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PRSSA General Meeting ………………………………………… October 4, 2012 – 9 p.m. Executive Board updates: Sam- Star Chapter Award Molly- Firm lunch rescheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 9 at noon Britt- $50 dues due Oct. 10th Chelsea- Newsletter Kelsey- If anyone is not working Jacketfest, she needs people to take pics for Dropbox and Facebook Firm Updates: Linzy Smith -

Met with clients Met with design team and there are great ideas for the logo Working on website Name might be changed to 51 West PR

Coordinator Updates: -

Special Events- Haley Greene: Jacketfest, Harvest Festival, Media Day Professional Development-Matt Giardina: Ethics Webinar Oct 10 @ 11 a.m. and Professional Development Day in Pittsburgh Fundraising- Abby Pittinaro: Harvest Festival, Moore’s Hotdogs

Dues -

NEED TO BE TURNED IN ON OCTOBER 10th to BRITTANY SEMCO OR YOU ARE NOT A REAL MEMBER! Cash or checks: can be made payable to WU Brittany Semco- call, email, mailbox #3923

Points System -

If you are doing PR elsewhere in the world, you may let the e-board know and you can receive a point for that as well On the sign-in sheet, instead of names we could use ID numbers for confidentiality A lot of other chapters have point systems, so it’s great that this is being implemented VOTING: Kelsey Bradley motioned & Chelsea Cummins seconded


10 for – 5 opposed Majority rules that the points system is active as of this meeting

Upcoming events: 

JacketFest & Homecoming - Oct. 6

Ethics Webinar -Oct. 10 at 11 a.m. in Cred Building

Harvest Festival -Oct. 25 from 4-6 - Theme this year is Charlie Brown - We will be selling candy corn for $.50 and proceeds go to Project Bundle Up

Media Day -Oct. 25 -Prof. Krause needs everyone’s help! Let him know if you want to help make calls

Professional Development Day -Oct. 30th - 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in Pittsburgh - Hosted by PRSA Pittsburgh -$20 - Let Sam Scribner know if you want to go ASAP

Dignity & Respect - Oct. 30th & 31st - Table will be set up in the café for people to sign the pledge - Table will be set up on Oct. 30 for just dinner and Oct. 31 for lunch and dinner

Nominations: -

Seniors are graduating in December, so their places must be filled! Please let nominees know BEFORE you nominate them. We don’t want people respectfully declining over and over The new positions filled will only be for one semester and they will be reopened in the fall

LinkedIn Tutorial: Sam Scribner -

The most professional and career-serving social media platform Connections are only people that you have met before

Reminders and Announcements -

Next meeting: November 1st at 9 p.m. Buhl 416 Nominations will also be held at this meeting

Thanks for all your hard work!

General Meeting Notes- Oct. 4  

Notes from our general meeting Thursday, Oct. 4, at 9 p.m.

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