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PR-Report CPCN, Consulting Project China Business Administration, Business Informatics, Full time study

Apprenticeship and skill training program for blue-collar workers

ÂŤHard Work helps Rieter thrive!Âť nominated University of Applied Sciences of Eastern Switzerland

Project Team Daniel Ritter, FHS St. Gallen, University of Applied Science, Switzerland / Project Leader Dong Dai, Tongji University Shanghai, China Melanie Geldhauser, FHS St. Gallen, University of Applied Science, Switzerland Sabrina Heller, FHS St. Gallen, University of Applied Science, Switzerland Su Jing, Tongji University Shanghai, China Xu Menqgi, Tongji University Shanghai, China

Client Rieter (China) Textile Instruments Co Ltd., Changzhou/China

Rieter (China) Textile Instruments Co Ltd., Changzhou. Jiangsu. PR China Rieter is an industrial group, operating on a global scale, domiciled in Winterthur (Switzerland). Formed in 1795, Rieter is now leading the field as a supplier of short-stable spinning machinery and technology components. The Rieter group is present all over the world, with 18 manufacturing facilities and a worldwide workforce of 4’500 employees. In 2005, the independent legal entity Rieter Textile Systems (Shanghai) Ltd. and Rieter Changzhou Textile Instruments Co. Ltd. were established as a part of Rieter Business Group China.

rentice Training for Improved Excellence. This forward-looking concept includes a strategy to implement the dual system in China, all influence factors, a proved recruiting concept and an individual curriculum for a Rieter class. Moreover, the project team evaluated a partner college for Rieter, set up the trainer concept and draw the floor plan for the technical training centre. Furthermore, the project team provided a retention strategy to keep Rieter’s well-educated staff.

tion system and the role of Chinese government was crucial for the success of this project. Consolidated all the information and put it into a Chinese context in order to set up CATIE.

Sustainable success starts with the first step Rieter China has no structured training program for its blue-collar workers. Trainings are hold ad-hoc and mostly on the job. For a sustainable and successful growth in China, Rieter needs are more flexible workforce with broader skill sets and a strong focus on quality.

Bernd Leyendecker, Rieter (China) Textile Instruments Co Ltd.

Results The intercultural project team identified all relevant stakeholders and influence factors for a dual apprenticeship program for Rieter China. The team described them based on field research and secondary research. Over 40 interviews with blue-collar workers, supervisors, HR-directors, professors and other experts were conducted within the scope of the field research in China and Switzerland. For the consolidated findings the team established CATIE; the acronym for Chinese App-

Follow the shining stars of this project To achieve the goals, comprehensive and intensive research was necessary. The project team conducted interviews in China and Switzerland. Additionally, intensive desk research about the Chinese labour market, the educa-

<<Apprenticeship and Skill Training Program-CATIE>> Recruiting

Assessment centre Rieter

Project Manager Rieter: Lena Hausladen / Learning & Development China Steering Committee Rieter: Bernd Leyendecker / Vice President HR Rieter Textile Systems China Carsten Liske / Senior Vice President, Managing Director Rieter Changzhou Stefan Hasenfratz / Vice President Operations Rieter Textile Systems China

A glorious future for CATIE Rieter (China) has an excellent employer image. The project team is convinced that the combination of CATIE, hard work and the employer image will help Rieter thrive.

The scope of the project was very challenging and complex with an ambitious timeline. We have been highly impressed by the well-structured and professional work attitude from each of the team members. Thanks to the great support of the students, Rieter will be able to start with its own apprenticeship program and therefore set an important pillar for a sustainable growth of Rieter in China. Coaches: Mathias Kleiner, MBA, FHS St.Gallen Prof. Ming Yao, Tongji University Shanghai

Technical Training Centre Starting criteria Curriculum

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A combination of team work, persistence and attention to details led to a unique, tailor-made apprenticeship and skill training concept for our client. The concept provides well developed solutions which are directly applicable. The team can be very proud of its achievements!

PR Report "Rieter Textile Instruments" (WTT YLA nominated)  

Apprenticeship and Skill Training Program for blue-collar workers at Rieter China