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Bluetooth Setup Guide for WOW! Hotspot

Step 1. Click the Bluetooth icon in the bottom bar, it can be found near the computer clock. If the icon is not available it can be found under Start Bar  Settings  Control Panel  Bluetooth Devices If a screen, like the one shown below appears (figure 1), please continue to Step 2. If a screen like figure 2 appears please continue to Step 3.

figure 1

figure 2

Step 2. Uninstall Blue Soleil We need to un-install the Blue Soleil software in order to use the more secure Microsoft Windows Bluetooth service. Click the Start bar  Settings  Control Panel  Add/Remove programs

When the new window appears with a list of programs in, please select Blue Soleil from the list then click remove. Follow the instructions for uninstalling the program, including the re-starting of the system at the end of the un-installation.

Step 3. Windows Bluetooth Setup Click the Bluetooth icon in the bottom bar, it can be found near the computer clock. If the icon is not available it can be found under Start Bar  Settings  Control Panel  Bluetooth Devices

A new window will appear. Please click ADD that is located on the bottom left of the window.

Please Note: At this point your Snooper BT should be plugged into a car and the power light should be on. The laptop/PC needs to be within range of the Snooper BT. Click the small box next to ‘My device is set up and ready to be found’

Click NEXT to begin searching for active Bluetooth devices.

The Search should find WOW! SNOOPER BT. Please click WOW! Snooper BT then click next.

It will then ask if you would like to use a passkey. Please Click on DON’T USE A PASS KEY. Click next.

It will then install drivers and configure settings, this can take up to a minute. Now you have finished pairing the Snooper BT. Please click Finish.

Step 4. Load WOW! and log in using the supplied user name and codeword. Once you have logged in, click on the green computer icon in the top bar in the middle of the WOW! shortcuts.

Scroll down the list on the left of the new window until you find ADP-BOX. Click the small Circle with the cross in the middle to open this section. Click Connections. Make sure the TYPE OF ADP BOX says D-Box Snooper BT. Once you have done this click the FIND button.

There will be a new message window appear with Configuration of diagnosis hardware. At this point, please ensure that the Snooper BT is connected to a car and the power light is on, also connect the USB cable from the laptop to the Snooper BT box. Once you have done this, please click continue.

WOW! will then search and find the connected Snooper BT. Once it lists a COM port please click OK.

Next WOW! will request to search for the Bluetooth function of the Snooper box. To do this, please disconnect the USB cable from the Snooper and laptop. Once you have done this please click continue.

The search will find SNOOPER BT. Once it has found this please click OK.

You have now finished pairing and setting up connections between the Snooper and laptop. You are now ready to start to diagnose!

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WOW! - Bluetooth Setup Guide