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Set up a page for Sir Alex Fan community. Promote and connect to customer, lead them to landing page. Optimize landing page more attractive and simple to convert visitor to customer within a few click.

Times 7.30 - 13.00

17.00 - 23.30

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1-2 posts

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3+ posts


United Supporter

Other Club Supporter

Not Football Fan

United Supporter Focus content to promote Alex’s thread - Behind the news - in every moment of United as ● Beckham - flying boot ● Rio - 8 month banned ● Keane - the hulk ● Rooneys - wonder kid

Sample Post

Sample Post

Sample Post

Other Club Supporter Focus content to promote Alex commend his competitors, rival club and percussion issue as ● 17 year of battle with Wenger - Arsenal ● Forever Enemy - Liverpool ● New Champions & Challenge - Chelsea & ManCity ● Best Squad - Barcelona

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Sample Post

Sample Post

Not a Football Fan Focus content to promote Beyond the football, surely you have to optimize your many ideas as ● Leadership & Management key ● Problem solution ● Balance of work and relax ● getting older

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Sample Post

Sample Post

Sample Post

However, we should not post too commercial so we have to mix content as; ● ● ● ● ●

ManU news Fixture & result / replays Humor Fan art / wallpaper / facebook’s cover Activity or gaming

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Plan to promote AFTHAI