Page 1 Drives Business Networking Relationships for Social Entrepreneurs - the Florida based company is pleased to launch social business networking platform for this year. The much-awaited portal for entrepreneurs, freelancers and idea marketers has come live on action after a great deal of R&D. The good news is that this is the first-ever initiative taken for a group of people who want umbrella solutions for all of their business networking requirements – doing business socially. Launched couple of months back, 1st of March this year, Wubb’s debut appearance was quite convincing. Dan Rubin, the founder of this social networking site has made tremendous effort to make it appealing for a large segment of entrepreneurs and start-ups. The company headquartered at Grove Lane, Cooper City Florida is expected to outreach the level of expectations people have on effectiveness of social media site. As numbers of new registrations have already gone up to a remarkable level – 1500within less than 2 months, the company personnel are optimistic about its popularity and acceptability. The growth is expected to continue with time as existing Wubb members think that the portal has got enough potential to attract new users. Wubb is dedicated to social entrepreneurs irrespective of demographic, psychographic and behavioral difference. This is the reason online enthusiasts from all walks of life are joining this platform for free and taking part in real-time business deals. Whether it is an individual or a group of entrepreneurs, anyone who is looking to start a new company or finding for new outsourced projects to make money, this site helps them in all the

way. Even small scale companies looking for funding, big projects and partners can be benefited out of this initiative. The main catch-point of this networking site is that it provides more than one way to get along with similar-minded people and make revenue. Entrepreneurs can regularly bid for new projects, work on live campaigns and create new business relationships. Inviting friends; choosing buyers and sellers and finding strategic consultants are the regular event at this interactive portal. One can also take part in contests, brainstorming sessions and idea generation meet-ups online. There is no entry fee or registration charge. According to company policy, for any new member upon registration, the first 10 proposal submission comes at absolutely free of cost. This free service is counted as Wubbles. Once bided project amount gets bigger with time, members (Wubbies) have to pay token amount to avail continuous service. There are suitable packages for entrepreneurs which come at reasonable price. The deal is profitable since revenue earned is much more than the nominal fees incurred to avail new projects. The company also boasts on its business model as it successfully connected B2B and B2C model benefiting all segment of people – job seekers to job givers. The site has got a combo look of MySpace, FaceBook and Twitter along with their core functionalities. Users having existing LinkedIn and FaceBook accounts can directly log into this site and for others it is a simple signup process. The business networking portal also hosts a blog section (Wubb Blog) where it talks about business networking solution, start-up ideas, freelance jobs, investor deals and business suggestions.

Company owner Dan Rubin hopes that this unique social business networking site will become a brand soon, within next few months only. Entrepreneurs have already started foraying into new business dimensions using its services and the days are not far when most of the business deals will freeze over such social networking platforms only. The expectations are high since results are realistic and futuristic. To join this social network for entrepreneurs or to send any custom messages one can simply visit the site and follow the simple steps. Drives Business Networking Relationships for Social Entrepreneurs  

With, Social Business Networking has become more than a fad for entrepreneurs. Dan Rubin, the founder of it along with a group of e...

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