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World University  Service   HKUB  HKUSU   Session  2013-­‐14   41st  Cabinet  

Tea Gathering 1

Rundown Brief  introduction  of  WUSHKUB   Introduction  to  the  past  functions  and  upcoming   functions  of  the  41st  Cabinet   Duties  &  qualiIications  required  for  each  post   Application  details   Chat  time  J   2  

Aims of  WUSHKUB   ò  Expresses  and  promotes  of  international  university  solidarity   and  mutual  services  within  and  between  universities  and  centers   of  higher  learning  throughout  the  world.     ò  Manifests  its  utmost  concern  upon  all  matters  relating  to   exploitation  upon  or  inattentiveness  to  human  rights.   ò  Keeps  its  members  abreast  of  the  most  recent  development  of   the  world.   ò  Encourages  and  supports  all  efforts  on  the  part  of  students,   university  staff  and  others  to  meet  the  basic  needs  of  universities   and  centers  of  higher  learning  and  their  members  to  make  them   true  communities  and  real  centers  of  national  and  international   3   life.  


Human Rights  

Cultural Exchange  

Equal Opportunity  

Current Affairs  


Check out  our  functions!J­‐Y    


s n o i t c n u F Past   ) 3 1 0 2   e n u J (March-­‐ ²  March  2013:  Human  Rights  Exhibition     ²  June  2013:  “Imagine  More”                                  -­‐  Korea  International  and  Exchange  Trip     ²  June  2013:  “Spread  Love”  Visit  to  half-­‐way  house   6   with  the  post-­‐mentally  ill    

s n o i t c n u Past F )   w o N   –   3 1 0 (August  2 ²  August  2013:  Registration  Day  2013     ²  September  2013:  “The  Explorer”                                                                          -­‐  Orientation  Camp   7  

rdles’ u H   e h t   t n r mo u u S   s ’ t e L ‘   : 3 Nov  201  Day   t r A   -­‐                                            

Upcoming Functions   (Oct  2013-­‐  Jan  2014)   Jan  2014:  “Vo yage  to  Mode                                                     rnity”                                                -­‐   Spain8    Intern ational  Exch ange  Trip

Nov 2013    “Let’s  Surmount  the  Hurdles”     -­‐  Art  Day   ² Art  Jamming  with  physical   challenged  artist   Application  Details*     •  Late  October   ² Counter  from  28th  Oct  (Monday)-­‐   1st  Nov  2013  (Friday)     ² Outside  Run  Run  Shaw  Podium   near  University  Bookstore  


Jan 2013   “Voyage  to  Modernity”   -­‐  Spain  International  Exchange  Trip   Information  Session*     Date:  4th  October  2013  (Friday)   Venue:  Library  Extension  7  &  9   Time:  6:30  –  8:00  pm   Registration:  online  at  http://         *will  be  conducted  mainly  in  English   10  

Duties &  Quali_ications   for  each  Post  


Chairperson (1  Post)   ò  Duties   ò  Check  whether  functions  align  with  our  objectives   ò  Set  agendas  and  hold  general  meetings   ò  Make  Iinal  decisions   ò  Spot  potential  problems  

ò  QualiIications ò  Good  Leadership  skills   ò  Decisive   ò  Responsible     12  

Internal Vice-­‐chairperson  (1  Post)   ò  Duties   ò  Handle  internal  affairs   ò  Take  initiative  to  book  necessary  facilities  (e.g.  rooms)  for  functions   ò  Help  maintain  relationships  among  executive  committee  members   ò  Cooperate  with  Publicity  Secretary,  Social  Secretary  and  Current   Affairs  Secretary   Assist  the  Chairperson  in  all  matters     ò  QualiIications   ò  Flexible   ò  Calm  and  Patient   ò  Good  Leadership  Skills  


External Vice-­‐chairperson  (1  Post)   ò  Duties   Handle  external  affairs   ò  Attend  ICA  council  meetings  on  behalf  of  WUS,  voice  out  concerns  for   the  society,  and  vote  on  behalf  of  the  society   ò  Maintain  good  relationships  with  ICA  and  other  clubs   ò  Responsible  for  coordination  and  correspondence  with  other  WUS   branches  relating  to  the  reception  of  overseas  visitors     ò  Cooperate  with  Marketing  Secretary  and  Welfare  Secretary       ò  QualiIications   ò  Sociable     ò  Good  Leadership  Skills   ò  Responsible  


Honorary Secretary  (1  Post)   ò  Duties   Take  minutes  during  general  meetings,  AGM  and  EGM   Draft  mass  emails  for  upcoming  functions   ò  Cooperation  with  Publicity  Secretary   Organize  and  proofread  the  proposed  and  ofIicial  Year  Plans  of  the  society   Prepare  an  annual  report  at  the  end  of  the  session     ò  QualiIications   ò  English  and  Chinese  Typing  Skills     ò  Organized  and  Careful   ò  Ability  to  Summarize   15  

Honorary Treasurer  (1  Post)   ò  Duties   Prepare  annual  Iinancial  budget,  function  budgets  and  Iinancial  report   Handle  all  the  Iinancial  matters   ò  Keep  record  of  the  cash  Ilow   ò  Responsible  for  the  payments  between  the  society  and  other  parties,   etc.       ò  QualiIications   ò  Good  Organizational  Skills  and  Capability  in  Planning  the  use  of  money   ò  Ability  to  Keep  Record  and  Handle  Money  Carefully   ò  Ability  to  deal  with  Numbers    


Publication Secretary  (2  Posts)   ò  Duties   ò  Design  promotional  items  (e.g.  posters,  leaIlets  etc.)   ò  Design  general  items  (e.g.  name  cards,  membership  cards,  society  t-­‐ shirts,  banner,  pull-­‐up  stand)     ò  QualiIications   ò  Artistic  and  Creative   ò  ProIiciency  in  Photoshop  or  Illustrator   ò  Able  to  meet  Deadlines  and  Work  under  Pressure     17  

Publicity Secretary  (2  Posts)   ò  Duties   ò  Inform  society  members  about  the  functions  of  the  society  via  means   of  promotion  (e.g.  mass  emails,  posters  and  websites)   ò  Respond  to  general  enquiries  (e.g.  emails,  Facebook  page,  ordering  &   collection  of  all  publication  items)   ò  Cooperate  with  Publication  Secretary,  Honorary  Secretary  and     Internal  Vice-­‐chairperson   ò  QualiIications   ò  Creative   ò  Patient  and  Careful  about  small  details   ò  Capable  of  using  Social  Media  18   platforms  

Social Secretary  (1-­‐2  Posts)   ò  Duties   ò  Strengthen  and  maintain  the  relationship  among  executive  committee   members   ò  Organize  social  functions  (e.g.  Birthday  Celebrations,  ‘Hoi  Sem   Rice’  (開Sem飯),  ‘Ging  Gwo  Rice’  (勁過飯))   ò  Solve  disputes  among  executive  committee  members     ò  QualiIications   ò  Cheerful   ò  Caring   ò  Easy  to  get  along  with     19  

s n o i t c n u F Social Karaoke  Uniform  Day   Gwo  Guo  Rice  (勁過飯)   Birthday  Celebrations   20  

Marketing Secretary  (2  Posts)   ò  Duties   ò   Seek  sponsorship  for  each  function   ò   Cooperate  with  External  Vice-­‐chairperson  and  Welfare  Secretary       ò  QualiIication   ò  Good  Communication  Skills   ò  Active,  Sociable  and  Outgoing   ò  ConIident  and  Presentable   ò  Persistent  


Current Affairs  Secretary  (2  Posts)   ò  Duties   ò  Write  current  affairs  commentaries   ò  Prepare  seasonal  newsletters   ò 

to strengthen  members’  awareness  towards  international  current  affairs  

(Please read  previous  newsletters  by  WUS41st  Cabinet  for  details)     ò  QualiIication   ò  Interested  in  Current  aAffairs   ò  Creative   ò  Analytical  and  Writing  Skills     22  

Welfare Secretary  (2  Posts)   ò  Duties   ò  Prepare  welfare  packages  for  new  members  recruited  on  Registration  Day     ò  Seek  welfare  products  for  other  functions     ò  Cooperate  with  External  Vice-­‐chairperson  and  Marketing  Secretary     ò  QualiIication   ò  Outgoing   ò  Good  Communication  Skills   ò  Stick  to  Schedule  


How to  apply?  


Application Timeline  

Attend Tea   Gathering   (Not   compulsory)  

Attend 傾莊  (Jong   Discussion)  on  7th   October  or  10th   October   *COMPULSORY*  


Submit application   form  online   Deadline:  13th  October   2013  (Sunday)  

傾莊 (Jong  Discussions)   COMPULSORY   ò  Date:  7th  October  2013  (Monday)  or  10th  October  2013  (Thursday)   ò  Starting  time:  6:30pm   ò  Venue:     ò  Library  Extension  9  (7th  October)     ò  KK  Leung  Building  LG1  Room  104  (10th  October)  

Application available  after  Q&A   26  

Application for  joining  the  42nd  Cabinet   ò  Commencement:  7th  Oct  2013  (Monday)  23:59   ò  Submission:   ò  Online  submission  to  before   13th  October  2013  (Sunday)  23:59   ò  Application  form  can  be  downloaded  online  from   ò  WUS  Webpage  (   All  information  can  be  found  on  WUS  webpage  or     WUS  FB  page  (   27  



Thank You  J   Feel  free  to  approach  us  for  the  posts  you  are  interested!  


Tea Gathering 2013  
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