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Ur Co-Founder & CEO Antony Hamon

Dear Wuppers

Ur General Manager Klara Grintal

We were complaining about the heat, it’s now time to complain about the rain. July is here already, bringing along a brand new WUPP Mag in Phnom Penh & Siem Reap.

Ur Editor In Chief Pierre Rabotin Ur Art Director Emmanuelle Rouvrais Ur Designer Liseth Sanchez Ur Photographer Jeremie Montessuis Ur Journalists Tom Stall Romi Grossberg Anna Mischke Clothilde Le Coz Jemma Galvin John Shakespear Eve Watling Ur Web Master Antonin Marcault Ur Project Manager Jéremie Courtot Lorenz Gaimard Clémence Trémol Special Thanks to Phon Liza Cover Model DY SAVETH Cover Photograph Jéremie Montessuis/ Film Noir Studio

For this month we had one wish: after the success of Memory Film Festival we wanted to introduce to you guys one of the most important figures of Cambodian cinema back in the golden age of the 60’s and 70’s. Dy Saveth made us the honor to answer our many many questions. We wanted you to discover or re discover this great actress, so rush to this month’s cover article to see how badass the Cambodian culture is. With the opening of Code the new night club, the rise of a strong and hectic electro scene in Cambodia, and a new fashion shop, July will be a month of great excitements. Find everything there is to know in WUPP Mag #11 available everywhere around town. As usual, we made sure you find brand new discounts to live the urban experience at its fullest. Soon, you’ll discover the next step of our good deals: The WUPP Card, a new way to get discounts and much more in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Kep, Kampot, Sihanouk Ville or Battambang. Stay tuned guys, we have many surprises coming up ! Cheers






#377, Sisowath Quay (near FCC) | Phnom Penh | +855 (0) 83 79 39 47

07. UR tuk-tuk of the month 08. UR ngo: l’irresistible 10. UR show: phare, the cambodian circus 13. UR wine: phnom penh, wine capital 14. UR food: the deli 16. UR WINE: how to pick a bottle 18. UR wupp models 22. UR HEALTH: pharmalink 36. UR COVER: DY SAVETH 42. UR NIGHTLIFE: CODE 44. UR MUSIC: PHNOM PENH ELECTRO MAP 46. UR ARTIST: SERA # JULIANNE SIBISKI 49. UR SHOP: KEOK JAY 50. UR TV SHOW: DEXTER




rs terio n i e ign th s e d l ing.” il d l w i I u b day dern o m “ One t rea of a g

Run, Run,

Tharin Thythy , better known as Run when he drives his Tuk tuk might be one of the promising new designers in Phnom Penh. Run attends to Design School during the day, finishes assignments in the late afternoon and works at night helping his dad driving a tuk tuk to make the most out of the vehicle. Run took great risks choosing to study interior design. His family and himself make great economic sacrifices to be able to pay for the material of the costly discipline. “I always knew I was going to be a designer, even if my family at first disapproved of my choice, they ended up supporting me because they knew how much it meant to me. One


day I will design the interiors of a great modern builing and will make them very proud” explains Runw. Run also speaks flawless English and drives his tuk tuk ethically “Because I work near the Russian Market I drive a lot of foreigners so I have to warn them about the danger, especially to the ladies: always keep your bag where it can’t be snatched ! I don’t understand why many Cambodians would steal and harm people instead of making an effort to earn ther living in an honest way. We wish you the best of luck in your studies and keep up the good work, bong !

>> 7

UR ngo

L’Irresistible is a homemade Jam & Syrup produced in Cambodia, with Cambodian fruits by Cambodian disabled people working for a sustainwable business led by Action Cambodge Handicap in Partnership with PSE. If you’ve never tried these savory delights, it’s time to fix that mistake. The social business quietly grew as the delicious jam became renowned by word of mouth for its quality and delicious flavor. The places selling them then spread like mushrooms. The factory is today sustainable and guaranty work and stability to 6 young disabled people. Every day the small team products 40 jars of jam and 10 bottles of syrup without the help of any machines. Everything’s handmade and the young adults spend a lot of time cutting and mashing the local fruits, using no chemical in this very artisanal process. The idea behind was to create a business aiming at empowering young disabled people by giving them first a job and responsibilities.

This project has been launched by Action Cambodge Handicap which saw in the lack of suitable structure for disabled kids in Cambodia a mission to fulfill. That’s how started l’Irresistible and how the ngo built a house where the young people could stay. This house, which kept a community and family spirit, brings stability, security and 24/7 care to those young adults. 13 young disabled adults live there supported by three Khmer staffs and a team of special-needs teachers.

Contact : Pierre Chetcuti 092 474 084 Sephan Soung 092 906 097


UR show

PHARE, THE CAMBODIAN social show CIRCUS business By Pierre Rabotin

Phare, the Cambodian circus established in Siem Reap has a lot going on after they launched the big top tent that will allow the daily shows to keep on going all the way through rainy season. The social business is keeping it hot: new shows and worldwide projects, rich and diverse programs with new students entering the school everyday, The shows, built in the pure tradition of Cambodian culture are an open window to a bright and successful artistic business in Cambodia. Come and see what’s behind the velvet curtain. Siem Reap’s famous circus is a perfect example of what entertainment should be about, a multi layered experience mixing mesmerizing fun with deeper reflections of insight. By providing a professional show every night, Phare is not only entertaining a large crowd with amazing, poetic and impressive performances, it is also providing a decent paid job to numerous artists still struggling to make a living out of their


talent. The Social business provides a good salary and insurance to each artist plus two members of their family. They are also hosted in a big villa that Phare rents for them. Xavier Gobin, SR circus’ manager and former professional dancer who brought all his discipline and knowledge to the project knows how important it is to set a stress free environment to fully engage artists in the creative process. One of the first shows of Siem Reap’s era, Tchamlaek, was presented on june. It was created by Phare’s first generation of artists and it was a tremendous success. For the occasion some of the previous performers returned under the spotlights. It was a big challenge for them, especially for performer Buntun, who had to lose 20kg. But it was well worth it as Tchamlaek is a unique show that holds a direct influence on Cambodian culture. Indeed, each show got the ingredients of true Cambodian spirit adding traditional references

Photos: JF Mousseau

and Buddhist influences as well as folk tales in the background of a strong contemporary story. “No taboos” could be their motto as every story asks direct questions about today’s issues: violence, drugs, alcohol… One of the next projects, “Khmer Metal” will deal with all these social problems in a very rock’n’roll performance blending traditional instruments with electric guitars. The round shape of the stage and the big roof now guarantee perfect acoustics by having the musicians play on top of the bleacher. So if you stop by Siem Reap, make sure you don’t miss the amazing result of hard work and passion put into this show. You will be supporting an initiative that since its early beginnings has promoted Khmer culture through a sustainable artistic business practice to give the local artists the place they deserve in Cambodia.

GRAB YOUR COUPON 015 499 480 Address: Behind Angkor Natiolnal Museum, Komay Road Photo: Peter Phoeng


- PHNOM PENH WINE CAPITAL Who would have thought few years back that Phnom Penh would become such an exciting wine city? Seduction Party with Taittinger @ Le Blanc Boutique Hotel.

Chateau Rauzan Gassies 2nd Cru Classe de Margaux @ Red Apron

Chester Osborn Wine-maker of D’Arenberg @ Zino Wine Bar

Prestigious events are blossoming all around the capital. No need to look for them in Shangai or Hong Kong anymore. Red Apron wine Boutique and Celliers d’Asie managed to bring here the most famous and important figures of the industry, owners and wine makers finally targeting this brand new market. Representatives of the old world as well as the Australian D’Arenberg Boutique winery already stepped foot on our beloved city.

>> See what’s happening now.

Chateau Pontet Canet Grand Cru classé de Pauillac @ Raffles Le Royal.

What better couple than wine and food? I f everybody agrees, who really knows how to marry them? To make sure you become the best at pairing your dinner with the perfect bottle, WUPP Mag & Celliers d’Asie will disclose for you the best recipes by the most talented chefs in town. Every month we’ll introduce two new wines, one red, one white and the tailor-made recipe that’ll reveal their flavors. Starting next month!


g min o C on! So 13



In the heart of Italian gastronomy


Last month opened Terrazza, an authentic Italian restaurant rising Italian cuisine to finess in Cambodia. But Terrazza is not only a restaurant. The owner, Fabrizio also decided to open a Deli filled with delicious items from all around Italia. We met the Chef to talk about this Mediterranean temple of delicacies.

What’s the idea behind the Deli ? I’ve always wanted to introduce middle and high Italian gastronomy products in Cambodia, especially the fresh ones such as cheese or cold cuts but not only that. We also have really traditional things like Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar or flour. In addition, half of what we sell is also used as ingredients for the dishes prepared in the restaurant and we have an additional menu where clients can choose combo dishes for degustation coming from the Deli. What kind of products can we find ? Many things ! But among them, Burrata a fresh Italian cheese, made from mozzarella and cream. The outer shell is solid mozzarella while the inside contains both mozzarella and cream, giving it an unusual, soft texture. The name “burrata” means “buttered” in Italian. If there is a King of salumi, it’s definitely Culatello ! Culatello is made from the large muscle mass in the rear leg of the pig. Creating it means destroying the possibility of making a prosciutto.


That, combined with it being a relatively small part of the whole leg, its tremendous aging time, the fact that it’s the bestpart of the leg, and the expertise required to make it, make it one of the most expensive salumi in Italy! What’s the specialty of the Deli ? Well... we don’t only have amazing food... We also have wine coming from almost any region in Italy in the cellar right next to the shop (the Vinoteca). Too many and too good to list only a few but, trust me, nobody will be disappointed.

INFO No. 1C, St. 282 - 023 214660 - – Terrazza on Facebook Now that you’ve bought all these savory delicacies.... Are you feeling lost? Don’t worry, Chef Fabrizio reveals some of his favorite recipes for you to cook a delightful dinner for four. Check it out next!

Terrazza fine Italian Dining for four people

Involtini di Bresaola e Ricotta all’arancio • 250g Bresaola della Valtellina • 125g Ricotta cheese • 25g Extra virgin olive oil “Il velato” • Grated zest of 1/2 orange • Thinly sliced zest of 1/2 orange + juice of 1 • Salt and pepper to taste Prepare in a bowl a cream made of Ricotta cheese, salt and pepper, orange zest and half orange juice. Put the cream in a piping bag and squeeze it in the middle of Bresaola slices. Fold Bresaola to make rolls and garnish withc hopped parsley, orange zest and drops of orange juice and extra virgin olive oil vinaigrette.

Risotto al tartufo estivo e Prosecco DOC • 300g Rice (Riso Arborio Delta del Po) • 25g Extra virgin olive oil Ferrarini • 50g Onion • 15g ‘’Crema di tartufi estivi’’ (Truffle cream) • Enough beef stock • 100ml Prosecco DOC Colli del Soligo • 50g butter unsalted • 50g grated Parmigiano Reggiano • Drops of “Tartufo bianco e olio extra vergine di oliva” (Truffle dressing) Heat up olive oil in a pot. Add onion and let it get golden. Add rice and stir for 1 minute, then start adding the beef stock while stirring to avoid the rice stick to the pot. Add beef stock for 18 minutes every time the rice is getting too dry. After 18 minutes add the truffle cream and cook for 2 more minutes without adding beef stock (until adding Prosecco the rice must be quite dry). After 20minutes turn off the heat, add butter, Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosecco and stir for 30 seconds then shake the pot for 30 seconds and pour the risotto in the plate. Garnish with grated Parmigiano Reggiano and few drops of truffle dressing

Filetto di manzo ai Porcini • • • • •

600g Beef tenderloin 300g Cream 20g dried porcini mushrooms Enough extra virgin olive oil Ferrani Salt and pepper to taste

Put the mushrooms in a bowl with hot water for 1 hour before starting cooking. Cut four pieces of beef tenderloin (150g each) and cook them in a pan with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. In a separate pan, prepare a sauce made of cream, salt, pepper and hand squeezed Porcini. Cook until the sauce gets a nice texture. Once the beef is ready put it in a plate and cover it with Porcini cream. Garnish with green Kampot pepper branch on the top and black Kampot pepper powder all around.

Torta alla Ricotta e limone al miele di Corbezzolo • 1 Puff pastry roll 250g • Ricotta cheese180g • Sugar100g • Almond sliced40g • Butter unsalted40g • Cream • 4 Egg yolks • Grated zest of three lemons • 1 Vanilla pod (or vanilla flavour) • 80g Water • 10g Miele di Corbezzolo (Arbutus honey) Put Ricotta, sugar, almonds sliced, butter, cream, egg yolks and vanilla beans (or few drops of vanilla flavour) in a bowl and stir until well mixed. Grate the zest of 3 lemons (only the yellow part), add to the cream and stir. Cover a cake tin with the puff pastry and pour the cream into the cake tin. Bake in oven for 20 minutes at 180C. Meanwhile prepare a sauce made of 80g sugar and 80g water and boil for 5minutes. Add 20g of Arbutus honey and let it melt. Garnish the cake slices with icing sugar on top and some honey sauce in the corner


UR wine

HOW TO PICK Who’s ever stared at shelves full of wine, intimidated and wondering what, out of all the choices, is going to be any good ? We all have. So here are a few tips to find your way through the bottles.

Food Price Most shops and grocery stores have wines ranging from under ten dollars to as much as a hundred or more. Give yourself a range : say 10-15 dollars, or maybe 20 to 30 if you’re willing to splurge. This is a good way to narrow down your choices.


Wine and food are practically married. Who wants one without the other ? In general, white wines pair better with lighter foods like fish, pizza, or white sauce based pasta. Pinot noir is very versatile and will go well with almost everything, but especially white meats. Red wines express themselves better with meat. Pick something like a Bordeaux or Rioja for a steak or pasta with red sauce.

Old World vs New World Old world wines (essentially all European wine) are generally labeled by appellation. Different appellations grow different styles of wine. New world wines (anywhere that’s not Europe) are generally labeled by their varietal, which makes things a little bit easier.

BORDEAUX : Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot RHÔNE : Grenache & Syrah SANCERRE : Sauvignon Blanc BURGUNDY : Pinot Noir RIOJA : Tempranillo & Grenache CHIANTI (Tuscany): Sangiovese GERMANY : Riesling BEAUJOLAIS : Gamay (excellent value!) ALSACE : Gewürztraminer, Pinot Grigio, & Riesling GAVI : Gavi CHAMPAGNE : The original sparkling wine CAVA : Spanish sparkling wine similar to Champagne (great value!)

Varietal It’s usually pretty easy to find a few choices of any given grape varietal in most stores, especially the common ones: Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, or Sauvignon Blanc. First, have an idea of what you like, try to remember which wine you enjoyed at this last event you attended. Narrow it down from there.

PROSECCO : Italian sparkling wine

Wine Shop It’s a great idea to go to a store that specializes in wines. They’ll often have wines to taste, and the staff will be very friendly and helpful. Don’t be intimidated, ask ! It’s possible they’ll point you to something new and excellent you’d never have tried without asking.


your wupp models: Marion fourres & Linette Chun Charm

Photos Jeremie Montessuis/ Film Noir Studio Dresses: Ambre Location Maison d’Ambre Models: Marion Fourres & Linnette Chun Charm. Hair Styling: Paper Dolls Makeup: Phearum Soeng Special Thanks to Romyda Keth, Thomas , Camille Plante and I-Qlick Studio.



Eager to understand more about the centuries old Khmer culture? Traditional Dance and Martial Art Initiation, demonstration, lesson and

Boutique Souvenirs Monday to Saturday, 8.00am to 8.00pm #117, St.110, Phnom Penh - 089 793 239

UR health


High standard health service

You don’t trust most of Phnom Penh’s

pharmacies ? No need to plan a trip to Bangkok, Pharm@link is what you’re looking for. Based on the success of their pharmacies and the trust they manage to build around their products, the famous pharmacy is now opening a brand new outlet in Toul Kork. Pharm@link pharmacies offer what can be pretty hard to find in Cambodia: safe and high standard health services. Whenever you need a reliable, high quality medicine, you can visit one of their three pharmacies in Phnom Penh or just give them a call. A team of French doctors will give you advice and even provide consultations. Working with international clinics and certified doctors, Pharm@link aims to build up the trust in Cambodian health care services, and enforce standards for reliable, noncounterfeit medicine. The stores offer a wide range of familiar occidental medecines, but also OTC brands (Avene, Klorane, Galenic, Ducray, Vitara, selection of Amata spa products), and the very useful first aid :


sun care, bugs protection and body care products. And what’s best, if it is too far for you: you can have everything delivered for free in Phnom Penh area. Pharm@link also works with companies, NGOs and international schools, and can provide first aid kits and training for corporate partners and first aid stations for sport (or any other kind of) events.

INFO Naga Clinic: No.11, St. 254 - 023 214 727 - open 24 hours (only trustworthy/western style pharmacy open 24/7)

BKK I: No. 43AEo, St. 57 - 023 726 186 Open Mon-Friday 7:30am-8pm Sat-Sun: 9am-8pm Thai Huot: No. 6, St. 592, Khan Toul Kork 023 69 13 786 Open Mon-Sun 7:30am - 8:30pm














> How did you actually get your start as an actress ?

By Eve Watling Last month, Phnom Penh hosted the


Memory  ! International

Film Heritage Festival, 9 days of screenings,



workshops celebrating local and international film heritage, particularly the fleeting but intense burst of creativity during the Cambodian Golden Age of cinema in the 1960’s and early 70’s. Dy Saveth was the wide-eyed darling of over 100 of these surreally gorgeous movies that exploded with glitz and glamour, shamans and crocodiles, melodrama and musical numbers.


However, all production was abruptly cut short when the Khmer Rouge seized Phnom Penh in 1975, murdering many actors and directors and causing the loss of the majority of the films from the era. Luckily, Saveth survived the destruction. Today she is still tiny and immaculate, cutting a stately figure as she arrives to our interview, posing for both the WUPP and fan photographers with equal grace. She opens up to WUPP Mag about her early life, the difficulties of shooting a film in a warzone, and what it’s like to wear a wig made of snakes.

At first I only thought about my education, but then the Miss Cambodia 1960 competition was announced. My auntie taught me how to walk on stage and how to greet the king, and my sister made my competition outfits. I was contestant number 9, a lucky number in Cambodia ! But I was sure I was not going to win - I thought I was not good or beautiful enough. At the end of the competition, they announced that number 9 had become number 1, and I said: ‘number 1 what ?’. I couldn’t believe it !

> So how old were you at this point ? 15 and a half. I had just turned 16 when I filmed my first movie. At that time my mother had become very sick. She told me that if I became famous that I should never forget my family. In the role I had to play, my mother-in-law was dying and telling me to look after her family, and I began to cry during the scene because it was so real for me. Everyone in the studio was so moved that they began to applaud, and I became known as the ‘Actress of Tears’. My mother passed away before my first movie was released.

> So she never got to see your first movie ?

> There’s a distinctive feel to these films: colorful, surreal, funny, magical. How did this style develop ? 10% to 20% of the films were taken from real lives, and the rest would be inspired by folk tales and Buddhist morality. But it wasn’t only the scriptwriters deciding what would be in the movies. If a cameraman didn’t know how to shoot a scene, he would bring his own ideas to the film and change things. Each film was a collaboration between everybody: the actresses too – everybody had to be creative and have a lot of ideas to combine together. I know because I made my own film too with my husband. I was an actress and director.

No. But the film was a big success – it ran for two months. People came to Phnom Penh from the countryside and queued down the block to see it.


>What was it about ? head…

(1974) ! I love Snake Girl ! You’re so you’re wearing a wig made of snakes ! Were those real snakes ? They were real snakes. [Much squealing from interviewer and translator]

They bit my face and left their teeth in my face. [More squealing] It wasn’t dangerous.

> When did you realize you had to leave Cambodia ? and bombing. I sent my children to Thailand for safety, and some of my family and I were about to get on a plane to visit them when a bomb fell on the airport. We had to shelter in the basement. After we got out, my uncle saw a soldier about to leave for Battambang in his helicopter and ran to him, begging him to take us with him. From Battambang we left Cambodia in a taxi. The Khmer Rouge seized Phnom Penh just a few weeks later.

> Do you have any projects coming up ? ago called The Last Reel. I play a movie star – it’s about her life before, during, and after the myself but I don’t have the budget yet. Right now I am a poor actress, although my heart is rich!


Rolling Memory Luckily for us, not all of the Golden Age films were lost. As well as co-curating Memory ! Festival, the Bophana Audiovisual Centre created by director Rithy Panh has meticulously collected and digitalized surviving films from the era (including the epic Snake Girl). Bophana encourages people to explore their collection, so if you want to see Dy Saveth in action, just come by – it’s free to watch any film in the archive. Anyone interested in Khmer history and culture in general can enjoy an informative and cozy rainy afternoon browsing the huge store of documentaries, records, photos and archive footage. Bophana also runs a busy schedule of film screenings and other events. No. 64, St. 200, Phnom Penh - 023 992 174 Bophana Centre on Facebook Photos: Dy Saveth’s personnal collection






EXPERIENCE ! 098 89 0001


Nous parlons le Français !

Russian Embassy

#170, Sothearos Blvd

Mao Tse Tung Blvd




os B lvd



Norodom Bl

To be close with you, we decided to move to a new place, in the heart of Phnom Penh. Don’t forget to visit us !

Monivong Blvd


Sofitel Phnom Penh

UR night life

The new multifated club by Anna Mischke

All it takes is one bad night at one of many of Phnom Penh’s nightclubs to put you off clubs for good. Whether it be hordes of backpackers drunkenly knocking into you, leers from “sexpats”, unwanted bros invading your space, one too Introducing Code, a many cockroaches in sight, or brand new night club overpriced and watered down drinks - there aren’t many shaped around the idea locales that can hold a of raising the standards good crowd for long. Eddie Newman, previof the nightlife club scene. ous co-owner of PonTheir launch is expected to toon along with other past Phnom Penh haunts be monumental and a sucdecided the city needed cess. Discover the new a new outlet for good music, attractive atmosphere, diversity venue you’ll be thrilled and launched Code, a venue that to smarten up for. will raise the “bar” for the nightlife scene. Newman shares: “the concept behind Code is based on utilizing the versatility of our venue as an event space, nightclub, bar, and late night restaurant.” The venue will shift from a spot that patrons can stop in on an afternoon for a delicious gastronomic creation and unique cocktail from Sunday to Wednesday and then enjoy Code as a nightclub from Thursday to Saturday with sounds from their


Resident DJ in conjunction with regional and international acts. Code will stand as an aesthetically attractive venue for a variety of events including launch parties, art and fashion shows, photo exhibitions, comedy nights, and media events and will play a very diverse range of genres from a selection of local, regional, and international DJs along with select live bands, but he’s firm when he states “strictly no commercial music”. The adaptability of the space sets the venue apart from many others in that it can be used for higher end events but also serves as a the concept behind Code is based on laid back and polished space for utilizing the versatility of our venue as the everyday guest. Code hopes to an event space, nightclub, bar, and late curate a more educated sound to allow Phnom Penh insight night restaurant. into music that’s available outside of what’s playing on the radio and that “diversity will be one of Code’s most useful weapons.” While Code welcomes all interested in enlightening themselves on good music, they want to keep the standard high and have implemented a much needed dresscode: “no beach wear, flip flops, and backpacker clothes”. A metropolitan atmosphere is what Code hopes to curate and while patrons don’t need to dress up in their finest attire, INFO: they won’t allow you through the door Corner of Sisowath Quay & St. 106 if you’ve decided to show up in “jas(overlooking the Night Market.) mine pants”, slippers, or pajamas. Like Code Cambodia on Facebook

Sunday To Wednesday: open from 4pm to 3am Thursday to Saturday: open from 4pm to 4am


code Kimchi Collective the crew of party planners, designers, and DJs will celebrate its oneyear anniversary at Code on June 19th

simon c.vent at top banana Those of you who enjoyed the music at the June WUPP Pool Party can hear more techno and house from talented DJ Simon C Vent on any given Friday or Saturday at Top Banana. The Londoner crafts sets that evolve naturally with the crowd: “at the beginning of the night, people chill out and chat on the beanbags and cushions to some mellow deep house, and as the party gets going the tempo steps up a few gears.” Whether you show up early, roll through late, or stay all night, you’ll be in good hands.

Berlin tropical at various locations Fresh off of two years in Berlin, UK-born DJ JavaTech came to Phnom Penh looking for the same “open, relaxed, friendly” techno scene that she found at Berlin’s warehouses and open-air parties. When she didn’t find it, she decided: “I’ll do it myself.” So she joined forces with DJs Sequence, and TonleDub, and Berlin Tropical was born in April 2013 at Phnom Penh’s alternative art and music space, ShowBox. Recreating both the sound and the “underground, non-commercial” vibe of Berlin, the collective hosts a monthly night in different locations.


By John Shakespear

kimchi collective at the quay Over the past year, the gang of five known as Kimchi Collective have become an institution of Phnom Penh’s nightlife. Parties such as the Meta Sessions at Meta House and Kimchi Sundays at The Quay (on the last Sunday of every month) pair a relaxed vibe with diverse musical styles. “We are not limited by music genres,” explains member Bojan Lisac, “there’s only good and bad music”.

After rising gradually for years, the community of DJ’s and electronic music lovers in Phnom Penh has reached critical mass and the scene is blossoming. “The demand was always there,” says DJ Simon C Vent, “and now there’s starting to be a good supply.” Venues such as Meta House, Showbox, and the brand new Code Club are hosting crowds and DJs that are only getting more diverse and savvier with time. Here are a few of the artists and nights that’ll keep you moving all rainy season:

tech penh at meta house In May, the Berlin Tropical DJ crew started a second tradition in PP’s EDM scene: TechPenh at Meta House. The monthly night, featuring DJs TonleDub, Mercy, JavaTech, and Sequence, offers a wider range of EDM styles—from minimal techno to tech house to Detroit techno. “Our common aim is to provide a music/party experience beyond the mainstream,” says Berlin native Tonle Dub“no entrance fee, no door policy, and no dress code.” The collective is looking to the future, and you can expect some exciting suprises from them in the coming months.





“A thing of smoke” SÉRA > Séra is a French – Cambodian artist born in 1961. This painter and graphic artist who had to flee Cambodia as a kid in April 1975 focuses in his work on the trauma left from the Khmer Rouge Regime. Talking about memory and chaos he published more than 20 graphic novels which got rewarded many times. He most recently exhibited at Columbia University as part of the Season of Cambodia festival in New York. Holding a PhD in Arts and Sciences from Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne he first returned to Cambodia in 1986. He returned again in 1999 to run workshops with local artists. The Institute Francais presented his first exhibition in Cambodia in 2005.


By Tom Stall

We met Julianne Sibiski and Séra the day after the opening of their exhibition « A thing of Smoke » at the Romeet Gallery, a collaboration between the visual art of Séra and Julianne’s poetry that will soon take the shape of a book. The smoke, main character of the poem lending its name to this project, seems to be the perfect metaphor to describe the evolution of the artists’ work. Sibiski and Séra used drawings and words through the concept of a line. Using ink, acrylic and pencils on a thick yet unforgiving paper, Séra worked the matter in a very lyrical way, following or guiding the evasive lines of Julianne’s poetry.


> Where did the idea of merging poetry and visual art come from? Julianne: As I was writing following my inspiration, I realized that I didn’t have an actual book of all my poems. Séra started to gather several texts to create a meaningful ensemble and spontaneously draw a first artwork based on the texts he liked the most. People were moved by this unusual combination, so we decided to push the experience further.

> Why the smoke ? Julianne: It’s based on a poem I wrote a year ago and inspired by Séra Séra: It’s a metaphor. The smoke is something you see but you won’t be able to catch. It’s in constant evolution, changing its shape, disappearing. It suits Julianne’s poems

Julianne : My poems are very fragmented with simple and direct vocabulary, usually they don’t have a beginning or an end. We didn’t want to contain these words, we wanted to let them live. Just like the smoke.

> This idea of evolution is really interesting considering it’s also a new phase for you as an artist. For this project you’ve left behind a bit of the haunted drawings usually found on your graphic novels Séra: That’s true, with this work I’m dealing less with memory issues and consequences of Khmer Rouge regime but I’m still talking about chaos though. It’s another approach, another path of life for me also. Once again it wasn’t planned, we followed our intuitions.

> How did you marry words and visual art ? Séra: That was the challenge. It could have not worked at all. We both have a passion for words and needed to create a bridge between my art and her poems. Each side had to feed the other one.

Visually, the idea was to work on the moving line and not on proper shapes. This line had to evolve, the same way than Julianne’s words, and ended up convoluting like smoke.

What’s next ? Julianne: We‘re working on a book which won’t be a catalog of the exhibition, but an object in itself. It will feature my poems and the artworks. We want it to be a beautiful piece. That’s the new shape this collaboration had to take.

INFO If you want to be the first to get the book signed by the artists, send an email to

Photos : Séra


UR Store


>> By Jemma Galvin

So fresh, so green

KeoK’jay has long been synonymous with Street 240’s collection of fashion-forward specialist boutiques. Now, it’s embarked on a sea change, and looks better than ever. For discerning fashionistas and socially aware Phnom Penh expats, KeoK’jay has been a staple on the city’s fashion map for some four years now. Until very recently, their flagship boutique has been nestled on the stylish Street 240. Now, however, it has packed up shop and moved to the bustling Riverside district. Located in the same building as the lush Amara Spa, the label has found a similarly branded product to enhance its message. “It is a great paring as fashion and spas go really well together and both brands have a refreshing green branding,” says Rachel Faller, KeoK’jay’s founder. “The design of the interior space was also really beautiful and quirky, with an open and airy vibe. We were able to add our own touches to it while keeping the general layout of the space. We’ve lightened it up a bit … and added a garden in the middle, in addition to the typical elements of KeoK’jay’s style.’’ This expansion of KeoK’jay’s floor space has come in unison with the growth of its range, which now includes menswear – exciting

news for the capital’s style mavens who keep a hawk eye out for new and exciting developments in the Kingdom’s fashion scene. One sneak peek of the collection came in May when KeoK’jay presented a fresh and flirty show at the extravagant Glamazon 2.0 event, to encouraging reviews. And that’s not all that’s been encouraging in what is turning out to be a bumper year for KeoK’jay. “So far we’ve been getting great responses to our new shop, both with tourists who have never seen KeoK’jay and with our loyal clients,” says Faller. “I’ve been really encouraged by how supportive the Phnom Penh community has been of what we’re doing and I feel that KeoK’jay’s journey has been very much tied up with the growth and development of Phnom Penh.”

Photos : Sam Jam

corner of Sisowath Quay and Street 110, below Amara Spa >> for more information.

49 49

UR tvshow

If you have ever watched Dexter you’ll have to agree that he rocks ! He is such a badass ! and he might have really good genetics as he mostly eats junk food and still is surprisingly fit throwing death bodies on regular basis down in the ocean. If you don’t agree with me and you think what he does is plain mean, well at least he has a code! We can’t wait for season 8 to begin. So many questions! Is Debra only going to act her death wish pulsation by being an alchie? or just maybe having a quasi incestuous consumption of love with her brother. Is Dexter going to wrap this new psychiatrist neatly in plastic as she unveils his real personality in front of the Miami police department? You better be prepared as season 8 is airing on june 30th. In the meantime find out if you are a psycho. Courtesy of Bob Hare’s checklist for your mental health reference.


1.Superficial charm 2. Grandoise sense of self-worth 3. Need for stimulation by life risking activities. 4. Pathological lying. 5. Manipulative. 6. Lack of remorse or guilt 7. Shallow affect. feelings for anyone) 8.Lack of empahty 10. Poor behavioral controls 11. Early behaviour problems 12.Failure to accept responsability 13. Juvenile delinquency 14.Substance abuse 15. Criminal versatility. How many did you check? Laters, pycho bitches!

OF T S I L NTH Y A L P E MO TH By Lady Bluesabelle #1 - Nostalgia 77 Feat. Alice Russell - Seven Nation Army “A very focussed track”

#2 - Freddie Cruger Feat. Desmond Foster- Over The Ocean

“How I feel often. This song never tires”

#3 - Hailey Cramer - Shoes

“Love supporting local artists. She’s amazing, love good lyrics and this song is hot for an acoustic 3 piece.”

#4 - Fat Freddy’s Drop - Midnight Maurauders “This song gets me out”

#5 - Chaka Demus & Pliers - Bam Bam “I want you to discover this song”

#6 - Johnathan Richman & The Modern Lovers - Egyptian Reggae

Originally renowned for her love for early Hip hop and Dancehall, Lady Bluesabelle quickly became a pioneer among the female Dj’s, mixing for worldwide events in the most prestigious places. Now Resident Dj at Le Bar, Sofitel after15 years as director of Red Karpet Music in Australia, Bluesabelle built up for WUPP Mag a soulful and sexy playlist you guys will definitely enjoy.


“It takes you on a journey”

#6 - Mulatu Astatke - Yekermo Sew “Legend”

#7 - Raul Midon - State Of Mind “True”

#8 - Omar and Zed Bias - Dancing “Cause he’s the man”

#9 - Louie Austen (Herbert’s High Dub) - Hoping “The song that made me dive into the depth of house”

#10 - Fats Waller - Sit Right Down And Wright Myself A Letter “Drink wine to this song”

INFO: 26 Old August Site, Sothearos Bvd, Phnom Penh - 023 999 200




PAN’AM restaurant • No. 196, St. 19 • 010 733 210 or 023 212 170 Closed on Mondays





! w e N please drink responsibly


Wupp #11  


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