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BASEBALL The WHS baseball team won a Regional title for the first time in ten years, earning a spot at the Sectional championships.

WELLNESS WUSD recognizes the importance of wellness for our students and staff. In addition to the school garden at Lincoln Elementary, our schools participate in things like the Walk for Washington, W3 Wellfest, Lincoln Road Rally, Zumba, Yoga, and other activities that promote healthy living.

MATH TEAM Both the Varsity and JV Math Teams took first place at the Rock Valley Conference Math Meet held on Tuesday, March 8, at Edgerton High School. Top scoring individuals were also presented with awards. The Varsity Team consisted of Jacob Korf (2nd place), Mitch Dalzin (3rd place), Zach Brantmeier (4th place), Leif Sahyun (6th place), Zach Gross (7th place), Mia Bentel (13th place), Connor Steinke, and Nathaniel Jeppsen. The JV Team was made up of Roberto Soto (tied for 1st place), James Dedrick and Tyler Niemuth (tied for 6th place), Nick Kuzoff and Dalton Chenoweth (tied for 10th place), Jacob Lee, Dineth Gunawardena, and Jack Downs.


2015 16 annual report