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Does your workshop look like this? Are there three or more of you in the workshop. Do you spend ÂŁ1000 or more on WĂźrth Products. Do you spend a lot of your time looking for items. Would you like to know how you could save time and money.

Would you like your workshop to look like this. Its easy, just speak to your Würth consultant, who will be able to help you choose the correct ORSY RACKING to suit your needs.

Terms and Conditions 1. The ORSY System is for the sole storage of Würth products only.

2. The ORSY System shall remain at all times the property of Würth UK Limited.

3. Should trading cease for a period

Its that easy.

exceeding 6 months Würth UK Limited reserves the right to remove any articles placed at the above customer, as part of this Agreement. 4. The customer is responsible for the safety and security of the ORSY System and its components, whilst it remains on his/her premises. 5. The customer shall allow a Würth representative access to the ORSY System at any time to maintain and ensure that the ORSY System is being used in accordance with Conditions 1, 2, 3 and 4. Failure to do so may result in the removal of any articles supplied as part of this Agreement.

The tailor made

Stock Management System



Supplied free on loan. Delivery ÂŁ50 + VAT Carriage Charge

Reel Systems Easy access to products on the roll.

Installation Carried out free of charge.

Maintenance Carried out free of charge.

Wall Mounting Units No wasted wall space.

Lockable Drawers Offer lots of space for small parts and tools.

5 litre Tilting Unit For easy refills.

Modular Shelves

Dispenser Cartons

mix and match adaptability

for hardware and electrical components

Assembled to meet your stock.

Angled shelf and integrated window provides visability of contents.

Stock Management System in the workplace

Product and racking are both part numbered ensuring easy product retrieval. Complete merchandising service eliminates the need to maintain, order and rotate stock, saving both time and money.

ORSY1 Modular Shelf System

individual shelves

unit size unless shown: tall: 51.8cm wide: deep: 34.5cm


34.5 54

Small Part Hanging Unit Art. No. 0961 98

Backing Plate for wall mountable Dispenser Systems

Art. No. 0961 910





Open Corner Unit Art. No. 0961 903

Base Corner Unit Art. No. 0961 902

Open Double Unit Art. No. 0961 950 Art. No. 0961 951 Divider (Metal)

26 38.5 51.8

Base Unit

Backing Plate

on wheels

for Cutting and Grinding Discs

Art. No. 0961 901 1

Art. No. 0961 910 2

Base Unit Art. No. 0961 91

Fastener Unit for large and small Dispenser Cartons

Abrasive Unit Art. No. 0961 941

Chemical Unit 300-500ml Art. No. 0961 95

Chemical Unit 500ml Art. No. 0961 97

Chemical Unit 1l

Art. No. 0961 93

Cartridge Unit 310ml Art. No. 0961 96

for 1l cans and large parts

Art. No. 0961 94

Chemical Unit 5l Art. No. 0961 940

Drawer Unit for Assortments

Art. No. 0961 92

Threaded Rod Unit Art. No. 0961 99


Bulb Cabinet Art. No. 0961 972 0 108

Locking Chemical Cabinet Art. No. 0961 930 050




Adapter Plate

Fastener Unit

Drawer Unit

for Dispenser Systems, DOS System, etc.

for Dispenser Cartons

for Assortments

Art. No. 0961 910 00

Art. No. 0961 913

Art. No. 0961 921 2

Pick, Mix and Customise

Your own ORSY10 reel system Orsy10

Modular System


Easy dispensing of reel system products. Fits onto ORSY1 System or can be wall mounted.

mix and match adaptability

Carried out free of charge.

Assembled to meet your requirements. Individual stock combinations possible. No overstocking.

Washer Hose

Electrical Cable

Heat Shrink

Emery Cloth

Electrical Cable

Art.-Pre. No. 0895 ...

Art.-Pre. No. 0770 ...

Art.-Pre. No. 0771 8..

Art.-Pre. No. 0674 8..

Art.-Pre. No. 0770 ...

Grinding Fleece

Fuel Hose

Production Paper

Art.-Pre. No. 0585 805 ...

Art.-Pre. No. 0895 8..

Art.-Pre. No. 0574 86 ...

ORSY Assortment Trays with sturdy deep compartments

4 compartment tray Art. No. 0955 800 41

8 compartment tray Art. No. 0955 808 1

12 compartment tray Art. No. 0955 801 21

16 compartment tray Art. No. 0955 801 61

18 compartment tray Art. No. 0955 801 81

Drill tray Art. No. 0955 802 01

Dispenser Boxes •. For hardware and electrical components •. With window for visibility of contents

Small Art. No. 8040 500 28 Medium Art. No. 8040 500 32 Large Art. No. 8040 500 34

Wurth Labelling Machine Art. No. 1961 201

Takes 6 AAA Batteries Art. No. 0827 01 Tapes Available White 9mm

Art. No. 1961 500 009 White 12mm

Art. No. 1961 500 012 White Heat Shrink Tape 9mm

Art. No. 1961 500 909 White Heat Shrink Tape 12mm

Art. No. 1961 500 912

For more information on these and other Würth products please contact customer services Tel. 08705 987 841 Fax. 08705 987 842 alternatively visit

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The information expressed is intended as a recommendation only, based on our tests and experience. However, we cannot accept any responsibility for results in individual cases because of the wide variety of applications as well as storage and processing conditions beyond our control. This also applies when making use of our technical and commercial customer service which is supplied free of charge and without obligation. We always recommend that you carry out individual tests. We guarantee the consistent quality of our products. Subject to technical changes and developments. Würth UK Limited cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions or for any losses that may arise as a result.

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Würth ORSY system brochure  

ORSY - Organised SYstem - The tailor made Stock Management System

Würth ORSY system brochure  

ORSY - Organised SYstem - The tailor made Stock Management System