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Kevin Burton BA History

Melissa Bylsma BA Mass Media

Carlos Cabezas BM Music Performance

Ryan Calovich BS Computer Information Science

Katherine Carlson BED Elementary Education

Jane Carver BS Biology

Jennifer Connell BS Biology

Danielle Copeland BED Elementary Education

Shelley Couch AA Early Childhood Education

Cecelia Courter MED Curriculum And Instruction

Toni Cox BA Anthropology

Cassidy Crabtree BA Political Science

Susanna Crandall BA Mass Media

Reanna Crumpton BED Elementary Education

Benjamin Cullan BS Biology

Joseph Currin BA Psychology

Jeffrey Curry BS Computer Information Science

Jeffrey Dailey BA Mass Media

Emily Dennis BED Elementary Education

Leann Deters MED Reading Specialist

Andrew Dillingham MA Psychology

Adam Doolittle BA History

Holly Dulaney BED Elementary Education

Lauren Eckert BA Mass Media

Kyle Edelman BA History

Timothy Edwards BA Political Science

Whitney Ellis BA Psychology

Geraldine Elphick BED Elementary Education

Penny Engler BA Sociology

Cassandra Farley MED Reading Specialist

Arts and Sciences 143

Alyssa Fiebrantz BA Communication

Benjamin Fitch BA Mass Media

Tanay Forsberg BED Elementary Education

Barbara Fowler MLS Liberal Studies

Kelsey Fowler BA Communication

Amber Fox BA Communication

Kendra Fritz BA Sociology

Caitlin Givens BA Music

Jennifer Gonzales BED Elementary Education

Michelle Gonzales BA History

Anna Gorden BED Elementary Education

Julian Green BA Communication

Valerie Grose MA Psychology

Dylan Grote BS Athletic Training

Jennie Guerrero BA Physical Education

Elise Gunter BA Spanish

Jaime Hackmann BA Mass Media

Matthew Hall BA Kinesiology

Christian Hallman BA Mass Media

Katelyn Hampson BA Mass Media

Ali Hanlon BA Communication

Catrina Hanson BED Elementary Education

Emily Harmon BM Music Education

Katelin Harrell BA Psychology

Kristen Hearrell BBA Economics

David Hess BM Music Performance

Austin Hills BS Athletic Training

Megan Holland BM Music Education

Christina Hollis BS Athletic Training

Andrew Holmes BA Political Science

144 People

Left: College of Arts and Sciences graduates, Kate Hampson and Matthew Hall passed the time as they waited to for their names to be called. Hampson received a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media; Hall studied Kinesiology.

Below: Lucas Mullin received a Bachelor of Public Administration. During his time at Washburn, Mullin served as the vice president of the Washburn Student Government Association, and was a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity.

Briana Holmes BA Mass Media

Timothy Hrabe BA Mass Media

Cole Huerter BA Communication

Katie Hughes BA English

Lisa Ille BS Biology

Amy Imparato BM Music Performance

Steven IVerson BA Political Science

Jameel Jackson BA Psychology

Jason Jolly BA Communication

Tonya Jones BED Elementary Education

Shannon Keller MED Curriculum And Instruction

Jeremiah Kemper BA Art

Ashley Kerr BA Sociology

Karlee Kilts BA English

Loren King BFA Art

Amy Kirmer BA Spanish

Arts and Sciences 145

Kelly Kleiner BED Elementary Education

Tina Kleiner BED Elementary Education

Ashley Klone BS Biology

Erica Koepsel BA Psychology

Ethan Komp BS Biology

Brenda Kostner BA History

Ashley Kurtz BA Psychology

Ashley Laird BFA Art

Andrew Lake BA Mathematics

Katherine Larson BS Biology

Janette Lassiter-Smith MLS Liberal Studies

Matt Lazzo BA Communication

Curtis Leeth BA History

Joshua Lehman BA Mass Media

Jenny Leonard MED Reading Specialist

Jason Lines BA Political Science

Matthew Linn BFA Art

Jillian Lira BA Mass Media

Stephen Littleton BS Mathematics

Veronica Lopez Salgado BPA Public Administration

Kevin Lorson BS Biology

Kristina Lupercio BED Elementary Education

Bret Lutz BA Art

Shelbie Lutz BED Elementary Education

Ashley Manis BA Psychology

Jill Manuel BA Art History

Richard Martin BA Religious Studies

Katelyn Martinek BA Psychology

Marissa McClimans BIS Integrated Studies

Amanda McCullough BM Music Performance

146 People

Shawn McDermott BA Mass Media

Robert McDowell BA English

Ashley McGee BED Elementary Education

Karly McGurk BED Elementary Education

Maggie McKinley BA Mass Media

Savannah McLinn BA Psychology

Cody Meeks BED Physical Education

John Meyers BED Elementary Education

Serita Miller MED Adaptive Special Education (6-12)

Haley Mitchell BS Biology

Jenica Moore BS Athletic Training

Joseph Muiller BS Biology

Alyssa Mullen BA Kinesiology

Lucas Mullin BPA Public Administration

Ashley Nadeau BA Mass Media

Amelia Newman MED Adaptive Special Ed (6-12)

Hong Nguyen BS Biology

Christa Obermeyer BS Forensic Chemical Science

Bailea Ochs BA Psychology

Tessa Okruhlik BA Anthropology

Graduates watched as peers made their walk. Washburn University offers over 200 programs in the College of Arts and Sciences, and the Schools of Applied Studies, Business, Nursing and Law.

Arts and Sciences 147

Right: Stephanie Slack received a Master of Education in Adaptive Special Education. Specifically, she is qualified to work with special needs children from kindergarten through sixth grade. Below: Caley Onek presented a commencement speech. Onek was heavily involved at Washburn, through organizations such as Future Alumni Network, Bod Squad, Christian Challenge, Campus Activities Board, Summer Orientation Counselors and Big Brothers Big Sisters—in addition to serving as the President of the Washburn Student Government Association. Onek Recieved a Bachelor of Art in Kinesiology.

Haley Olson MED Reading Specialist

Caley Onek BA Kinesiology

Alana Palmer BS Athletic Training

Heather Patterson BS Athletic Training

Sarah Patterson BA Psychology

Katelynn Paul BA Communication

Megan Peraita BA English

Elizabeth Perry BED Elementary Education

Matthew Peterson BA History

Melissa Peven MED Adaptive Special Education (K-6)

Jeffrey Philips MA Psychology

Brett Pitner BA History

Ashley Podschun BS Athletic Training

Elizabeth Rausch BA Psychology

Michael Reb BS Computer Information Science

148 People

Left: Jenna Seematter received her Bachelor of Art in Polical Science. During her time at Washburn, she serve as the Washburn Student Government Chief of Staff, and was a member of honor societies—Alpha Lambda Delta, Mortar Board, Pi Sigma Alpha, Phi Kappa Phi.

Below: College of Arts and Sciences graduate, Andrew Dillingham received a Master of Art in Psychology.

Selby Renk BA Mass Media

Nicholas Hill BS Forensic Chemical Science

Amber Rivera BA English

Thomas Robben BS Chemistry

Valerie Roberson BA English

Brenna Roberts BED Elementary Education

Jared Roberts BS Biology

Kristen Robson BA Kinesiology

Anthony Roth BM Music Performance

Chrisopher Roth BM Music Performance

Samantha Sallaway BA Art

Jason Schmidtlein BA Computer Information Systems

Luke Schuckman BA Mass Media

Emily Scott BA Mass Media

Jennifer Scrivner BM Music Performance

Arts and Sciences 149

Jenna Seematter BA Political Science

Joseph Serwadda BS Computer Information Science

Jordan Shefte BA Mass Media

Ashley Shepard BA Mass Media

Christine Sibilla MA Psychology

Mary Siemers BIS Integrated Studies

Maria Sigala BA Mass Media

Brianne Silovsky BA Kinesiology

Stephanie Slack MED Adaptive Special Education (K-6)

Bailey Smith BA English

Jamie Smith BS Athletic Training

John Stamm BS Biology

Nicole Stejskal BA Mass Media

April Sumpter BA Anthropology

Manuel Tabora BM Music Performance

Cole Huerter waited with his fellow graduates for their moment on stage. Huerter received his Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the College of Arts and Sciences.

150 People

Amber Taliaferro MED Adaptive Special Education (K-6)

Adam Thompson BS Computer Information Science

Hannah Thompson BA History

Erin Thornburgh BS Biology

Brittany Tracz BS Athletic Training

Leah Travnicek BS Biology

Kathryn Turner BS Biology

Brette Ulsaker BA Political Science

Sean Vandyke BS Mathematics

Marissa Wagenaar BA History

Nathan Wallace BIS Integrated Studies

Ryan Ward BS Biology

Barbara Warhurst BA Communication

Wendy Watson BS Athletic Training

Brandon Wells BED Physical Education

Jordan Wells BA Communication

Thiwan Whepard No Information Available

Lacy White BED Elementary Education

Whitney Whitson BA Mass Media

Leah Wilkie BA Kinesiology

Matthew Wilper BA Sociology

Brittany Wilson BA English

Florian Winkler BA History

Patricia Wisneski AA Natural Science & Mathematics

Audra Wood BA Psychology

Heather Wooldridge MA Psychology

Samantha Wright BA Psychology

Sarah Wuerfele BS Biology

Jill Zinn BIS Integrated Studies

Jessica Zimlich BA Mass Media

Arts and Sciences 151

Bahodur Abdukhalikov BBA Finance

Kacee Abel BSN Nursing

David Ade BSN Nursing

Erika Albright BSN Nursing

Joshua Arbaiza BBA Finance

Jerret Arnold BBA Marketing

Christina Ayres BBA Accounting

Michael Bascom MBA Business

Jessica Batres BBA General Business

Rachel Beard BSN Nursing

Kristina Begole BSN Nursing

Kari Bellinger BBA Finance

Kristen Benton BBA Finance

Jessica Berry BSN Nursing

Amanda Bessette BSN Nursing

Tracy Blackwell BSN Nursing

Mandy Blackwill BSN Nursing

Alexandra Blasi MBA Business

Katie Boling BSN Nursing

Kristin Bone BSN Nursing

Matthew Bowers BBA Management

Kelsey Bowman BBA Management

Rachel Bracciano BBA General Business

Jorge Breuer BBA Accounting

Lucas Brin BBA Management

Joni Burgos BSN Nursing

Amber Calhoon BBA Accounting

Nicolette Clancy BSN Nursing

Lindy Clark BBA Finance

Candace Coleman BSN Nursing

152 People

Katie Collins BSN Nursing

Tracy Conley BSN Nursing

Kyler Connell BBA Finance

Karen Copeland MSN Finance

Shelby Corbin BSN Finance

Brandon Correll BBA Accounting

Tychicus Cowdin MBA Business

Amanda David BBA Marketing

Cheri Demarco MSN Nursing

Alex Deters BBA Accounting

Allison Devader BBA Management

Steven Dudley BBA Management

Limuel Dunbar BBA Marketing

Lindsay Duncan MBA Business

Brenda Durland BSN Nursing

Tammy Eilert BSN Nursing

Tyler Elliott BBA Management

Melissa Ellis BBA Marketing

Vexa Emery BBA Management

Maria Fairman BBA Management

Katie Figgs BBA Accounting

Danielle Finan MSN Nursing

Megan Floberg BSN Nursing

Jennifer Forrest BSN Nursing

Brenda Fry BBA Management

Dawn Garcia-Brinker MSN Nursing

Delaney Gordan BBA Finance

Meghann Greene BSN Nursing

Meredith Groff BSN Nursing

Matthew Hall BBA Kinesiology

Business and Nursing 153

Kristen Opat displayed a commemoration of her soon-to-be deployed husband, Nicholas Opat, serving as a combat medic in the U.S. Army Reserve. Opat received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the College of Arts and Sciences.

Jason Halloway No Information Availible

Jessica Hamilton BSN Nursing

Kyle Hett BSN Nursing

Dawn Hinson BBA Accounting

Melissa Hite BSN Nursing

Whitney Hoke BBA Finance

Derek Holovach BBA Marketing

Aaron Hunter BSN Nursing

Ashley Hynek BSN Nursing

Teal Jamie BSN Nursing

Angie Jamison BSN Nursing

Megan Johns MBA Business

Maxwell Johnson BBA Management

Megan Johnson BBA Management

Carey Jordan BSN Nursing

Jason Joyce MBA Business

Sherzod Kadirov BBA Management

Cameron Kasel BBA Accounting

Jacob Keas BBA Management

Clarence Kie BBA General Business

Stephany Kilbourn BSN Nursing

Jordan Koci BSN Nursing

154 People

Brianne Kyner BSN Nursing

Ricquelle Landis BBA Accounting

Lisa Lang BBA Management

Wesley Langat Major

Siu-Kei Lau BBA Economics

Trang Le Nguyen BBA Management

Courtney Lewis BBA Accounting

Molly Loder BSN Nursing

Sabra Ludwick BSN Nursing

Melissa Lynch BSN Nursing

Sijin Mainali BBA Management

Holly Majors BSN Nursing

Sherri Matheny BHS Medical Imaging

Lana Matney-Anderson BBA Accounting

Ellen McCaffrey MSN Nursing

Cari Meats BSN Nursing

Dalton Mick BBA Marketing

Brandy Moore BBA Marketing

Kayla Moore BBA Accounting

Sarah Morris BBA Economics

Lamanda Nance BSN Nursing

Angela Ndungu BSN Nursing

Megan Nguyen BS Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Matthew O’Shea BSN Nursing

Kristen Opat BSN Nursing

David Payne BSN Nursing

Luke Perez BBA Management

Nicole Perkuhn BBA Management

Karra Petty BSN Nursing

Mariam Rajab BBA Accounting

Business and Nursing 155

Caleb Reid BBA Accounting

Bradley Rogers BBA Finance

Jerilyn Rogers MSN Nursing

Brady Rothrock BBA Accounting

Tori Rutter BSN Nursing

Katelyn Sackrider BSN Nursing

Rebecca Sage BBA Marketing

Carlos Sandoval BSN Nursing

Nicole Sauer BSN Nursing

Adam Schmidt BSN Nursing

Shelby Schmidt BBA Marketing

Brody Schuler BBA Finance

Allyson Scott BSN Nursing

Bryce Scott BSN Nursing

Joseph Sedlacek BSN Nursing

Christopher Seele BBA Management

Elizabeth Seilbold BBA Finance

Ashley Shaffer BSN Nursing

Laura Shubkagel BSN Nursing

Elaine Slater BBA Accounting

Christy Smith BSN Nursing

Molly Smith BBA Management

Landon Stallbaumer BBA Management

Patrick Steele BSN Nursing

Jennifer Steffens BSN Nursing

Gayane Stevens MBA Business

Jeanette Stiles BBA Accounting

Lisa Stithem BBA Marketing And Management

Allie Summer BSN Nursing

Chelsea Trimble BSN Nursing

156 People

Elise Wilson stands with President Jerry B. Farley and his wife, Susan, after the commencement ceremony. Wilson received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the College of Arts and Sciences. John Troutt BBA Marketing

Jesey Vopata BBA General Business

Margaret Walter BBA Accounting

Luodan Wang BBA Accounting

Cassandra Wasser BBA Finance

Ashley Weber BSN Nursing

Kelsie Weick BSN Nursing

Melissa Wellman BBA Accounting

Melissa Wiedwald BSN Nursing

Elise Wilson BSN Nursing

Kelsi Wiscombe BSN Nursing

Kyle Woodall BBA Management

Eric Wright BSN Nursing

Thomas Yager BBA Marketing

Ada Yang BBA Management

Michael Young BBA General Business

Steven Younger BBA Finance

Kassi Zeit BSN Nursing

Feng Zhang BSN Nursing

Yiyang Zhang BBA Accounting

Business and Nursing 157

Erin Sommer followed the bagpipers in the precession to the Petro building where the School of Law commencement ceremony was held. She received a Juris Doctor. Brock Abbey JD Law

Whitney Ambuter JD Law

Courtney Archdekin JD Law

Paige Asmann JD Law

Riley Baber JD Law

Aaron Bailey JD Law

Sherri Becker JD Law

Raymond Bergmeier JD Law

Elizabeth Bernhart JD Law

Brian Bina JD Law

Alexandra Blasi JD Law

Abigail Boudewyns JD Law

Deedraa Branson JD Law

Jordan Brewer JD Law

James Bristow JD Law

Skyler Burts JD Law

Jill Carlson JD Law

Brian Carr JD Law

Laura Coughlin JD Law

Jennifer Dannonburg JD Law

Leon Davis JD Law

Jean Delpech JD Law

Michael Ditch JD Law

Ashley Dopita JD Law

158 People

Daryl Dowdell JD Law

Michael Duma JD Law

Maryam Fakhradeen JD Law

Stephanie Ferry JD Law

Grant Flinn JD Law

Sam Foreman JD Law

Stephen Freeland JD Law

Valerie Glenn JD Law

Aaron Good JD Law

Amy Greiner JD Law

Amanda Haas JD Law

Coleman Hambleton JD Law

Kurt Helgesen JD Law

Justin Hocking JD Law

Clay Houser JD Law

Kristen Jarboe JD Law

Douglas Johns JD Law

Mandy Johnson JD Law

Casey Jones JD Law

Stephen Jones JD Law

Kevin Keatley JD Law

Ryan Kilmer JD Law

Kristin Klementowski JD Law

Robert Krattley JD Law

Daniel Krob JD Law

Michelle Le JD Law

Jennifer Lemus JD Law

Erilda Livingston JD Law

Benjamin Long JD Law

Craig Lowe JD Law

School of Law 159

Chance Martin JD Law

Megan Massey JD Law

Monique McElwee JD Law

Cheryl Meier JD Law

Rachel Miller JD Law

Robert Mills JD Law

Mehboobali Mohammed Pirali JD Law

Nicholas Moore JD Law

Michael Neeley JD Law

Joshua Nicolay JD Law

Terence Oben JD Law

Daniel Oberhelman JD Law

Nick Page JD Law

Michael Patton JD Law

John Pearce JD Law

Stephanie Poyer JD Law

Uriah Price JD Law

Michael Quinn JD Law

Stephen Randtke JD Law

Elizabeth Rauch JD Law

Andrew Rector JD Law

Adam Renner JD Law

Timothy Resner JD Law

Charles Rouner JD Law

Ernesto Sanchez JD Law

Rebecca Sanders JD Law

Samual Seward JD Law

Brock Shannon JD Law

Robert Shelli JD Law

Stacey Sheon JD Law

160 People

Michael Neeley walked in the precession of the Law School commencement ceremony. Neeley received a Juris Doctor.

Calli Simnitt JD Law

Marie Skogen JD Law

Sydney Snyder JD Law

Erin Sommer JD Law

Samara Stemple JD Law

Kimberly Streit JD Law

Angela Tatro JD Law

Vaibhav Trivedi JD Law

Kori Trussel JD Law

Eric Turner JD Law

Krista Turner Shultz JD Law

Charion Vaughn JD Law

Jonathan Voegeli JD Law

Kel Vrana JD Law

Christopher Walker JD Law

Joe Walker JD Law

Thomas Webb JD Law

Heather Wheeler JD Law

Melinda Wicks JD Law

Kathlyn Wilson JD Law

Amanda Wilwert JD Law

Victoria Winterberg JD Law

Shawn Yancy JD Law

Jonathan Zadina JD Law

School of Law 161

The Washburn University School of Law precession makes its way to the petro building for the Law School commencement ceremony. Photo courtesy of Peggy Clark





Applied Studies Applied Studies Applied Studies Christine Adolph No information available

Laura Allen No information available

Janell Bolton AA Legal Studies

Kevin Brown No information available

Chris Cogswell BSCJ Law Enforcement

Brandon Condren Technology Administration

Jeremy Corbeille MSW Social Work

Melissa Delgado BSCJ Corrections

Ben Dibble BAS Technology Administration

Chasity Gaultney-Tyler BAS Human Services

Kori Green BAS Health Services Administration

Christine Hall No information available

Traci Hough Sanders AS Health Information Technology

Kelsey Krogmann BSCJ Law Enforcement

Jamie Long BHS Health Services Administration

Dane Mauslein BAS Human Services

Megan McFarland BSCJ Corrections

Rhandyl Miller BSCJ Corrections

Amy Morgan BLS Legal Studies

Roshawn Mosley No information available

Natalie Nguyen BSCJ Law Enforcment

Haley Nocktonick BLS Legal Studies

Lynn Pannell No information available

Michael Parks AAS Industrial Technology

164 People

Rachael Rinehart AA Legal Studies

Christopher Rokey AAS Industrial Technology

Dawson Sander AAS Industrial Technology

Joseph Schuetz MCJ Criminal Justice

Kimberly Sharitz AS Health Information Technology

Matthew Simpson BSCJ Law Enforcement

Albert Thompson MCJ Criminal Justice

Myrna Watson BLS Legal Studies

Lavita Williams BAS Technology Administration

Adam Wilson BHS Medical Imaging

Arts and Sciences Michael Allen BFA Art

Patrick Allen BA Mass Media

Nicole Anderson BA Psychology

Hillary Armstrong BED Elementary Education

Chelsea Artzer BED Elementary Education

David Auldridge BED Elementary Education

Hayley Barnes BED Elementary Education

Tara Bayens BA English

Josh Benteman BM Music Education

Jennifer Berroth BM Music Education

December Graduates 1165

Bridget Bowers BA English

Kelby Brown BA History

Crystal Burgoon BA Communication

Sherrita Camp MLS Liberal Studies

Raqual Carlson BED Elementary Education

Sara Carter BED Elementary Education

Emily Cottrell MLS Liberal Studies

Lindsey Cox BED Elementary Education

Katherine Craft BA English

Jesse Craig BA Kinesiology

Nic Dawson BA Communications

Lindsey Denton BM Music Education

Woolsey Dinwiddie BS Mathematics

Sydney Doel BA English

Lindsay Edwards BA Mathematics

Susan Evans BS Biology

Timothy Fowler BS Athletic Training

Carissa Fox BA Mass Media

Brandi Gannon BA Mass Media

Travis Garwood BFA Art

Cecilia Gonzales-Rebeck BA Spanish

Tiffany Harris No information available

Sanela Hasanovic-little BA Psychology

Anna Henry BA Mass Media

Alcira Hernandez BA Spanish

Taylor Hoag No information available

Jessica Hobbs BED Elementary Education

Andrea Holland MED Teaching License

David Hollenbeck BS Biology

Staci Honas BED Elementary Education

166 People

2012 Washburn University KAW Yearbook  

Pages 145-168