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Lan School, Hangzhou

There is the main entrance with exhibition /communication space which create a new centre of knowledge with a dramatic new perspective.

Jinshan Creative Industrial Park, Guangzhou

The planning of Jinshan Creative Industrial Park presents a unique challenge in sustainable design.

Beijing Pharmaceutical Group Headquarters Building The key challenges of the project are the integration of the city of Bejing, creation of a landmark intervention and the historic buildings.

Beijing NO.1 ARTBASE

An important issue in the planning of site is the degrees by which both public and private spaces revealed, understood and encountered.

Residential District Sports Center, Hangzhou

Design in Archicad for BIM

Yanqing master plan beijing

Yanqing Master Plan, Beijing

The resulting build alignment generates a finely textured ground sweeping the site, while Linking them to a passageway in the length of central park, contracting to conform to the small scale of existing fabric and expanding in response to more open spaces

Resident Unit and Landscape


architecture portfolio

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