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The new Greenest Contractor award celebrates the greenest contractors on our list. These companies stand out by making their companies and communities as environmentally friendly as possible.


Wright-Way Solar Technologies Wright-Way (No. 486) said it values practicing what it preaches. Its corporate office building boasts 30 kW backed by a 125-kW generator. Some of the solar covers a parking area that keeps employee vehicles cool in the hot Texas summers. The company office also gets all its hot water from a solar thermal system and has a bio-diesel system installed on-site. Wright-Way’s owner Rudy Wright even built his house on the property so he and his wife could walk to work. The house is NAHB Emerald and Energy Star certified, and net-zero energy rated. But the thing that sets Wright-Way further apart is that it collects used cooking oil from several local restaurants to power its fleet vehicles and large construction equipment. The company also takes its green values into the community by providing a recycling receptacle where all employees and customers can bring office paper and plastic at no charge. Wright-Way even offers its conference room at no cost to community outreach groups on the weekends. Rudy Wright educates the community about solar by giving school tours of Wright’s facility and speaking about solar at various colleges and high schools. 122


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7 • 2017

I’m not a large corporation and the majority of my business is earned based on my reputation. As such, it’s important that I practice what I preach. Aside from that, I believe that it’s important to be a good steward of your environment. To me, that means more than just using solar or recycling. It means utilizing all of your resources in the most intelligent way possible so as to create the least impact on your environment. -Rudy Wright, president of Wright-Way Solar Technologies

6/30/17 10:58 AM

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2017 Top 500 Solar Contractors: Celebrating U.S. Solar Contractors


2017 Top 500 Solar Contractors: Celebrating U.S. Solar Contractors

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