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Thursday, May 12, 2011

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THURSDAY, May 12, 2011

The Westchester Guardian

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Be Your Own Boss, 1: Starting a Home-Based Business By Robert Scott

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If necessity is the mother of invention, Dave Tuttle, 48, of Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y. is living proof of the wisdom of that ancient adage. Well before the recession raised its ugly head, his job as TV and film production supervisor at The New York Times evaporated when the newspaper decided to close its TV division. A series of temporary jobs in his field followed revealing how deeply troubled TV and film production was in New York. Despite his 20 years’ experience, Dave Tuttle soon joined the ranks of the nine million unemployed pounding the nation’s pavements in search of nonexistent jobs. With savings depleted and unemployment benefits about to run out, Mr. Tuttle decided to make a drastic move. He had always enjoyed messing around in the kitchen, a hobby that eventually transformed him into a skilled pie baker. Putting his expertise to work in the cramped kitchen of the family’s Croton apartment, he developed a line of unique handmade, double-crusted fruit pies delivered to customers in the trunk of his 2000 Toyota Corolla. Word of mouth soon spread about his ability to turn local seasonal ingredients into scrumptious, mouth-watering pies. Instead of an inadequate apartment kitchen, Dave Tuttle now enjoys the luxury of a partnership with the Garrison Market just over the Putnam County line. In its spacious ovens he has cranked out

as many as 300 pies a week. Expanding from pie making, he recently opened a restaurant, Graze, serving small-plate dinners “from farm to table” on Friday and Saturday evenings at the Garrison Market. If you have a hobby or specialized knowledge, you, too, can start a business from home. According to trend-spotters, home-based businesses offering goods or services are the wave of the future about to crest, thanks to the computer and the Internet. A majority of today’s new millionaires started in business for themselves. Special opportunities and advantages are open to businesses owned by women and members of minority groups, and to Continued on page 3

“WVOX and WVIP are the quintessential community radio stations in America…” -The Wall Street Journal

The Voices of The Golden Apple One Broadcast Forum, New Rochelle, N.Y. 10801 (914) 636-1460


Exclusive Breaking aNews Story and Peter Kischak On the Level with Narog and Aris New Rochelle, NY -- Our first guest on Tuesday, May 10, 2011, will divulge exclusive news to the WVOX-1460 AM listening audience; very few in the public are aware of what will be revealed. It involves an upcoming election. Following our first guest is Peter Kischak, owner of S & J Service, in Yonkers, New York, and president of the Service Station Dealers of Greater New York, Inc. , of Mamaroneck, New York, who will discuss gasoline price zoning and how it affects our wallet and what can be done about it. The show is on the level, thereby its name: On the Level. It is co-hosted by both Richard Narog and Hezi Aris. The show is heard live from 10 - 11 a.m., on WVOX-1460 AM on your radio dial and worldwide at Downtown Waterfront B.I.D. Director Steve Sansone is on May 17th; Mayoral Candidate Chuck Lesnick is on May 24th; Marie Khury will discuss economic development issues as they relate to the Kingsbridge section of The Bronx on May 31st. June and July are also booked. For those who live and breathe radio, listen to Hezi Aris on Good Morning Westchester with Bob Marrone when he and host Bob Marrone discuss all things Westchester at 7: 37 a.m. Listeners and readers are invited to send a question to the co-hosts by directing email to for possible use prior to any shows’ airing and even during the course of an interview.

The Westchester Guardian


Be Your Own Boss, 1: Starting a Home-Based Business Continued from page 2 partnerships or corporations controlled by them. You’ll waste no time in commuting. Your working days will be largely unstressed. You’ll pay no office rent every month. There can be significant tax advantages to having an office at home. With a business operated from home, after-hours security is never a problem. You may work harder than you’ve ever worked before-but you’ll enjoy every minute of it because you’ll be working for yourself.

What’s My Line? Service-oriented businesses require no investment in inventory. Chances are you have untapped skills or knowledge the world is seeking and is willing to pay for. Consider these: Consulting services: Office management, investment counseling, estate planning, real estate management, income tax preparation, interior decorating. Services for busy homemakers: Homeor office-cleaning services, shopping and gift buying, package pick-up and delivery, dog walking, pet grooming, pet or plant care while homeowners are away, home repairs (if you have the proper skills and tools). To do contracting, plumbing or electrical work you’ll need a special license. Some home-based entrepreneurs have had success offering narrowly specialized services, such as organizing clients’ closets and home storage space. Services for parents: Child care and baby sitting; academic coaching; delivery and pick-up of children at school. A big selling point, if you are a retiree: parents always feel more comfortable when children are in the care of a responsible older adult. Hobby-related skills: Buying and selling antiques and collectibles, making and selling arts and crafts, sewing and needlework, cooking, catering, fly tying, tennis or golf lessons. Computer-related possibilities: With a personal computer, you can keyboard manuscripts for writers. Heavy Stuff: Do you own a van or pick-up truck? Consider interior or exterior house painting, gardening, landscaping and yard services, swimming pool maintenance, light moving or hauling, messenger service and package delivery.

Plan Ahead Your first move should be to call or visit an office of SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives), an agency sponsored by the Small Business Administration, with offices in large and small cities across the

country. Experienced SCORE experts offer free, confidential, one-on-one counseling for small businesses, and in-depth workshops and seminars. In Westchester, the SCORE office is at 120 Bloomingdale Road, White Plains, NY 10605. Telephone: 914.948-3907. Office hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 12 Noon, Monday to Friday. All communities regulate the occupations that can be performed from home, categorizing them quite broadly. Your next step should be to investigate zoning regulations by consulting a copy of your local zoning ordinance. A comprehensive business plan is a must for anyone seeking outside capital. Most likely you’ll be self-financed in the beginning, so you can forego elaborate profit-and-loss projections. Start small and feel your way as you go. However, you should know the answers to the following key questions before you start: Who will be my typical target customers? How will I reach them? What products or services will I provide? How do they differ from existing products or services? Who are my competitors and what are their strengths and weaknesses? How will I find customers? How will my business be advertised or promoted? How much capital will I need to get started? What will be my monthly expenses? How much monthly income do I expect initially? A year from now? Two years from now? Estimate what your startup costs will be. Such expenses can include payments for licenses or permits, legal fees, equipment and furniture, plus basic office supplies and stationery. Also add the cost of insurance; if you have a homeowner’s or renter’s policy, such additional premiums can be nominal. Now determine your monthly fixed expenses (also called “overhead”), including lease payments for equipment, telephone expenses, postage, professional dues and publications, and costs of advertising and promotion. To show a profit, of course, income must exceed outgo. Home-based business owners often forgo taking a salary in the beginning, preferring to plow profits back into the business.

Making Room Regardless of the nature of your homebased business, you’ll need a place from which to operate it. Determine your space requirements and find--or create--adequate Continued on page 4

THURSDAY, May 12, 2011

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The Westchester Guardian


Be Your Own Boss, 1: Starting a Home-Based Business Continued from page 3 space at home. This means room for a chair and a desk or worktable, space for a computer and printer, a fax machine copier (to THURSDAY , APRILand 8, a2010 save trips to the nearest copy center). Such startup costs will be tax-deductible. Storage space for active business files and office supplies also is desirable. Older business records can be stored in your attic or basement. In some home-based businesses, space for meeting with customers may be desirable. When space is limited at home, arrange to hold discussions with clients over an unhurried lunch or dinner at a good restaurant. In order to be able deduct home office expenses from rent or mortgage payments, the home area must be used exclusively and regularly as a place to meet and deal with clients or customers, or be your principal place of business where you spend most of your working time.

Equipment and Furniture Because you will spend a lot of time in it, a comfortable chair is not just a purchase-it’s an investment. Try out several chairs to find the one that suits you best. Don’t buy (or lease) a more powerful computer than you need. You need a workhorse, not a racehorse, and computers obsolesce rapidly unless upgraded. Beware of bargain computers bundled

with a host of software programs. Chances are you’ll never use most of them. Instead, buy only the software you’ll actually use-and plan on spending the time to learn how to use it. Be sure to operate any installed computerized record-keeping system in parallel with your traditional bookkeeping system until the bugs have been worked out of it. Remember to back up computer records regularly. Weekly or even daily backups are not too frequent--ask anyone whose computer has ever crashed, taking business records with it. Consider buying less-expensive secondhand office furniture. But before buying any furniture, look around your house or apartment to see what can be pressed into service temporarily to meet the needs of your home office. More than one home-based business has been started on a dining room table. If you mail more than a few letters a day, you’ll need a small side table, a supply of mailing materials, stamps, and a simple scale. Even a kitchen scale will do. Familiarize yourself with postal rates, and use cheaper rates when possible. Part 2 next week covers practical tips for operating your home-based business.

THURSDAY, May 12, 2011

CommunitySection Highfalutin Histrionics By John Simon The Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide to Capitalism and Socialism With a Key to the Scriptures—not since the movies of Lina Wertmulller have we had titles this long, but hers at least described the matter at hand. In Tony Kushner’s new (well, fairly new, it’s been kicking around for a while) play the title seems to have an independent life of its own; it certainly isn’t a guide or key to anything. Its first part derives from Bernard Shaw; its second from Mary Baker Eddy, a morganatic coupling for sure. The protagonist is 72-year-old Augusto Giuseppe Garibaldi (“Gus”) Marcantonio, a retired longshoreman and lifelong member of the American Communist Party, whose unusual avocation is translating Horace, more

derived from the Dutch historian Johan Huizinga’s Homo Ludens) 40, a doctor of theology, and former student of Paul’s. Also around in this Brooklyn family house are Clio Annunziata, former Carmelite nun and subsequent member of a Latin American murderous rebel group, referred to as Zeeco(for Zia Clio),

specifically Epistle 16 of Book One of The Epistles. He seems to have taught himself Latin, though he uses the bilingual edition of the Loeb Classics. But that poem has scant bearing on the play’s title or content; it is merely the title of an unlikely doctoral dissertation by Gus’s 52-year-old highschool history teacher elder son, Pill. Pill (deriving from PierLuigi, i.e., PL) is married to Paul Cedric Hall, the 47 black lecturer in theology, currently visiting at the University of Minnesota. But the twenty-odd-year-old marriage is threatened by Pill’s infatuation with Eli Wolcott, a homosexual hustler in his mid-twenties. Pill’s sibling, Empty (from the MT in Maria Teresa) is a former nurse turned labor lawyer, living with Maeve Ludens (I guess

who makes sporadic tart comments on the proceedings.; and Gus’s youngest, thirty-something Vito, who doesn’t have a funny name but does have three nicknames: Vic, Vinnie and, most often, V). He is married to Sooze Moon, a Korean American likewise in her early thirties. But at Empty’s request, he has impregnated the now pregnant Maeve t provide progeny for the lesbian lovers. Living in the basement apartment is Adam Butler, who seems to be negotiating sale of the house (to himself, as it turns out) that should have been bequeathed to the Marcantonio offspring; he is the ex-husband of Empty, who, despite her lesbianism, occasionally descends to sleep with him. Continued on page 5

Robert Scott, a former book publisher, is the author of Office at Home, a best-selling title that rode the first wave of the work-at-home revolution. Now out of print, it is available in local libraries.

Mission Statement

The Westchester Guardian is a weekly newspaper devoted to the unbiased reporting of events and developments that are newsworthy and significant to readers living in, and/or employed in, Westchester County. The Guardian will strive to report fairly, and objectively, reliable information without favor or compromise. Our first duty will be to the PEOPLE’S RIGHT TO KNOW, by the exposure of truth, without fear or hesitation, no matter where the pursuit may lead, in the finest tradition of FREEDOM OF THE PRESS. The Guardian will cover news and events relevant to residents and businesses all over Westchester County. As a weekly, rather than focusing on the immediacy of delivery more associated with daily journals, we will instead seek to provide the broader, more comprehensive, chronological step-by-step accounting of events, enlightened with analysis, where appropriate. From amongst journalism’s classic key-words: who, what, when, where, why, and how, the why and how will drive our pursuit. We will use our more abundant time, and our resources, to get past the initial ‘spin’ and ‘damage control’ often characteristic of immediate news releases, to reach the very heart of the matter: the truth. We will take our readers to a point of understanding and insight which cannot be obtained elsewhere. To succeed, we must recognize from the outset that bigger is not necessarily better. And, furthermore, we will acknowledge that we cannot be all things to all readers. We must carefully balance the presentation of relevant, hard-hitting, Westchester news and commentary, with features and columns useful in daily living and employment in, and around, the county. We must stay trim and flexible if we are to succeed.

The Westchester Guardian


Highfalutin Histrionics Continued from page 4 A rather incongruous bunch, this, whom Kushner has very frequently talking simultaneously, making sure that we cannot understand what any of them is saying—not even, or especially, when they shout, as they frequently do. But there is also much needless repetition or stammering, also incomplete sentences, non sequiturs, shuttling between the irrelevant and the incomprehensible. One wishes that the entire play were in simultaneous talk, making it half its totally needless length. And thus without making the total illogic of it all so salient. In the space allotted to me, I could not begin to list all the things that make no sense

whatsoever, so let me go on to the other problems. Director Michael Greif ’s casting is inept. Of Gus’s three children, only Steven Pasquale, Vito, looks right. Steven Spinella (Pill) and Linda Emond (Empty) manage to look the wrong ages, and none of them looks kin to the others, even though they are good actors. Michael Procacino, not a bad actor in the right part, is much too charmless as Gus, and there is an annoying monotony in his speech and gestures. Danielle Skkraastad, as the doctor of theology Maeve, comes across as a garrulous fishwife. As Adam, Matt Servittore is too unappealing even for a heterosexual spouse, much less for a lesbian one, to seek him out for sex. Michael Esper, Eli, lacks the great attractiveness continually attributed to him. As Paul, K. Todd Freeman is much too smug and uneducated-sounding for a distinguished professor or even for Pill’s devotion. And as Sooze, Hettienne Park, proves inadequate even for a short, simple part, having no range whatever. Steven Pascale rises beautifully above his humdrum role as V., Brenda Wehle is almost as persuasive in the unlikely role of Clio, and Molly Price is fine in the small part of an expert on suicide coaching Gus. But is that enough? Besides all that is incredible here, there is also dishonesty. Much is made in the play of Gus’s Communism, but

in the title, where Communism might prove to have B.O. at the box office, we get Socialism instead. The flight to Minneapolis as a safe place makes sense only as flattery of the Guthrie Theater of Minnesota, which was first to fall for this mess of a play. But I am confident that other theaters, reviewers, and audiences will prove just as gullible. I have no doubt either that people will impute the disapproval of this review to my alleged homophobia vented on a homosexual playwright. That is utter nonsense—some of my favorite dramatists, e.g., Tennessee Williams, Lanford Wilson, Terence Rattigan and Jean Cocteau, etc. were homosexuals, and I even liked parts of Kushner’s Angels in America, a considerably better play.

Which brings me to the problem with the prevailing American mentality. It is so slavishly success-oriented that, once someone had a hit, as Kushner had with Angels, he can blithely coast along on that indefinitely. Everything thereafter, even detritus like his current offering, will be hailed as a masterpiece. And as for the play’s alleged guide to the scriptures, that won’t wash either. Doesn’t the Bible condemn Onan for spilling his seed on the ground? John Simon has written for over 50 years on theatre, film, literature, music and fine arts for the Hudson Review, New Leader, New Criterion, National Review,New York Magazine, Opera News, Weekly Standard, and Bloomberg News. He reviews books for the New York Times Book Review and Washington Post. He has written profiles for Vogue, Town and Country, Departures and Connoisseur and produced 17 books of collected writings. Mr. Simon holds a PhD from Harvard University in Comparative Literature and has taught at MIT, Harvard University, Bard College and Marymount Manhattan College. To learn more, visit the website.

THURSDAY, May 12, 2011

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THURSDAY, May 12, 2011

The Westchester Guardian


The Retired (Try To) Strike Back—Chapter 4 – The Cast By ALLAN LUKS The four retired friends rent the back, private-party room of a diner, where they’d often occupied a small booth in front for a couple of hours. This downtown Manhattan diner in the afternoon has few customers and is quiet. The men decide to pay for a private meeting room to prove to themselves that they’re moving ahead, and to demonstrate--also to themselves--that they’re the retired who refuse to move to the sidelines. Today’s $200 rental fee is their first expense under the $30,000 grant they just won to make a dating advice movie for the retired living alone. “I have a great idea,” says Kenny. “A very long time ago when I took acting classes, we’d be given a personal situation to discuss. We’d break into different groups and write down our feelings and shape them into a short play. Afterwards the rest of the class would vote on how well each group’s play revealed the thoughts and emotions related to that situation.

“So consider ourselves now. I mean, what if one of us lost a wife? Horrible, O.K. But we can imagine that and then discuss how in time we’d feel about going out to meet someone new, or if we remained too nervous to try. So I propose--and this will surprise all of you-that our little educational film doesn’t just emphasize one actor, me, but eight. Our cast should be the four of us and our wives. It’ll bring together all our feelings. Steve already suggested we include our wives in planning the movie, and now I say lets also use them as actors.” “I’m not so sure,” says Myron. “As friends, we might be uncomfortable opening up to each other in front of a camera. I realize we wouldn’t have to pay our wives to act, and, as an actuary, I understand saving money. But the film has to deal with issues like sex. The data I’ve collected show most retirees believe sex is important--to enjoy and to be able to look in the mirror and know they’re still vital. The ‘young retired,’ people over sixty and even seventy, say they have sex

two, three times a month. Do we believe that survey? I’m not asking any of you to reply. But being friends, how honestly can we and our wives openly discuss issues like this?” “Myron, you’re in charge of the film’s budget,” Kenny says, “you’ll have eight free actors.” “Kenny, I know your motivation isn’t to use our wives to avoid hiring professional actors, it’s so you’d have the best chance of getting noticed in the film,” replies Bob. “Not fair,” says Kenny. “If our cast is four real couples, that could get the film publicity and let us sell more copies. Reality shows are in, Bob.” “Well, the film won’t relate to viewers if they see our wives looking away from the camera or having to be in shadows,” says Bob. “I’m not directing a film that’s a failure from the start. So I guess we’re split two-two on asking our wives. Kenny and Steven for and Myron and I against.” “People say when they see older couples alone in restaurants, they often

aren’t talking,” says Steven. “Like they’ve used themselves up. We used to discuss that in social work counseling for the elderly--when I still worked. I really think being in the cast with our wives, having to talk together, will help our own relationships.” “O.K., if Myron agrees, let’s tell our wives we need female actors in the movie and want them to plan and act with us,” Bob says. “Don’t emphasize, of course, that one reason is because they’re no cost. Tell them the movie has to explore emotions honestly. Talk about all the situations that we need to refer to, including sex. And after our wives say, ‘no,’ will we as couples have even less to say to each other in the restaurant?” Allan Luks is a nationally recognized social works leader and advocate for volunteerism. He is the former head of Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City and is currently a visiting professor at Fordham University, where he teaches several courses in nonprofit leadership. He is also a nationally recognized author, most notably for The Healing Powers of Doing Good, a landmark book on the important health benefits of volunteering. You can learn more about Allan at http://


A Tale of Two Economies

America’s Love/ Hate Relationship with “Socialism” By Dr. RICHARD CIRULLI With the national Healthcare debate now entering its second year battle lines have clearly been drawn between the Republicans and Democrats. For the 50 million Americans

who lack healthcare this battle will not about helping fellow Americans who are suffering during these economicly challenging times. It will be a battle between Republican style laissez- faire ideologies who view any government assistant

granted to suffering tax paying Americans erroneously as Socialism- rather than an act of helping a fellow human being in times of distress. One would have to believe the Republicans have outsourced our nation’s compassion, ethics, and morality along with the millions of jobs that have exacerbated and greatly contributed to the national unemployment and healthcare crisis. One may infer for Republicans such acts of charity are only reserved for the top 1% of the population who receive corporate Socialism in

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the form of bailing out poorly managed and failed corporations, and bonuses for the greedy executives who created our nation’s current economic debacle- all at the expense and on the back of the American taxpayer. Accusations and labeling of the Democrat’s national healthcare plan as “Socialism” is equally malicious; hypocritical, as well as it is ignorant. First of all, it seems many Americans today; including many of our politicians really do not know Continued on page 7

The Westchester Guardian

THURSDAY, May 12, 2011

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A Tail of Two Economies Continued from page 6 the meaning of Socialism in economic terms. And, in many instances are blind to the realities that they themselves are the beneficiaries of a form of socialism widely practiced and accepted in America today. Socialism unlike Capitalism is where the means of production are owned by the state, not the individual. The means of production is simply defined as who owns the enterprise for whom you work. In the United States approximately 9% of the workforce is employed by the government, making it our nation’s largest single employer. Many of our Republican leaders continue to block the national Healthcare Plan on grounds that it is “Socialism.” They fail to see and acknowledge they themselves are the beneficiaries of the finest healthcare plan offered in America today and that is paid for by their employer, the federal government who owns the means of production, which is financed by taxpayers. Oddly, I do not hear of any Republicans voting to cancel their healthcare coverage and opting to pay for it themselves in true laissez- faire fashion. And, equally vote to have them pay for their own healthcare coverage via COBRA upon leaving office. Our politicians have a healthcare plan that would make Karl Marx proud. This view should not be limited to just our politicians but to all Americans. Sadly, as well as ironically, there are many Americans today who see the healthcare agenda as an

un-American, un-patriotic, anti-capitalist, and as a “socialistic” program that they will have to finance by way of an increased tax burden. In rebuttal to this view, I put forth the question; “do you believe as taxpayers we would be better served by outsourcing our teachers, municipal workers, fire, and police functions to private enterprise?” This would surely lower property and school taxes, payroll expenses, eliminate tenure and retirement after only twenty years of service, reduce pension expenses and neutralize restrictive unions by turning over the means of production from the state to private enterprise; while also protecting our economy from “socialist” inroads. It seems many who benefit the most from a ‘socialistic” structure are those less likely to share them with their neighbors. And, in true laissez –faire fashion should we also privatize social security and eliminate Medicare. As a capitalist, I believe our local municipalities and nation are better served having these functions owned and managed by government. A closer examination of some current economic facts may help us to better understand our nation’s economic condition. Today, the top 1% of Americans control 40% of our nation’s wealth. Twenty five years ago the top 12% controlled 33%. Over the past decade the top 1% have seen their incomes rise 18%, while the middle class has seen their incomes fall. What we are experiencing is a rapidly growing income inequality in America that is only equaled by Russia and Iran; not readily considered to be the definition of capitalistic countries.

The top 1% of Americans do not need the government for parks, education, recreation, personal security and healthcare since they are easily obtainable with their vast wealth. Furthermore, virtually all U.S. senators, and most of the Representatives in the House come from the top 1%. All receive the best healthcare plan in the nation paid for by the middle class taxpayers who themselves must pay a high premium for their coverage or forgo coverage as a result of their unemployment. Truly our laissez faire capitalist elites are enjoying the best of capitalism and socialism at the expense of the middle class. Our nation’s love affair with economic globalization which is also designed to benefit the top 2% nurtures a laissez faire demeanor that allows fierce competition among countries for business that drives down corporate taxes, weakens our nation’s health and environment, outsources our jobs, and severely compromises our basic labor rights With our nations 20-30% unemployment rate, one in six Americans can no longer find full time employment, 50 million Americans are without healthcare, and one out of seven Americans are on food stamps. With such dismal facts we should be asking ourselves is trickle down laissez faire capitalism working for us?

In closing we have lost more than just our economic prosperity as a nation. We have lost our soul, morality, and our identity as a nation that once espoused a moral compass of fair play, equality, and the rights and dignity of the common man. Our nation’s leaders have failed to see or divulge the economic debacle that has plagued and consumed us for the past three years, and arguable helped to orchestrate it by relaxing financial regulations on Wall Street. And are now seemingly too inept to find a real solution even after three long years. As long as our elected politicians are picked from the top 1%, we will be electing people who are isolated from economic hardships the nation endures, America will never truly recover from our current, self-destructive economic quagmire. We have collectively failed to appreciate that ignorance is the seed of hypocrisy, and our selfishness is the rain that makes it bloom. Dr. Richard Cirulli is a professor of Economics and Finance at a number of colleges in the Greater Hudson Valley Area. He also has a monthly cable show, The American Economic Condition, which can be viewed on the White Plains Cable Network. He may be reached by directing email to p*


2011 West Nile Virus Prevention Efforts to Begin in Westchester removed should be reported to the Health Department by calling (914) 813-5000. “Through the combined efforts of residents and county government, we can successfully curb the mosquito population and keep cases of West Nile Virus to a minimum,” said Dr. Cheryl Archbald, Acting Commissioner of Health. “All of Continued on page 8

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WESTCHESTER, NY -- Spring rains make the flowers and grass grow, but they also bring ideal breeding sites for mosquitoes that can carry West Nile Virus. That’s why the Westchester County Department of Health will begin its annual West Nile Virus prevention efforts by checking catch basins throughout the county for standing water and applying larvicide as needed starting Monday, May 9. To help prevent mosquitoes from breeding, residents should eliminate standing water from around their properties. Large areas of standing water on public property that cannot easily be

400 East 57th St., New York, NY 10022 • T 212.754.5999 F 212.754.5959

Page 8

The Westchester Guardian

THURSDAY, May 12, 2011


2011 West Nile Virus Prevention Efforts to Begin in Westchester Continued from page 7 us must do our part to keep mosquitoes that carry West Nile Virus from breeding in Westchester. It is important that everyone survey their property routinely and empty standing water from any discarded tires, unchlorinated swimming pools, outdoor pottery, pails, birdbaths or other containers throughout the spring and summer.” Street catch basins, with their ability to contain stagnant water and organic debris, have been documented as ideal breeding environments for mosquitoes – particularly the types of mosquitoes that spread West Nile virus. That’s why, starting Monday, certified environmental health staff from the Westchester County Department of Health will begin

evaluating and applying briquettes of a long term larvicide into county and local municipal catch basins to prevent mosquito larvae from developing into adult mosquitoes. Residents will know a catch basin has been treated by the bright orange dot spray-painted on the pavement near the catch basin. Westchester County has been safely applying the same larvicide since 2001 to suppress the mosquito population. Mosquitoes capable of carrying West Nile Virus lay their eggs in stagnant water.. To prevent mosquito breeding sites near your home, the Westchester County Department of Health recommends the following: • Remove unneeded tires, cans, buckets,

The Two Wolves (Part I) By GLENN SLABY As the grogginess of a not always peaceful sleep begins to wear off, thoughts, as usual, begin their intrusive assault. These thoughts begin by attacking my insecurities and fears along with fortunately, almost simultaneous thoughts that either placate those fears or ignore them, and keep on moving. Sometimes, next to my nightstand, I notice a visual reminder of what must be done. There, on an over-photocopied piece of paper lies the anonymous Cherokee tale of The Two Wolves. I have no idea where or how this little tale came about having never seen it in any book. Recently, a variation of the story was on a mental health website, but it has been around for years and I have distributed it when ever possible. As a mental health tool for anyone, the advice and common sense offered takes time, practice and patience.

It goes like this: One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, “My son, the battle is between two ‘wolves’ inside us all.” “One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego.” (I’ll add fear, insecurity, doubting ,etc., to the list. ) “The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.” The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: “Which wolf wins?’ The old Cherokee simply replies, “The one you feed.” I will like to add the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit which includes the above with piety, charity, counsel, fear of the Lord, and the Sacraments of my Catholic Faith.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Please submit your Letter to the Editor electronically, that is by directing email to Please confine your writing to between 350 and 500 words. Your name, address, and telephone contact is requested for verification purpose only. A Letter to the Editor will be accepted at the editor’s discretion when space permits. A maximum of one submission per month may be accepted.

drums, wheelbarrows and bottles from outdoor property. • Cover trash containers to keep rain out. • Turn over plastic wading pools and wheelbarrows when not in use. • Clean roof gutters and remove standing water from flat roofs. • Remove standing water from basements. • Place a couple of capfuls of household bleach in a basement sump-pump pit if it has standing water. • Keep drains, culverts and streams clean of weeds and trash so that water can drain properly. • Make sure stored boat covers are completely drained and store small

Simple goals can be deceiving. They take awareness, practice and patience; effort must be applied, continuously. For the longest time now, I have been trying to learn and apply the first part – recognizing the thoughts as uncomfortable, emotionally stressful, tiring and domineering, - evil in the sense that no good can come from them. The first part helps to reduce the fear by reminding me that the object of the discomfort will not, cannot be solved by my rehashing, regurgitating it in my mind, over and over. Doing so only increases the anxiety, beginning in the morning and flowing through other parts of the day. Progress has been made on most mornings as the thought patterns begin their attack. My mind now recalls the above tale when a particular ‘small’ fear arrives and the uselessness in fighting these challenging and conflicting thoughts. A slight, positive change has occurred in the pathways (neurons) of this hyper brain of mine. There are many other morning issues that have yet to be challenged and right now, the first thought usually hitting me is the next dental appointment which hasn’t even been scheduled yet. The more I dwell, the greater the pain. Also, each fear must be faced one at a time and cannot be lumped together. So when doing my simple physical exercises, I try to tell myself nothing positive will come out of fearful thoughts and images. Time is short, life has plenty of distractions – many can be positive.

boats upside down. • Drain water in birdbaths, plant pots and drip trays twice a week. • Trim shrubs to eliminate hiding places for adult mosquitoes. • Clean and chlorinate swimming pools, outdoor spas and hot tubs. Be sure rainwater does not collect on their covers and disinfect them with bleach to kill mosquito larvae and eggs. • Fill in hollow tree stumps and rot holes that hold water with sand or concrete. • Drill holes in the bottoms of recycling containers that are kept outdoors. For more information about larviciding and West Nile Virus, go to www. or call the Health Department at (914) 813-5000.

What seems sensible, practical and easy to apply is the second part, but the application of this positive reinforcement does not overtly occur and here too I must remind myself. It is not that I am unappreciated or ungrateful of my blessings and gifts that could be offered to others; it is that the negatives have and had such a powerful hold - the Good must be fed by reinforcement and practiced daily. Besides my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) based thoughts which seem to carry more weight then I am aware of and like to admit, I must remind myself of the other components of evil and the other aspects of how the mind functions amidst certain aspects of our dysfunctional culture. There is self-pity, resentment, anger and regret over the life that could have been. The present now is not a place for these negatives of life. They may exist but some of us can overcome them. What ‘mysterious’ path life would have taken can only be guessed, but I cannot tread there. This only becomes more fodder for the beckoning evil. Next article: Trying to focus on the positive, the good to come of life. Glenn Slaby is married and has one son. A former accountant with an MBA, Glenn suffers from mental illness. He writes parttime and works at the New Rochelle Public Library and at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Harrison, New York, where he receives therapy.

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THURSDAY, May 12, 2011

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News & Notes from Northern Westchester By MARK JEFFERS I know as a father of a senior at Fox Lane, that prom season is fast approaching, so make sure your cameras are charged and ready to roll…welcome to another edition of “News & Notes from Northern Westchester.” Here’s to all those great Moms out there, I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day and were spoiled by all your loved ones… I drive by each day in anticipation of the opening of the new Depot Plaza Bakery in Bedford Hills. The sign says “coming soon” and when I peek in the window it looks like it is ready to go but I guess I will just have to wait a little while longer for my fresh crusty bread and warm toasted scones…..mmmmmm I hope they open soon! I hope everyone gets the point of this announcement…En Guard! The Westchester Fencing Club is open to all levels from beginners to experts…every Wednesday through June in Rye Brook, for more information contact Jim Bernitt at 914-962-6024.

Tickets are now on sale for Bedford Community Theatre’s spring production, Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible,” with performances on May 12 and May 19 at 7:00pm; May 13, 14, 20, 21 at 8:00pm; at the Bedford Hills Community House, 74 Main St., Bedford Hills. Tickets are $15 for adults; $12 for students. The fantastic cast is featuring some of Bedford Hills best: Cat Tron, John Thompson, Conrad Coffield, Lily Edwards, and Rusty Judd. More information about the production (as well as directions to the theater) can be found at Bedford Community Theatre operates in cooperation with the Town of Bedford Recreation and Parks Department. For tickets, call 914-244-0474. You won’t be “barking” up the wrong tree if you stop by this event on May 12th, “Read to Rover” program sponsored by the K9 Kids 4-H Club takes place at the Mount Kisco Library, call 914-864-0130 for details. With three daughters, there is always mayhem in our house, but an event called


Making a List and Checking It Obsessively By ALISA SINGER I’ve long been addicted to “To Do lists”. This is partly because they provide me with the illusion of control over my life, but mainly it’s because I experience intense satisfaction in briskly checking off items on the list. In fact, I often add tasks to my list that I’ve already completed just so I can check them off, thereby experiencing a sense of accomplishment even before I begin. Lately, however, I’m finding that my lists serve less as a pleasant habit and more as a crutch to support a failing shortterm memory. Like many of my fellow boomers, this memory issue is becoming increasingly worrisome. The other day my husband and I were trying to figure out if our friend’s father had passed away. We remembered being at a large gathering at their home but

couldn’t recall if it was the briss* of the grandson or the shiva** for the father. Sad to say, this is par for the course. I simply can’t retain information about other people’s lives. I don’t remember whether or not they recently took a vacation, where their parents live, the names of their children (let alone where they go to college), their birthday or anniversary, or how many sisters or brothers they have, if any. This will be the case even if they are well versed in all the details of my life and we have known each other for decades. This doesn’t mean I don’t like them – I’m sure I do and may even consider them close friends. But this is me, an unfortunate amalgamation of bad memory, indifference and self-absorption. However, I have gotten quite skilled at mining conversations with friends or Continued on page 10

Mayhem at Merestead sounds like a lot of fun. The rhyming scavenger hunt for children ages 7 to 10 will be held on Saturday, May 14 at the Merestead Estate in Mount Kisco, call 914-864-7039 for more information. Construction looks to be a bit ahead of schedule on the Bedford Hills Fire Department’s brand new addition and renovation, the structure is certainly starting to take shape. My best friend Kaz, will love this story…the Pound Ridge Historical Society Museum has opened a new exhibit, “Pound Ridge and the Civil War.” It is open Saturdays and Sundays 2 pm to 4 pm through June and admission is free, call 914-764-4333 to get the scoop. Speaking of wars, how about a little Revolutionary War talk with author Thomas B. Allen when he speaks at the White Plains Historical Society’s 22nd annual dinner on May 12. Contact 914-328-1776 (notice the last 4 digits!) Congratulations to Bill Harden as he has been named the Citizen of the Year by the Mount Kisco Chamber of Commerce. Turning to the local sports scene… In girls high school softball, John Jay beat North Salem 7 to 2 as Victoria

Gullen hit a homerun for the winners. A frequent guest on “The Clubhouse” sports radio show and a buddy of mine, Carl Alexander won his third Westchester PGA Championship this past week, congratulations to Carl…now come help me with my game. In girls lacrosse action, Fox Lane continued their winning ways with a 19 to 4 victory over Harrison and on the boys side it was Kennedy beating Carmel 14 to 7, with our good friend Dan McLaughlin scoring 2 goals and adding two assists. On the high school links, it was the Harrison gold team defeating Horace Greeley 226 to 232. Also, as of this date, the Fox Lane golf team remains undefeated at 13 and 0. Mark Jeffers successfully launched MAR$AR Sports & Entertainment LLC in 2008. He is also the local host and producer of the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon, a columnist for Sport & Technology, a member of the National Sports Marketing Network, National Writers Union, Sports Video Group and the co-host of the bi-weekly sports radio program, “The Clubhouse.”

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Making a List and Checking It Obsessively Continued from page 9 family members to unearth snippets of critical information. For example, the open-ended question “How is school going?” directed at my cousin Elaine is perfect - all I recall about Elaine is that she is a parent, but of who, how many, which gender and how old I have no idea. This particular question doesn’t require me to specify grade school or college, whether I’m talking about one student or five, boys or girls. Strategic use of the response to the question (e.g., “Andrew’s loving junior semester in Florence”) can make it appear as though I regularly mull over all of the facets of the lives of all of Elaine’s kids. “Oh yes, I’m glad you brought that up,” I might say. “I’ve often wondered how Andrew was enjoying his semester abroad.” (Note, before she made this remark I had no idea whether she actually had a son.) More and more, however, the system has been failing. Example: I recently ran into a friend – not one of my very closest buddies but someone that could definitely

be characterized as a “good friend”. She immediately asked about my mother (who had been in the hospital recently). I wanted to reciprocate by asking a thoughtful question about her mom or dad, but I couldn’t remember if either of them was still alive. I tried to recover by asking a general question about her family, usually a good tactic to prompt disclosure of some facts I can work with. She shrugged. “Not great,” she said, “but as well as could be expected under the circumstances.” And then I was really flummoxed. That there had been a crisis and that I was expected to be aware of it was quite clear. The challenge was to tactfully extract from her key information to determine exactly what crisis had occurred so I could seamlessly pick up the threads of conversation and sound sincerely concerned about the afflicted loved one whom, a minute earlier, I was not even sure still walked the earth. I felt paralyzed - How easy it would be to fall into the pit by asking how her dad was doing, only to be reminded that


he had died last year and that I had, in fact, attended the funeral. (That would result in a Double Whammy – not only deeply offending her but also losing the “relationship credit” I had earned for having (apparently) attended the funeral.) All of this brings me back to the original subject of lists, because it occurs to me that a list of some sort is just what I need to tackle this problem. Not a To Do list, but one that allows me to keep track of whose: sister is getting a divorce, husband has lost his job, son didn’t get into law school, mother is in the hospital with pneumonia or a broken hip, or father just had a stent put in or passed on. I will name this list “Terrible Things That Have Happened To My Friends and Family” and it will be a resource to be consulted on a regular basis, particularly before family gatherings or other social events. Armed with this information I will be a hit at parties, at least the kind of parties I attend which are not hipster hangouts but sedate gatherings where conversation revolves around the competitive exchange of tales of worry and woe. People will be touched by the sincerity of

Ed Koch Movie Reviews By Edward I. Koch

Movie Review: “Incendies” (+)

A superb, sleeper film not to be missed. The movie opens in Quebec, Canada, with a notary, Jean (Remy Girard), reading the will of Nawal (Lubna Azabal) to her two adult twins: Jeanne (Melissa Desormeaux-Poulin) and imon (Maxim Gaudette). Nawal’s instructions are bizarre. She states that she is not to have a proper burial with headstone and epitaph until the twins find their father whom they never knew and their brother whom they never knew existed. Jeanne and Simon are instructed to give each of them a letter from their now deceased mother. Bizarre yes, but also fascinating. Flashbacks of Nawal’s early life are shown. (Although the country is never named, it is clearly the Republic of Lebanon.) When Nawal and her Muslim lover sought to leave their village, they were pursued by her two brothers for disgracing the family. They shot and killed her lover and would have killed her as well had her grandmother not intervened. We learn that Nawal was pregnant and the child was placed in an orphanage but not before the grandmother scarred the child’s foot so that it could be identified at a later time. Nawal’s efforts to find her child during a civil war between Christians and Muslims are heartbreaking. She is imprisoned and tortured by Abou Tarek (Abdelghafour Elaaziz). There are moments of shock, torture, and crimes against humanity. While the storyline is unbelievable, it is very moving and held my attention . It comes together as it unfolds and makes shocking sense when the letters to brother and father are delivered. (Oddly, the deliveries take place in Canada.) The acting by all major and minor characters is of the highest caliber. Again, this picture is not to be missed. (In French and Arabic, with English subtitles.)

my concern and dazzled by my surprisingly clear recollection of the details of every calamity of their lives. That is, so long as nobody peeks at the little cheat sheet I have tucked inside the sleeve of my sweater: “Shirley: mother in nursing home; father having affair with sleazy hair stylist; Diane: husband lost toe in bizarre plumbing incident; dog put to sleep; David: shingles…” *Gathering to mark the rite of circumcision. ** Visit to the home of a mourning family. Alisa Singer’s humorous essays have appeared in a variety of print and online newspapers and magazines across the country and in Canada. She is the author of various gift books designed to entertain and amuse baby boomers. Her newest book, “When a Girl Goes From Bobby Sox to Compression Stockings…She Gets a Little Cranky,” is available at You can learn more about her work by visiting her website: or contacting her at”

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Movie Review: “Le Quattro Volte” (-)

I decided to see this picture after reading A.O. Scott’s review of it in The New York Times. He began his analysis: “Le Quattro Volte,” an idiosyncratic and amazing new film by Michelangelo Frammartino, is so full of surprises – nearly every shot contains a revelation, sneaky or overt, cosmic or mundane – that even to describe it is to risk giving something away.” The closing line of Scott’s review was “You have never seen anything like this movie, even though what it shows you has been there all along.” As far as I’m concerned, both sentences are undeserved. The movie is ridiculous, incomprehensible, and totally pointless from beginning to end. It contains no dialogue or subtitles – it is neither a silent movie similar to those of early cinema nor is it a modern movie breaking new ground. Although it takes place in southern Italy, no beautiful pastoral scenes are depicted, and no acting is involved as far as I could discern. The only moments of interest and movement occur when a flock of goats appear and reappear, their presence announced by the cowbells tied to their necks. I truly had to pinch myself to stay awake. The film is part of a new Independent Film series held at the Quad Theater in Greenwich Village. The night I went, a red carpet and television camera person were in the theater. After seeing the picture I was asked for my opinion by the TV crew to which I replied, “This is the worst movie I have ever seen.” The interviewer did not blink or swallow hard. He simply replied, “Thank you so much Mayor Koch.” I left feeling as though I should demand a refund, even though I had not paid, using my critic’s pass generously provided by the theater. I hope I’m not banned from future attendance. Henry Stern said: This is a movie that is quite unlike all the others that I have seen. There is minimal dialogue, none in English, spoken off-screen and without any subtitles. The same goes for the plot. There is hardly any connected narrative, and whatever is shown is not particularly related to what came before. The picture may be praised as a cinematographer’s work of high art. The scenery is beautiful, the small town with its empty streets is eerie, the rams and the sheep (or goats) are noisy and crowd each other as they scramble toward the pasture where they spend the day. Co-stars in the film are a lost lamb and a tall tree. The lamb bleats a lot, the tree is silent except for a whoosh when it falls. The title, “Le Quattro Volte” means the four times, i.e. seasons. I certainly would not have figured that out from watching the movie as it very slowly unfolded. If you want to see this film, read A.O. Scott’s review in the March 29 New York Times. Using the review as a crib sheet, you may find the movie intelligible, or at least understand what you have missed. You can watch Ed Koch’s Movie Reviews at


Smiling Won’t Help

Caught by Red Light Cameras



Don’t you be caught in a flash. Be aware where the Red Light Cameras have been installed. • Midland Avenue at Bronx River Road (near the 7-11 store on the way to Fleetwood ) • Central Park Avenue NB at Crisfield Street ( near Nathans) • Central Park Avenue NB at Fort Hill Avenue (near Oakly’s Car Wash) • Central Park Avenue NB at Roxbury Drive (near JP Morgan Chase Bank and Luciano’s Restaurant) • Central Park Avenue NB at Sadore Lane • Central Park Avenue NB at Arlington Street (by the Grinton I. Will Library) • Central Park Avenue at Yonkers Avenue (near Empire City Casino at Yonkers Raceway) • South Broadway at Ludlow Street • McLean Avenueat Kimball Avenue ( by Kozy Corner Diner and HSBC Bank) • Riverdale Avenue at Prospect Street (on the way to the pizza place near ShopRite Supermarket) • Nepperhan Avenue at Ashburton Avenue • Warburton Avenue at Ashburton Avenue • McLean Avenue at Putnam Avenue (near the Shell gas station before the entrance to Saw Mill River Parkway SB) • Nepperhan Avenue at Odell Avenue (near the A&P Supermarket) • McLean Avenue at Park Hill Avenue Happy motoring.






MAY 14 & 15.

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THE SOUNDS Tower of Power “40th Anniversary” DVD & CD TOP Records OFBLUE By Bob Putignano

“Still hip, with Tons of Soul with a Capital ‘S’ ” Rating: 8

It took a while for Tower of Power to release this “40th Anniversary” two disc set (DVD & CD.) Recorded nearly three years ago at the Fillmore Auditorium on October 18th, 2008, the almost three year wait was worth it. TOP pulled out the stops for this special evening utilizing their current band lineup plus they brought back alumni members: Chester Thompson, Mic Gillette, Greg Adams, Richard Elliot, plus non-alum Sam Moore is fabulously featured performing stunning versions of the Hayes-Porter “I Thank You,” and the Otis Redding-Steve Cropper “Mr. Pitiful.” But these two Moore covers are only available on the DVD, and did not make it to the CD. The DVD three part bonus segments starts out with current original members Emilio Castillo, Doc Kupka, Rocco Prestia, and David Garibaldi revisiting their Bay area haunts telling stories about how they met Bill Graham, got signed by his label, and eventually went on to fame. One of the Castillo comments about saxophonist Lenny Pickett struck me odd, “Lenny Pickett was King Curtis, Maceo Parker, and Jr. Walker all in one package - times ten,” Come on, Pickett’s great but

lets be serious. By the way, Pickett only partially performs on bonus segments, not on the main portions, nor on the CD. Other bonus segments only include snippets of the band playing, and are mainly interviews of the guys hanging out telling somewhat interesting stories of the bands legacy, very informal and genuine. Although brief, it was cool to see Bruce Conte’s recent and memorable guitar solo on “What Is Hip?” Unfortunately Conte’s also absent during the DVD’s full concert performance. The main performance DVD is done like a documentary, starts with a previously recorded introduction by Bill Graham that I thought was a very classy touch, then wham the band slams into the appropriately titled “We Came To Play,” then with precision craftsmanship shifts to “Soul With a Capital ‘S,’” , with additional comps from “Oakland Stroke,” whew! Other highlights: by track five there’s now a huge amount of guest artists on-stage, the massive horn section’s on fire especially with the additions of Mic Gillette and Greg Adams. Vocalist Ellis Hall joins the fray on a thumping “You Got to Funkifize,” further fueled by Chester Thompson’s B3 and keyboards, who is also interviewed with Bruce

Conte. Richard Elliot leads the band on his instrumental “Boys From the Bay” and soars, Greg Adams trumpet solo is also captivating and trades hot licks with Elliot, to take this ultra funky track out, unfortunately this track does not make it’s way to CD. Band member kudos for baritone player Doc Kupka calling him the bottom sound of the band, and the perfect counterpoint, then Ellis Hall leads the band with a very up-tempo version of “This Time Is Real.” A real soul man is called for when Sam Moore makes one of his two appearances starting with “I Thank You.” Sam’s walking a little slow these days, but vocally he sounds strong and he’s very inspired here. Moore’s coaxed on for another and delivers a passionate “Mr. Pitiful.” “Only So Much Oil In The Ground” has Ellis Hall back in front with at least six pieces of horns, where Richard Elliot is given space to blast off, calls for CT are answered when Chester Thompson explodes with his B3 solo. Current band members extol the qualities of vocalist Larry Braggs who takes us on a simmering version of “A Little Knowledge (Is a Dangerous Thing.” Braggs asks the crowd “What Is Hip?” and rolls, Greg Adams trumpet is dead-on as he buzzes and dances around the horn section, guitar solos by Mark Harper, Jeff Tamelier, and Carmen Grillo are also fiery. But from a entertainment vantage the edited interviews during this performance broke the mood, and weren’t welcomed, fortunately on the CD, these interviews were edited out. I loved the group shot of all the guests with the current lineup near the end of the show, there was no way for me to count the amount of players on-stage, but it was impressive. Also impressive was the way

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Please submit your Letter to the Editor electronically, that is by directing email to Please confine your writing to between 350 and 500 words. Your name, address, and telephone contact is requested for verification purpose only. A Letter to the Editor will be accepted at the editor’s discretion when space permits. A maximum of one submission per month may be accepted.

that no one bumped into each others playing, and flowed, true pros, all of them. Sadly, it’s almost over with “You’re Still a Young Man” Braggs sounds like he’s been singing this song like he’s been in the band for all of their forty years, it’s all very, very soulful. The finale was kind of anticlimactic for me “Knock Yourself Out” is performed well, but not one of TOP’s most remembered tunes, so this felt odd, but the band fires, Chester Thompson in particular, but there’s more interruptions with interviews, which truly kill the moment on the DVD. These interviews could have and should have ran during the closing credits. Of note, conspicuously missing was, and what could have been the closing number, “Squib Cakes,” (a term Mic Gillette used to describe the backsides of lovely ladies) was a long time favorite of late-night FM radio, exciting, and a tune they still regularly perform, it’s also a great workout for all the members of the band, don’t why it wasn’t performed and/or not added to this otherwise fine set. In summary, this package is a delight that will further secure Tower of Power’s already potent legacy. I make it a point to see them live at least once a year; they always pack a venue, and will have you leaving the gig with big smile. Now that’s it’s only about seven years from their (hard to believe) fiftieth anniversary, here’s to looking forward to their next anniversary celebration, as well as lots of other good music till 2018, they’ve still got it. Need further evidence? Get a copy of this two disc set, you won’t be disappointed. Last but not least, and once again classy is the very well laid out liners, complete with song by song musician credits, soloists, et all, and for the page dedicated to original member Steven “Skip” Mesquite, who performs here, but has since passed. Bob Putignano is a contributing editor to BluesWax, The Westchester Guardian, and Yonkers Tribune. Check out his website at

The Westchester Guardian

GovernmentSection Yonkers City Councilman Dennis Shepherd Missing in Action Yet Again By HEZI ARIS YONKERS, NY -- The budget hearings that come before the Yonkers City Council began in earnest Monday afternoon. The process would take place this week alternating between the demands of protocol required to satisfy Yonkers Business Week and the Yonkers City Council’s scrutiny of the budget. Missing in action from this week’s opening was Yonkers City Council Dennis Shepherd, so-called representative to the 5th District. Over the past two months, Mr Shepherd has not attended scheduled City Council meetings and also missed Special City Council meetings. He has had one excuse after another. Once a relative was ill; another time he was on vacation, and yesterday, no excuse whatsoever. When Mr Shepherd decided to run for office he did not advise the electorate that he would not be able to attend City Council meetings as infrequently as he has, nr that he would miss other meetings at his volition despite their being noticed to the Yonkers City Council way before it reaches the public. At issue is whether Mr Shepherd will be able to cast an informed vote when he does not attend meetings at which he may gain input from commissioners of various department and further have the ability to question them with pithy inquiry. Heaven knows he does not use the computer afforded him, nor does he carry any of the voluminous documents

demaded for his understqanding the subject matter. perhaps he has an inability to comprehend the enormity of these trying times on all Yonekrsites. One must infer that Mr Shepherd harbors no pretense aboiut him, suffering his ineptitude, other than to regurgitate spin after repeated study at the mayor’s knee. I cannot fathom Yonkersites require better. Alas Yonkersites will have to suffer his lack of contribution to representing his constituents until at least 2013. The thought is stupefying. Mr. Shepherd’s work ethic is anathema to his generation and is certainly not to be emulated by anyone. he is simply lazy and a fraud. Perhaps this telling will force Mr Shepherd to perform by attending Tuesday’s scheduled meeting. Time will tell. I am starting to question whether Mr Shepherd really is a nice guy. Can anyone who disenfranchises 35,000 constituents he purports to represent be a nice guy? How so? This I have to hear. How so? Update: Mr Shepherd attended the Thursday, May 5, 2012 Yonkers City Council process in which budget issues were being scrutinized.

Peter Michaelis to Declare Candidacy for Westchester County Legislature BEDFORD, NY -- Long-time Bedford resident and community leader Peter Michaelis will hold a press conference to officially declare his candidacy for Westchester County Legislature in District 2 on Monday, May 9, 2011. Michaelis will be joined by supporters, while he announces his campaign priorities and initiatives. The announcement will take place on Monday, May 9th, 2011 – 11:00 a.m., at 1787 Bedford Court House, 615 Old Post Road, Bedford, NY 10506, next to Wendy’s Closet in Bedford Village.

THURSDAY, May 12, 2011

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Westchester Assembly Delegation Calls for Investigation of I-287 Project A bi-partisan group of Westchester’s Assembly members have written Governor Andrew Cuomo, seeking the Governor’s investigation of published reports of cost over-runs and delays on the multi-year reconstruction of I-287, revealed by The Journal News in a recent investigative series. “We believe the most effective, immediate review can be launched at your direction” wrote the legislators to the Governor, in an effort coordinated by Assemblyman George Latimer (D-Rye City, 91st A.D.). Latimer was joined by seven (7) Assembly colleagues: J. Gary Pretlow (D-Mt. Vernon, 87th A.D.); Amy Paulin (D-Scarsdale, 88th A.D.); Robert J. Castelli (R-Lewisboro, 89th A.D.); Sandra

Galef (D-Ossining, 90th A.D.); Thomas Abinanti (D-Greenburgh, 92nd A.D.); Michael Spano (D-Yonkers, 93rd A.D.); Dr. Steve Katz (R-Mohegan Lake, 99th A.D.). “Taxpayers are rightly concerned over any possible misuse of public funds, especially in this difficult economy”, stated Assemblywoman Paulin. “This matter demands complete accountability and transparency”. Assemblyman Abinanti said that “project delays and site problems adversely impact the residents of Greenburgh and other neighboring communities alongside the roadway. They deserve a full accounting”. “The next phase of this project”, Assemblyman Castelli noted, “directly affects Harrison and White Plains neighborhoods; we seek not only an accounting

of the project-to-date, but changes and improvements implemented for what is yet to come”. While the I-287 corridor girds the middle of the county, it affects all parts of Westchester. “Commuters who live in Yonkers use it to get to White Plains; commuters who work in Yonkers and live in the north, use it as well”, indicated Assemblyman Spano. Assemblyman Katz argued that I-684 and the Taconic Parkway, which traverse his northern Westchester district, are directly affected by traffic snarls and delays on I-287. “This system is all linked; what happens there affects us here as well”. Assemblywoman Galef, a long-time voice for reform in government bidding and projects, stated “this is exactly the right time to make long-needed changes to our

Lowey Calls for End to Welfare for Oil Companies WHITE PLAINS, NY – Congresswoman Nita Lowey (D-Westchester/ Rockland) pointed to high oil and gas prices and record industry profits, urging an end to federal taxpayer subsidies for oil and gas companies to engage in domestic fossil fuel production. “At a time when prices and profits are both off the charts, there is no reason American taxpayers need to subsidize oil and gas companies with generous tax credits to pad their bottom line even more,” said Lowey. “Families and businesses are having trouble making ends meet, and it is unconscionable to fatten the wallets of big oil companies with their hard-earned dollars.” According to the American Automobile

Association (AAA), the current price for regular gasoline in the New York metropolitan area is $4.28 per gallon. This price is up $0.08 from one week ago, up $0.37 from one month ago, and up $1.15 from one year ago. Last week the Big 5 oil companies (ExxonMobil, BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, and Royal Dutch Shell) reported quarterly profits of $32 billion, up 30 percent from the first quarter of 2010. Lowey urged Congress to pass immediately the Big Oil Welfare Repeal Act, introduced by Congressman Tim Bishop (NY-01).  The Big Oil Welfare Repeal Act, of which Lowey is a cosponsor, would repeal the Domestic Production Activities Deduction for the “Big 5” oil companies.  Enacting this legislation would save

American taxpayers more than $12 billion over the next decade. Repealing these generous subsidies should not be a partisan issue.  In 2005, President George W. Bush said, “With oil at more than $50 a barrel, by the way, energy companies do not need taxpayerfunded incentives to explore for oil and gas.”  Today, oil is trading at more than $100 per barrel.  Yet, House Republicans have defeated Democratic efforts to repeal these tax credits three times in recent weeks. High gas prices have had a severe impact on local small businesses and nonprofit organizations that rely on transportation, including dry cleaners, restaurants, taxi cab companies, and Meals on Wheels.  High gas prices raise the cost of doing business and providing vital services.

procedures – and we’re confident this is exactly what Governor Cuomo intends to accomplish as well”. Assemblyman Pretlow added that the credibility of all government is at stake whenever the fairness and effectiveness of any part of government comes under scrutiny. “People need to know that we do not accept poor performance whenever it appears. We will fix whatever is broken”. Assemblyman Latimer, a member of the Assembly Transportation Committee, has also met with Assembly Committee Chair David Gantt, to brief him on the substance of the news stories, which appeared in the Sunday, May 1st, 2011 edition of The Journal News. “I believe we are engaged in responding quickly to the reports we’ve received. We know that our residents will accept nothing less than the accurate answers to the questions posed in this news series”, Latimer concluded.

“The escalating gas prices are inhibiting agencies’ efforts to hire nurses that visit clients’ at home,” said Carol Greenberg, President and CEO of Concept: CARE, a licensed home health care agency. “Under regulatory guidelines from the Department of Health, licensed home care agencies must provide visits to their clients and supervisory visits for their employees.  Travel becomes burdensome with gas costs rising, hindering our ability to provide services to clients.” “The rising cost of gas creates a disincentive to doing any volunteer work that involves driving,” said Paul Schwarz, President of Meals on Wheels of White Plains.  “All programs that use volunteers are going to feel this pressure, and at some point these agencies, including Meals-onWheels, are going to lose part of this vital work force.


Senator Stewart-Cousins Proposes Dissolving 118 Defunct Public Authorities Legislation Cuts Wasteful Government Agencies and Increases Efficiency

ALBANY, NY -- Senator Andrea StewartCousins (35th District- D/ WF/I), ranking member of the Senate’s Local Government Committee, is urging passage of legislation, which she sponsors, that

would eliminate 118 inactive or defunct public authorities and agencies around the state. The Senator contacted Local Committee Chairman Jack Martins, to request that he help move the bill out of his committee to the Senate floor for a full vote. The list of authorities is comprised of

local urban renewal agencies; community development agencies; industrial development agencies and parking authorities which are currently authorized by State law, but were either never activated, or ceased to operate after a limited time. These authorities were confirmed to be defunct

as the result of a year-long investigation by Senator Stewart-Cousins’ office. All localities affected by this legislation agreed to dissolution and none of these 118 authorities maintain any outstanding debt or obligations. Continued on page 15

THURSDAY, May 12, 2011

Page 15

Senator Stewart-Cousins Proposes Dissolving 118 Defunct Public Authorities

Village of New Paltz Urban Renewal Agency City of New Rochelle Parking Authority New Rochelle Urban Renewal Agency Newark Urban Renewal Agency Newburgh Community Development Agency City of North Tonawanda Parking Authority Norwich Urban Renewal Agency Nyack Urban Renewal Agency Ogdensburg Urban Renewal Agency Oneonta Urban Renewal Agency Town of Orangetown Urban Renewal Agency Oswego Urban Renewal Agency Owego Parking Authority Palmyra Urban Renewal Agency Village of Pawling Urban Renewal Agency City of Peekskill Civic Center Authority Peekskill Community Development Agency Peekskill Parking Authority Village of Penn Yan Urban Renewal Agency Plattsburgh Urban Renewal Agency Village of Port Jervis Parking Authority Potsdam Urban Renewal Agency City of Poughkeepsie Parking Authority Rensselaer Urban Renewal Agency Historic Rome Development Authority Rome Parking Authority Salamanca Hospital District Authority Salamanca Indian Lease Authority Salamanca Urban Renewal Agency Saranac Lake Urban Renewal Agency Sloatsburg Urban Renewal Agency Village of Spring Valley Parking Authority Village of East Syracuse Urban Renewal Agency Village of North Syracuse Urban Renewal Agency Tarrytown Urban Renewal Agency Village of Thomaston Urban Renewal Agency Tuckahoe Urban Renewal Agency Utica Parking Authority Utica Transit Authority Town of Walkill Urban Renewal Agency Village of Walden Urban Renewal Agency Village of Warwick Urban Renewal Agency Washingtonville Urban Renewal Agency Watertown Urban Renewal Agency Village of Waverly Urban Renewal Agency Village of Webster Urban Renewal Agency Village of Whitehall Urban Renewal Agency Woodridge Urban Renewal Agency Yorktown Urban Renewal Agency

The Westchester Guardian

LEGISLATION Continued from page 14 “It is important that we not allow these defunct public authorities to go unchecked because they needlessly increase the size of our government,” said Senator StewartCousins. “Some of these authorities have been inactive for 30 years, and many were never even operational to begin with. This bill dissolves these inactive agencies, reduces the size of our government and provides a good step towards more efficient and cost-effective delivery of services.” Senator Stewart-Cousins first introduced this legislation last year, as Chair of the Senate’s Local Government Committee, and this year, the measure gained sponsorship in the Assembly by Assemblyman George Latimer. In addition, Senator Stewart-Cousins has contacted all of her Senate colleagues whose districts include one or more of these 118 defunct public authorities, and encouraged them to sign on to the bill as co-sponsors. “The elimination of these needless government entities would be a great start to the important work of cutting waste and inefficiency in New York State,” added Stewart-Cousins. In a memo of support, the New York State Public Authorities Federation commented: “Most of the authorities eliminated through this legislation are not even functioning, yet inexplicably they remain in existence.” The memo continued, “New York would be better served by reducing the number of quasi-public agencies as suggested by this bill.” Of the 118 defunct authorities, nine are located in Westchester County, and one of which is the Tarrytown Urban Renewal Agency, which Village Administrator Michael Blau says was non-operational even before he became Administrator in 1987. “It certainly makes sense to eliminate any subset of government that doesn’t serve any particular purpose at the local level, and the Urban Renewal Agency serves no purpose in the Village of Tarrytown,” said Tarrytown Village Administrator Michael Blau. In March of 2010, the legislature passed the Public Authorities Accountability Act to bring greater accountability to New York’s over 700 public authorities. Since then, public authorities throughout the State have been subject to oversight by the Legislature, the Comptroller, the Attorney General and the New York State

Authorities Budget Office. Please see below for the complete list of the 118 defunct public authorities in New York State that would be dissolved in this legislation.

Defunct Public Authorities INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCIES (IDAs) City of Beacon Industrial Development Agency Town of Carmel Industrial Development Agency Town of Deerpark Industrial Development Agency Town of East Greenbush Industrial Development Agency Town of East Hampton Industrial Development Agency Village of Greenport Industrial Development Agency Town of Horseheads Industrial Development Agency Village of Horseheads Industrial Development Agency Village of Keesesville Industrial Development Agency Village of Lake Placid Industrial Development Agency Town of Oyster Bay Industrial Development Agency Town of Queensbury Industrial Development Agency Town of Schodack Industrial Development Agency

URBAN RENEWAL AGENCIES; DEVELOPMENT AGENCIES, PARKING AUTHORITIES AND OTHER AUTHORITIES Village of Albion Urban Renewal Agency Alfred, Almond, Hornellsville Sewer Authority Amsterdam Parking Authority Village of Auburn Urban Renewal Agency Baldwinsville Urban Renewal Agency Beacon Community Development Agency Town of Bethlehem Urban Renewal Agency Town of Brookhaven Resource Recovery Agency Broome County Resource Recovery Agency Village of Canajoharie Urban Renewal Agency City of Canandaigua Urban Renewal Agency Village of Catskill Urban Renewal Agency Chautauqua Sports, Recreation and Cultural Authority

Clayville Urban Renewal Agency City of Cohoes Urban Renewal Agency Town of Colonie Urban Renewal Agency Dolgeville Community Development Agency Dunkirk Urban Renewal Agency Village of East Rochester Urban Renewal Agency Ellenville Urban Renewal Agency Elmira Parking Authority County of Essex Solid Waste Management Authority Fallsburg Urban Renewal Agency Village of Fayetteville Urban Renewal Agency Village of Fort Edward Urban Renewal Agency Village of Fredonia Urban Renewal Agency Fulton Parking Authority Village of Geneseo Urban Renewal Agency Gouverneur Urban Renewal Agency Greater Troy Area Solid Waste Management Authority Village of Greenport Urban Renewal Agency Town of Guilderland Urban Renewal Agency Village of Hamburg Urban Renewal Agency Village of Hilton Urban Renewal Agency Hornell Urban Renewal Agency Hudson Parking Authority Village of Hudson Falls Urban Renewal Agency Village of Island Park Urban Renewal Agency Ilion Urban Renewal Agency Johnson City Parking Authority Village of Johnson City Urban Renewal Agency Lancaster Urban Renewal Agency Village of Liberty Urban Renewal Agency Lockport Urban Renewal Agency City of Long Beach Parking Authority Long Beach Urban Renewal Agency Long Island Job Development Authority Long Island Market Authority Village of Lynbrook Urban Renewal Agency Village of Lyons Urban Renewal Agency Village of Massena Urban Renewal Agency Village of Medina Urban Renewal Agency Monroe Parking Authority Mount Kisco Urban Renewal Agency Multi-Town Solid Waste Management Authority Village of New Hartford Urban Renewal Agency

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The Westchester Guardian

THURSDAY, May 12, 2011


The Truth Revealed: Tax Hike Mike Tarnishes Redistricting Process

Evidence Proves Incumbent Legislator Intentionally Blocking Candidates As Told to HEZI ARIS

Last Thursday afternoon, May 5, 2011, Yorktown Councilman Dr. Terrence Murphy, candidate for Westchester County’s 4th Legislative District, provided shocking information proving the redistricting process was nothing more than politics as usual for long time incumbent Mike Kaplowitz. It has become clear, Mr. Kaplowitz has no regard for serving the public trust but only his personal interests. Dr. Murphy said, “This is politics at its worst. Tax Hike Mike has abused the trust of his constituents by altering his district in a cowardly attempt to avoid a challenge to his so called throne. As a resident, constituent, and taxpayer I am disgusted by his actions and call for him to immediately withdraw his candidacy for his eighth term in office.”

The evidence Dr. Murphy provided shows several startling facts. Ten years ago, during the last redistricting process, fellow Yorktown Councilman and legislator candidate Nick Bianco was drawn out of Mr. Kaplowitz’s district. As the map provided by Dr. Murphy shows, the boundary line separating districts 1 and 4 went through Councilman Bianco’s back yard. Councilman Bianco stated, “This is nothing new. The very same thing happened to me when I wanted to run for the fourth district my backyard became the proverbial line in the sand and I was forced on the wrong side. Furthermore, using the rues of children and our schools is a deplorable political tactic.” Even more compelling was the fact that the consultant hired by the democratic majority to head the redistricting

process, Dr. Andrew Beveridge, was the same consultant hired to handle the affordable housing debacle which stands as the county’s most costly lawsuit. In both instances Mr. Kaplowitz voted in favor of hiring Dr. Beveridge. Dr. Murphy continued, “The fact that this consultant has been hired again in light of his failures with the affordable housing settlement should send up a red flag. This is nothing more than a payback scheme to ensure those who hired him remain in office. Tax Hike Mike and his fellow colleagues should have recused themselves from this vote because of their prior history with the consultant.” Lastly, during a taped meeting of the legislature dated May 2, 2011 which discussed the redrawn district lines Legislator John Nonna is quoted as saying, “One district was changed back

Two Redistricting Plans and New Rochelle’s Future By PEGGY GODFREY The long sought after meeting of the New Rochelle City Council and the Concerned Citizens Redistricting Committee was finally held on April 26. The Republicans also presented their plan. Both plans drew criticism from some Democrats on Council. Mark McLean, Chairman of the New Rochelle Concerned Citizens Redistricting Committee, reminded everyone that Ronald Williams, President of the NAACP, wanted this independent Citizens Committee on redistricting to be formed and that the idea had received overwhelming support in the community.. The City Council had previously refused to use this independent citizens committee for redistricting. This Committee’s nonpartisan objective was to put the people first, not to split election districts, and to create contiguous districts. McLean said he was “proud of what the committee accomplished.” Former Mayor Len Paduano, said the committee doesn’t support the Republican or the Democratic plan. Their plan came

up with a “greater number of Blacks in D. 3.” Former Assemblyman Ron Tocci suggested as an alternative solution having only two minority districts and electing the other council members at large. As other suggestions were made about ways to configure districts, Mayor Bramson said his “attention and patience” were waning. McLean added that in the previous Court decision by Judge Brieant, the standard for the minority district was set historically at 50%. Council member Marianne Sussman after this presentation and before the Republican redistricting plan was discussed, said, “The truth is everyone who worked on this plan had difficulty.” It is not a choice between good and bad. When Councilman Richard St. Paul presented the Republican redistricting plan he addressed the involvement of the City’s consultant, Andrew Beveridge, in the original lawsuit saying that original plan was rejected. Citing a voting rights act which protected District 3, he read a pertinent section of the New Rochelle

City Charter: “The New Rochelle City Charter requires that the Council Districts “shall be of substantially equal population, of convenient and contiguous territory, in as compact a form as practical and shall therefore be reapportioned by the Council every ten years on the basis of the Decennial Census figures published by the Bureau of the U.S. Department of Commerce.” Judge Charles I. Brieant U.S.D.C. 12/10/03 Goals in the Republican plan for establishing districts were to achieve population equality, contiguous territory, fair representation of minority groups (District 3 for Blacks and Districts 1 and 4 for Latinos), and compactness and maintenance of communities of interest. Continuing St. Paul said in the Republican plan District 3 was 50% AfroAmericans and in District 2 an increased number of Latinos were included. The use of the CVAP (Citizens Voting Age Population) instead of the VAP (Voting Age Population) which was used by Beveridge was discussed. According to

because of discussions of an opponent who wanted to run. We’ll get to that. It’s in [districts] 6&7.” Later in the discussion an exchange between County Legislators Burton, Maisano, and Harckham only confirms certain lines were altered to accommodate the candidacies of specific challengers. Legislator Harckham states, “We are happy to accommodate that in the spirit of fair play.” Dr. Murphy concluded, “Clearly this confirms Tax Hike Mike’s abuse of power by ensuring the lines were drawn in a specific way in an attempt to avoid a formidable challenger. Rather than embrace the democratic process and openly welcome a fair and transparent race he has resorted to backroom deals and misleading statements. I am challenging Tax Hike Mike whether he draws the lines around me or not. This latest episode only further confirms it is time for a change, a time for new blood, and time for Tax Hike Mike to be retired once and for all.”

the Republicans, CVAP has a great deal of error and is cited in the city’s previous case law. Councilman Jared Rice asked if there was any case law after 2009, then read a Port Chester case ruling and criticized St. Paul for not using it. Councilman St. Paul answered that Port Chester uses at-large voting and not districts and the case was not pertinent. St. Paul stated that Judge Brieant had acknowledged the standard is whether a minority group has the chance to elect their chosen candidate. St. Paul then said he felt the Democratic plan with an 44% minority for District 3 violated the voting rights act, Rice stated the City has a population of 18.7% AfroAmericans and asked if any other district in New Rochelle (besides 3) has this amount. Further he felt the Republicans by placing so many Afro-Americans in District 3 had caused “under representation of them in other districts.” St. Paul explained that the single standard is not whether whether Blacks can build a coalition, but whether they can elect a candidate. Mayor Bramson felt that Rice’s view was important and that once you have crossed the threshold and you keep adding more and more Blacks in District 3, you are “diminishing the Afro-American’s ability to influence elsewhere.” Continued on page 17

The Westchester Guardian

THURSDAY, May 12, 2011

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Two Redistricting Plans and New Rochelle’s Future Continued from page 16 After the meeting Councilman Lou Trangucci said the Democratic redistricting plan was presented to the New Rochelle web site and PATCH before the Republican Council members received it. Bramson is creating his own time table so he can have the districts finished before the election. The Democrats are using the Spanish opportunity district with the aim of having a fifth seat on the Council. There will be no checks and balances

because the Democrats will have a super majority. For their next voting meeting, the City Council has two resolutions, one sponsored by the four Democrats on Council requesting their redistricting plan and the other by the three Republicans requesting their plan. The public hearing on May 3 was to allow for comment on these (or as Mayor Bramson stated) on any plan. There were a number of speakers, several of whom identified themselves

as Democratic District Leaders, who spoke in favor of the Democratic plan. The Rev. Paul Allen Weaver favored the Democratic plan which he said included 51% of the voting age minority population in District 3. The Chairman of the New Rochelle Republican City Committee, Doug Colety, emphasized legal issues had to be addressed and that the Democrats’ plan is placing the City in “harms way.” He urged the City Council to create another plan. Several members of Residence Park spoke. Their Co-President, Lisa Davis,

Gerrymandering or Redistricting?—You Decide By NANCY KING Gerrymandering: the process of setting electoral districts, rather than using uniform geographic standards. Gerrymandering is also synonymous with political corruption that attempts the establish a political advantage for a particular party or group by manipulating geographic boundaries to create partisan incumbent and neutral districts. (Wikipedia) Gerrymandering in this case seems to be what the Westchester County Board of Legislators has up their sleeves when redistricting the legislative districts at this time. Under normal circumstances, redistricting takes place every ten years to coincide with the annual release of the US Census figures. It is also a Federal requirement that the Legislative body is required to adjust their boundaries based on a shift or change in population. Westchester is no different. We’ve had some interesting shifts in the past ten years. Some districts saw a gain in population while others saw a significant drop. The most significant change was in the tone of those increases and decreases. It is widely believed that Westchester County lost a little bit more of the middle class who were forced to flee a county that is still the highest taxed county in America. The residents of Westchester had their chance on May 2nd, to voice their concerns and or opinions about this matter at an open hearing in the board’s chambers. As usual only about a dozen people showed up to voice their opinions about the redistricting. As an aside, a colleague of mine always says that the reason that people don’t show up is that they just don’t care. I don’t think that’s the

case at all. Those taxpayers who have been able to ride the roller coaster of high taxes, and bickering by this County government have political fatigue. They are just tired of the constant back and forth baloney between the both sides. In addition, going to the County Office Building is a royal pain in the rump. By the time you show what seems like five hundred forms of ID, you are exhausted by just going through the rigmarole to gain access to any meeting that is taking place there. We all know that Andy Spano put that ridiculous security in place when he felt that Osama bin Laden was coming for him but sheesh Rob, you’ve been in office 18 months now and bin Laden is dead. Let’s make the people’s building more friendly to people. However, the people who did speak had a lot to say. The legislators, just by virtue of the body language had a lot to say too. Candidate Terrence Murphy addressed the board stating he was cut out of the race against Mike Kaplowitz by having the new redistrict cut through his yard, clearly placing him in a different legislative district. Sneaky huh? Former Mayor of Peekskill, Vinny Vesci, questioned the reason that Peekskill was sliced in half like a piece of pie. For goodness sake, Peekskill is only 4 and ½ square miles, is it that important to shrink John Testa’s district. Apparently the committee thought so. Mr. Vesci however brought up an important point in his comment. When you slice a community in half like what was done in Peekskill does more than limit the legislator’s ability to serve his district, it disenfranchises its very

citizens. Perhaps the most entertaining but most truthful comment of the evening came from Robin Glantz Murphy. In addressing the board, she mentioned that long standing elephant in the room; the question of whether Chairman Ken Jenkins actually lived in the district that he was representing. It seems that everyone knew that Mr. Jenkins lived in one residence and received mail in another; clearly a violation of election law but nobody ever challenged him on this little matter. So Ms. Murphy pointed out that in redistricting this time around, the legislative lines had been redrawn in Yonkers and since Mr. Jenkins didn’t live in his district it was moved to come to him. The redistricting committee was chaired by Democrat John Nonna and nine other members including two representatives from The League of Women

urged that any approved plan should avoid a lawsuit. McLean in expressing opposition to the Democratic Plan said the estimated voter totals being used have a high margin of error. He added it was “unwise” to spend money on a lawyer, referring to Randolph McLaughlin, who had been approved before the meeting to look into the plans. Peggy Godfrey is a freelance writer, and a former educator.

voters. Also in retainer was Dr. Andrew Beveridge who was called to analyze the 2010 census data used for this redistricting. Odd choice of a social explorer though, considering Dr. Beveridge has been called in by the CBOL before to wax eloquent on Westchester’s Affordable Housing plan. But even odder still in this whole redistricting madness has been the silence of those Republican legislators who appear to suffer from cat got your tongue-itis. Where is the outrage at this continuing ploy to keep the supermajority in power? Why don’t those Republicans call their Democratic counterparts out on these seemingly self-serving moves? Is it that they don’t feel that they have a voice anymore? If they don’t feel that they have a voice, can you imagine how their constituents feel. Perhaps even the legislators themselves have become so politically weary that they’ve given up the will to fight back. A supermajority is what is killing this county. It’s killing us with these insane taxes and in its whimsical decisions to award monies to their pork butt non-profits. Its killing us in our inability to have our voices heard when we question a redistricting process that is likened to a Christmas Eve prisoner exchange. A super majority of any kind prevents any government from doing the work of all the people no matter what party they support. One only has to call on those legislators to replay the tape of May 2nd’s tape to see that they don’t care about us. They wear their arrogance poorly. It is still early in this year’s election season, but as candidates declare I have a funny feeling that voters will indeed find their voices. Nancy King resides in Greenburgh, New York. She is an investigative reporter for The Westchester Guardian.

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The Westchester Guardian

THURSDAY, May 12, 2011

LegalSection Allstate Insurance Company Files $4 Million Insurance Fraud Case HAUPPAGE, NY -- Allstate Insurance Company is seeking to recover $4 million against 20 New York area defendants in its first insurance fraud lawsuit filed on May 5, 2011. The complaint specifically cites six physicians, eight medical professional corporations, and the lay-owned companies allegedly used to control the medical professional corporations. Since 2003, Allstate has filed 28 fraud lawsuits in New York State, seeking more than $165 million in damages. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the state of New York is in an insurance fraud crisis and no-fault fraud is costing New Yorkers hundreds of millions of dollars year-afteryear. “In essence, honest, hardworking

New Yorkers are paying a “fraud tax,” said Krista Conte, spokesperson for Allstate’s New York office. “We need lawmakers to enact meaningful insurance reform that puts the citizens of New York first.” The complaint alleges that New York medical professional corporations known as Right Aid Diagnostic Medicine P.C., A Plus Medical P.C., Omega Medical Diagnostic P.C., Shore Medical Diagnostic P.C., Oracle Radiology of NY P.C., Atlantic Radiology Imaging P.C., Atlantic Radiology P.C. and Aurora Radiology P.C. were fraudulently incorporated through a scheme using the names of licensed medical physicians, and that lay-owners, none of whom were physicians, secretly owned and controlled the professional corporations.

Allstate’s complaint further alleges that these defendants caused the submission of fraudulent claims and MRI reports to Allstate demanding payment of No-Fault benefits. The lawsuit was filed following an investigation by Allstate’s Special Investigative Unit and seeks reimbursement for personal injury protection benefits Allstate paid on behalf of its customers during timeframes specified in the lawsuit. The lawsuit is the latest in a string of actions taken by the insurer to protect consumers from these and similar activities. For more information on the dangers of insurance fraud, and how you can help fight it, visit Fraud Costs NY The Allstate Corporation (NYSE:

on him, that in the eyes of the Town of New Castle, we consider these very serious charges.” Also, the fact that since these charges Penny and the Town were going to impose on Mike Molar involved five other employees that were told to appear at Town Hall. They were told a meeting in the conference room with Penny Paderewski was to be held to discuss their concerns about Mike Molnar creating a hostile work environment and that he had threatened several of them on different occasions. Some of of these employees wrote up their complaints and concerns under direct orders from Penny to do so this way she as well as the Town can send it to their attorney for official purposes. Secondly, why would John Walsh want Gennaro Faiella not to answer the

question as to other employees’ leave of absence. Could it be the fact that certain employees there on any given occasion leave work for no apparent reason and are not written up for unauthorized leave? Are they trying to hide the fact that the Town of New Castle has allowed another employee to tell a Deputy Commissioner of D.P.W to ‘F- off ’ or ‘Go F-yourself ’ after that Deputy Commissioner had overheard that person ranting and raving about the poor working conditions there and asked him if he wanted to go upstairs and talk to him about his disgust with the way things are being run there. That the person who told him to ‘F-Off ’ or ‘Go F-yourself ’ had recently been missing from work for a week and when he did show up did so several hours after the regular day starts. Thirdly, Mr. Walsh advised Mr. Faiella to refuse to answer questions about other employees that have being disciplined. Again, what is it that Mr. Walsh as well as Penny Pederewski and Gennaro Faiella do not want people to find out? The fact that Penny’s son Jerrod who works for D.P.W. in the highway department has had several confrontations with other employees, at which in one case Penny’s son spit, yes, spit onto the other employee’s face. Plus the fact that when several of Penny’s son’s altercation took place he was apparently on probation, which meant that if he did anything considered insubordinate or unsatisfactory it was automatic grounds for

Ongoing Litigation By JEFFREY S. CHIARA

I would like to be able to bring a few things to light here with regards to ongoing litigations that I am involved in with The Town of New Castle. First, John Walsh of the White Plains law firm Hodges Walsh & Slater, is claiming that my Attorney Alan Wolin had asked Mike Molnar and Gennaro Faiella to answer certain questions that appear in his eyes and The Town of New Castle’s Administration’s eyes as lacking relevancy and could jeopardize confidential matters regarding other employees is not true at all. Here is why. First every time Mike Molnar was summoned by Penny Paderewski or Gennaro Faiella to appear at the Town Hall offices to hand disciplinary charges written up by either Penny Paderewski or Gennaro Faiella he would not show up, and disappear from work for no reason. This had happened on several occasions to which other employees and myself have made several queries. I was told by Penny Paderewski in one of my many conversations I have had with her, “We know it is a game with Mike Molnar. The Town is not taking this situation lightly and Mike Molnar will not skate on these charges we prepared to impose

ALL) is the nation’s largest publicly held personal lines insurer known for its “You’re In Good Hands With Allstate®” slogan, now celebrating its 80th anniversary. Consumers access Allstate insurance products (auto, home, life and retirement) and services through Allstate agencies, independent agencies, and Allstate exclusive financial representatives in the U.S. and Canada, as well as via com and 1-800 Allstate®.

the Town Board and Gennaro Faiella, as well as Penny Paderewski, his mother, to terminate him. But I guess since it is her son, the Town of New Castle Boardmembers and Gennaro Faiella were asked to look the other way. Kind of like when John P. Vize admitted he was involved with the Pension Fraud Scam where he falsified official documents (Time Sheets). But that is another story for another day. Now back to the story at hand. How about the fact that Penny’s son Jerrod was out of work for several months after he claimed he injured his back. This happened after Jerrod found out that another employee was going to be out of work due to an injury they had suffered on the job. Jerrod’s comment was made after he overheard that conversation: “If he is going to be out of work, then I am going to also go out on a back injury.” That was approximately around January or February when he stopped going to work or showing up. Penny Paderewski’s son Jerrod has since returned to work as of April 21, 2011. During this time, Jerrod was out of work because of a back injury. He was seen driving down to the Highway Dept. on paydays to collect his pay checks and it was noticed and said that he looked and seemed to be fine, plus he was seen by several employees driving all around the Town of New Castle throughout the Village of Chappaqua. Continued on page 19

The Westchester Guardian

THURSDAY, May 12, 2011

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Ongoing Litigation Continued from page 18 Question. Did Penny or Jerry Moerschell leave a message on his answering machine telling Jerrod to report to their doctor for clearance for him to be able to return to work? Did Penny or Jerry Moerschell call Jerrod several times in one day and leave messages asking him to call them back and asking him where he was? Did Anthony Vaccaro mail a letter to Jerrod stating that he needs to return to work immediately? Was Jerry Moerschell running around the D.P.W. shop shouting out questions as to where he was or what’s going on? Did the Town of New Castle request that Jerrod go for several I.M.E’s (Independent Medical Exams) claiming that there was nothing wrong with him? Did the New Castle Town Boardmembers authorize for a private investigator to follow Penny Paderewski’s son Jerrod around like they did with me on several occasions? Fourthly, are all the Town Boardmembers, Penny Paderewski or Gennaro Faiella worried about all the other altercations which involved other employees with one another that were reported to Supervisors and apparently not dealt with, coming to light? Are all the Town Board members, Penny Paderewski

and Gennaro Faiella worried about these incidents that occurred involved close friends of certain supervisors or Foremen and since that appears to be the case that is why they kept it under wraps to avoid any Official Disciplinary charges being handed out that would result in those charges going into their close friends’ personal files and could have resulted in them being terminated from employment? Are all the Town Boardmembers worried that people might find out that the recently promoted Foreman Charlie Bergstrom is very good friends with Boardmember John Buckley? The same Boardmember that made a very blatant point at a televised Town Board meeting with a sarcastic smile on his face and after making this announcement he threw the piece of paper down in a gesture like manner, by stating “I got This One” meaning he was going to read off the Town’s Board decision by where they voted unanimously to promote Charlie Bergstrom to Head Foremen of The D.P.W. highway division. Now for the most important part... Mr. Walsh along with his associates at the law firm and as well as all The Town of New Castle Boardmembers, Penny Paderewski, and Gennaro Faiella all failed to mention is that I was trumped up on phony, bogus, and ridiculous disciplinary charges after I

Filed my lawsuit. So what that says is that the Town of New Castle Boardmembers, Penny Paderewski, Gennaro Faiella and anyone else that was involved with or had their names on any document related to my disciplinary charges were acting out in a retaliatory manner. All those charges was blatant retaliation by them, all due to the fact that I was persuing legal actions for them condoning Mike Molnar’s acts and his egregious anti-Semitic comments directed towards me. Another very important point, when Mr. Walsh or his associate was questioning me where did they think that by asking me questions about how much my wife’s salary is had any relevancy with this case? To which of course I and my attorney told Mr. Walsh or his associate it has no bearing on this case what-so-ever. That people was a blatant attempt by the Town of New Castle to pry into miy and my loving wife’s privacy. They had no right to even conceive of asking such a question. I can go on here about all the other things that the Town of New Castle Boardmembers along with Penny Paderewski and Gennaro Faiella have been hiding from you all. I have loads of documentation, taped conversations, and statements from other employee’s on how I was treated unfairly. But since they seem to want to continue to play these childish games I will let the Courts handle

this matter. Disgruntled I am not, as Mr. Walsh put it, I am just a loving, caring father of two wonderful children, Matthew 13 years old, Nicole 9 years old and a loving husband to my wife Shari, who felt that he needed to do what is right and stand up for his wife, his in-laws, his children, as well as his own religious beliefs and customs. No one has any right to call another person a ‘Jew Lover’ on a daily basis or Say “Hitler had the right idea to skin the Jews and make lampshades out of their skins.” That is disgusting, immoral, pitiful, behavior by any person, and the fact that the Boardmembers of New Castle allowed this individual to remain employed and even allowed him to be promoted is also disgusting. It is basically saying they have no morals either. Walsh claimed I was a ‘disgruntled’ employee. That is a false accusation. I worked for the Town for 14 and half years and never once did I get a bad job review or did they ever mention to me that I was troublesome. As a matter of fact, I have a recorded conversation with Penny Paderewski were she said in her own words that I was not the problem that I was an excellent worker and a hard worker, that tthe Town knew it was Mike Molnar who was the problem.


When Shaky Eyewitness Testimony Trumps Alibi Witness Testimony By JEFF DESKOVIC A case currently up for consideration by the United States Supreme Court illustrates a very significant element commonly encountered when analyzing wrongful convictions, the discounting of potential alibi witness testimony in the face of often unreliable eyewitness accounts. In a 1996 Bronx, New York state case, People v. Richard Rosario, the defendant was convicted of a shooting homicide based upon photo array identification by two eyewitnesses. In point of fact, the defendant was in the state of Florida on the date of the shooting. And, upon learning that he was being sought by police, returned to New York in an effort to set the record straight. According to a New York Times article on May 2, 2011, “He named more than a dozen people in Florida who he said would vouch for him.” However, the police never contacted the alibi witnesses, preferring instead to rely upon two so-called

is expected to decide whether it will hear the case next week.

Analysis eyewitnesses. Although his initial defense attorney secured funds through the court for an investigator to contact said alibi witnesses, “the lawyer never pursued the matter.” A subsequent defense attorney who took over for the first one mistakenly thought that the request for funds had been denied, and thus also never followed up. “Two alibi witnesses did appear at trial. The witnesses, a couple, said Mr. Rosario had been staying with them in Deltona, Fla., on the day of the murder. They remembered the day well, they said, because their first child was born a day later, on June 20, 1996.” At a post conviction hearing in state court in 2004, Rosario produced seven witnesses who generally placed him in Florida around the time of the killing, two of whom specifically recalled seeing him on the day of the murder. At that same hearing, Rosario not only produced the additional witnesses but raised the issue of ineffective assistance of counsel. In turning down the motion, the

judge stated that the attorneys’ failure to pursue the alibis was a misunderstanding or mistake that was not deliberate, and that on the whole the attorneys were effective. Litigating the issue as a Habeas Corpus in Federal District Court, Rosario was denied even though the judge ruled that the attorneys’ were, “objectively deficient for failing to adequately investigate petitioner’s alibi and present additional witnesses at trial.” The judge further said that there was, “a reasonable probability that the jury could have found petitioner not guilty of murder” had it heard the missing testimony. Instead, according to The Times, the judge said, “that did not matter, because New York courts were entitled to use an idiosyncratic standard in judging the effectiveness of counsel, one that considers lawyers’ performances over all rather than their isolated errors.” The 2ND Circuit Court Of Appeals affirmed the district court ruling by a 2 to 1 vote, and a re-argument motion likewise failed 6-4. The US Supreme Court

Rosario obviously received ineffective assistance of counsel and is very likely innocent. Had his attorney’s pursued his alibi evidence, he likely would have been acquitted. For judges to acknowledge that fact and yet rule against him represents their elevation of procedural concerns over actual innocence, and an elevation of technicalities over basic fairness. Beyond that, looking at overall performance of an attorney is not an accurate measure of effectiveness, instead looking at the merits of challenged omissions or commissions will give a clear picture. Not only is the New York standard of review inadequate but the federal rulings fell short of justice in that they applied state law that led to an unjust result rather than evaluating the claim in a sixth amendment context in which no state law deference should be accorded. Alibi witnesses are most often perceived by police and prosecutors with skepticism and unfortunately all too frequently Continued on page 20

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When Shaky Eyewitness Testimony Trumps Alibi Witness Testimony Continued from page 19 by finders of fact, juries and judges as well. The failure of defense attorneys to interview and present alibi witnesses suggests skepticism on their part as well. The rationale behind discounting alibi witnesses is that one’s friends and family are likely to lie in an

effort to help a defendant avoid conviction. Discounted alibi evidence is a common theme in many DNA proven wrongful convictions. Police and prosecutors should try to conclusively corroborate or refute the alibis, rather than ignore them. In some instances, perhaps the refusal to follow

up and objectively evaluate the alibis is self serving; development of exculpatory evidence might hinder their prosecution. Instead of this approach, however, there should be a pursuit of the truth and nothing short of the truth. With respect to defense counsel, the


Bigger than Bin Laden–America’s New Public Enemy No.1 By GERALD CELENTE From the fans at Citi Field in Flushing to the mobs at the White House gates, “USA, USA,” was the chant heard across the nation. Jubilant Americans celebrated the breaking news that Public Enemy No.1, terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden was dead. years have passed since the Twin Towers toppled and the Pentagon was whacked. After two failing wars and billions of dollars spent on the global manhunt to bring in Bin Laden “Dead or Alive,” America has now claimed victory. “This is bigger than the moon landing, this is huge,” exclaimed Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera. “Justice has been done,” intoned President Barack Obama announcing Bin Laden’s death. He not only called it “a good day for America,” but also declared that “The world is safer. It is a better place because of the death of Osama Bin Laden.” While Secretary of State Hillary Clinton echoed the sentiment that “justice has been served,” she evidently took issue with the Presidential vision of a “safer” world, warning that terror “won’t stop with the death of Bin Laden, we must redouble our efforts.” If it’s a “safer” world, why the need to “redouble our efforts”? These were but two of the contradictions coming from the White House in the early hours of the breaking story, and many discrepancies would follow. Some of them would be noted and debated, but totally absent from the 24/7 news coverage, political “high-fives” and patriotic triumphalism was the simple question: Why did Osama Bin Laden, former mujahedin ally of the United States, turn against it to become Public Enemy No.1? Was it that he and his Al Qaeda fighters suddenly decided to hate America’s “freedom and liberties” as George W. Bush maintained?

Or was it remotely possible that the attacks were motivated by US foreign policy – with its unconditional support of Israel and concomitant support of the same Middle East monarchs, autocrats and dictators now being toppled in the wave of revolution? Also absent from America’s non-stop exultation and self-congratulation, absent from the acres of newsprint and the countless hours of air time, was any discussion of the practical consequences of the death of Bin Laden who, before making it back into the headlines, had been both a fading memory and a non-issue. Osama Bin Who? So irrelevant had Bin Laden and his jihad rhetoric become that, in the months preceding his assassination, every one of the uprisings occurring throughout the Middle East and North Africa was secular and in direct opposition to Bin Laden’s militant pan-Islamic vision. In a sentence: There were no practical consequences whatsoever attending the death of Osama Bin Laden. It would do nothing to: • Help America win losing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. • Lower the unemployment rate. • Stop the US or European nations from sinking deeper into recessions and depression. • Revive failing real estate markets or solve the debt and deficit crises. • Lower oil and food prices. • Reverse the damage or stop the radioactive fallout from Fukushima. What Osama’s death did do was boost the President’s sagging poll numbers and deflect public attention from the news that really mattered. On Wednesday, April 27th, just four days before Bin Laden was killed, a new Public Enemy No.1 held his organization’s first ever press conference. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told the world that the United

States would continue its low interest rate polices and, in effect, continue to flood the world with cheap money. The global equity markets immediately responded to the predictably destructive consequences. Before Bernanke ended the press conference, gold prices shot up $20 an ounce, silver $2, and the dollar fell to a 3 year low against a trade-weighted basket of currencies. Despite the Chairman’s claims to the contrary, the US dollar would continue to devalue and subsequently dollar based commodity prices would soar. Needing neither a mountain lair nor sequestration behind closed Fed doors, the new Public Enemy No.1, “Osama” Ben Bernanke committed, in broad daylight, an act of financial terrorism that would have far reaching and long lasting implications for the American public. As the value of the dollar went down, the cost of nearly everything would go up…excepting the cost of “risk.” This meant that financiers could continue to speculate and exploit the equity markets, with the profits going only to the 10 percent of Americans that owned 90 percent of the stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Moreover, the Fed reasoned the cheap dollar would also give a competitive edge to big US exporters. But as exports rose, so did the price of imports, putting further strains on average consumers whose real wages fell ever further behind the pace of inflation. Bombs Away What Osama Bin Laden’s death also did was to deflect attention from the US/NATO “humanitarian” mission in Libya, which, just two days earlier, had delivered several humanitarian bombs upon the home of Muammar Qaddafi’s son, killing him and three of his children. The bungled attempt to assassinate Qaddafi (who had been visiting his son) was

duty to investigate and employ all available alibi options is paramount and must be explored if one is to fulfill their ethical and professional responsibility to their defendant client. Jeffrey M. Deskovic is a Criminal Justice Advocate and Exoneree. To learn more, wist his website:

condemned by Russia, brought recriminations against NATO from other UN members for overstepping the UN mandate, and called into question the legality of the air strike. With a groundswell of public sympathy building around the world for Qaddafi’s murdered grandchildren, the very purpose and future of the entire mission was being called into question. Trend Forecast: With the death of Osama Bin Laden, the restored, rebuilt, new and improved terror bandwagon rolls again… and it will keep rolling until Election Day 2012. Whether a real terror attack happens or not, Barack Obama, as he has done before, will take a page from the G.W. Bush playbook and keep the American public in a state of fear and hysteria. And should terror strike the US, UK, France or other NATO ally, their governments, media “presstitutes,” pundits, and the public at large will debate and deplore the “cowardly act” and demand “swift justice.” They will blame Bin Laden sympathizers, Al Qaeda cells, Muammar Qaddafi, radical Islamists…but never will they blame themselves. They will refuse to acknowledge that what they called “terror” was nothing more than “revenge”; reprisal for foreign meddling in the domestic affairs of other nations, or retaliation for military invasions launched by the US, UK, France or other NATO ally upon a sovereign nation. Meanwhile, back in DC, the Chairman of the Fed, Public Enemy No.1, “Osama” Ben Bernanke, will mastermind the destruction of the American dollar, the US economy and the purchasing power of the American people. As we have been forecasting for years, gold, despite its recent pull back, is on-trend to reach $2000 per ounce (and possibly higher). And while Ben Bernanke claims that inflation is merely “transitory,” considering his penchant for printing trillions of digital dollars not worth the paper it’s not printed on, we see inflation as both entrenched and rising. Gerald Celente is the publisher of the Trends Journal.

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GOP Grownups Join The Party By LARRY M. ELKIN It’s time to send the raucous teenagers down to the basement, where they can make all the noise they want without bothering anybody. The grownups are arriving for the dinner party that will be the Republicans’ 2012 presidential campaign. Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, just back from a stint as U.S. ambassador to China, formed his “leadership political action committee” this week, which is an early step in deciding whether to plunge into the race. Huntsman, a fiscal conservative and relative social moderate, is clearly the potential challenger who most worries President Obama. Obama has taken pains to point out Huntsman’s service in the current administration, calling him an “outstanding advocate for this administration and for this country,” and noting, “I couldn’t be happier with the ambassador’s service.” It seems likely that White House aides are responsible for leaking correspondence in which Huntsman called his former boss a “remarkable leader.” The idea, evidently, is that if Huntsman was willing to serve under a Democratic administration, and if he does not believe Obama has horns and carries a pitchfork, he will be unacceptable to Republican primary voters – and thus will have no chance to later court the moderates that Obama badly needs in the general election. Such thinking is not entirely divorced from reality – each party has its dedicated

core that cannot countenance any cooperation with, or respect for, the other side – but if you have to count on the opposition benching one of its best players, you aren’t entering the game in a strong position to win. Some Republicans will certainly reject Huntsman for his live-and-let-live social views, and others will abhor his service in the Obama-Clinton State Department, but I suspect many more will respect his willingness to answer a president’s call to help manage one of our most important international relationships. Also, many (one would hope most) Republicans are well aware that the country’s policies on spending, taxes, trade and debt are likely to be the keys to this election, and are far more important than social questions like same-sex marriage, which are losing their political resonance. Focus on the economy brought GOP success in 2010. Plenty of Republicans are eager to use the same playbook in 2012. And Huntsman is not the only credible challenger. Former Govs. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts and Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota are both deep into their respective campaigns, Romney coming out of his 2008 run. Pawlenty is a social conservative from the Midwest who would be acceptable to nearly all factions in the GOP. He also has the advantage of coming from the state next door to Iowa, where the real campaign kicks off in just eight months. Romney has his own baggage, not least from the

Our World: Competing Visions of ‘Never Again’ By CAROLINE B. GLICK, Jerusalem Post In the end, the Holocaust raged until the Allied powers won the war. It didn’t have to be that way. If the Jews had been permitted to leave Europe, the Holocaust could have been averted. But the only place that wanted us wasn’t allowed to take us. The nations of the world closed their gates. Only the Jews in the Land of Israel wanted the Jews of Europe. But the British barred their arrival. Britain was required by the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine to facilitate Jewish immigration to the Jewish national

homeland in order to advance the cause of Jewish sovereignty. But legal obligations couldn’t compete with Britain’s belief that its national interests lay with the Arabs. So from 1939 on, the British closed the doors of the Land of Israel to the Jewish people. In so doing, they effectively sealed the fate of six million Jews. Both the US and Britain were aware of what the Nazis were up to almost from the beginning, but refused to take any effective action to save the Jews. They refused to bomb the railroad tracks leading to Auschwitz, or the crematoria at the death camp. They refused to bomb

health care reform enacted on his watch in Massachusetts, but he also has plenty of gravitas and a successful record in business and governance. And he comes from the state adjoining New Hampshire, another key state in the race to the nomination. Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels will get to sit at the adult table as well. Some Republicans are trying to coax Daniels into the race because of his track record in fixing Indiana finances. Daniels would be a formidable candidate, in the same vein as Huntsman, Pawlenty or Romney. Former Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania could emerge as the darling of the party’s social conservatives. Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor, held that spot until now, but he has made too many buffoonish mistakes to keep it. Santorum is not my cup of tea, but then, I don’t go to tea parties. It’s clear, however, that Huckabee will be sent to the basement, where he can make noise and appear on Fox News with the other kids. One of those kids – and Fox commentators – is Sarah Palin. Her diminishing band of supporters would love for her to run. Every Republican who is serious about capturing the White House prays that she won’t. From all appearances, she will answer those prayers; it seems she actually prefers hanging out with the cool kids to listening to all that boring adult chitchat about cost containment and budget authorizations. Newt Gingrich, the long-ago House speaker and GOP wunderkind, also gets sent downstairs. He hasn’t been relevant for more than a decade, and he offers nothing that would change that today. I get the impression he really just wants to hang out with those cool kids anyway, even though he

isn’t cool himself. Donald Trump is standing at the top of the basement stairs, bellowing that the party can start now that The Donald is here. Trump wanted to sit with the adults, but was banished for being developmentally underage. I don’t think those kids in the basement particularly want Trump’s company, either, but he has to be someplace, and he – like the other preening adolescents – wants “someplace” to have TV cameras. So downstairs he goes. Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour probably loves kids, from kissable babies right up through the Palin crowd. (Okay, maybe he can’t tolerate The Donald, but who can?) Barbour, however, gets to sit with the adults, despite his “good ol’ boy” persona. He earned his place at the table through his calm handling of Hurricane Katrina and the Gulf oil spill, and he cemented it by having the good grace to take his name out of the presidential sweepstakes while everyone else is still trying to get in. Imagine: a good ol’ boy who knows when to trade in his sixpack of beer for a bottle of Chardonnay. This might turn out to be a party worth attending, after all.

Auschwitz even though Allied pilots were sent on bombing missions five miles away. Likewise, they refused to bomb any of the scores of death camps dotting the landscape of Nazi-occupied Europe. There were two main reasons that the Allies behaved as they did. First, they were none too fond of Jews. It is not that the Americans or British supported their annihilation, but they weren’t bothered by it sufficiently to do anything to stop it. Anti-Semitism is not the main reason the Allies did nothing. The main reason was because, love us or hate us, the allies couldn’t figure out why they should care. Dead or alive, Jews weren’t a part of their war plans. For Britain, the goal of the war was to survive. For the Americans it was to defend

the cause of freedom and pave the way for America’s emergence as leader of the free world. Jewish survival was not considered relevant to achieving these goals, so the Allies stood by as the ghettos were liquidated and the gas chambers began operating at full capacity. AFTER THE war, world Jewry adopted “Never Again,” as our rallying cry. But “Never Again,” is just a slogan. It fell to the leaders of the Jewish people to conceive the means to prevent a recurrence of the Holocaust. These leaders came up with two very different strategies for protecting Jews from genocide, and their followers formed separate camps. Whereas in the early years, the separate positions appeared to complement each other, since the 1970s Continued on page 22

Larry M. Elkin, CPA, CFP®, president of Palisades Hudson Financial Group a fee-only financial planning firm headquartered in Scarsdale, NY. It offers estate planning, insurance consulting, trust planning, cross-border planning, business valuation, family office and business management, executive financial planning, and tax services. Its sister firm, Palisades Hudson Asset Management, is an independent investment advisor with about $950 million under management. Branch offices are in Atlanta and Ft. Lauderdale. Website: www.

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Our World: Competing Visions of ‘Never Again’ Continued from page 21 the gulf between them has grown ever wider. Indeed, many of the divisions in world Jewry today originate in this postHolocaust policy divide. The first strategy was based on international law and human rights. Its champions argued that the reason the Allies didn’t save the Jews was because the laws enjoining the Allies to rescue us on the one hand, and prohibiting the Nazis from killing us on the other were insufficiently strong. If they could promulgate a new global regime of international humanitarian law, they believed they could force governments to rise above their hatreds and the shackles of their narrow-minded national interests to save innocents from slaughter. Not only would their vision protect the Jews, it would protect everyone. The Jews who subscribed to the human-rights strategy for preventing another Holocaust were the architects of the United Nations, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the 1949 Geneva Conventions and the Genocide Convention. They were the founders of the international human rights regime that now dominates so much of Western discourse on war and peace. Unfortunately, the institutions these idealistic Jews designed have been corrupted by political forces they had hoped to defeat. Consequently, the international human-rights regime they created has failed completely to accomplish what they hoped it would accomplish.

Instead, the regime they created to protect the Jews is now a key weapon in the political war being waged against them. Jews are not the only casualty of the human-rights policy paradigm’s failure. Cambodians, Rwandans, Darfuris and others can also attest to its collapse. There are two reasons that the humanrights paradigm has broken down. The first is because it failed to recognize the adaptability of Jew hatred. Anti-Semitism is one of the hardest hatreds to pin down because it is constantly updating itself to suit the political and social trends of the day. Since Nazi-style anti- Semitism went out of fashion with the defeat of Germany, the human-rights visionaries believed that people would be embarrassed into putting the hatred aside. Instead, guided by the Soviets, Jew-haters worldwide simply updated their language. They stopped talking about Jewish control over world affairs and began talking about Zionist control over world affairs. Unlike the Europeans, Arab Jew-haters feel no social obligation to hide their antipathy for the Jews from their own societies. But recognizing where the West stands on the issue, they have added the post-war, socially acceptable form of anti-Semitism – anti-Zionism – to their repertoire. For instance, alongside its allegations about Jewish and Freemason conspiracies to take over the world, and its citations of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the Hamas charter also includes a paragraph devoted to FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED

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Zionist apartheid, genocide, imperialism, and human-rights abuses. When the Palestinians’ Western sympathizers in the media, foreign service, academia, etc. report on Palestinian accusations against Israel, they eagerly credit as fact demonstrably false allegations by Palestinian spokesmen of Israeli human-rights abuses, genocide and apartheid. Tellingly though, those Westerners are silent when the same Palestinian officials they treat as respectable for alleging Zionist criminal conspiracies also engage in politically incorrect antiSemitic attacks. Their claims that Israelis poison their wells and infect their children with AIDS are left unremarked. This Western cherry picking of Jewish conspiracy theories by politically savvy Western Jew-haters demonstrates the absurdity of the claim that anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism. Like old-fashioned Jew-hatred, antiZionism inverts the reality of Jewish vulnerability and victimization in order to justify irrational hatred of Jews and deny basic rights of self-defense to Jewish victims. The anti-Semites’ corruption of the human-rights paradigm in the service of their Jew-hating agendas is certainly a major reason the human rights model for genocide prevention has failed. But it is not the only cause of the failure. The other reason the model has failed is because it is premised on a naïve and incorrect understanding of statecraft. Champions of human rights and humanitarian law believed that if laws were placed on the books, if international conventions were ratified by democracies, then the world would abide by them. But this is not the case. Just as the British ignored their international legal obligations to facilitate Jewish settlement of the Land of Israel when they felt it served their interests to favor the Arabs, so today governments routinely ignore their international legal obligations if abiding by them runs contrary to their perception of their interests. This truth was laid bare last December, with the Nixon Library’s release of a taped March 1973 conversation between thenpresident Richard Nixon and then-secretary of state Henry Kissinger regarding the prospect of a Soviet genocide of Soviet Jews. Kissinger opined: “If they put Jews into gas chambers in the Soviet Union, it is not an American concern. Maybe a humanitarian concern.” Nixon responded, “I know. We can’t blow up the world because of it.” Their views were not merely testament

to the two men’s indifference toward the fate of Soviet Jews. They are instructive because they show how leaders prioritize their policies. Nixon and Kissinger probably opposed the genocide of Soviet Jewry, but it was more important to avoid a policy that could “blow up the world.” By the same token, the US opted to do nothing in the face of the genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda and Darfur, among others. US and European treatment of Jews specifically, and of the incidents of genocide generally since the Holocaust make clear that the twin presumptions of the humanrights paradigm were wrong. Anti-Semitism is not a curable disease. Israel is the target of an anti-Semitic, genocidal political campaign that employs the language of human rights to justify itself. And otherwise moral men and women simply ignore evil when they believe their interests are best served by not standing up to it. A secondary casualty of the failure of the human rights paradigm has been intraJewish relations. Faced with their preferred paradigm’s failure and corruption at the hands of anti-Semites, many Jewish humanrights activists have opted to abandon their fellow Jews and Israel in order to maintain their allegiance to the corrupt, anti-Semitic human-rights model. PARTICULARLY ANNOYING to these human-rights followers is the stunning success of the other post-Holocaust Jewish strategy for giving meaning to the slogan “Never Again.” That policy is Zionism. Zionism doesn’t concern itself with how people ought to behave, but with what they are capable of doing. Zionists understand that people are an amalgamation of passions and interests. The Holocaust was able to occur because the only people with a permanent passion and interest in defending the Jews are the Jews. And when the Nazis rose to power, the Jews were homeless and powerless. Jews who embrace the human-rights approach criticize Zionism’s vision as lonely and militaristic. What they fail to recognize is that every successful nation depends on itself, and lives by the sword. Only those who deter aggressors are capable of attracting allies. No one will stand with a nation that will not stand up for itself. Holocaust Remembrance Day, which we marked on Monday, is nestled between Continued on page 23

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OPED Our World: Competing Visions of ‘Never Again’

FAMILY COURT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF WESTCHESTER In the Matter of a Proceeding under Article 6 of the Family Court Act Docket No. V-07474-10 ERENDIRA PEREZ, Petitioner,

FU No. 117336

SUMMONS (Publication)


Continued from page 22 Pessah and Independence Day for a reason. In both ancient and modern times, the only way for Jews – or anyone else – to protect their freedom and their lives is by being capable of defending them, in their own land. The pseudo humanrights campaign against Israel being carried out in the name of fashionable anti-Zionist anti-Semitism represents a complete vindication of the Zionist model. Zionism is the only way to ensure Jewish survival. It is the only way to ensure that in the face of growing threats, “Never Again” will mean never again.

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ELVIS JIMENEZ, Respondent IN THE NAME OF THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK TO THE ABOVENAMED RESPONDENT: ELVIS JIMENEZ, WHO RESIDES OR IS FOUND AT: ADDRESS UNKNOWN IN THE STATE OF WASHINGTON, TEXAS OR NEW YORK a petition under Article 6 of the Family Court Act having been filed with this Court requesting: SOLE LEGAL AND PHYSICAL CUSTODY OF THE MINOR CHILD, BARBARA JIMENEZ. YOU AND EACH OF YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED to appear before this Court at 53 SOUTH BROADWAY, 4TH FLOOR, YONKERS, New York, on April 21, 2011, at 2 P.M. in the noon, of that day to answer the petition and to be dealt with in accordance with Article 6 of the Family Court Act. On your failure to appear as herein directed, an inquest hearing will be held in your absence. On your failure to appear as herein directed, a warrant may be issued for your arrest. Dated: February 21, 2011 TO THE ABOVE-NAMED RESPONDENT: The foregoing summons is served upon you by publication pursuant to an Order of the Hon. Mary Anne Scattaretico-Naber, Judge of the Family Court, Westchester County, dated and filed with the petition and other papers in the Office of the Clerk of the Family Court, Westchester County. Lexington Capital Associates Lexington Capital Associates, LLC Articles of Org. filed NY Sec. of State (SSNY) 3/14/2011. Office in Westchester Co. SSNY desi gn. Agent of LLC upon whom process may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to The LLC P.O. Box 376 Great Neck, NY 11021. Purpose: Any lawful activity.

Park Scorpion, LLC Articles of Org. filed NY Sec. of State (SSNY) 2/24/2011. Office in Westchester Co. SSNY design. Agent of LLC upon whom process may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to The LLC 8 White Lion Dr. Montrose, NY 10548. Purpose: Any lawful activity.

NOTICE OF SALE SUPREME COURT COUNTY OF WESTCHESTER, CITIMORTGAGE, INC, Plaintiff, vs. VIOLET JARVIS, ET AL., Defendant(s). Pursuant to a Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale duly filed on May 12, 2010, I, the undersigned Referee will sell at public auction at the Westchester County Courthouse, Lobby, 111 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, White Plains, NY on June 08, 2011 at 1:30 p.m., premises known as 8 Waring Row, Yonkers, NY. All that certain plot, piece or parcel of land, with the buildings and improvements thereon erected, situate, lying and being in the City of Yonkers, County of Westchester and State of New York, Section 2, Block 2027 and Lot 33. Premises will be sold subject to provisions of filed Judgment Index # 15748/08.

of State (SSNY) 4/15/11. Office in Westchester Co. SSNY design. Agent of LP upon whom process may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to The LP 685 Esplanade Pelham Manor, NY 10803. Purpose: Any lawful activity. Eco-Mail Development, LLC Authority filed with Secy. of State of NY (SSNY) on 3/17/2011. Office location: Westchester Co. LLC formed in Delaware (DE) on 2/19/10 SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to The LLC 38 E Lake Drive Katonah, NY 10536. DE address of LLC: 2711 Centerville Rd Ste 400 Wilmington, DE 19808. Arts. Of Org. filed with DE Secy. of State, PO Box 898 Dover, DE 19903. Purpose: Any lawful activity.

Notice of Formation 
MLS Moki, LLC Arts. of Org. filed with SSNY 4/8/2011. Off. Loc.: Westchester Cnty. SSNY designated as agent of LLC whom process may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: c/o The LLC, P.O. Box 5, Alpine, NJ 07620. Purpose: all lawful activities

BOUNINFANTE FAMILY PARTNERSHIP, NO. 1, L.P. Articles of Org. filed NY Sec. of State (SSNY) 4/15/11. Office in Westchester Co. SSNY design. Agent of LP upon whom process may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to Barbara Buoninfante 685 Esplanade Pelham Manor, NY 10803. Purpose: Any lawful activity.

Z & Q, LLC Articles of Org. filed NY Sec. of State (SSNY) 4/26/2011. Office in Westchester Co. SSNY design. Agent of LLC upon whom process may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to The LLC 125 Westchester Ave #FS03 White Plains, NY 10601. Purpose: Any lawful activity.

Westchester Creative Arts Therapy Projects, LLC Articles of Org. filed NY Sec. of State (SSNY) 3/15/2011. Office in Westchester Co. SSNY design. Agent of LLC upon whom process may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to The LLC 25 Constant Avenue Yonkers, NY 10701. Purpose: Any lawful activity.

BUONINFANTE FAMILY PARTNERSHIP, NO. 2, L.P. Articles of Org. filed NY Sec.

Ayrie Golden Eagle Strategic Holdings, LLC Articles of Org. filed NY Sec. of State (SSNY) 1/12/2011. Office in Westchester Co. SSNY design. Agent of LLC upon whom process may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to Corporation Service Company 80 State St Albany, NY 12207. Purpose: Any lawful activity. Registered Agent: Corporation Service Company 80 State St Albany, NY 12207. SC Barlow LLC Articles of Org. filed NY Sec. of State (SSNY) 12/28/2010. Office in Westchester Co. SSNY design. Agent of LLC upon whom process may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to C/O Seavest Inc. 707 Westchester Avenue, Suite 401 White Plains, NY 10604. Purpose: Any lawful activity.

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Prime Retail - Westchester County Best Location in Yorktown Heights 1100 Sq. Ft. Store $3100; 1266 Sq. Ft. store $2800 and 450 Sq. Ft. Store $1200. Suitable for any type of business. Contact Jaime: 914.632.1230 Office Space AvailablePrime Location, Yorktown Heights 1,000 Sq. Ft.: $1800. Contact Jaime: 914.632.1230 Deer Mngmnt seeks Lead Application Developer in Larchmont, NY to support analysis, design, impl & testing of new & existing bus systems & serve as lead programmer for custom app dev related areas incl software coding, database design, & report writing. Resumes to Deer Management Co LLC., ATTN: JAmbrosino, 1865 Palmer Avenue, Larchmont, NY 10538, Ref. job code: LAD-029. No calls/emails/faxes EOE.

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