LIKE THAT. You sound like a ****ing wildebeest in labour.’ Whatever it is that your other half does, just know that you are not alone in your hatred of their idiosyncratic annoying habits. Catalysts for arguments between couples are many and varied, ranging from toilet seat placement to the purchase of (heaven fervent) the wrong curry. With cohabitating couples having on average 312 arguments a year, it comes with no surprise that lover’s tiffs create such a furore in the media. With relationship animosity providing material for most stand up comics, TV shows and celebrity magazines, it is clear that everyone can find a common ground in extreme irritation, and whether we are a silent observer or active instigator in the dispute, we are inevitably a participant nonetheless. We are constantly enthralled by the voyeuristic element of seeing couples’ dirty laundry aired in the public realm. Eastenders arguments are one thing, but even more juicy is the chance to be a fly on the wall for real relationship issues. When the photos showing Rihanna’s battered face were leaked from police files following her bust up with singer Chris Brown, the images went viral within hours. The world clamoured to get a glimpse of the aftermath of a domestic dispute. The rise of reality TV has allowed us to become embroiled in conjugal rows from the comfort of our For more of the same

living rooms. Whatever your poison, be it Mark and Lauren in TOWIE, or Spencer and Heidi in The Hills, clashes are exacerbated and amplified by media hype, and the worse the clash, the more enthralled we are. According to ‘Dating averages: What’s your normal?’ the most typical time for breakups is between three to five months. After this point, the bookworm librarian will finally twig that his playboy bunnyalike girlfriend actually isn’t suited to him after all, and this is where the animosity starts. If you and your partner find yourselves descending deeper into the pit of angry destruction, remember that the grass isn’t always greener! They say ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,’ so pay attention boys, as one scorning resulted in every man’s worst nightmare. When Californian wife Catherine Kieu was served with divorce papers in 2011, she tied her husband to the bed, found a large knife, and cut off his penis. When she called 911 after the incident she said ‘He deserved it.’ So next time you think about cheating, or, erm, breathing, remember that sometimes the arguments are best left to the professionals. But if you do have the compulsion to fight, at least have the common decency to splash it all over Facebook. Where else will we get our entertainment from? Go to the sex page on click on Clash of the titans and tell us about your relationship rows. and click on the Sex section




We chat to one of the biggest and most prolific Dubstep producers in the world.

Fergus Dufton

You are one of the UK’s (and the worlds) most prolific Dubstep producers. How do you feel about that? I feel amazing. I’ve been making music a long time and I think its nice that people think of me that way!

When on your way to a gig, what’s been your biggest travel disaster? Definitely en route to a show in Moscow, just I was about to board the plane I realised I’d left my CDs at home and there was no way of changing the flight because I would’ve missed the show. Disaster.

If you were not rocking the nightclubs at the weekend what would you be doing? Wining and Dining a lady all day.

Do you prefer walkers crisps or kettle Chips? Kettle Chips all day long.

The Dubstep sound you play was born out of pirate radio, were you involved in the early days, did you play on any pirate stations? Yeah definitely. In the early days I used to play on Flight FM. That was one of the biggest in the underground UK Garage scene.

What country that you play in has the funniest dancing? UK scene without a doubt. Lastly, we at WUWO Magazine would like to say well done for being a UK pioneering musician. We will try and catch you playing in London soon. Thank you!

What music do you listen to when on the way to a gig? I always have my ipod when I’m travelling. There’s so much stuff on there. Recently, I’ve been listening to a lot of A$AP Rocky. As a DJ / Producer you must have travelled a lot of air miles, do you get first class seats now or do the promoters stick you in coach? Do you enjoy the travel? I love being in different cities throughout the year but I don’t like getting on planes! Whenever I fly I’ve always got to be really comfortable.

In the early days I used to play on Flight FM. That was one of the biggest in the underground UK Garage scene. | |



Cardinal Burns David Cook

Cardinal Burns is a new comedy sketch show written and performed by Seb Cardinal and Dustin Demri-Burns. WUWO catches up with the duo just before the launch of their new E4 show coming soon in April. Cardinal Burns are here to launch WUWO Magazine’s new comedy pages, so we hope that we can add more laughter to your life and introduce you to some great new comedians alongside the best of the old. | |



You have a new sketch show ‘Cardinal Burns’ about to kick off on E4. Do you feel like gods? Seb & Dustin: Hhmm? Not quite sure about feeling like gods but certainly very happy and excited to be putting out our material on telly to a wider audience

leaders, Berlusconi on the decks, Castro in the corner skinning up fatties, and George Bush out of retirement to man the BBQ. Putin would be on the roof with his top off ready to jump into the pool. “King of the world!”

You’re well known on the stand up circuit, performing sell out shows across the country. How has your first solo TV project compared to being on stage? It’s such a different way of working, what makes it so exciting is having the opportunity to really create whole worlds that your characters can exist within which you obviously can’t do for stage. We haven’t played any live nights in almost a year due to the series and we missed the buzz you get from interacting with an audience, doing live nights gives us the freedom to experiment and take risks in way that you can’t always do on television.

What projects do you have in the pipeline? Seb & Dustin: We’re to starting work on our new live show which we’ll be taking to the Undderbelly on the Southbank (3rd May) which we’re really excited about. It will be a mix of sketches and characters adapted from the new TV series along with some brand new material.

​ omedians seem to be getting the ‘rock star status’ C these days. Are you getting prepared to throw big tantrums? Seb & Dustin: NO ****ING COMMENT!!!!!! ​If you could have a fight with any historical figure, who would it be and why? Seb: I’d be happy to get in the ring with Ghandi, how much damage can a short vegan pacifist do? Dustin: I’d like to have a round with Toulouse Lautrec. Both high on absinthe. I​f either of you were elected as Prime Minister tomorrow, what would be the first thing you’d do? Seb & Dustin: First of all abolish the monarchy then declare ourselves President coz it sounds cooler and then have a massive foam party with all the world

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In your show you have a character based on the street artist Banksy (very funny), why did you decide to portray him? Seb & Dustin: We liked the idea of playing around with the enigma that surrounds Banksy, he has a very cool global image and it seemed like a perfect opportunity to portray him as a boring suburban swinger who has a weakness for Whisper Golds. We actually got an email from Banksy himself saying he liked our sketch which he then posted on his website. That was a big compliment. Finally, why should we all tune into your new show on E4 in March? Seb & Dustin: What hopefully sets our show apart is in it’s scale and ambition. As well as working hard on the writing and performances to be as funny as possible we also pushed the look of the show to feel rich and cinematic so that the audience really invest in each world we create. As well as having a mixture of one off sketches, recurring characters and film parodies we tried to make it feel different to other sketch shows by giving each episode its own unique little storyline. Above all though it’s just a lot of fun! and click on the Comedy section

We actually got an email from Banksy himself saying he liked our sketch which he then posted on his website. That was a big compliment.




Alex Horne WUWO caught up with award winning comedian Alex Horne.

Quick fire questions with Alex Horne

WUWO teams up with Monkey Business in Kentish Town in London to offer you some funny nights out with your best mates or other halves. You can pick the Saturday night that you want to attend and we have 3 pairs of tickets up for grabs. Simply go to our websites competition page to enter...

Wagamama or Nandos? Nandos, although I still don’t understand the ordering system. Kate or Pippa Middleton? Kate, please. But I’d like Wills too, ideally. The three of us would rule the country in a sort of good cop, bad cop, another cop sort of way. Sweet or savoury? Always savoury. Pineapple has no business on a pizza. Thank you. What one thing would you change about yourself? I would be able to do accents. I’m brilliant at copying people’s handwriting but that’s less useful when doing stand up. Marmite…love it or hate it? I’m absolutely ambivalent. What would your superhero name be? John. That way I have the element of surprise (costume: cricket whites). Name one guilty pleasure… Torching cars. I know I shouldn’t but it’s REALLY fun. Sorry, not ‘torching’, I meant ‘touching’. And not ‘cars’, ‘myself’. And by ‘self’ I mean ‘nose’. Alex Horne is performing Seven Years in a Bathroom nationwide beginning at the Soho Theatre on March 12th. For further details see Read the full interview at

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Ready to go off - Young Guns Fergus Dufton

Having released their excellent second album ‘Bones’ earlier this month followed by a club tour of the UK throughout February and a slot opening for Enter Shikari in March, 2012 is shaping up to be quite a year for UK 5 piece YOUNG GUNS. Days ahead of the release of the album we talked to Gus about how the album was made, the tour and what makes the band tick… | |


With the album so close to release what’s the mood like in the band at the moment? We’re kind of like a coiled spring at the moment. We went to Thailand, which was such a big thing for us to do, and then the album was sent to America to be mixed and now we are doing all the press for it which is all fantastic but you get to a stage where you are anxious to get it out there. We just want to get started; we have so much ahead of us. Things are exciting at the moment but the sitting around waiting is killing us slowly. It’s been a little while since you actually recorded the album, how do you cope with the delay between recording and release and is now talking about the record bringing the excitement you felt recording it back? I think so, when you are in the midst of recording an album it’s such a crazy time. You are being creative and its free form and I suppose quite self-indulgent in a way, that’s what being creative is I think. It’s great but then sitting around waiting for it to get out and waiting for other people to hear it, for their judgements and opinions is kind of a hard process. There are times when you start to think “what’s going on here? Are we getting started or what?” We’re excited, we feel really great about the record so we’ve kept the faith through the waiting.

You think Holy s*** we’re on the other side of the world recording an album, something must be going ok!

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Second albums are often labelled ‘tricky’. How has putting the album together been? Ever since we wrote our first EP we’ve lived by this idea that we put ourselves under so much pressure that any pressure anyone else puts on us pales in comparison. Whether or not that’s a positive thing I couldn’t tell you! We live under such a bubble of trying to be as productive and as good as we can be to push ourselves forward as a band so all pressure from any external source doesn’t compare to the grief we give ourselves when we write and record. You have to keep the bar raised high but it does often make it a painful process. Second record there’s all the classic problems, most of which turn out to be true. You question yourself “is this good enough?” because what was good enough isn’t good enough anymore. The second record needs to bigger, better and bolder. Once we had a unified idea of what we wanted to do it fell out quite easily. Going to Thailand to record was a bit of extra pressure, if you are going to go halfway around to do something you better do it good but it was an amazing experience. You went to Thailand to record, was it a difficult thing to balance being at work with the feeling that you were on a holiday? It was an amazing experience and its very validating doing something like that. You think “Holy s*** we’re on the other side of the world recording an album, something must be going ok!” And that’s inspiring. We tell people that we went to Thailand and people say “Oh god, that must have been bliss” and it was great but at the same time if you fly half way round the world to do something you better do it right, we were very aware of that. It was a stressful experience I must say but if you are going to be stressed you may as well be stressed in Thailand. and click on the Music section


Interesting fact The name Young Guns may well be familiar to you, and it should be! Young Guns was a 1988 Action Western starring Emilio Estevez, Kiefer Sutherland and Charlie Sheen amongst others which also spawned a sequel 2 years later.

They served us this drink which was four measures of absinthe and a measure of gin; I don’t remember much after that. You’ve just done the biggest tour of your careers, you’ve got a new album under your belts and you’ve decided to do a tour of small clubs. What was your thinking? We came off our last tour having played venues that we never thought we would be headlining which was quite mind-blowing. But we thought: new record, new cycles, what feels like a new lease of life and we thought it was a nice romantic idea to start again at the bottom. Do some small sweaty shows and build it up again. It’s nice to think of a campaign starting off with something memorable and special. It almost feels like you are testing yourself going back to club shows? If you can’t pull it off in front of a few hundred people you have no hope doing it in a large venue. Do you have any passions in your own life that rival music? I love to read, I’m reading a book called “Fatherland” at the moment, I just read a book call “Kafka on the Shore”. I like to read fiction but anything really. I’ve recently started getting into motorbikes; I’ve recently bought a motorbike which is great fun. It always comes back to music though which is probably boring for other people but that’s the way it is! The boys really like eating too!

Are Young guns quite the culinary masters then? Whenever we practice we tend to have a big lunch; we like hot foods and we eat a lot of chilli. On tour we usually spend beyond our means and it all goes on foods. We’re not hugely adventurous with the food we eat because we never have the time but it’s nice to have a bit of down time where you can feel normal and going for food is probably our favourite way of doing that. Any bands you’re listening to at the moment? There is a band called the Xcerts, who supported us on tour last year. For some reason lately I’ve recently revisited their records and I think they’re criminally underrated. Are there any clubs you go to that you recommend? We do like to go out but in terms of specific places not really. We love going out in Liverpool, Manchester. Glasgow is great too. If there was a signature Young Guns drink, what would it be? When we’re on tour we tend to drink a lot of Absinthe. We just came back from China and went to this really cool bar there which was set up like a house party. They served us this drink which was four measures of absinthe and a measure of gin; I don’t remember much after that. We also drink a lot of Vodka, soda and lime which is quite unusual. When you drink a lot, as most bands do by virtue of the fact they spend most of their time in venues, it’s a good drink because you get a lot of water and it’s quite light. Not the manliest of drinks! It’s quite a large part of our life drinking so we’ve had plenty of time to work out what works. For more from the band check out

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Artist top five

Meet my band Who? SamanthaUrbani(vocals),LesleyHann (bass, percussion, backing vocals), Nikki Shapiro (guitar, keyboards, percussion), Matthew Molnar (keyboards, percussion, bass), Oliver Duncan (drums) Where? Brooklyn, New York What? Incredibly cool, infinitely danceable percussion driven, funky electro pop.

Band of Skulls Between spending the early part of February touring Europe and the UK with The Black Keys, releasing second album “Sweet Sour” and heading out on their UK and US tours; the last few weeks have been an exciting time for Band of Skulls. WUWO was fortunate enough to pin down guitarist and vocalist Russell Marsden for a chat about some of the band’s favourite tracks: One to play before you go on stage: Sam Cooke- A Change is Gonna Come “It’s a really big gospel soul track. We’re really big fans of that music. We had it on once before going on stage at one of our biggest shows at the Kentish Town Forum, it made us really nervous; especially listening to the big strings at the end of the track right before we hit the stage!”

Why? With their talent for creating catchy hooks, Friends’ music looks likely to be the perfect soundtrack to those long summer days. The band have already generated plenty of hype online culminating in their inclusion in the BBC’s Sound of 2012 Poll and a sell out show at XOYO in London earlier this month. More from the band here:

Songs from the Ads

One to get a party started: Led Zeppelin- Good Times Bad Times “We’re not really into dance music but this is definitely a track to whack on the juke box whilst on a good whisky session.” One to help you relax: Pink Floyd- breathe “It’s always hard to relax to music because we study it so deeply all the time. But I would have to say something classic like Pink Floyd’s Dark side of the moon. Breathe is just such a classic track to end.” One old classic: Led Zeppelin- Any “Anything by Led Zepp will do the job.” One new favourite: Lykke Li- I Follow Rivers “When we are on tour it’s the best time for us to discover new music like this track, It’s a sound that we love.” For tour dates and more from the band, head to To view the latest Music interviews

The Christmas period is awash with adverts for DVD’s that would make ‘the ideal gift’ so it is important to stand out from the crowd. One memorable advert this year was an emotive journey backwards through the film “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” which charted one Ape’s journey from spear wielding car destroyer to little chimp who likes nothing more than snuggling in his box or playing with a crayon. The Ad was sound tracked by a song that excellently charted the emotional journey of the aforementioned Ape whilst tugging at the viewer’s heartstrings along the way. The track is called “Sad Eyes” by English singer songwriter Bat for Lashes and is taken from her first album “Fur and Gold”. She is currently working on her third album but says she will be taking her time with it. and click on the Music section


Kasabi-nan Each month we look at some older music that needs to be dusted off and put back into your life…

? 19

Forgotten Band

Everley Bros Who are they? A Rock’n’Roll duo made up of brothers Don and Phil Everley, best known for their excellent harmonies and being one of the first acts inducted into the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame. When were they at their height? Despite a career that spans many decades, the early 60s were the most productive and successful for the pair with a string of hits including “Wake up Little Susie” and “Bye Bye Love”. Where do I start? With so much Everley’s material out there your best option is to pick up a ‘Best of’ compilation. Anything that features “Bye Bye Love”, “All I have to do is Dream” and “When Will I be loved” is a good starting point. Where are they now? With both Don and Phil now into their 70s musical activity from them is rare, so if you do see them sharing a stage count yourself lucky!

Festival Rumour Mill: This month’s top whispers, nudges and winks concerning whose going to be on the bill at this summer’s biggest festivals: Kaiser Chiefs and Kasabian look set to play Reading and Leeds with the Maccabees expected to join them. The XX are rumoured for Lovebox Weekender After the rumours emerged that Queen would be headlining Sonisphere with Adam Lambert, talk of Faith No More headlining one of the festival’s other nights has started. Snow patrol look a strong shout for T in the Park-. And finally, Coldplay are an outside bet for V Festival To view the latest Music interviews

Eiffel 65

Each month WUWO dusts off a band from the ‘where are they now’ pile and sheds some light on what became of them after their time in the limelight. This month it is the turn of Italian Dance phenomenon Eiffel 65. With a global hit like “I’m Blue (Da Ba Dee)” in their arsenal it was obvious that Eiffel 65 were headed for enduring global super stardom. But as you will know, history did not pan out that way for the band. They followed up the success of “I’m Blue (Da Ba Dee)” with another big hit “Move your body” and their debut album “Europop” managed to shift two million copies, going 2x Platinum in the US. They released two further albums: 2001’s “Contact!” and 2003’s self-titled effort which failed to bother the charts outside of their native Italy. They did however, make a name for themselves remixing other artists and out there somewhere is an Eiffel 65 remix of S Club 7’s “Reach” (One can only imagine what that sounds like.) In 2005, the group’s DJ Gabry Ponte dissolved the group in order to focus on his solo career leaving remaining members, Jeffrey Jey and Maurizio Lobina, to form Bloom 06 who released two albums between 2006 and 2010 before themselves calling it a day. But don’t despair! In June 2010 an official statement on the band’s website confirmed that Eiffel 65 would be getting back together after a 5 year absence! The return was supposed to be marked with a new single which has been postponed to “some time” this year and the band have started to play live dates once again making 2012 a very exciting year for Europop/ dance fans! and click on the Music section



La Plagne?

Sounds like a plan! This month Matt takes to the slopes.

Matthew Elcock



In today’s modern alpine sports world choosing a European winter resort can seem like a daunting prospect. So let WUWO do it for you. Lying at an altitude of between 125 and 3250 meters La Plagne and its Bellecotte glacier are one of the higher and more snow resorts in the Alps right now. The linked ski area has over 140 miles of slopes covering a myriad terrain and geography. Experience riding facing Mont Blanc with forests, wide curves, freestyle and free ride in an outstanding setting Spread over 5 villages on a steep mountain road La Plagne is comprised of Plagne 1800, Plan Centre where all the action takes place, Plan Soleil and Plan Villages with the pretty and aptly names Belle Plagne at the top of the resort. An extensive system of gondolas, Cable cars and chair lifts ensure that you can cruise and shred to your heart’s content with more than enough slope to keep busy for the week. Two free style parks will take care of those big kicker and half pipe dreams.

In Plagne Soleil Monica’s bar represents the sum total or party action with an underground cavern style club like a little neon grotto. Igloo Igloo and La Luna Bar will round off a massive night. Remember to down a few pints of the mountain last thing at night though; you wouldn’t want to waist that next blue bird day

WHERE TO PARTY Each of the main resort villages has something to offer when you free yourself from your ski boots and don the party shoes. Most of the action kicks off in Plagne Centre which is the main hub of the resort for both ski lifts and night life. Scotty’s bar is the place to start your Après action with live music and great season air atmosphere, you will make friends quick and there is no shortage of drinking games to get the night off to a flying start. Next head to Mouth the night club spot that has got everyone’s tongues wagging.

KEY INFORMATION Try La Grizzli for great authentic French cuisine and steaks or the aforementioned Monica’s for and awesome Lasagne and French onion soup. L’Arpette and La Mac Cote are two great choices slightly lower in Bellecotte for both lunch and dinner. With visits to Chez Marie and Le Vega in Plagne centre your gastronomic adventure is complete! The lift pass in La Plagne will cost £140 for the area pass that just covers La Plagne proper. For the discover pass and the change to ride the neighbouring resort of Les Arc’s you will need the Discover pass that takes the cost to £200. A free bus service links at the villages and run every thirty minutes from stops outside each town. The bus stops at Midnight so unless you want a code night time walk don’t miss it!

HOW TO GET THERE You can fly and transfers to La Plagne from Grenoble and Geneva with both transfers taking around three hours. Neilson, Inghams and Crystal all offer catered chalet and self catering apartment accommodation starting from £450 including transfers but your lift pass will always be added on top so that’s key to remember when booking. Flights take off from Gatwick, Bournemouth, and Glasgow. Top tip – try the Bobsleigh for a 50mph thrill ride with 3 of your friends or some game resort reps, a great story for back home. Snow joke, La Plagne really does have it all. Oh come on! I’m allowed one....

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New York

There has never been a better time to N-Y-See it for yourself.

Matthew Elcock With transatlantic flights daily from some of the UK busiest airports taking a bite out of the big apple has never been easier, so whether you are looking for bohemian Bob Dylan in the East village, eating and drinking the night away in China town and little Italy or just shopping till you be dropping on 5th avenue let WUWO be your guide to the mad, bad and anything but drab New York City.

After all that great food you are going to need to wash it down. The coolest places cluster around the Flatiron District and lively Union Square so head to Daddy-O with its old school mid town style serving up great cocktails, tequilas and beers on tap.



New York is spread out and with all the great things going on in this up all night city you have to stay fuelled right? Check out the west way dinner near Hell Kitchen for a real authentic NTC breakfast of pancakes, bagels coffee and donuts all served up in this 50s American Graffiti style eatery. Pizza might as well be New York City’s official dish so why not opt for one of the best like the Vodka Slice at Joe & Pat’s.

Midtown and the lower east side have some great parks to kick back on a warm spring or summer day and just listen to the buzz of life on the wind. Central park is an icon and can’t be beaten but if you are looking for something a little more off the beaten track try Bryant Park with a cool atmosphere and close to grand central and the empire state, or Prospect park over the Brooklyn Bridge with cool woodland to escape into.









ca a & latin ameri k s la a , a d a n a c usa,




























New York


Washington DC








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So you drank you chilled and now it’s time to get your groove on so where you gonna go? Amnesia NYC on 29th street has risen to the top of the DJ scene and pumps out up front house, techno and that old Detroit sound. It’s a hub of after dark excitement but don’t get there early the party doesn’t really kick off until midnight

Daily flights from Heathrow with all major carries will whisk you to JFK airport in just 9 hours. Prices start from £499 return. For a truly authentic NTC experience hail a yellow cab or ride the sub way, now cleaner and safer than ever, also don’t forget the many open top bus tours. Even if this seems a little kitsch for you remember its hop on hop off and servicing all the main spots its a cheap and fun way to get around; just remember the ear plugs because third time around those tour guide stories can get a little old.

BEST FOR BO HO You just can’t beast the village with its arty culture, vintage cloths shops and killer bars. Make your way around this red brick wonder land and spot the sights from Bob Dylan album covers to the bleaker street clubs where Hendrix played and the Ramones hung out.

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WUWO checks out some tasty treats...and Brian shares his special spicy secrets, to blow your head off...

Maria Martinez Ugartechea

Underground eating

Cocktail of the month Cocktails are so on topic at the moment that WUWO thought we should be introducing our cocktail of the month.

WUWO are on the search for top rate eating experiences. We save you time by directing you to our hidden gems. Alight in Farringdon station and you will find yourself surrounded by restaurants. But carry on walking up Cowcross Street almost by the corner of St John Street, and you could be in for a treat at Attilio Ristorante. It is midday and my Italian friend joins me for lunch, she is here to share her insightful opinion. As we go through the glass doors we are charmed by a traditional looking trattoria and an Italian waiter, who leads us to our table.

While our friendly waiter takes our order, we nibble on fresh olives, bread, and balsamic vinegar which are served complimentary. Service is quick and tactful, and the starters arrive within no time, a scrumptious avocado and vinaigrette salad and a must-try Aubergine Parmesan, an aromatic baked dish where the cheese melts in the middle and is slightly golden on top. For our mains we enjoy Risotto fungi, a blend of creaminess, complemented by the nutty flavour of the mushrooms and a luscious Spaghetti alla vongole, a harmonious combination of clams, pasta and spicy tomato sauce. The portions are quite generous and as we prepared to order the bill, four pretty amaretto biscuits are brought free to our table. As my friend says: “It is great to find a real Italian restaurant.” So visit Attilio and enjoy their set lunch menu for £9.95 or impress your date and come for dinner when the set menu costs £11.95 and it also includes a glass of Prosecco and Amaretto liqueur.

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Ingredients 50g of Frozen Blueberries 600ml of Pink cranberry lemonade (or half cloudy lemonade and half cranberry juice) 2 shots of Tequila 1 lime Ice Sugar and salt to decorate Velvet Blueberry Margaritas are our fave of the month and once you try them you won’t want to drink nothing more. You can either do many mini cocktails on shot glasses or two large cocktails. First decorate the glasses by dipping their rim in lime juice and then dipping them in salt or sugar or a mix or both. Put them aside while you make the Margaritas. Blend the frozen blueberries with a little bit of ice and 100ml of the lemonade. When it becomes a puree, stop blending and pour the rest of the pink lemonade and the shots of tequila. Squeeze in the juice of ½ lime and stir in some ice, then sieve it and serve it over crushed ice or leave it in the freezer for half an hour and serve it as it is. What do you say of trying it with strawberries or raspberries? and click on the Food section



Brian’s burners Brian Danclair


In some cultures it is taboo to pass the pepper sauce hand to hand for fear of argument, it must be offered and passed from the table. In those same cultures fresh pepper sauces are an integral part of the kitchen when making pepper sauces. I prefer Habaneros because of the fruity and citrus like flavours and because it is “muy caliente”...Eeeyyya!!! Habanero peppers actually originated from Cuba (Havana). Mexico is the largest producer of this wonderful hot pepper. So when next you are chillin’ with the boys or girls break the ice by mixin’ up a batch of this hot hot hot! Lawd have mercy, blood fire sauce and serve with garlic prawns. Wash down with a cold glass of ginger beer…nice.

Hot sauce 10 Habanero pepper 6 Cloves of garlic Juice of 3 limes 1 Bunch of coriander 1 Table spoon of virgin olive oil Teaspoon of sea salt Garlic prawns 20 fresh tiger prawns with shells on (med size) 4 cloves of garlic sliced 1 pinch of paprika 2 table spoon of veg oil Method Put all ingredients into a food processor or blender for about 2 minutes then transfer into a serving bowl. Heat a frying pan with the oil and add the garlic and the prawns, cook for about 1 min 30 seconds and serve on a platter with the hot sauce and some lime wedges.

Street food This month Maria enjoys some tasty treats at Exmouth Market

My favourite is the Thai; the owner makes the best green curry and she even sells it to other Thai restaurants. If you are always on the look for great outdoor eating, there are few better examples of what street food is about than the vibrant Exmouth Market. What would normally resemble a quiet village street comes to life weekdays at lunch time, when it transforms into a daily Food market welcoming hundreds of Londoners who happily join the long queues just to enjoy their favourite dish.

Exotic food from every corner of the globe is served at this pedestrian street, from Indian samosas to Spanish Paella, or jerk chicken from the Jamaican store. The Ghanaian stall is also very popular where warm hearty stews are served along the piquant Jollof rice. Even French crêpes can be savoured here and an array freshly baked bread and a rich variety of pies and tarts can be bought from the different displays and shops that form part of this bazaar.

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Phil Williams, 39, marketer and owner of the Florita London stand, said: “My favourite is the Thai; the owner makes the best green curry and she even sells it to other Thai restaurants.” So come to Exmouth Market and enjoy a sizzling lunch al-fresco. Find it hiding between the Clerkenwell and Angel tube station and two minutes walk from the Sadler’s Wells Theatre. and click on the Food section




WUWO picks four of the most anticipated movies coming to a screen near you soon.

David Cook

The Dictator

2 Days in New York

Actors: Sacha Baron Cohen, Megan Fox, John C. Reilly Category: Comedy Release Date: 11th May 2012

Actors: Chris Rock, Julie Delpy and Dylan Baker Category: Comedy Release Date: 18th May 2012

About: Follows General Aladeen, an exiled dictator, who risks life and limb to ensure something silly like democracy doesn’t influence his country (The Republic of Wadiya) that he for so many years has so lovingly oppressed. Looks to have all the ingredients to be another Sacha Baron Cohen classic, but will be interesting to see how Hollywood’s big budget involvement will affect the outcome.

About: Following on from ‘Two Days in Paris’ (2007), Marion (Julie Delpy) has broken up with Jack (Two Days in Paris) and now lives in New York with their child. But when her family comes visit, she’s unaware that the different cultural background held by her new American boyfriend Mingus (Chris Rock), her eccentric father, and her sister Rose, which added to her upcoming photo exhibition, will make up for an explosive mix.

Fact: Sacha Baron Cohen is also to star as Queen frontman Freddy Mercury in the upcoming feature ‘Mercury’.

Fact: Julie Delpy wrote, directed and is the main character in both ‘Two Days in Paris’ and ‘Two Days in New York’.

Men in Black III

American Pie Reunion

Actors: Will Smith, Tommy Josh Brolin Category: Action/Comedy/Sci-Fi Release Date: 25th May 2012




About: After a strange discovery, Agent J (Will Smith) travels back in time to the 1960s to stop his partner Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) from being killed and effectively changing history. While it’s likely to follow similar style and plot as previous MIB instalments, it’s sure to be an enjoyable flick that also stars Josh Brolin (Wall Street, American Gangster) as the young Agent K, and Emma Thompson (Love Actually, Nanny McPhee). Fact: Michael Bay (Transformers, Armageddon) expressed interest in directing Men in Black III, but Barry Sonnonfeld (Men in Black I & II, Wild Wild West) took on the directing duties. For more Film & TV news and reviews

Actors: Jason Biggs, Alyson Seann William Scott Category: Comedy Release Date: 2nd May 2012



About: In what we hope proves to be the final instalment - before it really starts getting out of hand – the original class of ’99 have a high school reunion, with everyone up to their old tricks, except they’ve all grown up…sort of! Jim and Michelle have a baby, Stifler is still on the prowl, Jim’s dad is making embarrassing remarks while Stifler’s mum continues to be the MILF next door! All the original cast are back for one last farewell to a series that has shaped a generation. Fact: It took 5 months to convince all the original cast members to get involved, while the film was made on a $50 million budget. and click on the Film & TV section




TV on demand, WUWO pick the best shows you can watch anytime.

David Cook

Channel: BBC iPlayer Name: Upstairs Downstairs Category: Drama

Channel: 4OD Name: The Mad Bad Ad Show Category: Comedy

About: As the revival of the 1970s BBC series of the same name, the first-world-war period drama about servants “downstairs” and their masters “upstairs”, reopens its doors for the second series (though strategically to not clash with Downton Abbey).

About: A new comedy panel show, hosted by Mark Dolan, in which comedians Micky Flanagan and Mark Watson peer into the mysterious world of advertising and marketing.

Sir Hallam’s forthright aunt Blanche disrupts life upstairs, feisty new maid Beryl struggles to adjust to life in service. Meanwhile, Lady Agnes’ concern for her children reveals a dark secret about Mr Pritchard.

Two competing teams led by the comedians, each containing a guest and a leading advertising industry insider, go head to head with challenges. It involves classic adverts, funny adverts from overseas, and even adverts made especially by the teams for the show.

Available Until: 1st April 2012 (Episode 1, Series 2)

Available Until: 17th March (Episode 1)

Channel: 4OD Name: Sex and the Swastika Category: Documentary

Channel: Demand 5 Name: Royal Marines: Mission Afghanistan Category: Documentary

About: All about some of the more unusual propaganda and tactics employed by Britain in World War 2. Fake radio stations were set up and material released illustrating the sexual (and mostly truthful) perversions of their leaders such as Hitler, Himmler and Goebbels .

About: Award-winning documentary filmmaker, Chris Terrill, reports on what it is really like to work in one of the most dangerous locations in the world, as he travels with Lima Company of the Royal Marines during a six-month deployment in Helmand Province in Afghanistan.

Available Until: Indefinitely

Available Until: 29th January 2013 (Episode 1)

TV tweets Name: Tom Sharpe Twitter Name: @willtomsharpe About: Up and coming British actor, writer and director. Recent Tweet: “I’ve learned from Melancholia and Martha Marcy May Marlene that depressed women have big boobs.” For more Film & TV news and reviews

Name: Eric D Snider Twitter Name: @EricDSnider About: American writer and critic. Recent Tweet: “Lady asking for tix to film fest party: “I have connections! My grandpa coined the term ‘global warming’! My aunt was married to Wes Craven!”” and click on the Film & TV section



Photo diaries Molly Macindoe gives us an insight into the world of Illegal Raves and Squat parties, with our first in the series of ‘The WUWO Photo Diaries’. Molly began her career as a full time social documentary photographer, she has released a book ‘Out Of Order.’ This ground breaking book is documenting ten years of the underground Rave, Free Party and Teknival scene from Macindoe’s own unique perspective. She is a founding member of Random Artists – a collective formed from similar thinking creative’s from the underground rave scene. Over the last ten years they have staged many open-access Temporary Autonomous Art events in squatted venues across the UK. Check out more of Molly’s photos at

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So lets get speccy techies. The Gadget Show Live 2012 is upon us. WUWO have teamed up with Gadget Show to show off some supper fly gadgets. If you fancy a ticket to the Gadget Show Live 2012, then go to the competition page on for you chance to be there.

Acer S5 notebook

Vuzix Wrap 280 & Wrap 920

3M Camcorder projector CP45

The S5 is the world’s thinnest Ultrabook, at 15 mm at the maximal point. It weighs less than 1.35 kg and has a 13.3-inch LCD. It features Acer Green Instant On technology for fast boot and resume, and Acer Always Connect.

Consumer video eyewear with ‘virtual’ screen sizes ranging from 46” to an amazing 67”*- equivalent to home cinema screens - and with the added capability to view much of the forthcoming 3D, movies shorts and games, these glasses are the must have digital accessory!

Diversified technology company 3M today announced the hotly anticipated Camcorder Projector CP45, a mini mobile projector and digital camera unit that makes it easy to shoot and share stunning HD videos and photos at the touch of a button.

See, try and buy the hottest new technology at the UK’s best consumer event*

11-15 April 2012, NEC BIRMINGHAM Shop for the best new technology around, try out everything from guitars to gaming PCs and see futuristic concepts never before seen in the UK. What’s more you can see the Gadget Show presenters on stage for an hour of high octane entertainment in the Super Theatre.

Ticket availability is already limited so book yours today at

* The Gadget Show Live won Best Consumer Exhibition at both the AEO Excellence Awards 2011 and Exhibition News Awards In asscociation with:

Organised by:

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WUWO Magazine 004  

Featuring Cardinal Burns, Alex Horne, Benga, Young Guns and lots. lots more...

WUWO Magazine 004  

Featuring Cardinal Burns, Alex Horne, Benga, Young Guns and lots. lots more...