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W端rth Snider Contact March/April 2014


To Würth Snider Contact Hats off to a very positive start to the year—except for the weather of course. Is anyone else tired of snow and cold weather yet? The days ahead look much warmer after a record sales year ($40.5MM/2013) and standing at eight percent over our 2014 plan. There’s a definite shift in season and excitement to lead us into another record sales year.

“ I greatly appreciate your efforts to help support our company. “ --Jim Johnson, Managing Director Activity around the company has been very busy this year. Please remember as we spend time every day exceeding our customer’s expectation, you are also supporting each other. Seasoned employees, pass along your knowledge and support to our new employees. As new members continue to join our family, their understanding of who we are and how we support our customers is critical to our future.

Bright sunshiny day!

We are off to a GREAT start this year and there are more exciting things to come. Please keep up the great work!

Brighter days are also shining through from our WINA sourcing activities. The purchasing group has been working very diligently with the sourcing team to capture significant product savings—double digit savings in some instances. And all indications point to additional savings throughout 2014—contributing to our overall gross profit targets. One area of business still lurking under cloudy skies and in need of immediate attention is our customer count. Würth Snider has unfortunately seen a steady decrease in total number of customers over the past year. With the increase of sales dollars, this means we are leaning on our existing customer base to grow our company. “Putting our large sales eggs in one basket” is not a good formula for long term sales success. This is a primary focus and will need additional and immediate efforts to reverse the current trend. New Business Development continues to be very busy in 2014. Over the early portions of 2014 we have been awarded more than $800,000 of new business. We have seen new customer sales equal to $170,000 and $667,000 in supporting our existing customers. Some of the key inquires currently in the quoting process are: Blue Star Plastics, Mazak, SMI, FMC, Titan Tire and Unified Brands which total more than $4,000,000 of potential annual sales.



$4 MM Monthly Sales Würth Snider reached a new milestone! In January of this year, the company reached $4MM in monthly sales. Congratulations!!

CPS® Has Become a Buzzword Positive Growth

It’s at the core of our service offerings, we monitor and discuss it’s functionality every day, our daily activities impact its effectiveness. But, do you know just how much our CPS® customers and programs have impacted the growth of Würth Snider?

“ Many thanks to all of you involved in helping CPS® grow as an integral part of our business model. It takes every one working hard to make Würth Snider a successful member of Würth Industry North America. Keep up the good work. “ --Mike Murphy, Director of Operations our CPS® customer count to 35—totaling 48 percent of our sales dollars. As of March 1st, 2014 we have added an additional two customers to the list of CPS® customers bringing us to a total of 37 active programs. One of the biggest gains we see from CPS® is not the initial installation and set-up of a program, but rather the products that get added to the program after the fact and over the course of the relationship with the customer. Sales opportunities we may not otherwise get the chance to quote are uncovered as we learn a customer’s business and awarded to us as build repoire.

We started with just 12 CPS® customers in 2010 totaling 2.8 percent of the company’s sales. By the end of 2013, we’d increased



CPS® has and continuously proves to be a valuable part of what we do and provides the level of service our customers are looking for.

Sales Updates Firing up the new year!

The Würth Snider sales team kicked off the new year with their first sales meetings. Held in Nashville, Tn. last month, the sales team, along with members of management spent two days discussing topics relevant to their success in helping the company reach it’s 2014 targets. These discussions included subjects like the sales and marketing plan for 2014, quoting and sourcing, an update from Operations, engineering support, non-traditional product selling, national sales support, and more.

with McKenzie Valve and is quoting another $250K of additional business with them as well. As tradition would hold true, there was also a little friendly competition at the sales meeting. Throughout the two-day meeting, sales team members participated in a poker run for a chance to win a new Microsoft Surface Pro tablet. The winner of the poker

Of course it wasn’t all business. There had to be reward for hard work and effort put into the success of a record sales year in 2013. Congratulations to Mike Steinly, Salesman of the Year and also David Humke, Key Account Manager of the Year. Steinly’s successful year can be contributed to Rough Country’s $1.1MM Lift Kit project in 2013, significant growth of new customer, Unified Brands and existing customer, Tecumseh. He met his new business and also existing business sales goals in 2013, and did well on all of his performance review measureables. Key Account Managers as a whole did a great job in 2013 improving gross profit (GP), working to bring on additional business and taking care of our customers. Among a team of great performances, David Humke’s performance was outstanding and lead him to be awarded Key Account Manager of the Year. He was able to finalize an eight-year contract extension—our first through 2020! David exceeded his sales and GP goals in 2013 (branch sales goal $1.94MM, actual sales $2.77MM)—exceeding plan by 42 percent. He also exceeded his GP sales dollar goal by 54 percent, most attributed to growing UTLX. David finished 2013 finalizing a UTLX order for an additional $2.45MM to be shared equally between Würth Adams and Würth Snider. In the past month, David has used his knowledge of the rail road industry to bring on additional customers and to grow existing accounts. In February David was awarded $300K of new business



run was also the deciding factor in which team would take home the coveted Mardi Gras beads. Congratulations to the Key Account Mangers on their win. Managing Director, Jim Johnson challenged each meeting attendee with the following question: “How do you plan to help Würth Snider and your fellow colleagues reach our 2014 goals?” The same could be asked of any employee within the company. So, how do you plan to help Würth Snider and your fellow colleagues reach our 2014 goals? Talk to your manager about how you too can help contribute to another successful year ahead.

HR Updates

Wellness Health Plans Community Affairs Wellness 2014: New Year, New Opportunity

Community Affairs 2013 Re-Cap

Wellness activities have begun. Your participation and qualification in 2014 will translate to reduced insurance rates/wellness bonus in 2015. Please note, it does not carry over into the next year, even if you qualified in 2013. You must participate every year for the following year incentives. Also, be sure to pay close attention to the dates sent out via the “Communications” e-mail so that you don’t miss out. If you feel you may have missed any information, please see Sylvia Smith or Jensyn Kaplan.

Our company has a long history of community involvement and charitable giving. In 2013, we started a more formal process that included a budget of $5,000 and a committee to direct the allocation of the funds. Here’s how the money was spent:

Remember, if you are considering the health insurance plan with the HRA in 2015, your company funding of half of the deductible will only be considered if you take the health risk assessment and have your biometrics done—you do not need to qualify on any measures—just participate.

• Contributions were provided to several recreational sports activities of employees or their families and to charities that our employees are personally involved in regularly donating their time and talent.

Consumerism Has Begun – New Health Plans

• Some of our company efforts were simply donations and others involved employees participating in fund raising activities or donating their time such as Repair Affair.

As expected, and much needed, the change in our health insurance benefits has made us all more aware of the true cost of our medicine and services—inspiring many to scrutinize their health services and do some “shopping.”

• About 26 percent of funds supported activities in our branch communities and 74 percent in the Louisville and surrounding area.

Here are a few tips that might help you save with your prescription medicines:

• All activities supported our four areas of concentration : low income housing, health and disease prevention/cure, youth development, and the environment.

• Most major pharmacies have a list of common prescriptions they will offer for around $4.00 a month. If your prescription drug is on the list, you will pay less than what your co-pay. Check out your pharmacy online or speak with your pharmacist to see obtain this list. • If you have an expensive manufacturer’s drug, you may be able to get a coupon from them. This may allow you to pay less than your co-pay and the deductible would not apply as it’s not processes through your insurance. • Don’t forget about the 90 day mail order. There’s no deductible and three months for the price of two—and it comes to your door. These tips could save you money and will help save our health plan on claims—keeping costs contained.



• Thirty-six percent supported activities and charities that were specific requests from employees vs. 61 percent were company-wide efforts.

There were eight people who took advantage of the community service PTO day in 2013—giving their time to help charitable causes near and dear to their hearts—such as homeless shelters, animal protection and Habitat for Humanity. If you would like to take advantage of the community service PTO day in 2014, ask Sylvia Smith for a request form, get it approved and then request time off from your supervisor through the ADP system. If you would like Würth Snider to provide monetary support, forward your request to Fred Sadolsky (fsadolsky@wurthsnider. com) to be reviewed by the committee. Want to participate on the Community Affairs committee? See Sylvia Smith. It was a great first year and we look forward to much more involvement in 2014!

jour fixe! 2013

Key Account Manger, Jon Campbell and his wife Susan attended the Würth Group’s Jour Fixe event in September. Each year, Jour Fixe reunites colleagues from different cultures all over the world to celebrate the appreciation of hard-working and successful employees from all countries and continents. Würth Snider has sent employees over the last several years to Jour Fixe based on tenure, success and commitment to the business. Jon and Susan, along with friends and colleagues of sister companies started the weekend event at a welcome dinner on Thursday night at their hotel. Friday morning got started early with a visit to Würth headquarters in Kunzelsau where they were treated with a tour of the museum, warehouse facility and branch office. Later that evening, they attended the Jour Fixe celebration where they were greeted by Fasty and a marching band, had dinner and even got to hear a few words from Prof. Würth himself. On Saturday, they went to the town of Heidelberg to spend the day, where there just happened to be a street festival with food and drink booths, bands and more. They were taken that afternoon to the Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim for a tour.



“It was a really good time and I hope that all employees eventually get to experience it.” -- Jon Campbell, Key Account Manager

Würth racing 2014 Schedule for the #2 Würth Car: Sunday, March 23rd Fontana, California Sunday, May 10th Kansas City, Missouri Saturday, August 23rd Bristol, Tennessee Sunday, September 28th Dover, Delaware

Wanna tweet with Brad?

Here’s how: On Wednesday, March 12th, Brad will tweet something like: “My Würth Ford Fusion is without a tagline

on the TV panel and I want YOU 2 come up with something cool! Use #Wurth to @keslowski to submit your idea for the Fontana race.” Brad will engage with his followers for ideas leading up to the Fontana race.

Annual Chili Cook-Off The 2014 annual Würth Snider chili cook-off once again proved to be a real hit amongst employees. The chili cook-off began as a fun way to showcase the company’s best amateur chefs, and continues to be a favorite year after year. The idea is to taste every chili and then vote for the “Best All Around,” “Most Unusual” and “Hottest” chili. Each winner received a $25 Visa gift card, and a “trophy spoon” to showcase their winning chili. Congratulations to this year’s winners: Steve Slotten, “Hottest,” Wesley Lennan, “Most Unusual” and Rick Wells, “Best All Around.”



Birthdays & anniversaries

new employees

March Birthdays Angela Budde

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Anniversaries Bryan James

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Anniversaries Terry Bartley Don Brown Mike Ferri Trent Cochrane Larry Morton Mike Murphy Tuesday Bethune Mike Beauchemin Rick Wells

Lester Brown Warehouse Louisville, KY

Dustin Talley Account Representative Corinth, MS

Please also welcome: •Glen Badour, Regional Sales Representative, Nashville, TN •Brian Younger, Regional Sales Representative, Jackson/Memphis, TN

April Birthdays Mike Ferri Shane Hollar Don Brown Allen Willis

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wellness is Würth It! Activity Challenge! All employees are invited to join the company in a four-week Spring fitness challenge. The challenge is designed to get you in the habit of monitoring your activity levels and challenging yourself to do more. A “team” has been set up with the American Heart Association. Follow the link below to sign-up today! Put in your information and search for Würth in the “Company” box. For four weeks, beginning 3-3-14, log your activity in your account on the site. Each week we will post the top three participants based on time in activity and also the top department if the department has at least two or more participating employees.



The activity for purpose of the challenge must be at least 15 minutes of sustained activity in which your heart rate rises. Good luck!



WINA Contact Mar/Apr 2014  
WINA Contact Mar/Apr 2014