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Fl Studio 10 - pro or not pro? by A. Arsov

I thought FL Studio was mainly intended for novice musicians, being just a toy for a new boy. Then I saw an introduction video for Fl Studio 10 and, as it happens, I was surprised by the fact that it has everything that the big boys have. I ordered it, became obsessed for quite some time trying to figure out if this fellow could replace my other, far more expensive, sequencers or not. At that time a friend of mine came to visit me and we talked about the things we do lately and I mentioned that I'm testing FL Studio. He just answered briefly: "Oh, I know it, but it is for beginners. Isn't it?" Huh, looks like that we are all biased against FL Studio without really knowing it. We are both professional musicians and somehow it is our job to know everything about the new things that are coming on to the market. Obviously this is not always the case. So, what's the truth about FL Studio? Could it really replace my trusted and beloved almighty sequencer or it will just remain as one of those "once upon a time for a review" affairs?

heard something" rumors. So, let's in all it has everything that the other start with the facts. The truth is that big fellows have except that it costs FL Studio has a bit of a different less and you get free upgrades for life. approach to general work flow and therefore you will break your teeth The more time I've spent with FL before you find your way to knowing it Studio the more I've become well. It is no more complicated than impressed with all the features and I other sequencers on the market, but even discovered plenty of things that it is simply not the same. If you are are far better than they are in other new to the sequencing world then you will spend the same amount of time learning to work with Fl Studio as you would with any other sequencer. The problem is that we are all attached to our old working habits and we are not too keen on learning something really new. Stubborn me, I did that, stepping in deep snow trying to find my way out, resigned to discover every last corner of FL Studio.

I'm the king of the world

Oh, yes, I figured out most O.K. Let's go down the FL Studio river. things in FL Studio, but definitively this is not a What's it all about? story about the Titanic, my friends. It can record audio, I can't really emphasize what is really it can record automation, it new in version 10 as I'm a new boy in has a top notch piano roll the FL Studio world, and by reading editor, yes it also has a few this I presume you also don't know work flow obstacles, we'll much about FL Studio except the "I've talk about that later, but all


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