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Whitewater Summer School is four weeks of fun and learning designed for students entering 4K through 12th grade. Classes are offered in a wide range of subjects, with some programs designed for extra support and others for enrichment. In 2016 there were 111 course offerings and 885 students enrolled. Students are able to take classes not only in the classrooms, but also in the

The past year has seen some changes to the tech department. With the continued initiative to move to 1:1 computing, all 8th graders were issued a Chromebook. This was the first time middle school students were issued a Chromebook. This provided more students with broader access to the tools they needed for school.

gyms, outdoors, and in the pools. There is even a summer school musical that takes place in the auditorium. For the second year in a row, we have offered free lunch to anyone 18 and younger. An average of over 300 students each day benefitted from this program. We hope that the program continues to grow in the future. In conjunction with summer school, the

district has worked hard to increase its level of support for our English Language Learners by establishing an afternoon session geared to meet their needs. In just three years we have seen participation in this program grow to over 120 students, and we have seen positive gains during that time. The entire summer school program would not be what it is without the work of over 50 staff members who do an amazing job of making learning fun and meaningful in such a short amount of time.


TECHNOLOGY Netflix during the school day, yet they can open them up after school hours. To support teachers and staff with the increased technology, the district added some staffing to the technology department. In an effort to decrease downtime for staff, a fulltime technician was added. This allowed timely response to many issues, including issues with connectivity and other hardware. In addition, a halftime trainer was added. This position’s main role was to provide training to staff on software and how to integrate technology into the classroom.

In support of the move to 1:1, the district also upgraded the Internet filter on student machines districtwide, providing a more secure browsing experience. The new filter allows the machines to be filtered regardless of which network the student connects to. It also allows the machines to be filtered more strictly during school hours, so students won’t be able to access sites such as


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