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so much more. I'd also like to open up part of my column to you guys who may have specific questions This is the first time I'm writing as a columnist here, regarding things you experience as well as things you may have questions on what you learn from me. so please go easy on me. Haha! Allow me to So we can try a little something different. But before introduce myself. My name is Danny Danzi. I'm a signed recording artist, engineer/mastering engineer, we get down and dirty into all this stuff, I want to teacher and all around good guy. My friend David talk a little about something that I feel is super important to everyone in this field. It matters not if Baer (aka dmbaer) approached me and asked me if you are a beginner engineer working out of a I would be interested in contributing here and I bedroom or an experienced engineer with a well thought it was a great idea. So, here I am! It's nice built studio. What I am going to cover here can and to meet all of you and I really look forward to WILL change your life for the better. That's not only explaining some of the methods I use as well as a threat, but a promise. things that I think will allow you to enjoy this field

Hello Everyone!

Monitor Correction "I constantly struggle with my mixes to the point of frustration"

ARC to the Res We all know this drill all too well, don't we? I'm sure you have mixed things for days, weeks, months, and even years, right? Tired of falling on your face? Are you starting to wonder if you are just wasting your time in this field? Do you burn CDs just to throw them in the trash after you listen to them in your car? If any of this sounds like you, there is nothing wrong with you at all! Most times, the problem is your room and the fact that your


Some of the ways you can correct monitors are not corrected. Each this would come by way of foam, set of monitors needs to be bass traps and all that other stuff corrected no matter how much you can put in a room that in my they cost. Each room will play a role in how the monitors send out opinion, just looks downright ugly. sound. If the sound How many of you have this and representation is not correct, you each time someone new comes into your home, they ask you can be spinning your wheels for "what the heck is that on your the next 10 years trying to wall?" It's almost embarrassing to compensate. Trust a man that have to answer them, isn't it? I lived that way for way too long! It's not fun and it made me want just don't like that stuff in my room unless it's in my REAL to give up on this totally. studio. In my home where I do

April 2012

WSM April 2012 (96 dpi)  

WSM April 2012 (96 dpi)

WSM April 2012 (96 dpi)  

WSM April 2012 (96 dpi)