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by Jeffrey Powell Cakewalk's Rapture synth has been around for a number of years, and it's gained a strong, but somewhat quiet, group of loyal supporters. In mid2009, Rapture 1.2 was released with some new features such as envelope retriggers for the step generator and preset handling for the step and envelope generators. Fisound's Universal 120 pack was the first addon pack to take advantage of these new features. Quite recently, Fisound has updated their add-on pack to version two, which added a huge amount of new content. In this review, we'll take a look at the full Universal 120 v. 2.0 add-on pack for Rapture.


Some background on Fisound While the name Fisound may not be familiar, those familiar with soft synths might have come across the guys behind Fisound (Chad Beckwith and Tom Brockway) on the internet. On the Cakewalk forums, they post as "Chad" and "b-rock" respectively. Many will know Chad through his Patch Arena website as well. Now, if you spend some time at Cakewalk forums, you'll quickly learn that they are the "go to" members for questions about Rapture. In fact, Chad was the Product Manager at Cakewalk at the time of the Rapture 1.2 release. You can also find some neat and unusual tricks using Rapture that Chad and July 2011

b-rock have posted on the Cakewalk forums. In short, b-rock and Chad know their way around this synth backwards and forwards, so that makes them perfectly suited to create a pack that shows off the newest Rapture features. For Universal 120, Fisound also called on the skills of Francesco Silvestri, who is known on the forums as Fr4ncesco. He's the sound designer behind the rightfully well-regarded Muz3um packs for Z3ta+ and Rapture and the Virus Mod for Z3ta+. As these are generally regarded as some of the best expansion packs for these synths, his sound design skills greatly add to the value of this pack.

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