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“A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.” - Mohandas Gandhi A lot can happen in the space of a year. In this short time, we have watched as our country and our campus surge into untested territory. We have dared to dream that we can be better, that our communities can do more, and that change is not just possible, but inevitable. Now, we are faced with the unique opportunity to regroup, expand and transition our WU community into something even better than what (or who) we have been. To aid this transition, WE NEED YOU. We need you to be active, to be purposeful in bringing the idea of Green Dot to others on campus. Consider this magazine your guide to a Green Dot revolution at WU. Included, you’ll find ideas for how to help make this Green Dot launch awesome, some proactive Green Dots and resources in case you need them. As we move forward, let us remember that there is space for each of us to make a difference: “No one has to do everything, everyone has to do something”. No green dot is too’s doing one in the first place that matters! I look forward to working alongside you to create an even better Willamette!

Best, Carli

In this Update A REVOLUTION BEGINS Your guide to the February 2014 Green Dot launch at Willamette University

UPCOMING EVENTS Just a few of the fun things coming with Green Dot launch this month

RESOURCES Need help? Check out one of these resources on campus or in the community

INFO FOR SHARING: WHAT IS WU GREEN DOT? A brief overview of Green Dot for you to share with others! Print, email, paste on a door...make it yours!

A REVOLUTION BEGINS February 3-28 , 2014 th

Help spread the Green Dot message by doing the following during the month of February: Volunteer to help staff a Green Dot table or event Use your Green Dot swag!!! Change your timeline cover and profile pics to the new Green Dot images + follow GD on social media Talk with friends about why Green Dot matters to you.

IT’S A GO: GREEN DOT LAUNCH BEGINS! Monday, February 3, 2014 Green Dot is officially introduced to the greater Willamette University community. Be on the lookout as Green Dot begins to pop up all over campus!

PLINKO & SWAG Monday, February 3 to Friday, February 7, 2014, UC1 Green Dot will be posted in UC1 playing a little “Green Dot Plinko”! Want to help staff the table and do your procative Green Dot for the week? Use the link in the email from Carli to sign up! Bring friends by, and get a chance to win Green Dot swag!

WU GREEN DOT & YOU (+FREE COOKIES and COFFEE!) Wednesday, February 5 @ Noon, Montag Have a friend that is interested in hearing about Green Dot? Bring them by (and get some free snacks from the Bistro!) for this 50 minute crash course in Green Dot. You are welcome to bring your lunch!

Resources With two AMAZING training classes participating in Green Dot, WU is lucky to have many people willing and able to assist establishing a safer community. Here are some confidential resources you can use to when you need a professional to delegate to, or for help when you face reactive Green Dots. More extensive information can also be found online at

Bishop Wellness (CONFIDENTIAL)

(503) 370-6471 // (503) 370-6062 • Confidential counseling by appointment Emergency appointments available for urgent needs • Support for survivors, friends and partners • Medical exam for injury post assault (does not include forensic evidence collection) • Medications for possible STI exposure and pregnancy prevention offered to survivors at no cost • Nurses are SANE trained •

Salem Hospital Emergency Department (OFF CAMPUS, CONFIDENTIAL) Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE Program) • Medical exam for injury and forensic evidence collection post assault Medications for possible STI exposure and pregnancy prevention offered to survivors at no cost • A trained advocate offered to support survivors during visit • Reporting to law enforcement is NOT REQUIRED to access care •


The Chaplain & Assistant Chaplain (CONFIDENTIAL) (503) 370-6213

Mid-Valley Women’s Crisis Center (OFF CAMPUS, CONFIDENTIAL) (503) 370-6213

Provides confidential services to men, women and people that identify as LGBTQ

Willamette Emergency Medical Systems/WEMS (CONFIDENTIAL) Student organization of trained EMTs and First Responders Responds to medical emergency calls made to Campus Safety 24 hours a day Thursday through Monday •

Guide to a Revolution: Green Dot 2014  
Guide to a Revolution: Green Dot 2014  

Your guide to creating Green Dots during the Green Dot Launch, February 2014! Questions? Contact Carli Rohner, Director of Community Educat...