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REACHING OUT: Gisimba Orphanage e-mag | 79

REPUBLIC is an assembly of representatives from autonomous art organizations, individual artists, designers and entrepreneurs who have come together to produce exhibitions and events that transcend the sum of their unique parts. REPUBLIC is an organic superstructure. It is free enough sustain projects and programs that operate independently through a vast pool of human resources, but is bound by a strong administrative core that oversees the organization’s long-term vision and philosophy. The principles of REPUBLIC fundamentally reflect the same ethical charter, dedication, and standard of quality that creative and critically thinking fraternities have organized themselves around since the first schools of thought. REPUBLIC aims to inspire like-minded people in varied communities through high caliber artistic programs, charitable community service and creative curatorial projects. We strive to be viewed by the community as an outstanding example of organization and talent that is capable of accommodating the measure of your imagination while strengthening the character of our individual members by providing meaningful opportunities for fellowship, charity, creativity and leadership.

emagazine issue no.2, may-june  

emagazine is contemporary art publication that bring spaces to creative art forms and artists worldwide

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