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Open APIs (application program interface) and a mobilefirst design approach are also areas where we can learn from tech. The solar industry has a bad habit of assuming that proprietary communication protocols and data privacy will protect market share and limit the growth of new competitors. But what tech has seen is the opposite: By exposing our data to the creativity of others, we further our industry faster. There is data to evaluate, correlations to be made and conclusions to be drawn from solar project performance that none of us have yet thought of. For example, it’s often said that the cost of monitoring string-level performance is too high. But if we embrace low-cost cloud computing and add sensors to combiner boxes, we may be able to improve future electrical designs, reduce O&M costs with more targeted actions or optimize legacy project performance. By allowing

The SMP10 Pyranometer the smartest way to measure solar radiation

ISO 9060 Secondary Standard pyranometer No change of desiccant for 10 years Smart, more than just digital RS-485 Modbus® communication

A perfect combination of two of our recent successful launches combined in one instrument; a low maintenance pyranometer with smart digital signal processing. Now with all-new Smart Sensor Explorer software that allows for set-up with RS-485 to USB or TCP/IP converters and data logging to a computer.

Kipp & Zonen USA Inc.

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Solar Power World - MARCH 2016  

The Installation Issue: Pointers for Profitable, Safe, Efficient Projects; Mounting's New Era; Growth of Smart Modules

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