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Sports • Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Washburn soccer prepares for tough MIAA schedule

Photo by Mike Goehring, Washburn Review

Needing a Win: After an 0-4 start on the road, Washburn returns back home for their home opener Friday, Sept. 14 against Emporia State University. The Lady Blues will look to get their first win on home turf.

Luke Warnken

again in overtime, this time 3-2 to Colorado Christian University. “It obviously is really frustrating and I feel bad for


Losing is never fun. Losing nail-breakers in extra time is just heartbreaking. The Lady Blues soccer team fell victim

my players and for my team because we’ve worked ever so hard,” said Tim Collins, Washburn head soccer coach. “We’re better than we were last year

and to have some of the same demons crop up that we’ve worked really hard to eradicate is not what you expect and not what you want.” Things didn’t get much better in Washburn’s next game as the Blues got shutout by the Orediggers of Colorado Mines. The 3-0 loss left WU with a 0-4 record heading into conference play. The final outcome may seem terrible for Washburn, but the No. 5 ranked Orediggers beat their two previous opponents 8-0, so a 3-0 loss is nothing to be ashamed of. “The only thing that matters from the perspective of the public is the final result,” said Collins. “We’re going to get wins this year. No doubt in my mind.” Washburn will have a shot to change their season around as conference play starts Friday, Sept. 14. WU will try to get their first victory, and win their conference opener, against rival Emporia State University at home.

Simoneau changes from star pupil to mentor Drew Egnoske

got good ideas when we are sitting in meetings,” said head coach Craig Schurig. Schurig also doubles as the quarterbacks coach and works closely with Simoneau on developing the talent at the position. After finishing the 2011 season with over 4,000 yards, 38 touchdowns and finishing second for the Harlon Hill award, the road to the next level looked promising. That opportunity never came however, and Simoneau found himself back at Washburn as a graduate assistant helping to mold the young quarterbacks that the Ichabods must rely on this year. “I haven’t heard much so far and I’m gonna focus on my classes and this team,” said Simoneau. In the mean time he is staying in shape by throwing to receivers on the team as well as former teammate Joe Hastings. “Whatever happens, hap-


When it comes to coaching a college football team, a head football coach relies heavily upon both his assistant coaches, as well as graduate assistants. Graduate assistants are often former members of a team who come back to gain invaluable experience with the hopes of one day becoming coaches themselves. The Washburn football team has seen its fair share of grad assistants connected with its program, but none with the eminent career that Dane Simoneau had while playing for the Ichabods. Simoneau, who graduated last year, established his name at the top of 35 separate school records, some of those with exclamation points. “I think it’s real valuable because the young quarterbacks can talk to him, plus he’s

pens,” said Simoneau. “I’m still working out, throwing to guys out here and staying ready.” Schurig is also hopeful that Simoneau will get a chance to play in the NFL. “He’s gotten a couple of calls from teams but nothing happened. Hopefully it does,” said Schurig. “He is just gonna stay in shape if it does happen.” Sophomore quarterbacks Mitch Buhler and Joel Piper are grateful to have Simoneau to mentor them through their development as the next feature signal caller for the Ichabods. “He’s a friend, a mentor, and a teammate to me,” said Buhler, who has started the last two games for Washburn this season. “He pretty much mastered the offense when he was here so he’s like a second coach on the field who’s been there. It really helps us out.” Piper, a junior college transfer from Butler Community College, also appriciates

“I was really impressed we recognized and pulled out the positives against Mines,” said Collins. “We’re ready to go against Emporia State.” ESU comes into the Turnpike Tussle 2-2, coming off of a 1-0 loss to Upper Iowa University. The Lady Hornets will look to spoil Washburn’s home opener but Collins and company have other plans. Despite their losing record, Collins sees something in this year’s squad that he didn’t see last year. “We attack with a flair,” said Collins. The Lady Blues have managed to outshoot every opponent with the exception of Colorado Mines. Washburn must work on those shots leading to goals to bring home some victories. The Lady Blues’ win column may not be indicative of the Blues fierce style, but rivalries have a tendency to bring out the best in teams. “It’s always bloodthirsty when you play Emporia State,” said Collins. “There will be a

lot of fans on both sides. We’re really looking forward to the opportunity to play in front of our fans.” Spearheading the Lady Blues offensive attack is junior midfielder/forward Caysie Beetley. Beetley has scored all three of Washburn’s goals this season. Senior Tia Stovall and freshman Sara Specht both have chipped in an assist on one of Beetley’s goals. Beetley will need some scoring help before the Blues can become an offensive juggernaut. Washburn must also learn to finish games. “We’ve been in this situation [overtime] before and we know we’ve prepared for it,” said Collins. “We’re going to take it one game at a time and we want a lot of fans out there to watch us get a positive result against Emporia.”

Luke Warnken is a sophomore athletic training major. Reach him at

SRWC congratulates 700,000 customer

having Simoneau on the sideline. “He helps with the little things and the things that you can’t notice on your own,” said Piper. “He knows a lot about these teams we are playing.” Simoneau’s mentorship has been paying dividends on the field so far. Buhler was able to find the end zone twice in the Ichabods first game against the University of Nebraska-Kearney. Last Saturday, against Fort Hays, Buhler added four more scores to his total. Hope has brought Simoneau back to Washburn and hope is what he holds on to as he awaits his future career. “Hopefully come spring time, some teams will have some needs,” said Simoneau. Courtesy of SRWC

Drew Egnoske is a senior mass media major. Reach him at drew.egnoske@washburn. edu.

Fitness Center Celebrates: Marcellis Washington is a junior from Hiawatha, Kan and was the 700,000th visitor to the SRWC. He is majoring in social work and visits the SRWC regularly. His favorite aspects of the SRWC are the fitness loft and the indoor track. What he likes best about being an Ichabod is the friendly atmosphere on campus and in Topeka.

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2012-13 Issue 4  

Editor-in-chief Tricia Peterson and staff cover Career and Graduate Fair and McCullough new to SW department.

2012-13 Issue 4  

Editor-in-chief Tricia Peterson and staff cover Career and Graduate Fair and McCullough new to SW department.