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MANAO bed / lit / cama


bedside table / table de chevet / mesa de cabeceira




Contemporary design with traditional materials. Some objects have the ability to make us smile, others to sigh, others to fend off! The MANAO bed made me smile as soon as I materialized it. From soft contours and simple shapes, the final result proved to be authentic and striking, capable of transmitting a joy of belonging. The base, four feet well grounded, are in solid wood. On these comes the fabric of Burel, made from 100% wool, inheritance of our mountain customs. At the head of the traditional straw, inheritance of the treasures of the Portuguese navigators, which so many houses have decorated since these discoveries. The editing of the form together with the content of the materials resulted in an attractive, comfortable and authentic product.

Formal simplicity, constructive detail, symbol. The ARCA bedside table comes from looking for the simplicity and permeability of the shape. An object of proximity, but without attracting too much attention. A deposit of intimacy, but discreet. The round edges in solid wood convey robustness and safety. The ARCA does not reveal the contents, as if it were a tight box. But when open it surprises with the contrast and quality of its interior.



Design contemporâneo com materiais tradicionais. Alguns objectos têm a capacidade de nos fazer sorrir, outros de suspirar, outros ainda de afastar! A cama MANAO fezme sorrir assim que a materializei. De contornos suaves e formas simples, o resultado final revelou-se autêntico e marcante, capaz de transmitir uma alegria de pertença. A base, quatro pés bem assentes à terra, são em madeira maciça. Sobre estas surge o tecido de Burel, feito a partir de 100% lã, herança dos nossos costumes serranos. Na cabeceira a palhinha tradicional, herança dos tesouros dos navegadores portugueses, que tantas casas decorou desde essas descobertas. A edição da forma aliada ao conteúdo dos materiais resultou num produto atraente, confortável e autêntico.

Simplicidade formal, detalhe construtivo, símbolo. A mesa de cabeceira ARCA resulta da procura da simplicidade e permeabilidade da forma. Um objecto de proximidade, mas sem atrair demasiado as atenções. Um depósito de intimidades, mas discreto. As arestas redondas em madeira maciça transmitem robustez e segurança. A ARCA não revela os conteúdos, como se fosse uma caixa bem fechada. Mas quando aberta surpreende com o contraste e qualidade do seu interior.


Burel is a portuguese fabric 100% made of wool, originary from Serra da Estrela, nothern Portugal. Since the wool is collected until the final stage where the fabric is ready to be used, this feedstock goes through different stages in order to get a clean and even textile. In this different stages, although there are machines to help, the human labor is indispensible. Because this is one of the oldest fabrics made in Portugal, this process is part of the portuguese culture.


Rattan is a climbing plant from the palm trees family native from Asia and Africa, and used in Portugal since the discoveries. The rattan vimes are transformed in fine wires with a long lasting, brilliant and flexible peel and used to build furniture and basket since the time of the pharaos. The rattan vimes are always worked by human hands which turns every piece unique.



1589 x 2210 x 1030 mm 1689 x 2210 x 1030 mm 1789 x 2210 x 1030 mm

1500 x 2000 mm 1600 x 2000 mm 1800 x 2000 mm




lacado // laqué


two drawers


two drawers

450 x 450 x 500 mm

850 x 450 x 500 mm // +351 224 159 777


MANAO bed // ARCA bedsidetable  
MANAO bed // ARCA bedsidetable