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angkor macaron

Angkor Macaron, a new French pastry shop has just opened at King’s Road village in Siem Reap. And their macarons have already made our top ten list of cravings. What makes the macarons special is their Cambodian twist.. French pastry chef Yan Poillot uses Cambodian made cashew nut instead of almonds and the result is a great homage to both French and Cambodian cuisines. With a wide range of flavours like chocolate, watermelon, durian, jack fruit, passion-fruit and longan, there is little chance to get tired of eating these fine little treats. They come in beautifully made boxes of 3, 5, 7 or 9 pieces. So if you stop by Siem Reap, leave some extra space in your luggage to take these sweet treats home.

FKings Road Angkor Village, Siem Reap g 017 877 523 p ` Angkor Macaron


villa ni say If you’re eager to avoid the big hotels in Siem Reap, why not rent a villa? For the ones looking for luxury and privacy, Villa Ni Say may just be the perfect option. As Siem Reap rapidly develops, tourist gems are popping up all over the busy town. Villa Ni Say is a perfect example of this exciting transformation. The new property is a modern and minimalist luxury villa located in the heart of temple town and is available to rent as a personal property. Everything from the architecture to interior design screams luxury, mingling modern comfort and antique chic with an Asian influence. The six-room residence can house up to 14 people and will be the ideal base camp for families or groups of friends. The spacious and elegant living and dining areas open up onto a superb outdoor terrace and salt-water infinity pool. The ground floor can also be transformed to host private parties, a wedding or any other special occasion. p g 077 41 33 02

What's Up Magazine #26 October 2014  

What's Up Magazine #26 October 2014